Puppies Are Dangerous? Houston Texans Receiver/Kick Returner Jerome Mathis Cited For Dogs Running Loose

Grrrr. I’m a bite yo ass. Ya better run!

Just sent this story from good friend Delinda Lombardo. I wasn’t going to post anything to give TBR’s Larry Holmes piece its proper reverence (please continue the insightful conversation on Holmes), but damn this is getting ridiculous. As Delinda pointed out, puppies are dangerous?

The pussification of America continues…..

Houston Texans wide receiver/kick returner Jerome Mathis was cited after four dangerous pit bulls escaped from his home near Manvel on Saturday, police reported.

Authorities said Mathis allowed the dogs to remain at large and harbored unvaccinated animals.

Residents of the Cobblestone Park apartments, in the 3800 block of County Road 94, reported that the dogs were behaving in an aggressive manner, the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department said.

One woman said she was chased into her apartment by the dogs and a couple said they jumped onto a parked car to escape.

An officer saw one dog approach a woman and shot pepper spray at the animal, the report said. When the spray seemed to take no effect, the officer fired his gun without hitting the dog. The dog ran away.

Officers later captured one adult dog and three puppies, the report said.

Mathis, 24, said the dogs were his and was issued citations.

No injuries were reported.

“We are aware of the situation, and we’re going to try to help Jerome resolve it,” Texans spokesman Tony Wyllie said.

Mathis, a standout receiver/kick returner at Hampton University in Virginia, was the Texans’ fourth-round selection in the 2005 draft.

He was recognized as one of the top kick returners in the NFL and was rewarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl after his rookie season.

I think people killing lions, tigers and bears are way more dangerous. Crazy world we live in.


59 Responses to “Puppies Are Dangerous? Houston Texans Receiver/Kick Returner Jerome Mathis Cited For Dogs Running Loose”

  1. I don’t think anyone who kills an lion, tiger, bear , or dog is dangerous.

  2. Teaching 5 year old kids to shoot a gun is wrong on so many levels in my opinion. That ish is not adorable or heroic as it’s being reported.

  3. No it is not. My father took me to the woods and taught me how to shoot his 9mm when I was young, around 7 or 8.

  4. Whatever man. It’s your opinion and you are entitled to have it. I can’t hate.

  5. Mizzo,
    You don’t see the cuteness in a 5 yr old hunting? Why he was a descendant of Davy Crockett!!! How can you not see the wholesomeness of it all??

    (sigh) I bet you hate the troops too……………..

  6. You guys have lost sight of the bigger point. A pit bull was PEPPER SPRAYED!!! Can we talk about the real victims for a minute? Why hasn’t that cop been brought up on charges for excessive force?

  7. I think its wrong how you all try to take a bad law that was applied to MV and try to put others down because of the bad law.

    I agree with you all animal cruelty resulting in jail time is a joke, it should be a fine and counseling maximum. But to try to demonize people who teach their kids about firearms is no better than demonize MV for fighting dogs.

  8. DMac that was a footnote to highlight the hypocrisy of a sick society.

  9. Has nothing to do with firearms.

  10. DaveMac,

    I happen to love animals and I don’t get the whole killing for sport thing. I second Mizzo this country of full of hypocrites!

  11. Animals are lower creatures, they are here for our enjoyment. Thats how I see it.

  12. DaveMac,

    I disagree! This world was created for plant life ,(as we need it to survive )man and beast. There must be balance. We can’t just go killing everything. The world will not survive.

  13. The world created for plant life? I’m sorry I believe in the Bible.

  14. DaveMac,

    I guess I meant there has to be balance. We can’t destroy the rain forrest, and plant life. The world will not survive that. I also don’t believe our creator put animals here for us to make them exstinct. We as humans were given control. Needless to say humans aren’t doing a very good job. We can’t even treat each other right.

  15. I don’t know how old the puppies were but I do know, first hand, exactly how dangerous Pit bulls can be. A grown pit on the loose is definitely a threat to the life of a child or a small woman even a young pit bull can be a threat to a young child.

    • tyla macintosh Says:

      i guess yhur right they are quite dangerous
      but yhuu got to admit that they
      are pretty cute
      actually very cute

  16. That kid was out shooting at 2. Think about what you were doing at age 2, and get back to me if you think it would’ve been even better if a nice shotgun was in your grubby little hands while you were waddling around.

  17. Let’s see….. an Inuit child is taught to hunt and kill seals and whales. A young Hakeem Olajuwon was taught how to violently fend off wild animals to protect his family’s herds, and once actually used a spear to kill a lion. Young American boys are taught how to hunt. I don’t see the differences between any of these examples of cultural tendencies to teach young men how to survive and thrive in the natural world. Humans have been hunter-gatherers since the first man-ape realized he needed to start walking upright so one day he’d have a hand free to hold a remote control. A 5-year-old American boy killing a bear isn’t in itself a terrible thing. Animals — including the human animal — compete for space. And since when did “extinction” become a bad word? Throughout history, more species have gone extinct than there are species walking and crawling and swimming around Earth today. Creation-evolution-extinction is a natural cycle. Competition between species is part of that cycle.

    But hunting whales, killing lions for protection, and shooting a bear in the wilderness are nowhere near the same things as deliberately teaching domesticated animals to rip one another’s throats out in the name of sick entertainment. Dogfighting is even more sickening than this barbaric Ultimate Fighting craze that has unfortunately swept America. Deliberate cruelty — and hunting isn’t cruel; ask a cheetah if it’s cruel to run down a poor, defenseless gazelle — ought to be criminalized, and thank goodness that we have laws on the books banning deliberate cruelty.

    Whether some of you like it or not, dogs and other pets are granted a legal status in America. Deer, bear, game birds, game fish and other wild creatures are not. I think some people on here are so riled up over Vick that they are taking an ad hoc approach to the hunting-vs.-dogfighting issue. I doubt very seriously anyone here has ever protested animal cruelty while standing in front of a supermarket meat counter. I doubt any of you has ever approached a hunter and demanded he lay down his arms in the name of cruelty to animals.

    Personally, I don’t like hunting because I enjoy the sight of a deer running free or a pheasant flying out of a fence row. I doubt I would enjoy putting those animals under the knife or sending a bullet down range to kill one of them. But humans hunt. It’s in our DNA. But teaching and soliciting cruelty is not somethign we’re born to do. Somewhere some of these people gave into a sick temptation to find pleasure in the suffering of an animal. How can some of you not feel disgusted by that?

  18. Will B —

    I feel part of your argument, but at the same time I have issues with it.

    The Inuit child you spoke of, they kill whales for use. Wheter its to use their fat for oil or just plain old food. Hakeem, he killed an animal for a purpose, to protect himself and his family’s herd. That is 100% different than the 5 year old killing the bear. What threat did the bear pose to him or his family? (And don’t say it posed a threat to them camping, because clearly they were out there by choice with a purpose to hunt.) And what use did he or his family have for a dead bear? Do you think they were going to make clothes out of it or something? I’m gonn say no.

    Dogfighting is wrong, plain and simple. But Vick going down the way he has is absolutley nuts. A first time offender, makes a plea deal, and STILL gets two years!!!!! WTF!!!!! It’s sad how PETA can make such a fuss about this, but doesn’t come down on sports networks for televising such things as bull fights or rodeos. I happen to watch one today and saw a calf almost have it’s leg ripped off by a “cowboy.” Now that is straight up sport as those animals are breed to basically get killed.

  19. Will B,

    Again. I think hunting for sport is sick. Funny how you only brought up people of color in your defense agrument. Rich white men belong to clubs where lion and othe big game animals are enclosed in na small area just for them to killl. SICK! Also funny you left out the english fox hunt. HMM a poor little fox is chased until it is exhausted then it’s either shot or torn apart by hunting dogs. OOOH big men that’s really playing fair again SICK. For the 1000th time no one has said what Mike did wasn’t wrong we said the punishisment doesn’t fit the crime. LISTEN!Take your self entitlement play by our rules ass out of here. Abuse of animals of any kind is wrong. Not just to dogs. Do you think these hunters are sharp shooters? HEll no they shoot each other by mistake. There are also often drinking. Teaching a 2 year old to kill a bear who may have cubs is SICK. Like Cevidence said this wasn’t for food, clothing or to protect their home.

  20. Sorry yall. I can’t type and Will B. has me pissed this morning.

  21. Fox hunting is awful, and England has outlawed it. That’s why I didn’t mention it. It’s no longer relevant.

    As for only mentioning people of color, I wasn’t even thinking about that. I was just defending people’s rights to hunt animals. Doesn’t matter to me who hunts and who doesn’t.

    I’m self-entitled? Where do you get that? If I’m anything, I’m the opposite of that. I feel entitled to nothing — not health care, not welfare, not a job, not a paid vacation, not a free education, not a lunch break, not a, not a , not a…. I’m not sure where yo get that criticism.

    But I agree with you on the canned hunting practices of rich, privileged CE)-type white dudes. Those safari ranches are pathetic and ought to be closed down. So there you have me….

    But not one of us knows what that family did with that bear. Maybe they’re making rugs from the hide. Maybe they are eating the meat. I have no idea, and neither do you. Personally, I find the killing of the bear a little distasteful, but I have no idea what that family did with the carcass.

  22. We know exactly what they did with the bear……..they contacted the media and took pictures with it.

  23. Miranda,

    I know…Right!

  24. As long as you are sport hunting an animal out of existance, I’m down with killling it for whatever reason. The same with dogs. Dogs are overpopulated in this country, why not put them against each other to see who lives and who dies, and make some money on the side.

    I was thinking about one day, getting a barge and placing it in Intl. waters, the barge would be solely used to run a dog fighting operation. All the money that came back into the country would then be counted, taxed, and distributed to the winners. Armed security would also be on the barge. I would also have a website setup to take online bets and to show the fights live.

  25. DaveMac,

    Get some anger management. Geez!

  26. Anger? I not angry, its just a great way to make money, and to do it legally. I’ll probably write a business proposal for it, just in case you know.

    I just don’t understand how you all can claim to love animals so much, yet I bet none of you have any hesisitation in killing a roach or ants.

  27. ok. DavidMac? Let’s either try and tamp down the sarcasm, or maybe you should stop talking for a while.

    But here’s what I’m concerned about: Jerome Mathis has dogs who didn’t get vaccinated, and he allowed them to run free? Now I know everyone wants to raise their hands to the sky, and scream bloody murder that hunting is terrible, but that wasn’t what this is about. I mean honestly man. A vet appointment takes what…. hours? Just get the vaccinations, and hire someone to watch them when yoiu’re out of town. Geezus pete.

  28. It probably just slipped his mind. If he had the mother dog at his house, he was probably trying to wait and see which dogs survived, and after that he would pay to vacinate them. In the wait he probably just forgot.

  29. ok DavidMac. I like you as a boxing head. But shut up. Jerome Mathis was not fighting dogs.

  30. DaveMac,

    I don’t kill anything. I put insects outside. I’m fortunate enough to live in the burbs so I haven’t had any contact with roaches where I live. My friends think I’m nuts but I don’t mind that. I have 10 animals of my own and they are all well taken care of.

  31. @Okori

    What did my last post have to do about fighting dogs?

    I take it you area vegan then?

  32. Mizzo! Where are you!! Roger Clemens named in the Mitchell Report….can’t wait for all the sports media to spew the rabid venom his way for the cheating and lying!!! Surely ESPN will give him the “Barry Treatment”……but I won’t hold my breath.

  33. Miranda,

    WOW, I’M a Yanks fans so I’M a little sad but can’t say I’m surprised. Actually,I really don’t care about the entire so called steroid era. There has always been cheating in baseball and they that say other wise are lying.

    GAood looking out as always!

  34. DaveMac,

    I’m working on that. If I had to kill something for the purpose of eating it I would probably starve. Currently I do eat fish and chicken.

  35. Hey Friedman,

    Did you hear Miranda?

    Whatcha gotta say about that?

  36. My power went out as I was posting an interview of Jarvis Green of the New England Patriots. I’ll be on it as the news is reported.

  37. Hakeem killed a lion? With a spear? I always liked Hakeem, I just didn’t know he was that much of a badass.

    DavidMac…. I don’t get you. You argue every point, and the more insignificant the detail, the more you go after it.

    ‘I believe in the Bible’….

    ‘As long as you are sport hunting an animal out of existance, I’m down with killling it for whatever reason. The same with dogs. Dogs are overpopulated in this country, why not put them against each other to see who lives and who dies, and make some money on the side.’

    ‘I hope Serena Williams is raped’

    Then all the other miscellaneous times you mention someone should die, be raped, etc.
    Well this is why I stay away from the bible thumpers, they’re usually the biggest hypocrites.

  38. Nice way to take the Sarena comment of of context. I’m still struggling to realize how I’m a hypocrite.

  39. I didn’t realize the bible was so big on raping and killing (at least the new testament, the old testament is a different animal). This is why you’re a hypocrite, don’t go off claiming bible on one hand, and rampant destruction and rape on the other.

    Then again I’ve made a point of staying away from church for a while, perhaps my childhood memories are not accurate. New testament may be quite bloody, I understand the battles fought over what made the new testament were quite vicious and bloody.

    Your context with Serena was you hoped she got raped to prove a point.

  40. Like I said gmp, I never advocated the raping of anyone, you took the line out of context, an I’m done with that.

    As for killing, I advocated the killing of killers, rapists, and pedophiles as punishment for their crimes. I fail to see the hypocrisy. I would suggest you read the Bible, but I see you are a unbeliever so there is no point. Believe what you want to, I do not care, but if you are going to bring up stuff about me, bring the truth.

  41. ‘As long as you are sport hunting an animal out of existance, I’m down with killling it for whatever reason. The same with dogs. Dogs are overpopulated in this country, why not put them against each other to see who lives and who dies, and make some money on the side.’

    Killing right there. ‘Hunting an animal out of existence’? I suppose you mean extinction of species? The killing of dogs.

    No they aren’t people, but you’re still advocating needless bloodletting, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any passage in the bible that said ‘hunt the beasts down until they’re no more’. And the dog fighting thing, well, if you enjoy suffering and misery in any creature and you feel the bible supports you on that…

  42. gmp,
    back away….just back away…….that’s a swirling vortex and you are getting pulled in…just back away.

  43. I agree Miranda.

  44. i have three pitbull pups and a full grown one too they can be the sweetest dogs if you raise them right

  45. Lee Walach Says:

    As far as pitbull’s go i think its just the history of what they were used for that instills fear. I have now three generations of pitbulls and staffordshire terriers and am a breeder, what i have incountered is people buy pitbulls so they can train them to be aggresive purely on the reason that it was a fighting dog years ago, you can do that to any breed, i would be more affraid of a bigger breed as if they have this aggresive training they are a lot harder to fend off. In south africa we have s breed called a Boer Bull which gets the same Media Hype as the pitbull in the states, only because during apartheid they were trained to be aggresive farm dogs and killed farm workers, but i know many of this breed presently and they are great family dogs. What you must remeber is no breed of dog is born aggresive if you buy any breed it takes love and affection to balance the dogs temprament if you neglect, abuse, or leave your dog to be bored that is what sparks an aggresive trait. I think the people that own these dogs should be blammed as it is either their training or neglect which has made the dog aggresive.

  46. hhhhuaauhauahuahuaahuahuaha

  47. i really like ur pit bulls they are beauty full and they look like my dog buster well some of them they are beautiful creatures wow…….

  48. “When properly raised, when pack structure has been established, when they have been obedience trained and socialized they are great family pets. Unfortunately there are many people in our society who ignore these very important responsibilities and the results are often catastrophic.
    Many are really cool dogs. Unfortunately many others become rank dangerous animals mostly because their owners have never established pack structure with their dogs.

    This is a breed of dog that requires a solid foundation in pack structure. When irresponsible owners ignore pack behavior, rank drive issues and obedience training their dogs often become dangerous animals.”


    This is the best website I have ever come across and it has helped me tremendously with my dogs at home. I was attacked by my own 2 year old pitbull a few months ago. This is a dog that I raised with lots of love since he was a 6 week old pup. I did’nt understand why this had happned to me and I started to do research online. I came across this website and when I started reading, I also started to cry. I realized that everything written on this site was true. I had failed at being a responsible owner and almost lost my right arm b/c of it. I went through 3 surgeries to reconstruct my arm and put all of my tendons back together. I currently own a 8 month old Pitbull, 2 Siberian Husky’s and a 7 year old american bulldog. I have learned to undertand pack structure and behavior through this site and I highly recommend it to every dog owner out there. Its taken me a few months but I can finally say that “I AM A PACK LEADER” in my house. My dogs loved me but did not respect me b/f. Now I have both love & respcet.

  49. hej må jeg få din pitbull

  50. you are wery super nga anitya

  51. ~cmystic~ Says:

    I think that it is very sad..The pitbulls have a bad name already. Then some big shot goes and does something like this. How would he like it if he has thrown in a small area and expected to do the same thing..I CAN TELL YA HE WOULDN’T BE DOING IT.
    I have 4 pitbulls myself they are one of the best breeds that I have owned. Many people are scared of pitbulls cause of 2 things.. One is there name and, the second is the way the media blows stuff out proportion when something happens with the breed..
    It is all in how they are raised, in how they are gonna turn out…Almost like a child..

  52. yah nedda shut up yah are stupid dey prolly was just walkin down da street and ppl got scared beacause they were pitbulls

  53. im sorry but i think this is all bull shit. i have to full grown pit bulls and have had two litters of pups from them.. they are honestly the best behaved dogs i have ever had. my male was rescued from a fight house and since we have had him he has not so much as growled at someone. it is all in the way YOU raise and train them..if you really want to go back to the history of pitbulls they were breed for nanny dogs not fight or gaurd dogs.. they watched over children and for the most part unless poorly trained they are still good with children…i guarantee anyone that these stories u here about pitbull attacks are dogs that are neglated and trained to be mean… its not fair to take it out on the whole breed,, common now every dog can attack someone and any big dog is capable of killing someone…. a great pyranease is a vicious dog but u dont hear anything about them or have to have insurance on them.. the people that talk shit about pitbulls are usually the ones that know nothing about them so next time people need to do there freakin research…. dont punish the dog breed punish the owners of the dogs that do attack bc utimately its their fault so charge the owner for murder or assult if they want to train the dog to fight and kill they can suffer the punishment…

  54. i think it wroung to kill a dog :(….

  55. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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