Breaking News: Michael Vick Sentenced to 23 Months In Prison

Scheduled to be released October ’09. Will he play again?

Judge Henry Hudson just brought down the gavel on Michael Vick.

Statement from Michael Vick’s lawyer, Billy Martin: “We hope that Michael will be released in 18 months. Michael has known from the very beginning that there were severe consequences to the bad judgment he used for engaging in dog fighting. He knows the sentenced that Judge Hudson gave him today is a direct result of his conduct. Unfortunately, Michael knows he is (inaudible) now to 18 months because of his conduct. Michael does accept that. As you can imagine, Michael is very disappointed. He’s saddened. Michael will take advantage of this as a learning experience. He now knows that when he returns back to us that he cannot in anyway, do anything that will injure an animal or will otherwise show that he is not a good member of society. I am willing to say that when Michael gets a second chance–either in society or in the NFL–he will take advantage of it. For now, he has closed this chapter in his life and he’s prepared to start another one, and I wish him well. I know for those of you who understand in life we all make mistakes will treat Michael Vick–somebody who has fallen so far and so hard and so fast–as being punished for his mistakes and he is accepting that punishment.”

Michael Vick received a 23-month prison sentence Monday for his role in a dogfighting operation.

The sentence, handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson, ended an eight month legal odyssey for Vick that saw him go from NFL star and the face of the Atlanta Falcons franchise to a prison inmate. The sentence on federal felony charges means Vick, suspended indefinitely by the NFL, won’t play again until at least 2010. He still faces the league suspension. He has also been indicted in Virginia on state dogfighting charges and faces lawsuits from several banks. The Falcons are awaiting an arbitration ruling in an attempt to recoup $20 million in bonus money paid to Vick.

Vick and three co-defendants entered plea agreements for their roles establishing Bad Newz Kennels, a dogfighting operation run from a house Vick owned in Surry County, Virginia. Vick faced a maximum sentence of five years. Two of the co-defendants were sentenced last week. Purnell Peace received 18 months and Quanis Phillips received 21 months. Tony Taylor will be sentenced on Friday.

As of 8 a.m. Monday, more than 25 television trucks were parked by the courthouse. Reporters began lining up before 6 a.m. for one of 100 seats in the courtroom. There are also 200 seats in an adjoining courtroom with a live video feed.

Vick, who reported to prison last month, also failed a test for marijuana in September that prompted Hudson to restrict the conditions of his release after a guilty plea and included electronic monitoring and a curfew.

The scene outside the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia was already similar to those for other Vick court appearances.

There were supporters and protesters present.

About two dozen animal rights activists were near the courthouse prior to the hearing, some with signs that read “Report Dogfighters!” and “Dogs Deserve Justice.”

“I hope that people who are involved in this bloodsport realize this is a deadened activity with meaningful consequences,” John Goodwin, the manager of animal fighting issues for the Humane Society of the United States, said Monday morning.

There were also several Vick supporters wearing his No. 7 Falcons jersey.

The Atlanta-based New Order Human Rights Organization held a rally Sunday and planned to be in Richmond, according to founder Gerald Rose.

“Michael Vick made a bad mistake,” Rose told the Associated Press. “But at the same time, we believe in second chances. I think God has got Michael Vick’s attention. He’s going to come back a better man.”

Vick’s sentencing hearing comes on the same day the Falcons play New Orleans on Monday Night Football. It’s another turn in a bizarre season for the team, which is just 3-9 without its star quarterback, that has been intertwined with Vick’s legal issues. Vick’s court hearing to enter his plea agreement came on the same day the Falcons played a preseason game against Buffalo. His initial court appearance in the case was the same day the Falcons opened training camp.

“It’s been so tough,” Falcons center Todd McClure told the AJC this week. “My wife knows more than anybody. I go home and vent to her just about every day. It’s the most frustrating season I’ve been involved with because of the chain of events.”


“You were instrumental in organizing and promoting this activity,” Hudson said from the bench in Richmond, Virginia. “I’m convinced it wasn’t a momentary lapse. You were at least a full partner. I’m not sure you’ve taken full responsibility for your role in this activity.”

In imposing a sentence toward the top of the 18- to 24- month guideline for the crime, Hudson pointed to Vick’s testing positive for marijuana use after his plea agreement, and the fact that the quarterback wasn’t forthcoming with prosecutors.

Vick apologized “to the court, to my family and to my kids.”

“I’ve used poor judgment and made some bad decisions along the way,” Vick said. “I’m willing to deal with the consequences.”

Vick said he would continue to stand against dogfighting and animal cruelty.

“I think I deserve a second chance,” he said.

Damn right he does.

“This is a difficult day for Michael’s family and for a lot of us, including many of our players and fans who have been emotionally invested in Michael over the years,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said in a statement. “We sincerely hope that Michael will use this time to continue to focus his efforts on making positive changes in his life, and we wish him well in that regard.”

Damage control at its best. We’ll see what kind of statement is made with Michael’s release.


130 Responses to “Breaking News: Michael Vick Sentenced to 23 Months In Prison”

  1. He got off easy, he’ll probably be out on parole before the end of 2008.

  2. GrandNubian Says:

    Out on parole in 2008? If i’m not mistaken, you don’t get early release from Fed time. If i am wrong, i stand to be corrected.

  3. Federal prisoners have been able to be paroled since 1910 GrandNubian.

  4. Michael should have taken this to trial– especially when the Feds took over the case. And his biggest mistake is not retaining Billy Martin in late April instead of mid-July AFTER he was indicted.

  5. So he has to serve the entire 2 years?

  6. DaveMac,

    I’m beginning to think you just like to hear yourself talk.Off easy. WHAT?? Most first time dog fighting offenders nerver see the inside of a jail cell let alone 2 years.

  7. Just to make it even more theatrical, MV was in the traditional black-n-white garb. Well…this lynching is complete…wonder who’s next?

  8. At least now it’s all over. Mike can think about all that has happened and move on with his life. He can begin to heal and focus on the future. While the PETA folks are talking to ESPN they need to tell them to take those damn hunting shows off. No one who loves animals wants to see that crap.

  9. Miranda,

    I don’t know but brotha’s beware!

  10. Totally agree sista Michelle and miranda.

  11. Origin,

    It’s open season on deer and black athletes.

  12. Its open season on criminals who open and finance illegal gambling rings or are you guys just going to forget that part becasue he is black?

  13. Yes Michelle…’re right…and not necessarily in that order. Both are real good for hunting and make for good shows on ESPN…and the same reasons for hunting deer can be applied to hunting black athletes….the overpopulation.

  14. Mizzo,

    Make sure you get an interview with Mike Vick. I would love to know his thoughts on everything. I tell you one thing. The last thing he should do is grant an interview to those that aided in the media assassination.

  15. Covering the story is one thing. Making him look like the worst person on the planet in another.

  16. Vince Young might be NEXT…

    He has a lot of friends and if the local media falls out of favor with him, then the media will start monitoring Vince MORE CLOSELY and then an overzealous prosecutor may launch an investigation and we will have another media circus.

    Watch out Vince you might be next..

  17. GrandNubian Says:

    “Federal prisoners have been able to be paroled since 1910 GrandNubian.”

    Why thank you for that “Did you know?” segment.

    Learn something new everyday. 🙂

  18. Miranda,

    Good point! There is always a reason to justify their wrong.

  19. Phillip Drummond Says:

    I wish Mike nuthin’ but the best… Here’s to hoping he comes out a changed individual and will gain better insight into his choice of associates…

  20. DaveMac,

    How much time is Rick Tocchet serving in jail? AH, NONE!!! They were betting hundreds of thousands of dollars and he ran it with a police officer. Now, I gotta to go there and call you a dumb ass. Rick Tocchet is WHITE!

    I’ve been holding off calling you a dumb ass all moring. FYI he got 2 years probation.

  21. Phillip Drummond,

    I second that.

  22. Where Rick Tocchet went to jail does not matter. He was being charged by the state of New Jersey, not the Feds. So the whole situation is different.

    The fact remains that just because one guy got away doesn’t mean another should. You are basically saying that because one guy broke into a car and got a slap on the wrist and another did the same thing and got the appropriate punishment, the one who was punished justly should be given a slap on the wrist. That is faulty logic. Vick got punished correctly, if you don’t like what happened for Rick Tocchet rally against him, but don’t use him as a excuse to get Vick off or try to paint him as a victim.

    He got a good deal, they took his real crime off the table and gave him a lesser charge. He’ll be up for parole in 7 months and back to making that cheddar.

  23. DaveMac,

    I guess you think it’s ok that Scotter Libbey walked. I guess white skin helps a lot.

  24. Scotter Libbey didn’t walk, he was the fall guy for some BS and was wrongly convicted. Everyone knows that, Bush should have given him a pardon, but he left the guy’s name tarnished.

  25. DaveMac,

    I only say the punishment should fit the crime. What kind of justice system do we have if the gov. engages in selective prosecution? Like what’s happening to Barry Bonds. Go after everyone And why isn’t Woody Allen behind bars?

  26. DaveMac,

    Exactly, so why are Cheney and Bush still in office? They do more lying then Pinnocchio! Sorry to get off topic.

  27. Michelle why should woody Allen go to jail???

    Its not like R-Kelly is facing time for doing the same thing!!!!

    So stop complaining.

  28. Now watch Goodell come down with a 2 year suspension…….some how we never heard crap about the NFL investigation……but now Goodell will make an announcement in the next 10 hours.

  29. Vicks lawyer sucks. All that kissing @ss for months. And he still got 2 years.

  30. Origin,

    The should both be in jail. The case against Woody involves his 3 or 4 Year old daughter. I’m not talking about the step daughter that he went on to marry. That’s makes his case even worse. But you are right they should both be in jail.

  31. Davidmac,
    Do you have a link to where you’re getting this possible probation of federal time from?? I ask because I can’t find anything to support that and I know I distinctly remember reading that at least 80% of the time must be behind bars.

    “All that kissing @ss for months”….you ain’t lyin.

  32. Origin,

    I stand corrected. The child was 7.

  33. Sista Michelle I’m sorry I was trying to be sarcastic.

    I knew what you were saying. I was basically agreeing with you.

    And showing the how ignorant the jsutice system is. R-kelly on trial for messing with kids.

    But Woody Allen never sees a corthouse for messing with kids.

  34. Origin,

    No problem. We are human and make bad choices from time to time. Let’s just be fair. That’s all.

  35. Yeap sista Miranda all that Vick going to a Peta class. Vick seeling this, Vick saying he is sorry. All this crap and these good ole boys still lynch him. Remember how they were saying that he would only do a year. But Peta and the white meida felt it was too little a mount of time and the court system adjusted.

    Now that punk Goodell about to drop 2 years of suspension on him. See his career was over one way or another. Because if he didn’t get convicted the NFL would have blackballed him. So this way now Vick will be out of the league for 5 years if you include this year.

    So the League gets rid of him without even blackballing him.

    Thats my biggest beef with the american justice system. Public opinion sways it too much. Micheal Bell faces all those charges. Black folks march and the media get wind of it. Then most of the charges are thrown out.

    See thats straight garbage. It shouldn’t come to that.

  36. Exactly……………..but Fair doesn’t seem to be in the dictionary when it comes to the justice system.

  37. @origin

    R.Kelly’s case is about to be dismissed, sadly by the way. I think its a sad thing when you want black criminals to get off, just because a white one got off, instead of being mad at the one that got off. I guess racism is clouding your mind.

    As for Bush and Cheney going to jail, why? What did they do that was illegal. I forgot, they did something you don’t agree with and they need to go to jail for that. Liberal Think. I got you.

  38. DaveMac,

    Your President lies every time he opens his mouth. He needs to be impeached.

  39. Davidmac I never said I wanted R-Kelly to get off.

    Just said it was messed up that Woody never sat foot in a courthouse for messing with kids too.

  40. Anyway Dmac I can name a few people in the whitehouse that need to be in jail.

  41. DMac be quiet with that bs. I guess no one in your has died in Iraq for fighing a senseless and utterly meaningless war.

  42. Iraq is a neccessary military endeavor. No my family members haven’t died in Iraq, your point? When you VOLUNTEER for military service this is the risk you take.

  43. Mizzo,

    No hope for DaveMac.

    Do you think Mike will play in the NFL again?

  44. LOL A necessary military endeavor? Whose interests are best served by this “necessity”?

  45. I personally don’t think so and if he does it will unfortunately be something other than quarterback.

  46. Origin,
    It was rumored that Daniel Meachum wanted to go to trial…..coincidentally, after Mike agreed to the plea, a few weeks later, Meachum’s services were no longer needed.

    I swear….this is the Mandingo movie…in real life.

  47. Miranda, that’s the truest…

  48. Damn, that’s a heavy price to pay. His life has been totally destroyed by this.

  49. “necessary military endeavor”??………………….okkkkkkkkkk…….

    When the machines finally take over……its really gonna be easy.

  50. Agree Mizzo.

    Since the QB is the face of the league. The NFL, media and the paying customer would never like to see him in the NFL again.

    I don’t even think that he can go to the arena league.

    The sad part is most athletes who fall down on hard times are able to go back to the college they came from and get a gig there. But because VT has kicked Vick to the curb that highly unlikely.

    Times like this I wish Vick would have went to a HBC. He could always go back to one and get a gig.

    Who knows maybe he can go to the CFL. Canada is a totally different country then America.

    Too bad Vick didn’t play Basketball. He could have went to Europe after his jail sentence and made millions playing basketball.

  51. Yeah I know sista Miranda. Plus the media are still making loot out of his misery.

    Vick is the 21st Century Hotentot………….all they need is to put him in a cage naked and prance him around america in front of the public.

  52. Iraq violated the conditions of the cease-fire that ended Desert Storm, they violated the weapon inspection clause, which stated they were not to undermine or hamper weapon inspections, they did. They were supposed to stay out of the no fly zone and not attack the troops who were enforcing it, they repeatedly shot at air patrols over the no-fly zone, they were not supposed to have weapons that could travel over a certain range, they did, they had the Al-Samod 2 missles. Those are your 3 violations that were supposed to trigger a regime change , but as we now know the Iraqis had paid off members of the UN to vote against any action taken against them. That is 1 reason we should have attacked.

    The second reason is that under the guidelines of our war on terrorism, which was approved by over 80% of the Congress, we had the right to bring military action against any nation that harbored and financed terrorism. Iraq under Sadaam provided training ground for Al-Queda, there are letters with Sadaam’s son detailing their cooperatioin.

    Those are two very big reasons why I support the war on Iraq. It should have occured earlier, but we had a Commander-in-Chief that was more interested in getting in women’s panties than defending the nation.

  53. Davidmac……………OK enough with that Rush Limbaugh Jr.

  54. @ Vick’s fate

    Vick will always be a celebrity in the black community, and as for the NFL he will only be out, most likely for another season. There are plenty of teams that will take a chance on him. The only thing he needs to do in prison is stay in shape.

  55. Origin,

    I thought VT was supporting him? Am I wrong on that? I think if he went to Canada he would easily be the highest paid player. The question is how much is that? I hope young athletes are paying attention. Drop your dead beat friends and make decent decisions. Any mistake and you a fair game for the press and gov. Be careful or you stand to lose everything.

  56. My God….what color is the sky in your world?

  57. Miranda,

    LOL! I know, right! He’s the brother from another planet.

  58. Michelle,
    I thought VT was supporting him too….not sure how much after today, but as of last month when VT played Georgia Tech, the Athletic Director said there were no plans to rename the Vick Hall and he said there had been no requests to do so. The alum that were there for the game were pretty supportive in the comments they made to the AJC as well. All in all, it seemed like the majority of the alum pretty much give Vick credit for putting their school’s football program on the map regardless of what happened after he left.

  59. What I thought they weren’t supporting him. Oh well my fault. Well lets see what happens when he needs some help in a couple of years.

  60. Davidmac……………are you really armstrong williams????

  61. @origin

    What can he offer the University when he retires from profootball

  62. Miranda,

    Thanks. It’s clear he made poor choices. People with common sense realize that he shouldn’t be shunned forever or lose everything he has worked for in his life. The end result is terrible.

  63. Also Mizzo I think Arthur Blank really likes Vick…………..but he ain’t gonna let Vick hurt his pocket book or that Home depot name.

    Oh well hears to more no sellouts in the georgia dome!!!LOL!!!!

    They better book Hanna Montana every Sunday so they can sell that dome out!!!LOL!!!

    Now they good ole boys in ATL have to watch a team fool of brothas with tats and cornrolls if they want to see a winner………….the Atlanta Hawks.


  64. Soory about the mis-spelling in my last post. Typing too fast.

  65. Origin,

    LOL! Funny but correct. I to think Arthur adores Mike. He’s following the advice of his advisers and attorneys I’m sure. In his heart I’m sure he would take Mike back tomorrow.

  66. I agree Michelle. I actually believe that if Arthur is alive and still owns the team when Vick gets older. Lets say over 40 that Arthur gives him a job with the team. No Lie.

  67. Origin,

    I think so to. No one has done more for the organization then Mike has and I think Arthur knows and appreciates that.

  68. Blank loves Vick because he sells out stadiums. He wouldn’t take him back though, because that would mean he made a mistake in suing him and trying to get that bonus back.

    Vick is done in ATL, the falcons are done unless they get a new coach, and a quarterback. Now if Cower and mcnabb came to ATL, there would be no problem there.

  69. Origin,
    Arthur Blank loves Mike Vick…just like Hammond Maxwell loved Mede the Mandingo…….until he felt that Mede made him look foolish…and then Mede got cooked like a Maine lobster.

  70. DaveMac,

    That team has only worked with Mike. He went to the mightly Lambeau field and became the first quarterback to win there in the playoffs. This team is void of talent and Mike brought a lot of success to Atlanta on his own. Outside of Crumpler the offense has had nothing but # 2 and 3 receivers that drop balls all the time.

  71. Michelle one more thing. I brought this up to sista Miranda. Do you think this has an effect on black QBs who come out of the draft and who are similiar in ability to Vick. Plus who have braids.

    You may think this is crazy but remember the media and scouts were on Cedric Benson because he had dreads and played for texas. Also because Ricky Willaims was his friend.

    They assumed that he was a weed head and a so called weird person like Ricky.

    So Cedric Benson actually cut his dreads because of it.

    So what happens with the next young black QB who can run and is dark skin with braids????

    Watch the media go after him….asking is he the next vick……does he fight dogs.

  72. HAHA sista Miranda you got a point.

  73. this whole thing has me so pissed off….

    I don’t even know who to be mad at.

  74. Origin,

    Like they always say. Don’t we all look-alike? Thus think alike?
    We will always be grouped together. Studies on sterotypical behavior have shown that. So I think you are on to something.

  75. Origin,
    Notice how Tank, Christ Henry and Pacman all cut their hair….. Coincidence? Hardly.

    You don’t have to wonder about the next “athletic” QB with braids and tats and who likes to listen to Jay-Z….there won’t be one.

  76. Origin and Miranda,

    Yes the agents will be giving them makeovers.


  77. I long for that day where a brett favre or a tom brady gets “lynched” in a federal court of law for participating in an illegal activity, no matter how minor the charge… I long for that day strictly so I can read the comments of the case. But I now know that no matter what a brett favre or a tom brady gets sentenced to, it’ll never be as bad as Vick’s 23 month sentence to some people. Origin and Mizz, you know I got mad respect for you but, outside of the possible conflict of interest for the judge in this case, Vick settled for this 23 month sentence rather than fighting it. If he thinks he could’ve won his case, he should’ve fought it. You don’t give up in a fight unless you think you can’t win…

    DavidMac is correct on the Iraq war. I have family over there, and I and my family supports each and every one of those soldiers that are over there. Do I agree with the war? I think there’s more diplomatic ways of handling things but, it’s been a long time coming. Do I want another 9/11? Not at all. I don’t want a 9/11 for any of us… if a war keeps another 9/11 at bay. then so be it.

    and michelle, I don’t need 4 replies to my comment. slow down, type it out.. read it all again, and then submit.

  78. Once again sistas you are sooooo right.

    Yeap and I did notice ho wthey cut their hair.

    Vick did the same. Can’t upset them fine white folks with that kinky wild hair.

    Also I heard that they have already started saying that Andre Woodson
    can’t read defenses and has mental lapses.

    Here we go again……………see they can’t say he is too small. So they figure out other ways to run him through th ringer.

    See Vince youngs 60 minute interview. See how they were saying Russel had so called off the field issues.

  79. Boney,

    Sorry too late Brett Farve has already gotten away with breaking the law and his family is full of criminals but I guess you don’t know that since the media doesn’t bother to mention it. Don’t come here with what court the crime is resolved in either. Crime is crime. I to have family in the military so what’s your point? Tell me? How does America treat it’s veterans? Like sh.. since many of them kill themselves or end up homeless.

    911 has nothing to do with the war in Iraq and even if it did how would the war prevent it from happening again?

  80. The hair cutting is just good sense. America has had this idea of a certain image since the 50’s, probably before then actually. Clean cut, short hair, off the ears. You don’t see a lot of professionals in business with long hair and earrings. Just how the world works, not saying it is right. But if I was going into court, I’d cut my hair, wear my good clothes, (though the last few traffic tickets I’ve gone into fight, it appears I’m the only one that thinks that way).

    I thought we went into Iraq for WMD’s?
    And yes David, you join the military and you have to know you can be sent to war. And they brainwash you to want to go to war. But most people would prefer their sacrifice to mean something to their country, instead the country barely knows we’re in a war or occupation. So what are the soldiers dying and being maimed for? General apathy?

    You can list the benefits of us going into Iraq, I can’t think of any offhand. But I do know we’ve just given a whole generation of people even more reason to hate us.

  81. Boney,

    If the feds decide to selectively prosecute then how is your so called point going to be proven. DaveMac mentioned that the Rick Tocchett gambling ring that involed hundreds of thousands of dollars was only prosecuted on the state level. Why? The feds by definition of the crime should have been involved. Point proven… selective. Take your BS nonpoints else where please.

  82. You are a bold face liar michelle. Most veterans don’t kill themselves and are not homeless. You are living your life through a Oliver Stone or Hollywood version of reality.

    Do veterans have to fight for some of their benefits, yes they do, I’ve seen it first hand with my parents, there are a great deal of applications and documents you must send, but eventually, if the claim is legit the veteran will get their services.

    Not to mention being a vet gives them access to all the facilities that a base provides. So cut the crap.

    As for athletes cutting their hair, what is wrong with that. Having ethnic haircuts isn’t professional. You don’t see guys with mohawks coming into the league so why should you see guys with cornrows and etc. Its like that for a normal job. If you are trying to get your foot in the door for a job you come into the interview looking presentable. Once you establish yourself then you can get the cornrows or the dreadlocks.

  83. DaveMac,

    I said many dumbass not most. I’m a nurse and have taken care of many of these people. Don’t talk what you don’t know. This topic is my area of expertise now.I’ve also listen to their stories of how the gov. has all but abandoned them. So be quiet!

  84. DaveMac,

    This is football not the office.

  85. ‘Do veterans have to fight for some of their benefits, yes they do, I’ve seen it first hand with my parents, there are a great deal of applications and documents you must send, but eventually, if the claim is legit the veteran will get their services.’

    Not for all, my Dad’s been fighting VA for years. 20 yrs on the flight line and a constant ringing in his ears, plus all the assorted issues that 20 yrs of service gets you.

    Veteran’s medical services also depend on a VA facility being near you. So if you don’t live near a VA facility, there go your medical benefits. I don’t get all that into it, it is hard talking to my dad, since I have to yell at him over the phone so he can hear past the ringing.

  86. Michelle,
    Yep..its amazing how Brett Farve’s shenanigans were swept under the rug….now he’s just “a good ole boy who hit a rough patch with dem dar pills”.

    I swear…..where is Spike Lee to begin shooting “OJ’s Revenge”?? I already see Denzel showing out in the Billy Martin role. Morris Chestnut is the obvious choice to play Mike Vick.

  87. @gmp

    If you need the WMD reason, they found chemical weapons in Iraq and under international language, WMDs are nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. So there you go.

    As for you talk about brainwashing you to want to go to war, that is BS. As for sacrifice, I’m sure Patton said it best, they go there to kill the other person, not to day for their country. As for your talk about the country barely knowing we are in a war, that is simply a stupid statement. Everyone in the nation knows we are at war, and a majority of the people in this nation, a great majority, support our troops and support the efforts being taken to keep the country safe, except for liberals.

    The benefits of going into Iraq, the removal of Sadaam Hussein from power and a larger American ally in the region, in Iraq, after the rebuilding. Hopefully Iraq will one day function as a peaceful anti-Islam operated nation in the region.

    As for giving people something to get mad about? What did they US do to them to get them “mad at us” for there to be a 9/11. They, islamist fundalmentalist, want us destroyed because of our belief systems and way of life, we don’t have to do anything to “make them mad” except exist.

  88. Miranda,

    LOL, girl please take your show on the road. I’ll buy the first ticket.

  89. @michelle

    You are still a liar. Many of the veterans aren’t homeless or suiceders. Please cut the crap.

  90. OK david, I’ll defer to your obvious knowledge on this. When I got out of basic and AIT, I was in no way itching to do something… anything. And I was a medic. Rangers are in no way brainwashed, ever talk to a marine? Ok, you win, 18 yr olds that go through 6 months of military training are in no way amped and ready to go to fight. Hence ‘brainwashed’.

    I think you’re missing the Israel aspect to all of this as well.

  91. GMP, Michelle…..step away…right now…just step away….do not get swept up into that swirling vortex. Just let it be.

  92. DaveMac,

    Check the stats it’s more then then the general population. You cut the crap. This is my job idiot. Go away!

  93. Miranda,

    Right as always. I wanna give Dave a virtual pimp slap.

  94. Where are Sankofa, Origin or T3 when you need them to put DaveWhack in his place?

  95. I can already see the previews……

    “A 40 Acres and a Mule Production……directed by Spike Lee…… (cue scene to projects where Vick grew up……..cue scene to him being drafted…..cue scene to win at Lambea Field….cue scene to Jim Rome calling him a thug)

    OJ’s Revenge……starring Denzel Washington as Billy Martin, Dennis Quaid as Roger Goodell, Martin Sheen as Judge Henry Hudson…..and Morris Chestnut as Michael Vick”

    Soundtrack by Outkast featuring the hit single “Run Nigger Run”.

  96. Yeah GMP they told you to they are brainwashed to wake up everyday and say I’m hope we have a war today. Cut the BS. I know that is bull. I worked around the military and lived around them my whole life. I’m not someone who doesn’t know any better. You may want to see some action or test your skills, but that doesn’t in any way shape or form equate to hoping you get in a war.

    As for Israel, I’m no supporter of them. I think they are solely behind us trying to go after Iran, which I disagree with, but we aren’t discussing that right now.

    As for the high suicide rate, again that is a myth, the suicide rate for combat veterans is actually lower than the national average. So again michelle cut the crap.

  97. Miranda,

    Girl you are crazy. Just when DaveMac brings me to the boiling point, you cool me down with your right on time humor. LOL!

    That’s your best yet!

  98. DaveMac,

    Where are you getting your stats. Many vets and there have been many wars are mentally and or physically ill and homeless. Check the stats on the vietnam vets alone. You cut the crap. It’s obvious you don’t care about them so why should anyone listen to you?

  99. I have checked out the real reports and again veitnam vets are no worse off than any other vets in the nation. That is a hollywood/liberal myth. You should stop drinking the Kool-Aid and recognize the truth.

  100. thebrotherreport Says:

    I just got in from work an saw the sketches of the sentencing. I thought I was seeing things. THEY HAD HIM IN F*CKIN’ STRIPES!!!!!!!!!! WHERE WAS THE BALL N’ CHAIN!!!!!!

    I’m really tempted to say something that may piss some animal lovers off but out of respect for this site – I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. This is B.S. I’m damn near in tears, it was no need to humiliate that man like that. I’m pissed.

  101. I find it really sad that people care more about animals being tortured than people being tortured. People care more about sports than the Iraq war. I vote instead of sending Vick to jail, you could send him to he could realize how fortunate he is to live his wonderful life playing football. Yes, what an ignorant thing to do, but I care more about PEOPLE than some pit bulls.

    The Great American Torture Tour

  102. Hey David Mac, My Dad has been a homeless Veteran for 20 years. There are more than 58,000 homeless Vietnam Veterans in the US today.

    Who are you a government shill?

  103. Laura,

    Thanks. DaveMac, what do you have to say about that?

  104. brotherreport, of course they had him in his prison duds….he may have had an ounce of dignity left and they gotta do everything to get that little bit too.

  105. @Laura

    You are probably going to hate this, but your Dad is probably homeless because he made fucked up choices in life. Not because of the VA. or the military. Stats show Vietnam era veterans have a higher college education rate than, higher employment rate, and lower homeless rate than the average society.

    Chances are you dad would probably be homeless if he didn’t go to the military.

  106. thebrotherreport Says:

    Send Vick to Iraq? For what? How about sending Dick Chaney over there – he seems to be handy with a gun. How did his trial turn out anyway??? Let these old fools that create these wars fight them.

    People kill me with comments like this – like that’s gonna make him appreciate his lifestyle more. Believe me he appreciates it now. He’s probably lost “His wonderful life playing football.” The man used poor judgment and he’s paying for it. And once he serves his sentence he needs to be given an opportunity to make a living again – doing whatever, but that will never happen.

    And for the record I do care more about sports than the Iraq War – the only thing I care about over there are the many lives being lost for no reason.

    The only WOMD the that thing between Bush’s ears.

  107. TBR,

    LOL. I liked that last line.

  108. What are you talking about thebrotherreport, what trail would Cheney be in?

  109. TBR,

    Don’t even get DaveMac started on that sh.. again.

  110. @michelle

    You must hate to have to defend all that ish you spew out.

  111. thebrotherreport Says:

    Laura – I’ll respond on your behalf to this clown. The only f’d up decision he made was thinking that he could serve his country, come home and receive the proper respect that a veteran deserves. Damn, the man did risk his life and yes that was a choice he made – but you mean to tell me in this land of milk and honey the Gov’t couldn’t reward this man with at least a job to make a living.

    Get lost with that Stars n’ Stripes B.S.

  112. thebrotherreport Says:

    His dumb ass can’t tell a human from wildlife.

  113. DaveMac,


  114. Here we go MNF. Do i really want to listen to this crap? Jaws makes me sick!

  115. So does Tony K.

  116. Michelle, what did Jaws say? I have it on mute.

  117. Not much. Just going on and on about that quick release sh..

  118. I gotta go to work soon that will save me from watching this game

  119. Y’all, really, don’t acknowledge those…what are their names? You know who I mean….those people on this thread trying to antagonize you. Like the ol’ saying goes about pigs (which are actually honorable and intelligent creatures) “never wrestle a pig-the pig likes it and it gets you all dirty”. And really, given that the recommended sentence was 12-18 months….I’m just sick to my stomach and raging that such injustice could be visited on anyone. Not surprised in Bush’s AmeriKKKa, but enraged. I read all the comments, even “those” ones….and as always, you ladies, Origin, everyone on point.

  120. My hope is that after a season or two of losing and even more dwindling fans, Blank up and moves the franchise in the middle of the night. I would love to see a big picture of the moving truck pulling out of Flowery Branch on the front page of the AJC.

  121. Oh yeah, and that was some bang-up research one of you: And large numbers of veterans from THIS war are already turning up homeless.

    Do you feel greeted as liberators yet?

    But I’m sure they appreciate your bumper stickers.

  122. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    They have a very interesting thread over at

    This whole shit hit me really haaarrrddd!!!! I was glad to see the Falcons players with number seven eye black and the other player with a free mike vick t-shirt underneath. I really liked seeing that.

    I believe in redemption!!! “No weapons formed against me shall prosper, I”m more than a conqueror.”

  123. @TC
    Your MSNBC doesn’t work.

    The NYT piece is funny, they mention the guy started to do crack, and you blame that on the Iraq War. Not buying that. Fact is military veteran statistics for suicide and homelessness are lower than the general population.

    Suicide myth exposed:

    Homeless myth exposed:

  124. Nicole,
    and you can believe those players are getting bashed all over the radio this morning here. I won’t listen but my friends that are compelled to, have given me the rundown (and I fully expected DHall and Crumpler to be especially bashed today).

  125. No one is selling you anything. For the person you cite who supposedly counters the notion that decreasing morale isn’t leading to more suicides among our troops to suggest that those who issue such reports are anti-war is the wrong way to look at things. They’re pro-troops. They want these people to be OK. There is no agenda behind releasing reports suggesting that soldiers are killing themselves more often. There is no agenda supporting the idea that people celebrate soldiers’ suicides because it strengthens an anti-war position. It does not give me pleasure to offer that point-of-view. I am offering reports that have been issued by recognized experts; another study indicates that army suicide rates are the highest they’ve been in 26 years ( which, not coincidentally, was a short time after some soldiers had returned from Vietnam and were struggling to come to terms with some of the horrors you have seen there. And your response is to cite an op-ed where the writer claims that these studies are part of a concerted effort to increase the opposition to the war? Please. Opposition to the war is high enough already given the unjustness of it, its false foundations, and how little Bush actually cares about the troops except when it’s politically expedient.

  126. Nicole 10/20 Says:


    So what if they are getting bashed, they need to stand up for what they believe. They need to take a chapter from T.O’s book and speak truth to power. Those fans who are on the talk radio don’t like ’em anyway. I say wear eye black with the number 7 for the rest of the season.

  127. Nicole,
    I totally agree.

  128. […] &171 The …… through the RSS 2.0 feed You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.…2006-07 Season Preview: Utah Jazz ?You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. … […]

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