Pretty Boy! Mayweather Knocks Out Hatton In 10th

(Reed Saxon/AP)
Floyd dropped a bomb on Hatton

I wanted to get the UK take on the fight. The British fans were boisterous in the MGM Grand and almost seemed to influence American fans in attendance. It seemed most fans were actually cheering for Hatton. Isn’t Mayweather American? What’s up with that?

Anyway, Floyd showed and proved to the world he is the best. Using his forearms and elbows, Mayweather kept an ever charging Hatton off when the fighters clenched. Hatton wore down as the fight progressed and in the 10th, Pretty Boy clocked Hatton with a check hook–as Floyd called it–to essentially end the fight. IMO, the fight was never in doubt for Mayweather and it was only a matter of time before Floyd connected with a power shot that would get Hatton off his feet. In the later rounds, Floyd successfully tagged Hatton with jabs until the inevitable happened. Hatton stayed in there, but giving Mayweather a target might not have been the best approach. It ended up being straight up target practice. After the ninth, Hatton’s corner was in disarray because they knew what was coming. Ricky probably was thinking to himself as all the voices sounded like mumble jumble: “Get me the hell out of here! Somebody get me a beer”.

In doing this on the big stage, PBF proved there is no fighter close to this cat right now. Shouldn’t this result have been expected? Dude just doesn’t get hit. He imposed his will on Hatton and Floyd seemed much more confident in close. He was definitely the more skilled fighter and was ridiculously accurate with his punches. Dominant performance. Personally, I feel Mayweather’s legacy is cemented, but if he does the same to Miguel Cotto, he will go down as one of the best of all time–period.

Don’t look for this fight to happen anytime soon. Mayweather has collected over 50 million the last two fights. Trust the man is going on an extended vacation.

It must be noted Joe Cortez did a great job officiating the fight.

Would be nice to be in Vegas right now. Drink one for me Pretty Boy!

From the UK:

Floyd Mayweather powered to victory over Ricky Hatton after knocking down the Manchester boxer in Las Vegas.

Hatton fought bravely but Mayweather found a rhythm and began to land some telling blows until the fight was stopped in the tenth round after an unstoppable left hook.

Hatton looked nervous as the boxers entered the ring and although he produced some exciting moments for the thousands of travelling British fans, it was Mayweather who extended his unbeaten record to 39 fights.

In the opening round it was Mayweather who landed the first meaningful punch with a swinging left hook in the opening seconds, but Hatton raised the roof when he landed a left hand which caused the champion to momentarily loose balance.

Another clean left from Mayweather cracked home before the bell ended an action-packed first round. Hatton continued to stalk his opponent in the second round, taking the champion further out of his comfort zone, but increasingly leaving himself open to the champion’s tremendously accurate left hands.

The exchanges continued into round three, when Hatton barged his opponent to the ropes and dug in under the watchful eye of referee Joe Cortez, who was having to work overtime to regulate the action. Hatton fired a superb jolting jab in response to another Mayweather swing but Mayweather responded with a cracking right hand and Hatton went back to his corner with blood seeping out from a cut above his right eye.

Mayweather ended round seven with a flourish as Hatton fell further behind on points and Mayweather stepped things up further in the eighth, slamming home a right from which it was a minor miracle that Hatton was able to stay upright.

There was worse to come for Hatton. Mayweather crashed in a left hand and jerked Hatton’s head as he had him in all sorts of trouble in the corner. Amazingly, Hatton looked unfazed and fired back with a right of his own. Cortez paid Hatton close attention at the end of the round but Hatton insisted: “I’m OK”, and strode out to continue his seemingly fruitless quest, but lacked the clean work required to bring him back into the fight.


68 Responses to “Pretty Boy! Mayweather Knocks Out Hatton In 10th”

  1. 1st one to comment here…f’in unbelievable fight! The crowd I was with was pretty much neutral, just wanting to see a good fight, and they delivered. Hatton didn’t retreat for a second, Mayweather stood toe to toe and eventually outclassed him as a fighter. Kudos to both fighters for providing some great entertainment

  2. I agree Scotty, that was a great fight. It definitely was worth it.

  3. I’ve been waiting on this night for four months. I admit, I thought mayweather was about to cruise to a unanimous decision with the knockout blow came. Floyd is a true technician… Ricky disrespected Floyd’s power and outright said Floyd wouldnt be able to hurt him with his “pitty patter” punches.

    I can’t wait to edit up a video showing Hatton running his mouth followed by a check hook K.O.

  4. Yeah he caught ricky throwing a left of his own. Greatness.

  5. I agree that Mayweather was the better fighter Hatton showed pure heart and bravery but the longer the fight goes the less chance the fighter has over the boxer. I disagree about Joe Cortez doing a great job I thought he was terrible, he took a point away from Hatton for an alleged pucnh to the back of the head yet said nothing to Mayweather about ducking too low and doubling up, in the early rounds he broke the clinch too early which prevented Hatton from “getting in his swing”. He (Cortez) seemed to want to intervene at every opportunity until Hatton started to tire, whislt I dont dount this did not realy effect the outcome I do not think he did a “great job”

  6. You cannot allow rabbit punches–even though Hatton missed. Cortez knows figther’s frustration with Mayweather’s elusiveness and set the tone. That’s what an official is supposed to do.

  7. I agree but a point deduction was an over reaaction, stopping the flow which he did time and time again was Cortez’s real crime

  8. Man, always an excuse uh? The sun got in my eye, some one spike my gator aid, there were sand storm on venus, the referee was biased.

    Floyd Mayweather has suceeded in creating mass blindness in people to the point where it pains them to even grudgingly give props to an exclamation fight— a fight mind you that alot of people said would be his undoing.

  9. “Isn’t Mayweather American? What’s up with that?”

    Sarcasm? I won’t do the whole citizenship/ownership/loyalty thing – but I’m glad the fight was worthwhile. Hey Mizzo, is boxing your favorite sport??

  10. I love to say it, so I will

    “I told you folks what time it was going to be”

    Everything I said about Floyd in my pre-fight discussion with Okori was correct, and now I’m vindicated.

  11. I wouldn’t say Boxing is my favorite, but my pop made me aware of the sport at an early age. I remember him waking me up after Ali beat Foreman in Zaire. I was young, but I’ll never forget the excitement on his face even though I was half sleep. Reminds me of how I am with my kids now.

  12. Simon I’ll engage you on this. So…do you feel Ricky was winning the fight? Honestly, given that Hatton loves his beer, the only way he wins the fight is by early knockout.

    The fight wasn’t even close. The knockout reminded me of a heavyweight result.

  13. you were right DavidMac. I was wrong. I didn’t order the fight on principle, so I will watch it on replay.

    and i think the reason most fans were cheering for Hatton, Mizzo and Sankofa, is that Mayweather very much carries himself like a jerk. He constantly talks about how much money he has, all the things he has, proclaims himself to be the best fighter of all time even though he’s not (this performance notwithstanding), and generally acts like a dick whenever you see him.

  14. This country always screams patriotism. I personally could care less how Mayweather carries himself. He’s from here. Reminded me of USA basketball a couple of years ago when the press were definitely pro anyone else.

    He’s a great fighter and his legacy shouldn’t be diminished because he’s flamboyant. Just doesn’t make any sense and your choice of words are decidedly immature Okori.

    Again, like I said about Bonds, I met the man this past July and he was alright with me. He was very personable and seemed to appreciate my words.

    I can’t hate.

  15. thebrotherreport Says:

    I thought I was watching a World Cup Soccer match with all of the chanting, that’s how they do it across the pond – you may even get some of that at a fight in Mexico. That was definitely something different to see.

    As for the fight – Hatton’s plan was to fight Floyd the way he fought Kostya Tszyu, he smothered Tszyu’s attack and power by grabbing the entire fight and stealing points by landing wherever, whenever he could. As the fight you saw Floyd begin to open up his game by landing the quick jab (Mayweather had a 6- inch reach advantage) and from round 5 on in, he was finding his mark.

    There is one more fight for Mayweather that I would like to see but it seems unlikely – I would love to see Mayweather (currently 147) and Manny Pacquiao (currently 130) meet at maybe 140, I think that would be something to see. The most likely fight now seems to be Miguel Cotto (who I’m a big fan of) and I think Paul Williams deserves a shot.

  16. TheLastPoet Says:


    Flamboyance is America’s M.O.

    Except when a Black man does it. Then he becomes a nigger who doesn’t know how to be grateful, a nigger who doesn’t know his place…

    C’mon, sun, I’ve read your comments, I know you’re capable of thinking on a higher lever than that.

    Anyway, the fight was outstanding. When Mayweather knocked that buster out, the cheers rose up in my Harlem neighborhood so loud you’d swear Malcolm was back on 125th & Lenox! So who cares if whitefolk who could afford pricey tickets in Vegas were cheering for their own, those people do not represent everybody…

  17. I think it’s unfair to characterize the pro-hatton crowd as “whitefolk…cheering for their own” There was something like 30,000 that flew across the Atlantic to see their fellow countryman, similiar to what used to take place for Lennox Lewis fight, granted not as big as last night.

  18. you’re right Poet. I am capable of thinking of a higher lvel.

    I can’t control what the rest of America thinks, as much as I wish i could sometimes. But I think, for me at least, my problem with Mayweather is that he has (this performance notwithstanding) talked one way and acted another. But if you’re going to tell me, as Floyd has, that you’re the best fighter of all time than i’m going to hold you to a really high standard. I’m going to expect you to do to most of your opponents what you did to Hatton on Saturday, not be content to box your way to a boring decision win as he did with Baldomir and Mayweather. the P4P throne, which Mayweather now sits on almost completely unchallenged, isn’t something you get to stay on because you keep winning. Hopefully all the great fighters who were in Vegas for that fight can get to Mayweather and let him in on the secret: you have to dominate.

    Maybe now Mayweather looks around, sees another national hero in Cotto, and decides to ruin another country’s hero. I hope so. I’d love that fight.

  19. We were referring to Americans Scotty. Look at the crowd when Ricky gets knocked out. Silence and disgust. It couldn’t have been about money. Whoever put money on Hatton was stupid.

  20. Scotty it is so not fair to compare Hatton to Lewis. Here’s why: Lewis was never OF the British. He was a guy who greew up in Canada, fought in the olympics for Canada, and moved to Britain to advance his career. There was always tension between the two. And before anyone asks it wasn’t because Lennox was black. British fight fans adore Frank Bruno, and Lloyd Honeyghan, and Chris Watson, Michael Eubank, and Nigel Benn. The trick with them is that you have to be hard-working, tough, and willing to go to war. Lennox was cerebral, didn’t always come in in shape, and liked to box a bit too much.

  21. What’s with this thing that talent is looked down upon. It’s a fallacy of us all.

    Appreciate greatness while it lasts. It gives you something to tell your grandchildren.

    People need to stop hatin. It’s disgusting and counterproductive to any and everything.

    Guys like Kobe, Moss, TO, Bonds and Mayweather thrive when the heat gets hottest. Keep booing these brothas and you’ll be reaching for your heart medicine soon enough.

  22. Mizzo you’re not speaking for me when you say that. I don’t hate anyone on that list because I don’t know them. I just have high expectations for Mayweather. I don’t think it’s wrong of me to want to see this Mayweather more often.

  23. OK, if you speak of the boxer, I agree with you, but Mayweather is an intelligent cat. He fights the fight that fights him. He’s a true measure of greatness because he can adapt.

  24. i agree. hopefully Thomas Hearns sat him down and talked with him about what being a p4p king means.

  25. Okori, I’m glad you showed the grace to come in and admit to my boxing genius 😉

    I see the topic of Cotto coming up more and more, and I tell you that fight isn’t needed. Cotto got hurt by Zab’s speed and as far as I’m concerned got beat down by Sugar Shane’s speed, and Floyd is faster than both. Cotto fights the same way Hatton does, except he takes more breaks. The result would be the same.

    To become one of the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES, Floyd needs to fight Paul Williams. Cintron is has ligament damage and Paul needs a fight, Paul beat the man who beat Cintron and who was the most ducked man in the Welterweight division.

    Paul Williams vs. Floyd Mayweather, two technically gifted boxers who are both fast except one is 6’4. You can’t bea that fight. Its like Leonard and Hearns.

  26. I guess we’re gonna disagree here DMac. If Floyd wants to be the best of all time he takes a stay-sharp fight than fights Cotto. Williams needs another big win first before he’s ready in my opinion.

  27. Paul Williams beat Antonio Margarito and you say Cotto desrves it before him? BS.

    You are right we will definantly disagree on that one. Two of the best black American Welterweights of all time, with a chance to match up while one is rising and the other is heading off into the sunset and you want to pass on that to see a Cotto who fights the exact same way as Hatton and almost got beat by a second-rate Floyd in Paulie Malignaggi. Give me a break Okori.

  28. Yeah Williams is untested. Why does he deserve a shot?

  29. Floyd doesnt need to fight Cotto. The boxing public is trying to bait him into another fight, hoping that he loses. It’s always done to those fighters who go out on top. Look at how badly Lennox Lewis is talked about since he retired as champion. Do the right thing Floyd and take your time off. Dont even up like Evander and making a clown of yourself.

    As far as the crowd goes I wasn’t too much surprised. I wish they would have shown all those Bristish fans who shown up without tickets once Hatton was knocked out. Its surprising how people see fights based on opinion. All of my white co-workers had Hatton well ahead, and when they saw the offical scores at the time of the knockout, they couldnt believe it. Yeah Hatton may have won two or three rounds, but Floyd was winning point blank. Just because you throw the most punches, that doesn’t mean you are winning the fight. Floyd landed over 40% of his shots!!!! That’s nuts!!!!

  30. It’s a shame Cintron is on the shelf. I wanted to see that fight in Feb. Williams needs another big boy for me.

  31. HOw much bigger do you need in the Welterweight division that Margarito. Williams is the only top prospect that wanted to fight him, and he fought him and won decisively.

  32. DavidMac and Cevidence I want to see Cotto fight Floyd because…. I like the way Cotto fights. I liked the way Hatton fought too. It’s a matter of preference. My favorite fighter is Julio Cesar Chavez. Enough said. 🙂

    and Cevidence…… Sigh. I could argue, and would argue, that Lennox Lewis’s resignation of the heavyweight throne and the resulting madness trying to find a unified champion plunged the division into an abyss it might not come out of for a while. But hey…. that’s your opinion. I can’t change it. Just can let you know mine.

  33. Here’s a bigger guy for you DMac: Cintron. Let me see him fight him first.

  34. The Heavyweight division is a joke. They ran and ran and ran from Tyson in his prime so I haven’t any respect for any of them. DMac I don’t think Williams deserves a shot yet.

    You can’t beat the king wearing a nickle plated belt 😉

  35. Mizzo these guys in the division now… not ONE of them were around when Tyson was around in his prime.

  36. Of course. I was referring to Lewis who ducked Tyson for years and then retired after claiming the belt.

  37. Cintron got beatup by Jesse Feliciano, I seen one of those contender kids beat Feliciano worse than Cintron, Plus Cintron got KTFO by Margarito.

    I want to see Williams because he would actually provide for an interesting fight, fighting Cotto would be a Floyd win, easy.

    As for the Tyson comparison, that is not legitimate for Margarito. Tyson had no real competition ducking him. Sugar Shane left the division rather than fight him. Floyd moved past him for the De La Hoya fight, and a great deal of real fighters passed on him because of his work rate and power. Paul Williams didn’t and then whopped his ass.

    I figure you got three heads in the WW divions since Cintron is out, Williams, Cotto, and Floyd. Floyd has beaten fighters like Cotto his whole career, most recently with Hatton, and Cotto has shown that speed gives him serious problems. Williams has taken pressure, intense pressure from Margarito and dominated him. He is lightening quick, nice chin, good defense, and is a freak of nature. That would be the best fight for Floyd, plus it would be a passing of the torch, should Williams win.

  38. but man…. Cintron looks sooo good ever since Steward got with him. See this is how you know Jermain Taylor is just…. raw. When Emanuel Steward can’t get you good you’ve got a problem.

  39. Emanual Steward is one of the most overrated trainers ever. He takes already proven talent and then refines by adding a jab. Wow. That is it, he was never a good fit for Jermaine because he didn’t recognize the talent he had. He never took Jermaine’s strengths and refined them, instead he tried to break him down and build him up in his image, and that is what novices do.

  40. Tyson had no real competition ducking him? Wow. What about Holyfield and Lewis…two champions?

  41. David Mac you are bugging. ES is the truth! Wow you must have been drinking Ricky Hatton juice.

  42. Mizzo, Holyfield didn’t duck Tyson. When Mike was in his prime, 80s, Holyfield was a Cruiserweight. Lewis had already beaten Tyson in their amateurs so why would he feel the need to duck him also. You are misinformed.

  43. dude seriously…. are you serious? Emanuel Steward made Lennox Lewis into the top-20 all-time HW champ, had multiple champions come out of the Kronk Gym, and trains the no. 1 heavyweight in the world today.

  44. Man whatever Lewis ducked Tyson big time. Someone will back me up on this trust me.

  45. well, if you count the amateurs Mizzo, Lewis fought Tyson. And in 1988 Lennox won the gold in the Olympics. If you count the usual seasoning that goes on Tyson is in jail by the time Lewis would have been ready to fight him.

  46. What did ES do for Klitchko, easy. He taught him how to hold on when he is hurt and jab. What was Lennox’ main weapon, jabbing. What made Hearns so great, his ability to establish a jab and work off it.

    Like I said he takes great talent, mainly tall guys for their division, and instructs them to jab and that is it.

    Show me a guy he developed from the ground up who made it, there is not a single one. He’ll take a physically gifted prospect and add a jab and thats it.

    I think his ineptness as a truly great trainer was exposed when you see the regression of Jermaine Taylor under him.

  47. thebrotherreport Says:

    Manny Steward has trained over 2 dozen World Champions many from day one or very young in their career. He isn’t some guy that latches on to a fighter for money – they come to him.

    Mizzo – The fight I always wanted to see was Bowe/Lewis

  48. maybe, just maybe, that regression is the fault of Taylor, not Steward Davidmac.

    I wanted to see it too TBR but Rock Newman wouldn’t let it know. Although we did get Holyfield-Bowe out of it. So i’m happy for that.

  49. Yeah I did too. Two big boys going at it.

  50. DavidMac Says: Show me a guy he developed from the ground up who made it, there is not a single one.

    Thomas Hearns.

  51. Tommy Hearns wasn’t developed by Emmanuel from the ground up, he only took him when we went pro. He had another trainer in his extremely long amature career.

  52. Okori —

    You’re right, when he walked away the division did go bottom up. But that’s not his fault that there were not any other fighters to hold things together. Hell the Klitchsko bros. refuse to fight each other. And Shannon Briggs is an all out bum. The Heavyweight division is crap and I honestly believe that those who “love” boxing and have the power to do so need to organize a tournament to unify some titles. But until that happens…I’ll stick with the real fighters who come in there to bang.

    I’m with you on Chavez though…he’s one of my favs as well. But Floyd is greatness right now to me.

  53. I remember seeing a Beyond the Glory episode on Lennox, and they mentioned that he and Tyson sparred quite a bit back before they turned pro, and that Lennox was the only guy who could bang with him. I could have sworn it was the other way around, that Tyson didn’t want any part of Lewis. This is going to bug me all day until I find out.

  54. thebrotherreport Says:

    Few fighters take a trainer from their developmental stages all the way to the pros (Trinidad, Moseley, Jones Jr.) Manny was there for Hearns’ first pro fight. To me that’s gettin on at the ground floor.

  55. I would agree with you if Hearns wasn’t an amature for so long.

    As for the current heavyweight divion, I think its a mess but getting better. You have the HW coming together. I believe Eddie Chambers is going to fight Chageav, and Ibragimov has agreed to fight the winner of that fight. That leads to two of the four belts merging. All that is left is for Klitchko to fight Peter again, and for the two belt holders to matach up after that.

  56. Emmanuel Steward is only good with tall guys with stiff jabs. In fact, I credit Steward for RUINING boxing to some degree. The last two heavyweight champions of ANY significance are Lennox Lewis and Vladimir Klitchko — guys who are 6’6′, 250, have weak chins, and win by jabbing for 12 rounds. While Steward gets technical credit for helping them overcome their weak chins to win in a safe fashion, boxing is worse for it. Every fight is a broken record. Will the opponent get past the jab…

    When small guys like Chris Byrd get all scientific and tactical, I respect their savvyness, but when guys who are 6’6 250 have a 218lb. fighter in trouble but refuse to rush their opponent and finish them off (see 1st Lewis-holyfield; EVERY Klitchko fight), then I’ve got a problem with that. Bad for boxing. I hope that Samuel Peter knocks Vladimir and Emmanuel’s boring-ass style into extinction.

    — Disagree about Cortez though, i thought he did a poor job and should have been more on top of some of the foul play (Hatton leading with head; Mayweather countering with elbows)

    — Oh yeah, Mayweather was simply magnificent. Fought Hatton’s style, but somehow didn’t get hit. Sheer brilliance.

  57. I dont think Ricky was winning I only had 2 maybe three rounds at best when he got KO’ed I agree that Mayweather was far teh better fighter. However we will never know what would have happened had Cortez allowed him to fight inside early on this does not mean that Ricky would have won just that I dont feel that Cortez did a great job. I also thought that he should not have come to the corner and told Ricky he nearly stopped the flight I think after the 8th this was a stupid thing to do, I hate fights being stopped too late but Hatton was fighting back Cotez would have been wrong to stop the fight then and by telling Hatton that he was considering may have made him more deseprate.

    I am not saying that Hatton should have won or could win a rematch I dont think he could Mayweather is just too good, I am not making excuses for Ricky he doesnt need them my point is that Cortez did not do a good job.

  58. Point taken. I guess I was watching a different figtht 😉

  59. I am glad that I have managed to get my point accross since I usually struggel with that 😉

    Cheers Simon

  60. Hey, maybe we were ALL watching a different fight! I thought that Cortez DID allow Hatton to fight on the inside in the early rounds and was well within his right to break it up more than he did. Hatton was leading in with his head all night. In true boxing “one-for-one” tradition, Mayweather countered with his elbows. Both fighter also snubbed the others faces with their gloves. Cortez let this go on.

    In fairness to Cortez, it was an incredibly difficult fight to ref. But we all see this same movie quite differently.

  61. thebrotherreport Says:

    I wonder how Richard Steele would’ve handled this fight?

  62. I didn’t see the fight, but I am English, and one thing as someone who has been to British sporting events is how lackadaisical American fans are. yes, fans out here in California are a bit more laid-back here than elsewhere…but I suspect that’s generally true about Californians. I wouldn’t necessarily say that they are less passionate than other American fans though. But I think fans in other countries take it as a matter of pride if they are not seriously backing their boys or girls. It just doesn’t happen. To me that’s the joy of going to a sporting event….the sense that you can be the 12th man…or the 6th man…or whatever the case may be. I dunno how many of you have ever started a rhythmic clap or anything, but it’s amazing how agreeable other fans are. If you’ll start it off, it will keep going. I’ll never understand how LA (coz that’s the area I know) fans can be so mellow. Don’t they realize that a bit more support for their boys or girls and they’ll get even better results? As folks say, people represent….that’s what the British fans were doing in Vegas…..yes, it can go too far, especially with the added ingredient of alcohol……..but it need not and I can’t think of a group who are more eschewed in Britain than soccer hooligans. As a kid, I missed out on European soccer (the highest level) because of the penalties imposed on British clubs because of a riot by British soccer fans in ’85 in Belgium. But it needn’t go that far, and the vast majority of the time, it doesn’t. To me, the relatively mild support offered by American fans speaks to some greater aversion to the athletes they allegedly support. They want them to win but they really won’t stand boldly behind them.

  63. TC

    There is a correlation to the British and soccar, and that of Hockey fans in Canada and Football fans in America Inc.

    The Fanatacism tends to run hot and cold based on who the biased and often uneducated media tells them to like and what skin the players are in.

  64. Sweet Jones Says:

    I wonder why the Hatton fans weren’t complaining about the officiating when Hatton was MUGGING Tszyu.

    FYI – For those interested, here are the last 3 rounds. Check it out before youtube pulls it:

  65. Floyd is a stupid nigger. Nothing more and a lot less. Cocky stupid, and probally has AIDS. Fuck him.

    • joe you are sad man. mayweather is the fastest most accurate puncher in the world. and it dont matter what color he is. If he was green he would still be the best.

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