Do the Right Thing: Anthony Gilbert Joins TSF


People my stomach’s been grumbling, but my main man Mookie is here to save the day… -Mr. Senior Love Daddy I’m not Mookie, nor was I in the movie Do The Right Thing, but as the title states…the right thing is exactly what I am trying to do, everyday on the wake up.

My name is Anthony Gilbert, (also referred to as AG or AXG) and I’m a freelance writer. My mentor Scoop Jackson put me on to this site and after sitting back for the past week and a half, I felt it was time to get off the bench and into the game. Michael Tillery gave me the rock and here I am.

Okay so please if you will allow me to introduce myself. I love sports and I usually write from that stance, but sports…basketball in particular is an interesting teacher of life, and I use it to teach the valuable lessons passed down to me over the years. My screen name is North Philadelphia, but I’m from West Philly. That user name was unavailable, so I took it over to the other part of town that I am familiar with. I played in the Sonny Hill League and I attended Temple University so North Philly it is. The things I want to talk about in the coming weeks are everything from Kobe Bryant, and Public Enemy, to Rasheed Wallace and the Philadelphia Pistons, I mean Detroit (check

Just a side note, I can be very random, so please bear with him.

Much respect to all the writers and readers here. This blog has a family atmosphere and everyone works hard to keep it that way, and I really champion that effort. I did have one question, how did Yaphet Kotto get the fine woman in some of his 70’s films? To put it simply I can always recall my mother telling me to close my eyes on the “love” scenes, or better yet she would turn the TV off, and she always used to say…’that is an ugly man. Alright I’ll see you here real soon. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Doctor, always do the right thing! – DA MAYOR


9 Responses to “Do the Right Thing: Anthony Gilbert Joins TSF”

  1. Welcome my brotha!


  2. AG,

    Welcome. I’m looking forward to reading your articles.

  3. welcome to the club AG. I share Michelle’s sentiment.

  4. WELCOME!!

  5. Welcom Bruh

    Nice to see your reference to one of my favorite films of all time.

    And in regards to the concept of doing the right thing. Someone needs to tell your boy Scoop how his journalistic integrity is completely destroyed when he panders to Michael-Republicans buy sneakers too-Jordan by hanging out with him at his grown folks camp gratis. I used to take him seriously until I saw that.

  6. thebrotherreport Says:

    Welcome aboard my man.

  7. Welcome to the show.. look forward to reading your insights.

  8. GrandNubian Says:


    Looking forward in reading your pieces.

  9. AG, For what is worth I welcome you, as I only recently go through my probationary period. Curious to know, did you ever explain to your mom that Yaphet is not an ugly man?

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