Message to D-Mac: Leave ‘Em Hangin’!


Dear Number Five,

I know the thought has crossed your mind a lot lately – I just want you to know it’s alright to think it and it may even be liberating to say it. Nevermind, I’ll say it for you; Leave Philadelphia now and don’t look back.

This is a town that still has not learned that the grass will not be greener. No city has a knack for trading away Hall of Fame talent; Wilt Chamberlain; Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Ryne Sandberg, Peter Forsberg (twice), Mo Cheeks (who was the last guy in the Western Hemisphere to find out), Randall Cunningham, Scott Rolen and Allen Iverson, they let Reggie White walk – which hurts more than a trade because they got nothing back.

See where I’m going with this – you’re next, and the majority of fans in this town would’ve never drafted you if they had their way. Hell, the mayor of the city, now governor of the state wanted Ricky “Puff-Puff Give” Williams – a contingent of 30 “knowledgeable football fans” assembled by a sports-talk radio personality booed your selection at Radio City Music Hall that day. What enhanced their ignorance was the response that they gave when asked why they were booing, “We were booing the pick – not the player”, now I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I’m pretty good with word association, and if memory serves me correct YOU were the 2nd pick of the 1999 NFL Draft and upon your name being called YOU heard boos, so who were they booing? I know you said it didn’t bother you – but it bothered me. It bothers me when after four consecutive NFC Championships and one Super Bowl appearance many of the people here still don’t get it. They didn’t get it when A.J. Feeley replaced you in 2003, they didn’t get it with Jeff Garcia last season and after Feeley put the season on life support yesterday, they know why he’s holding a clipboard. At this point being a backup doesn’t hold a deep enough spot on the bench for him.

But even with four interceptions, which highlighted his inability to read a defense (one of the indictments leveled against you), I didn’t hear even a catcall from the stands – nothing.

Had you posted the same stats as Feeley during last weekend’s loss to the Patriots by a field goal, all you would’ve about was the interception on the last drive and then a Super Bowl reference. But for the moral champions in Philadelphia, Feeley was their savior and once again you were left to stew in it.


Enough is enough and too much stinks – the city that eats its own needs to step away from the table.

I can’t say that I’ve always backed you or some of your decisions: The Black on Black crime debacle with Terrell Owens, your failure to try to persuade management to work out a deal with Owens when you lobbied for Brian Westbrook – after you said you didn’t get involved in player negotiations. But for the most part you’ve hung tough and tried to put the criticism and boos behind you.

But they keep coming.

They question your heart – I don’t think Brett Favre can throw four TD’s on a broken ankle without a painkiller or two (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one), seriously – what do they want you have left it all on the field, sometimes literally. Fred Biletnikoff threw up before every big game, and he’s played in a few. I respect your gangsta Five.

You’re the scapegoat for an incompetent coach. To Andy Reid’s credit, his faith in you has never wavered. I’m beginning to see cracks in the foundation and if it comes down to you or Reid walking the plank, guess who’s getting the blindfold? Hint: A plank can’t hold Andy Reid.

You tell the White world the deck is stacked against the Black Quarterback and you’re dismissed as a malcontent – Vince Young and Jason Campbell even write it off as a problem that’s yours not theirs.

The writing is on the wall my man, don’t give this organization the opportunity to do you like they did Randall or how the 76’ers did A.I. Leave on your terms–they already asked three first-round picks for you at the trading deadline. Were they blowing smoke? Maybe. Regardless, there is an asking price out there for you – and as we inch closer to April and the NFL Draft the price will go down. Even if you made it to training camp as an Eagle next season you could be cut because it’s an option year in your contract.

The bottom line – the fans never really wanted you here, they would’ve been happy with Doug Pederson and Ricky Williams, “Why bring in another Black quarterback – no matter how great an athlete he is he’ll never win.” It’s almost like they want a reason for you not to be here. One more loss and it will be over mathematically – after which the fans will finally get what they want… their Great White Nope.

So let me be the first to say thank, and that I wish you well. Write your own ticket because you’ve earned it. You’ve definitely soared like an Eagle amongst turkeys. But before you leave, do me one last favor?

Take Brian Westbrook with you – no need in wasting his prime years here with a rebuilding franchise that doesn’t use him properly anyway.




35 Responses to “Message to D-Mac: Leave ‘Em Hangin’!”

  1. Right on the money….

    I would laugh myself to tears if McNabb just walked off. I really hope he does. His remarks about Black Quarterbacks is so true, just look at history and you will see the difference in treatment and opportunities. Give Jason Campbell and Vince Young 5 years and I bet they will agree with him them. Hell….Vince is getting his hate already.

    Leave Philly hanging McNabb….go to Chicago and have fun out there. Help save Lovie, who is on a “hot seat” one year after going to the Superbowl…shocking…nope…

  2. TBR,

    I like, I like, I like! Right on is right. Donovan has never been appreciated in Philly and he needs to leave. The fans in Philly are just plain stupid. Since when is a 3 interception day–2 of which ended any chance of winning last week–a good performance? The fans in Philly say they have passion. Yeah right, the passion to be idiots. Philly doesn’t deserve to win a title and by the looks of things, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. The newest victim will be the awesome Daniel Brier. Coming off of many stat filled years with Buffalo he skates into Philly. The Flyers started out strong but lately have been inconsistent. You can point to their lack of defense which unfortunately is Brier’s weakness. He’s great on offense though. So when adding Daniel doesn’t equal a Stanley Cup, the Philly critics will go into attack mode. Every star that blows into Philly records the worst playing experience of their career. If I’m an agent and Philly team comes a knockin, I’m keeping the damn door closed. Like I said when the latest savior can’t deliver (no fault of his own) he want only feel the frigid temps of the arena ice, he’ll also feel the coldness of the so called Philly fans who cheered his arrival on the day he was signed. Philly fans aint sh..

  3. “This is a town that still has not learned that the grass will not be greener.” That says it all.

  4. Oh it won’t be that long before Jason Campbell and Vince Young get that wake-up call…..but I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they get it.

    I hope McNabb goes back to his hometown and Philly wallows in its mire for another decade before even sniffing the playoffs.

  5. Miranda,

    I’m sure Donovan’s parents are in his ear as we speak. I hope he listens, goes into the Eagles front office a lets them know he’s ready to be traded.

  6. Vince’s wakeup call is coming really, really soon. And you know he’s sensitive about people calling him out.

    McNabb was never judged fairly in Philly. I hope they cut and he signs with a good team.

  7. I almost died laughing watching feely throw pick after pick. By the way do white Quarterbacks ever get called out for not being able to read a defense???

    Please Mcnabb go to the bears or vikings.

  8. McNabb should go to the Vikings. They have a great defense. THey have great WRs. They have great RBs. Plus he could mentor Tarvis.

  9. Even though I am a bears fan I agree DavidMac.

  10. I don’t trust Childress and the Vikings pass defense is still shoddy.

    I think Chi-Town is the place to go. There is no way he won’t be better than Grossman, and the defense when healthy is superb. Musin and Berrian are legit receivers and their tight end is nice. The only question mark is running back, and they can fix that in the draft.

  11. I am torn brotha allen I just want him to win a championship. Which ever team gives him the best chance. I see pros and cons with both teams.

    Bears great defense and special teams. They also have better WRs then the vikings. But the vikings have a great game chnging RB.

  12. Mushin is old, at best he is a possessian receiver. Berrian is fast, but it seems he is only good at stretching the field, plus he is short. The Bears have NO running fame whatsoever. Lance Briggs is saying he isn’t happy and will be looking for his long term contract, which is bad news for an already mediocre defense.

    The Vikes have a strong defense and while the CB work could be better, they can easily adjust that in the off season, its going to take the Bears more work to take care of their defensive flaws. The Vikes have Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson, two GREAT backs. They have Sidney Rice, the next of Randy Moss, Troy Williamson, the next Terry Glen, and possession man Robert Ferguson.

    Seems to me the answer is clear, the Vikes are a team than can contend for the NFC next year. There young talent will only get better.

  13. McNabb should go somewhere where the offense is opened up for him… like chicago

    In Minnesota he’ll just be back in the same system that he isn’t suited for, even though they run the ball and have a good offensive line.

  14. There running the ball in Minnesota is what makes Childress’s system different from Philly’s Boney. He won’t be the sole savior anymore, he’ll have 2 good WRs and a great WR and 2 great RBs.

  15. Chicago.

    Childress had his time with DNabb.

    Lovie deserves him.

  16. That was Andy’s team mizzo, not Brad’s. He can do more for McNabb than Lovie. Shoot, Lovie won’t have a job next, he’ll probably be in Indy coaching the DBs or something or with Herm.

  17. Dang I haven’t been following the chicago news lately is it that bad in my home town chicago?……..are they trying to run off lovie?

  18. Man, I love this post. I’m a huge D-Mac fan. He’s everything that’s right with sports and nothing that isn’t. I can’t argue with the column although on the other hand, I think he’s taken some pretty good shots in Philly and is still standing. I really think it might be in his best interests now just to stay-just to spite the haters. Like they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Seriously though, thanks so much for writing this. I can’t believe how much they take a capable, strong, tough, brave QB for granted like this.

    BTW, did anyone else see Around the Horn today? They had as a topic, which sportswriter loves Favre the most as apparently he’s been named Sportsman of the Year by SI. Blackistone, when asked by Reali who he thought it should be, said Federer; Adande said perhaps Peyton Manning, for doing it his way; they both mentioned that the success of a team was crucial. But of course, taking the ass-kissing trophy was Mariotti who slathered all up and down Favre, saying that he was courageous, that he’s playing well, etc. I mean Mariotti is a brown-noser anyway but this was bad. I was prompted to think this when I read the column about McNabb. I’d say he’s all of that, and his team has been more successful over the past few years….not that, apparently, that has ish to do with ish. At one point, Mariotti goes, who CAN’T relate to Favre? I was yellin’ at the TV, uh, I can’t. I have a bit of athletic talent but…in what way? Money? Determination to keep a streak going? Stubbornness perhaps to the point of hurting your team? It was just a bizarre thing to say. I mean how many people will know Brett Favre’s level of physical ability and his wealth over the course of their lives? I’d say very few. Anyway, much love D-Mac, whatever you do, I’ll be a fan.

  19. I hear you TC.

    But as Chris caveman Berman said “Root for Brett Farve is like rooting for America.”

  20. Sorry make that rooting.

  21. DMac you can’t be serious. Lovie took the Bears to the SB and you want him fired? Goodness.

    Childress was Donovan’s offensive coordinator, so technically yes, he did have his time.

    Lovie needs a quarterback and Donovan is his man.

  22. thebrotherreport Says:


    He will put the Philly media and fans in their place.

  23. Man I would love to cover Eagle press conferences if Herm ends up here. Make it happen Andy lol

  24. HarveyDent Says:

    Sorry it took so long for me to post something to this but I stopped crying/laughing over this last game against the Seahawks. I can’t believe Eagle fans could watch QB play like this and say this team would be better off without DMac but I can say that DMac would be better off without this team and its bandwagon fans.

    I’m checking stubhub prices now for this week’s game because it could be the last one he starts in Eagle green and I want to see him play in person one last time as an Eagle. Either way I’ll be wearing my 5 jersey just like I always do and rooting for my man.

  25. thebrotherreport Says:

    Harv, you’re right if they loose Sunday the Kevin Kolb era begins – for what it’s worth.

  26. HarveyDent Says:

    The Kevin Kolb Era will be about as memorable as the David Klingler Era, the Akili Smith Era, and the Tim Couch Era. Not memorable at all and the pick will go down as what it was in the draft…worthless.

  27. Origin-I hear ya….but that don’t make it right…..

  28. You know folks are saying he’s bound for the Vikings instead of the Bears. Hopefully Mc Nabb will get on a good team where he can really have a chance at a world title.

  29. Yeah TC it ain’t right. Eric where are you hearing this going to the vikings stuff?

    I haven’t heard it.

  30. mcnabb won’t win a championship no matter where he goez. He doesnt have game and never did, just like TO said. (and notice hwo good TO made the Cowboyz). McNabb should just quit and stop blamin all his problems on Philly and white people.

  31. David: go away.

  32. I want to state the last post was not the “Real” DavidMac

  33. More info about post you cant found here link

  34. mcnabb is still a great qb. people just hop on his a.s.s.because we expect just a little more, from one of the NFL’s best. He holds the all time record for competion to int ratio and hes smart with the football. Philly just had a bad year. If McNabb stays look for them to have a solid 2008-2009 season and make another NFC championship showing. Good luck to Donovan and i hope he makes the right decision and stays in philly

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