Return of The Mac


Today Donovan McNabb returns to try and salvage the Philadelphia Eagles season against the N.Y football Giants. For the past two weeks backup A.J. Feeley has been at the helm while McNabb nursed ankle and thumb injuries. McNabb was sacked 12 times in the first meeting of these two teams, the Eagles will have tackle Williams Thomas and running back Brian Westbrook who did not play in the first meeting.

The game plan is simple for the Eagles today – win and you’re still alive for the postseason, provided you get some help from other teams. Lose – and it’s a wrap. Prepare to see rookie Kevin Kolb for the remainder of the season.


Desperate times call for desperate measures – and no team has killed the Giants more in the past 3-4 years than Westbrook, the plan is simple – get it to Westbrook as much and as often as possible, including special teams – if last week’s near game-winning return wasn’t an indication that Andy Reid needs to stop playing him like he’s made of glass, nothing will. He’s been relatively healthy all season and he’s more rested at this point of the season than he’s ever been. Westbrook should see between 30-35 touches for the remainder of the season – this can only open up the offense for L.J. Smith, the deep routes run by Kevin Curtis and the intermediate routes designed for Reggie Brown.

This will allow McNabb to pick his spots and not try to force the ball down the field – and of course keep the Philly BooBirds silent.


35 Responses to “Return of The Mac”

  1. Crazy, I was talking to a lady friend of mine and she actually said that we are losing better with McNabb outta there. LOL

    Welcome back Donovan.

    Ron give me a call brotha.

  2. McNabb is a fool. He should sit out the rest of the season and fully heal so he will be ready for next year.

  3. Westbrook is ballin. Averaging ten yards a carry and just caught a TD from McNabb

  4. Yeah I see on

  5. How is mcnabb looking?

  6. McNabb looked very good on the first drive. You know the fair weather fans in Philly were cheering like crazy.

  7. Wow I typed that before I saw your question O. GMTA

  8. HAHA……I know brotha Mizzo.

    But if he throws a pick they gonna want to lynch him. SMH!!

  9. They’ll probably come on the field and do it live.

  10. thebrotherreport Says:

    DavidMac – No one more than me would love to see McNabb give the fans his but to kiss but when you have other teams looking to possibly trade for you, you have to play if you can. Consider it an audition.

  11. Mizzo if I take into account the giants great offensive weapons and ELIs
    lack of ability to make those weapons work.

    He might be the worst starting QB in the league.

  12. Very true thebrotherreport.

    Mcnabb is auditioning for the bears and vikings. Plus the eagles want him to do well at this point. So that they can get a good draft pick.

  13. thebrotherreport Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Eli one bit, this is what he wanted – there would be no pressure on him in SD. He would have arguably the game’s best back and tight end – two things a young QB needs.

    I think the Vikes are gaining confidence in T. Jackson, it may just come down to the Bears but then again you look around the league some other teams could join in the mix – Baltmore,Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Kansas City, Detroit, Carolina, San Fran, Miami and Buffalo.

  14. The Giants only hope today is Plaxico.

  15. Brian Dawkins saved a touchdown with a open field tackle at the one. The eagles had a goal line stand and had to settle for three. That’s what we’ve been missing with Dawkins banged up TBR.

  16. thebrotherreport Says:

    Good to see Dawk playin’ w/some fire. I been worried about him all season.

  17. They are booing the hell out of McNabb. Even though they are winning the game on his touchdown pass.

  18. Mizzo Andy Reid is mentally ill.

    He runs westbrook on 3rd and 5.

  19. Then Mcnabb has to pass on 4th and 5.

    Man if Mcnabb has to go so does andy.

  20. Hey Mizzo are you going to put anything up about J. Tinsley?

  21. Cevidence,

    This is crazy. When are these fools going to put the guns down?

  22. Yeah I know…

    It’s sad. I was reading the story today…all over a bunch of nothing.

  23. Michelle,
    The short answer is never….sadly, never.

    McNabb should just tell his wife to order the boxes from U-haul…..and when he leaves, I hope Philly has losing seasons for the next decade.

  24. I posted the story folks.

  25. I went to the game and froze my tuckiss off this afternoon and I have to honestly say I was disappointed in McNabb’s play most of the game. I didn’t see any fire from him and just going off the body language I think he’s just beat down but he didn’t help himself with some boneheaded plays though. For some reason he will not throw the ball away when he scrambles out of the pocket.

    This game was a capsule of the season for this team because while there was a lot of good like BDawk’s TD saving tackle, Westbrook’s wizardry, and Trent Cole’s sacks there just isn’t enough consistency to put it all together and win going away.

    I’m still glad I went so I can say I saw McNabb’s last game as an Eagles starting QB if he’s done but that was still a booty way to go out.

    For what it’s worth there were a lot of #5 jerseys in the stands and everyone I talked to still wants him back next season. Who knows?

  26. HarveyDent Mcnabb is struggling but he still is completing 60% of his passes and has a QB rating of 86%.

    Andy reid is still putting him in bad situations. And the play calling is horrible. Westbrook got 100 yards on 20 carries. But fat boy didn’t give him any more touches.

    Let me ask you this…………and I haven’t seen but about 5 eagles games this year. ( I am boycotting the NFL…….but I still support the brothas at QB)

    Why is it when Mcnabb is the QB and the running game is doing well. That Andy never calls playaction passes anymore. When he passed over 70% of the time last year and the year before with mcnabb. He called playaction every game. Yet he never ran the ball.

    As I said before they are setting up mcnabb to fail.

  27. CNN reporting that Vick got 23 months….lord have mercy.

  28. Miranda,

    Here we go!

  29. Super 5 is the man and don’t call it a comeback ’cause he’s been here for years. He needs to go home to Chicago. I’m an Eagles fan, but Illadelphia has never given my man the props he deserves.

    This is the 2nd year in a row when a qb has come off the bench to replace Super 5… and of course, they disrespect him by saying the Eagles were better off.

    Remember… the fans wanted Sticky Icky Ricky Williams instead of Super 5.

  30. Origin

    The play calling has always been suspect from Reid when McNabb’s in there but again his body language was very telling. He just seemed like he wanted to be anywhere but Lincoln Financial Field yesterday and again a few plays he could have thrown the ball away instead of taking sacks. He wants to be outta there as much as management wants him outta there.

  31. That’s why Philly is never going to win ish. It’s sad.

  32. Always darkest before the dawn, Miz, which leads me to think this is going to work out just fine for DMac in the future. Be a good soldier and finish out the season and it’ll be all good on and off the field for him.

  33. Another Philly icon jettisoned….

  34. I hear what you are saying brotha harvey.

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