Rashied, The Blast Master and The Abstract!

Yo I had to break the monotony.

Where are the Roger Clemens pictures!?!?!

The side by sides? Baseball’s Barry Bonds devil type scrutiny mysteriously hides.

The release of the Mitchell Report has me bleeding from my pupils.

Baseball has no scruples only loopholes…

Enough of that ’cause I can’t rap so rock this!

Knowledge Reigns Supreme over nearly everyOne!!

Did you hear what Chris Parker spit BET?

Courtesy of Common.


23 Responses to “Rashied, The Blast Master and The Abstract!”

  1. dope…. all I can say is dope

  2. You ain’t lyin bruh. I almost put a hole in my ceiling.

  3. classic!!! 3 artists who’s integrity shines through as they stand the test of time. real … hip … hop!

  4. Nice to see Tip. For my money, Quest has only one real competitor for greatest old school rap group of all time, and we KNOW it’s PE.

    But I do stray from CW as usual, as much as I love Tip, I think Fife was better.

  5. The didog? Hmmm interesting….

    I never thought about that KD. You have a point there.

  6. Seriously listen to him Bro Miz. Dude was an absolute genius. His intonatin, wordplay, rhythmic sense, and story-telling ability made Tip seem stiff and robotic by comparison.

  7. Oh I feel you. It’s just something I’ve thought of and I wonder why.

    Fife brought the fire, Tip the smoothbonitarelaxation.

  8. what? phife dog, u must be smokin’. he was a good support man but lets not get carried away. i don’t know about you but i was always waiting for the tip verse, although phife killed it on steve biko. anyway a common/q tip album should be big.

  9. Ic3

    I started out listening for Tip and initially thought him to be the star of the show, but last year, I spent about a month listening to their first three CD’s intensely as I was trying to figure out certain things about the group. At the end of my mistening, it was apparent that Fife was FAr superior to Tip in almost every way as a rapper. I really think Fife is a rap genius.

  10. Where all the guys were corny but the girls were mad fly
    Loungin with the Tipster, Coolin with Sha
    Scopin out the honeys – they know who they are
    I was the b-ball playin fly rhyme sayin
    Fly girl gettin but never was I sweatin
    Cause when it came to honeys I would go on a stroll
    Until I met my match – her name was Flo
    Yeah – I messed around with the one called Flo
    All the troopers round the way used to call her a ho
    But deep down in my heart I knew that Flo was good to go
    Cause I thought it was me – like Bell Biv Devoe
    But little did I know that she was playin’ with my mind
    The only thing I learned is, good girls are hard to find
    I feel like Heavy D I need somebody for me
    Not someone who’s mind is blank and tryin’ to juice me for my bank
    Swingin’ with my main man Lucky behind my back
    What type of crap is that – yo, hows about a smack?
    Word life, I can’t front – thought I was all that
    But now it seems, I met my match
    Was a stone cold lover, you couldn’t tell me jack
    Settlin’ down with one girl, wasn’t tryin’ to hear that
    I had Tonya, Tamika, Sharon, Karen
    Tina, Stacy, Julie, Tracy
    Used ta love ’em, leave ’em, skeeze ’em, tease ’em
    Find ’em, lose ’em – also abuse ’em
    My whole attitude was new day, next hon
    And believe it or not, they all got done
    Well here comes Flo, with the crazy whip appeal
    And I’m all true man, like Alexander O’Neal
    Is this really love, then again, how would I know
    After all this time tryin’ to be a superhoe
    She finally played me, but yo, I’d find another
    Cause I got the crazy game and yo, I’m smooth like butter

  11. agree to disagree. when did phife have a solo cut as good as “excursions”. matter of fact, who ever heard phifes solo album? not knocking him, just saying.

  12. Common’s “paying-homage” freestyle gave me tingles…

  13. I used to bannnnnng that Kev.

    That and Find a Way:

    Now you caught my heart for the evening
    Kissed my cheek, moved in, you confuse things
    Should I just sit out or come harder?
    Help me find my way

    Messing me up, my whole head
    Teasing me, just like Tisha, did Martin
    Now look at what you’re starting
    Schoolboy’s crush and it ain’t on the hush
    The whole world sees it but you can’t (uh)
    My peoples they complain, sit and rave and rant (come on)
    Your name is out my mouth like an ancient chant (say what?)
    Got me like a dog as I pause and pant…

    Speaking of which, got a leash and I wish just to rock you miss (come on)
    Make a militant move, peep my strategy (what?)
    End of the day you’re not mad at me (uh)
    Not dealing with nobody, now that’s what you told me (what?)
    I said: “hey yo, it’s cool, we can just be friendly” (come on)
    ‘Cause yo, picture me messing it up
    Her mind not corrupt with the ill C-Cups
    Shit, I’m on my J.O. (come on)
    Bullshitting, hoping that the day goes slow (what?)
    Got me like a friend, what confuses me though
    Is kisses when we greet, tell me what’s the dill yo? (dill yo, yo, yo…)

    Chorus (2x)

    Now why you wanna go and do that, love, huh?
    Making things for me towards you harder
    Killing me, just when I think we’re there
    You got the whole vibe and the flows in the air
    Telling me ’bout next man
    But next man ain’t the nigga with the plan
    Who got your heart in mind?
    It’s about time that you just unwind (come on)

    And let it just happen, make it front-free (uh)
    Just sweat me like Moneypenny (uh)
    Digging you, getting inside of your stee (what?)
    It’s the Quest that keeping you company
    Forever, or however you want it

    Word word, now wait a minute now before you jet it to the curb (yeah, yeah)
    Start to make affections, which is good not the hurt
    But it, it aint me, and I, I ain’t blurred (uh)
    I’ma still just chill with you
    Maybe things could change if you change your view (come on)
    If not then I guess it is cool (yeah)
    just, to keep to yourself and adbide by the rules, right

    check it out now…
    check it out now…
    like that now…
    check it out now…
    wha wha now…
    check it out now…
    yeah yeah now…
    check it out now…
    check it out now…
    it’s like that now…
    check it out now…
    yeah yeah now…
    check it out now…
    what you say, what? what?

    Chorus till fade out

  14. ic3. I wish primo was doing the beats.

    That would be siiiiick!

  15. common’s “paying homage” freestyle gave me tingles…

  16. I always liked this track from Phife:

    Baby Phife’s Return —

    The mad man malik makes mcs run for milk of magnesia
    Maybe thatll ease ya
    Master of this microphone mackin, master as in great
    Ill have your brain goin in circles as my style tends to ovulate
    Im makin moves, never movies, thats why yall mcs lose me
    Retrace, wont, so your stubborn like groupies
    Kid, you know my flava, tear this whole jam apart
    Fuck around and have your heart, like jordan had starks
    While you playin hokey pokey, theres no time to be dokey
    Cuz I come out to play every night like charles oakley
    Dissin around with wack rhymin
    You lose your grip from chalk climbin
    Let me take this time to say r.i.p. to phyllis hyman
    Who never got the props that she damn well deserved
    But see me, you dont wanna see me, cuz all mcs are gettin served
    The nerve, for you to even step to the phifer
    Ill bumrush your set and crush your whole cypher
    Reserve, a spot for me in hip hops hall of fame
    Cuz rappin aint no game, big up your head and maintain
    Yeah, queens forever in this piece crushin any beef
    Aint nuthin sweet, the bakerys across the fuckin street
    Phife dawg, swingin it back and forth just like aaliyah
    Makin moves on your heart like that trick tamia
    No doubt about it, I love hip hop to death
    But yo tip, bring in the chorus cuz Im losin my breath

    A, yo, you know the deal when the diggy dawg is on the scene
    We got the fiend bumpin straight from the borough queens
    You know the deal when the diggy dawg is on the scene
    We got the fiend bumpin straight from the borough queens
    You know the deal when the diggy dawg is on the scene
    You know the deal, ha, you know the deal

    Big up pop duke, thats where I caught my athleticism
    My mama, no doubt, thats where I got my lyricism
    My nana, thats where I got my spiritualism
    As for tip and shah, they made me stop from smokin izm
    Now, when Im with some cheese, I be lettin off gism
    Writin rhymes since daddy kane and biz mark was on prism
    I gotta brave heart like the one named shirley chisholm
    As for my late twin, boy, I wish I was with him
    Got the lightro in the back talkin bout (come on, get him)
    And when it comes to rhymes, no doubt, I flip em
    Sucka mc in my path, hey main, I say we ship him
    Money please, your rhymes are wack, say word, this geek is trippin
    Just because my name is phife, my man, Im never slippin
    I got the type of flave to have your ass straight bitchin
    For those who act cute, see I got them on mute
    Have you walkin through your projects in your birthday suit
    Cuz your style is off loot, so I played him like a flute
    If youse a sucka mc, then its you I rebuke
    My style is, everday all day, similar to water
    Crushin mcs as if my name was sargent slaughter
    Keep shit hotter…than a sauna
    Or better yet, the hormones on your christian daughter
    Hey, I tried to warn her
    My sounds the type to kill, like the grill on lauryn hill
    So all ya sucka mcs, yall best go chill
    Bout to go to union square so I can see my care bear
    Singin good stuff in my ear, runnin fingers through my hair
    Represent the zulu nation with illy rap creations
    Just keep shit hotter than death row-bad boy confrontations
    Chillin with fudge love because he represents the haitians
    Ya nawmean

  17. and this was good too:

    You see you, your career is done like johnny carsons
    Get me vexed, I do like left eye startin’ arson
    Now that I got that out my system
    Watch me stab up the track as if my name was oj simpson
    I packs it in like van halen
    I work for mine, you, youre freeloading like kato kaelin
    Im representing wit my crew
    Mess around, bite my rhymes, I beat that ass wit my shoes
    Cmon, you know Im crazy nice (nice, nice)
    Brothers cant deal wit this shorty named phife
    You must be mad in the head
    I bust his ass and leave em bloodclot for dead
    Niggaz sound like das efx
    If it aint das efx, then they sounding like meth
    You might as well do megadeth
    Yo, punk mcs better save your freaking breath
    Youse a corny muthafuka
    You must be high smoking dust wit chris tucker
    You ——asses dont want this
    I pull more beeps than the beep at the premier of pocohantas
    Word is born, I am the baddest
    And all you honies out there, word is born, you know my status
    So come and pull your panties down
    This aint no barnum and bailey show, I dont get down wit the clowns
    So why dont you and your friends, get wit me and my friends
    But dont bring your ass buying you aint got no ends
    Word is born, it dont stop(stop,stop,stop…)
    Just ease your mind, come along and do the hop


    Phife goes in the HipHopHOF just for the OJ line on this track…every thing else is gravy.

  18. Man, what a way to start the day. I’ll always remember finding the ” Criminal Minded ” CD in Philly’s 30th street station record store, then going to Clark Atlanta University in 1993 to visit my sister and watch him perform at homecoming. Common learned his lessions well from the Blastmaster and Tip, rocks the mike AND speaks clearly, unlike some of the garbage that passes for hip hop these days. Common isn’t ignorant enough for BET.

  19. You know how we do it Des. That ish rocks ya morning senses. Wow, I’ve been to that store many times and lucked up on a cd I’ve been searching forever and couldn’t find.

    Like Modi said, his homage freestyle was on point. It’s crazy that this was the first year Common has won any major awards.

    What’s that about?

  20. GrandNubian Says:


    With all due respect, I gotta agree to disagree as well. I’m with ic3 when s/he said that Phife played the support role. For me, it was all about Tip. He was Jordan and Phife was Pippen. Now don’t get me wrong, Phife had his moments but lyrically it wasn’t even close.


    Yeah, that Common freestyle is classic. I’ve always maintained that Common spits some of the tightest freestyles ever. Just in case yall aint seen it, check out this one with him and Rakim:


  21. Nice convo folks, thanks for the time machine joint and all.

  22. People peep this remix. Goodness.

  23. […] I posted a video on TSF recently with Common, Q-Tip and […]

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