Mitchell Report Conclusion: When Are We Going To Hear “This Is a Sad Day For Baseball?”

Dude, are we busted?

The report is out.

Does anyone really care? If so, what impact will Mitchell’s report have on baseball? Clemens has been named. Will the media and baseball fans come after him with Bonds like veracity?

Anyone want to view a stream of report at work click here.

There’s a link below to the actual report. I ask the question again:

When are we going to hear this is a sad day for baseball?

The findings of former Sen. George Mitchell’s report concerning use of performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball were released Thursday. Several high-profile, superstar-caliber players were among those named in the Mitchell Report, the product of a 21-month, multimillion dollar investigation that could shape decisions, prompt punitive actions against active players, and usher in the next era of the sport.

Free agent Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte of the New York Yankees, Miguel Tejada of the Houston Astros, Eric Gagne of the Milwaukee Brewers and Paul Lo Duca of the Washington Nationals were among the most prominent former and current All-Stars to be mentioned in the lengthy report, which spans 311 pages, plus multiple exhibits, including evidence of signed checks, handwritten notes and shipping receipts.

The players listed in the paragraph above are by no means the only players listed in the report, but in’s first, quick review of the document, those names stood out for their notoriety. Our coverage will continue minute-by-minute through the course of the proceedings and for the foreseeable future thereafter, but the entire report is available for viewing [PDF] at It will be presented in a searchable, clickable version as soon as the 311 pages of content can be converted appropriately.

Several of the names mentioned in the Mitchell Report have been connected to performance-enhancing drug use in the past. In recent years, Barry Bonds, Kevin Brown, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and the late Ken Caminiti, among others, have all been linked to reports or have admitted their own steroid use.

Erroneous reports earlier circulated in broadcast media prior to Mitchell’s release featured a high percentage of inaccuracies.

A considerable number of names also appeared in the report in contextual stories detailing the actions of other players. Multiple players were invited to meet with Mitchell’s probe as he gathered facts but declined. Mitchell said that each player mentioned in the report was offered a fair opportunity to refute the allegations.

Mitchell released his findings at a 2 p.m. ET news conference held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York. Commissioner Bud Selig was expected to react to the report during a 4:30 p.m. ET news conference blocks away at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. will carry both conferences live.

While the report detailed drug use in baseball by naming those accused, the report also contained 19 separate recommendations for the sport to move forward from this point, proceeding after a culture of steroids and performance enhancement grew exponentially in the late 1990s.

Mitchell said that evidence has been found that steroid use among MLB players has declined since the institution of a random testing arrangement in 2002, but that use of human growth hormone has risen, because a urine test for HGH is not readily available. Five to seven percent of Major Leaguers tested positive during an anonymous, random survey of testing during the 2003 season, a figure that Mitchell declared to be representative of a larger problem.

Mitchell’s report named both Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association in assigning blame, charging leadership — from the Commissioner to club owners and general managers — for allowing the issue to proliferate.

One of the keys to Mitchell’s investigation seems to have been the willingness earlier this year of Kirk Radomski, a bat boy, equipment manager and clubhouse attendant for the New York Mets from 1985-95, to provide Mitchell with players’ names as part of his plea bargain with the federal government in the case against the Bay Area Co-Operative Laboratory.

Radomski pleaded guilty to providing players with performance-enhancing drugs during that period, and an entire section of the Mitchell Report largely circled around Radomski’s testimony. Brian McNamee, a trainer who worked closely with Clemens, Pettitte and Chuck Knoblauch, provided extensive context as well.

McNamee told Mitchell that he provided Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone in the late 1990s, but said he had no knowledge of Clemens’ actions after 2001; McNamee also said that he injected Pettitte on two to four occasions with human growth hormone. A national investigation by an Albany, N.Y., district attorney unearthed the names of nine former or current players involved with procuring performance-enhancing drugs, either through southern U.S. clinics or pharmacies doing business via the Internet.

Seven of them — Rick Ankiel of the Cardinals, Gary Matthews Jr. of the Angels, Jerry Hairston Jr. of the Rangers, Jay Gibbons of the Orioles, Paul Byrd of the Indians, Troy Glaus of the Blue Jays, Scott Schoeneweis of the Mets and Jose Guillen, who just signed as a free agent with the Royals, were interviewed by the Commissioner’s Office.

Names of nine former or current Major Leaguers had already surfaced from that previous investigation and Selig suspended two of those players — Guillen and Gibbons — for 15 days each for the start of the 2008 season. Several media reports detailed that both players had obtained human growth hormone in 2005, after baseball had banned the drug.

Those suspensions may provide a road map for how the Commissioner will deal with other players named in Mitchell’s report; the union has filed a grievance against Guillen’s suspension and it will be heard by an arbitrator early next year. Due to insufficient evidence, no disciplinary action was taken against Ankiel, Matthews Jr., Glaus and Schoeneweis. Results of the Byrd and Hairston reviews have not yet been made public.

Mitchell, a former federal prosecutor, is a director of the Boston Red Sox, and was chairman of The Walt Disney Co., the parent of ESPN, at the time Selig established the committee on March 30, 2006, charging it with leaving “no stone unturned” in its quest to determine what happened in baseball’s so-called steroid era.

The report was delivered with the backdrop of Bonds having just pleaded not guilty last week in a San Francisco federal court on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice.

Bonds’ plea related to his own use of performance-enhancing drugs in testimony he gave four years ago before a grand jury investigating BALCO for money laundering and illegally selling performance-enhancing drugs without prescriptions.

Selig appointed Mitchell after he read the book “Game of Shadows,” which documented the BALCO investigation, and in which Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield were subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury under grants of immunity.

Giambi later became the only known Major League player to speak with Mitchell, meeting in July after being threatened with a possible suspension by Selig after implying past steroid use in a USA Today report earlier in the season, telling the newspaper that he had been wrong for doing “that stuff.” Giambi’s statements followed up a bizarre years-old scenario in which he had apologized but was unable to specifically say what he was apologizing for.

While Mitchell’s committee has never had subpoena power, he and his group of investigators have spent months and millions of dollars conducting interviews from the clubhouse to the front office as trainers, strength coaches, former players, general managers, managers and team presidents all spent time answering queries.

Jose Canseco denied entry into Mitchell report press conference.

We will all see how the media scrutinizes this report. Already it’s being viewed with skepticism.

I don’t want to hear it. Don’t cry now because heroes are named. Clemens and Pettitte are the names everyone will remember. As Miranda states, why is David Justice’s picture plastered on Isn’t he a former player?

Clemens’ face should be on the front page of every publication in America with a huge headline. This is what T3 sent to me via email:

“Let’s see if that headline gets any play. Download the Mitchell Report. Page 169…Brian McNamee, former NYPD officer, admits to injecting Clemens with steroids supplied by the player. ESPN and AP have already tried to minimize this – check out their online report. This report is going to get swept under the rug. If there were no bloggers and no PDFs, it would be a wrap. Watch the talking heads now start talking about what Dwil wanted to talk about – steroids are fine; it’s a victimless crime – blah, blah, blah.

No, no, no. The next step is merciless vilification – all day, every day…then an alteration of all of Roger’s memorabilia…then a grand jury indictment to determine exactly when this cat started using AND to find out who his suppliers were so that the public can be saved from the scourge/menace of illicit drugs…then we summarily dismiss his worthiness for the Hall of Fame…

After all of that shit is done, then we talk about how steroids have never been proven to have adverse impacts on healthy males using them under medical supervision. Not a moment before that…I don’t want to hear about the unfairness of “Witch Hunts.” Witch Hunts are the American Way. It’s time for Rushes to Judgment and Premature Prosecutions. It’s time to “Round ‘Em Up” then “String ‘Em Up” – Texas Style. “

Amen brotha.

Most will say a lot of this is based on hearsay. There aren’t positive test results. Huh?

Isn’t that what TSF and SOMM have been saying for months?


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  1. Mizzo,

    I want to see how the public treats Roger. All the people who called Barry Bonds a liar and a cheat. I wanna hear them scream and shout. We will see the hypocrites retreat. I pesonally don’t care I didn’t care about Barry and I don’t care about Roger. Steroids did not give Barry hand eye coordination and it didn’t give Roger accuracy. Again, I say there has always been cheating in baseball from the no people of color era to doctored baseballs, bats, speed etc. So people need to stop with the integrity of the game BS. The game has NEVER had integrity!

  2. Sista Michelle………….no one will criticize Roger like they did bonds. Because Roger is an american hero. You know like Brett Farve.

  3. Origin,

    I know. All the polls and bs. What will guys like Friedman say now when it will be obvious that Roger will not be treated with the hatred Barry got? Their own rasicm will be looking them in the face and they will have to face it. Not that they will give a shit though.

  4. Where is Miranda? I need my hypertension meds!

  5. They will say that Clemens was not approaching a major historical milestone and that he was never the jerk that Barry was to the media.

    Then they will say that this is just the word of one source, there has been no real “proof.”

    Then they will say that they are angry at Clemens too, but there is no way to go back in time and hate him like they hated Bonds.

    Finally, they will say that we need to get over this race stuff.

  6. Allen,

    Please. First of all I am a Clemens fan but he is not the most fan friendly person. Second of all if this is true he lied also and cheated. .

    Like I said there has never been integrity in baseball!

  7. Miranda,


  8. I am waiting, I am waiting.. What that silence you hear..that all the Barry Bond Steriod Poster Makers running and hiding from their keyboards. Will those same critics that called for Barry’s head call for Clemens…Pettitte? Will The Yankees have to have the World Series wins taken away?
    What about those CY Young Awards. In my neck of the woods, I get the “so what, what about Vick ?”
    Clemens ha..mark my words, They will try to say the report is tainted because the investigator had it in for the Yankees or some crazy bubble gum crap


  9. Hmmm…..Allen…that’s pretty good…think you covered most of the basics…..I’m sure there are one or two other illogical excuses that will be thrown our way…but you listed out the primary ones for sure.

    Like Origin said….Clemens is an American hero, he’s like John Wayne, General Patton and Paul Bunyan all rolled up into one.

  10. Oh…now R hit it on the head….”the report is tainted”….oh yeah…we’re DEFINITELY gonna hear that a lot!


  11. Everyone notice how Arod’s salary is always mentioned in days where the MLB is damaged publicly?

  12. Miranda,

    I’m getting ready to code! Help!

    Where are all the trolls?

  13. Anyone see the espn article about how the report is tainted?

  14. DavidMac,

    Here we go. The biggest liars on the planet are….

    No question Roger has used. Look at his bulk.

  15. Brotha Mizzo I have noticed that.

    Everybody look here…..get mad at that dominican boy making all that money.

    Now look away and never mind the great american hope on roids or that the league is filled with roid users.

  16. Origin,

    Only in America!

  17. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    I just can’t wait to see the huge plastic syringes come flying out onto the fields …….not!!!

  18. Nicole 10/20,

    You know that’s right. Like I said they will have to look at the racism right in the mirror.

  19. GrandNubian Says:

    I wonder if A-Rod’s name be in the mix? 🙂

  20. i bet it is

  21. Man they should call this report the barry bonds story. It has a great deal on just him. It does mention Clemons , Boston Red Sox, Arizone Diamondbacks, but nothing in depth

  22. Looks like the report partcially vindicates Bonds.

    p.178 “According to his lawyer, Magowan could only recall
    with certainty that (1) Bonds had said he did not knowingly take steroids, and (2) what Bonds
    said to Magowan during the call was consistent with what Magowan later read in the
    San Francisco Chronicle about Bonds’s reported grand jury testimony.”

  23. GrandNubian Says:

    Does anyone have access to the list of players being implicated? If so, could you please post a link or the list?

    Asante (thanks)

  24. According to ESPN, DavidMac,

    “Barry Bonds, already under indictment on charges of lying to a federal grand jury about steroids, also showed up in baseball’s most infamous lineup since the Black Sox scandal.”

    So even though your excerpt is specific to the report, they decide to be vague yet implying Bonds name came out the same as Clemons.

    The spin increases.

  25. GrandNubian Says:

    Thanks Sankofa!

  26. I found a list of all the players names unveiled in the MLB Mitchell Report:

    Some big names! Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Prior, Belle, Raph….

  27. This guy is putting me to sleep. Just get to the damn point!

    Its in the report.

    Andy Petite
    Roger Clemons
    Gary Sheffield
    Jason Giambi
    Jeremy Giambi
    Barry Bonds
    Chuck Knoblauch
    Jason Grimsley
    Greg Zaun
    David Justice
    Mo Vaughn
    Denny Neagle
    Ron Villone
    Miguel Tejada
    Paul Lo Duca
    kevin brown
    Eric Gagne’
    jay gibbons
    troy glaus
    Jose Guillen
    Jason Grimsley
    Gary Matthews jr.
    John rocker
    scott schoeneweis

    those are the a few of the bolded names

  29. They got my boy David justice

  30. It’s interesting, based on the he said/he said niformation from 178 on, where is the alleged long term usage by Bonds. Other than what Kimberly Bell said, where is the proof that Bonds did anything different from what he said in art the hearing?

  31. There is more evidence that says that Anderson tricked Barry than there is that Barry knowingly took steroids.

  32. DavidMac,

    Oh no not David Justice. I can’t bring up the link. Does anyone know the other names? Are there any other Yanks?

  33. Eric Gagne is another big name

  34. I can’t forget Miguel Tejada, seems like there area lot of Yankees on the steroid list

  35. Well, the cat is out of the bag. I’m waiting to see the nonreaction. America is racist as hell. These reporters have other names and they still want to bring up Barry Bonds.

  36. Not only that Michelle, the hater nation are now talking about the witch hunt in baseball, while players in the NFl are out of control.

    D-nile is not just a river in Egypt.

  37. Its only a witch hunt because of the great americans hopes getting caught. If they didn’t get caught the fools wouldn’t have a problem with the investigation.

    When Barry was getting lynched no one said sh$# in the MSM.

  38. “I’m going to assume that a lot of the basis for this is hearsay information,” Boras said, according to The Times. “It’s not based on any kind of clinical testing, so it is widely a product of hearsay testimony. Without clinical testing or hard evidence, any report like this has to be reviewed with great scrutiny.”

    Why does this defense only get press when it comes to the aid of people like Pettitte and Clemens

  39. Guys,

    I have yet to hear “IT’S A SAD DAY”

  40. All I hear is the stuff Boras is saying, “You can’t prove it””, “its just hear say”, “No evidence”, “Lets not rush to judgement”. Pathetic.

  41. Because the players in question are white. Do you believe us now DaveMac?

  42. That’s the reason Barry was indicted for lying to a Grand (dragon ) jury. The cat was out of the bag about his alleged steroid usage, so the devil had to try a different angle. But based on the reports so far even that shit won’t fly.

  43. So does this mean that the media will still marvel at Roger Clemmons throwing 100 mph fast balls next year?

    And does this mean he can sign with any team and only play 2 months out the year because he is roger Clemmons & takes great care of his body.

    Also does the cloud of steriods hovering over the other players that are free agents…..hindering teams from signing them? Like how the media is saying that bonds cloud of steriods is hovering over him. So teams won’t sign him.

  44. WTF! Ok now it’s Roger had to cheat to keep up with the cheating hitters.

    BS! Sankofa your right some writers I know are damn devils!

  45. Also its funny how none of the roaches have popped their heads up in here. When the Vick sentence came down all the little roaches were out.

    When Taylor got shot all the little roaches were out.

    Now I can’t find a roach………………you been spraying Raid brotha mizzo???

  46. What they are saying that Michelle. Maybe everybody had to cheat to keep up with Roger.

    Man the more time changes the more america stays the same.

    Is this 1807????

  47. Origin,

    I think they actually believe the dumb shit they say.

    They are the biggest liars, hypocrites and greedy bastards. The owners knew about this crap.

    Mark Ecko sighting anyone?

  48. The clowns on ESPN are so uncomfortable. They don’t know what to say.

    John Kruk is the only guy who has said something honest.

  49. Wow, this might be hurting the gov’t’s case.

    “Shields said he believed the clear liquid was flaxseed oil. He claimed to have
    taken the clear liquid himself, and he said that it tasted like flaxseed oil he had obtained from
    health food stores in the past. Shields’s description of the “clear” is contradicted by the
    description provided by Patrick Arnold, the chemist who developed it, who in a television interview said the substance was “sickly bitter” and would never be confused for flaxseed oil by
    anyone who had tasted both”

  50. HAHA…………ecko just pimped them good ole boys and the HOF.

    Put an * on Clemmons glove. And the rest of the sh%$ he has in the HOF.

  51. Origin,

    That’s funny.

  52. Thats what happens when you let hate lead you. Sista Michelle.

  53. While they were hating Bonds. All their D@MN heros were as dirty as a crack head.

  54. GrandNubian Says:


    Funny stuff bruh! 🙂

  55. Origin,

    Your humor is keeping my pressure down.

    Have you guys peeped the emails coming into ESPN? How the report isn’t accurate? BS!

    I want ESPN to openly validate the feelings of all the black people who said it was a BB witch hunt and that America would react differently if white players were implicated.

  56. Oh my……well, didn’t they know once you open Pandora’s Box you can’t close it again? Oh what to do….all these names…so much time.

    I can hear the silent prayers now…”oh please let Carmelo or AI or Chad or just any negro get caught up in something…anything…oh please, please let Vick get in a prison fight…please, please, please”

  57. And guess who’s picture is on the CNN homepage??? Why…..none other than a FORMER player, DAVID JUSTICE……….how bout dem apples?? Not a current player….a former player…why Justice?? Huh?? Why his photo?

  58. Probably becasue David is the most successful of everyone on the list, excluding Bonds.

  59. How do you measure success?? I’m thinking a 7 time Cy Young winner gotta be considered pretty darn successful.

  60. I can’t open the list at work for whatever reason.

    Bonds is on the list? or no?
    Pettite and Clemens made the list, correct?

  61. Bonds is not on the official list, he is mentioned.

  62. Miranda,

    Mike is actually smiling in his cell today.

  63. Michelle and Grandnubian. You got to laugh so you won’t cry when it comes to this mess.

    Sista Miranda ” What did I just hear that T.O. got a speeding ticket in Dallas……….to hell with the Mitchell Report…..TO getting a speeding ticket is breaking news”

  64. Yeah also david justice broke all those home run records and is thought to be the greatest player of all time.

    Or could it be something else??? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm!!!!

  65. Vick and Bonds are both smiling.

    Somewhere maybe even hank aron, Ali, Joe luis and jack johnson are smiling.

  66. Man, I was eating lunch with some friends when this came out on TV, and I joked that it’d be funny if Bonds wasn’t on this list. He’s the poster boy for ‘roids… haha.

    Sort of ironic, unless there’s more in there about him.

  67. Yeah GMP it is hilarious.

    I mean like Eddie Murphy Raw hilarious.

    No I mean like Richard Pryor………Dan Ackrod (Dr. Detroit hilarious).

    I got to stop laughing or I will bust a gut.

  68. Updated the post. It includes Miranda’s David Justice comment and a comment sent to me from T3 via email.

    Sorry I haven’t been active commenting. Just trying to make sure you all get the right information.

  69. Mizzo I just refuse to believe that Clemmons did roids. How could the John wayne of baseball do such a thing.

  70. The entire world is a fraud.

  71. origin-

    This shit doesn’t help you anyway, it is just to help you heal faster….

  72. Isn’t that a S on his chest under that redsoxbluejayyankeeastroyankee uniform?

  73. Yeah GMP I know thats the sad part about it.

  74. Mizzo is it an S for superman or steriods????

  75. Origin, Mizzo,
    I’m calling it……Clemens will sit down for a one-on-one with…….hmmmm…who? Bob Costas? No….not sure…could be a 60 minutes kind of thing. Not sure when he’ll do it…maybe not for a few months depending on if this dies down, but unfortunately, with the bad boy of baseball indicted…we’ll keep getting reminded!!

  76. This shit is hilarious

  77. eric daniels Says:

    LOLOLOL I thought that Clemons was on roids going back to the mid-80’s because if you look at power pitchers like Gibson, Carlton, and Ryan, these pitchers usually dropped in speed by the mid -30’s outside of Ryan who I thought was using roids along with Clemons. Outside of L.A. , the biggest market for roids is Mexico.

  78. Miranda Clemmons will do interview with outside the lines…….called “The day America died….the Roger Clemmons Steriod story”

    Then he will do a interview with opraha nd make himself out to be the victim. Then come back and people will look at him as a hero. A person who beat a drug addiction. He will be Brett Farve II.

    If Brett Farve is Captain America………..Roger Clemmons is GI Joe.

    They both are American Heros.

  79. Morpheus,

    The vast majority of people in this country are bad. Why is the MSM treating athletes like this when people in general have rotten spirits? That’s the hypocrisy of all this.

    Peter Gammons, now it’s the money and the owners fault. I can’t watch ESPN anymore. This is crap!

    I work in health care with some of the most hateful, uncaring people I have ever met.

  80. According to Espn’s “scientific” poll,58% of those polled would still vote Clemens into the hall of fame. *shaking head* certain folks are something else!

  81. Eric now ask the same people would they vote bonds in. That mess would be 25%.

  82. Guys,

    I don’t see them showing side by side photos of Roger when he was 20 comparing it to how he looks now.

  83. Yo did you all check that S link?

  84. eric daniels Says:

    I never felt bad when “chickens came home to roost” I was always glad. Watch Phillips and the rest of the MSM talking like they have a huge shit up their asses.

    Clemmons was a hero to most but he never meant SHIT to me st8 up talentless that SUCKA WAS SIMPLE AND PLAIN muthafuck him and BRET FARVE !!!!

  85. Damn Michelle you bring the fire. We’ll see if that happens, but we all know the answer.

  86. Whoa ED! I’m going to have to holla at Chuck on revising the lyrics.

  87. To quote Whitlock ESPN is a front for the KKK

  88. Eric Daniels,

    Thanks I needed that laugh.

  89. Oh look CNN changes pics again….Eric Gagne…..(who?)…..ok…maybe I just don’t follow baseball enough…is he a “big name” like the others?

    LOL….Captain America – GI Joe – you ain’t lyin!
    Yep….the public needs the fallen hero who rises from the destruction like Rambo..that will be Clemens wiping a fake tear with his loving wife and kids by his side…..and let’s not forget the dog…gotta have a dog.

  90. eric daniels Says:

    Michelle at least the KKK doesn’t hide behind telling the truth !!! and Mizzo a ili bit of humor was needed on this “SAD DAY FOR BASEBALL” (LOLOLOL)

  91. Hey Miranda, he better not let me interview him.

  92. Mizzo,

    Gotta laugh to keep from crying. It’s truely sad how racist this country is.

    Where is all the OUTRAGE?

    CAN’T TRUST IT!!!!

  93. eric daniels Says:

    Miranda, he will also have the bible in his lap with tears in his eyes with Oprah holding his hand and saying “That’s right baby let it out” with white suburban moms crying thier eyes out along with their kids.

  94. Bud is on ESPN now.

  95. eric daniels Says:

    will Nancy Reagan be on the show saying “JUST SAY NO “

  96. John Kruck has been the only person to say that Roger deserves the same treatment that was given to Barry Bonds.

    He’s the only one. None of the black people on ESPKKKN have even said it.


  97. Black athletes, stay home lock your doors and don’t answer the phone!

  98. Make sure you all give a shout to the new writers on their posts. The new site should be live after the weekend. It’s gonna be hot.

    Also please read Jarvis Green’s interview. He’s putting it down for good causes.

    Thanks people.

  99. Michelle,
    Yes they better…because if one of these well paid knee-grows even forget to tip the waitress at the Waffle House its on and popping. ESPN will be looking for anything to draw attention from this, anything at all.

  100. Miranda,

    Girl, you are crazy.

  101. Peace out yall. I gotta pull a double tonight.

    Lord give me strength!

  102. eric daniels Says:


  103. Another T3 gem via email:

    Larussa is all up in this bad boy. Read about him on Pages 64 and 65.

    Now, I want to talk about so-called “Minority Hiring” in the context of steroids because there are so many brilliant, intelligent, sage, highly-qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, savvy old white guys who’ve made millions in this game by locking other folks out of JOBS who now say, “I didn’t know” (A’s GM Sandy Alderson); “I made a mistake” (George Mitchell – head of Senate when ‘Roids were outlawed; head of Disney when media scrutiny was greatest; issuer of report when baseball tries to close the door); “I exaggerated” (LaRussa). So, between incompetence, cowardice and bravado we have the three f’in stooges of white supremacy. I need a GD drink!

    “Even while providing these explanations of their prior statements, both La Russa and McKay acknowledged that they had suspected Canseco of using steroids when he was playing with Oakland. McKay said: “It just got to the point where you knew he [used them].” Neither La Russa nor McKay shared their concerns with the Oakland front office, however.
    According to La Russa, “I thought, what’s the use? So I didn’t say anything.” Former Oakland general manager Sandy Alderson strongly denied a statement in the book Juicing the Game that “[b]y 1992, even Alderson thought Canseco was a steroid user.” Alderson had been familiar with the incidents reported in the media, but he still did not believe at the time that Canseco was using steroids and did not look into it. Alderson did, at one point, consider testing one or two players for steroids, possibly including Canseco (but, Alderson made clear, not Mark McGwire). The club obtained testing equipment and arranged for a testing laboratory, but the idea was abandoned out of a concern that the testing would violate baseball’s collective bargaining agreement. Canseco was traded to the Texas Rangers in 1992 but, according to Alderson, not out of any concern relating to his alleged involvement with steroids.”
    Check out the bold text.

    Really? Teflon Tony said “What’s the use??” Really?

    Sandy Alderson – universally revered as a genius decides to test A’s players but not the two biggest muhphukkas in the entire sport – The Bash Brothers. Gonna run some tests – but not on them…riiiiiiight.

    My blog is gonna be on fire for a month.

    I hope Barry fights to the end – unlike MV7. He rolled over like a, like a Falcon, or maybe a Jet or Lion.

  104. I was shaking my head in disbelief, no outrage, no ..”let’s take away some cy young awards, no side by side pictures of Clemens big head , no comparison of shoe sizes…” What is more surprising to me is Andy P on the list. I am more shocked over that than Clemens
    I shaking my head in disbelief right now…..I know somehow this report wwill just wash all over Clemens…..and he will be the victim


  105. Dave Justice was just on the 2 Live Stews to respond. He said he didn’t take sh!t……hopefully the clip of the interview will be up later, I’ll link.

  106. Please do! Miranda, you know anything about AUC Magazine? They are gonna profile TSF.

  107. I find the report hlarious in that it is gonna be the final breaking point for people like me who have seen too many times the white MSM media create and manipulate reality. Regardless of the reports veracity, it’s about as good evidence as that against the devil himself Barry Bonds.We’ve already seen them all of a sudden not be so outraged.

    John Kruk and Harold Reynolds have been the only ESPN people fair to Bonds in this entire affair and frankly, I took Kruk’s words today as a challenge to those who want to not let Barry in when everyone knows damn well he deserves to be in.

    I take the report as completely bogus, just as I do the charges against Bonds. Of course America is full of fools so bogus goes over well here.

    Sterpods schmeroids. I count every record, Bonds’, Clemon’s and everyone elses as being legit. Period.

  108. Mizzo,
    Is this the AUC as in Atlanta Univ Center?? I will definitely get it!

  109. America’s Urban Colleges. Tentatively the January issue.

  110. It may be a sad day for baseball, but this black man can’t contain his unbridled joy. Read em and weep ESPN. I hope your entire organization is exposed within the next couple months for your hipocrisy. During this happy holiday season I would like to send my wishes for a nice mountain sized shiznit pie for the mainstream media.

    God bless Barry Bonds, who was listed on this report only for being tied to Balco, MEANINGLESS!!!

    HA! F.U. ESPN. FU Sportsline. F.U. Kornheiser, Wilbon, Clarke, … and all the rest!

  111. I am a Andy Pettite fan for years and I don’t belive it. I refuse to untill he says so him self. He and roger would not do that to their family and careers. Its a witch hunt. Its smearing their good names and its wrong.

  112. Amanda thanks for commenting. What do you think of Bonds?

  113. With Roger Clemens now added to the list of steroid users, I only have one thing to say:


  114. sprint HTC…

    […]Mitchell Report Conclusion: When Are We Going To Hear “This Is a Sad Day For Baseball?” « The Starting Five[…]…

  115. cửa chống muỗi…

    […]Mitchell Report Conclusion: When Are We Going To Hear “This Is a Sad Day For Baseball?” « The Starting Five[…]…

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