TNT Notes November 30

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Are they even listening?

TSF provides these notes after every TNT NBA telecast

Inside the NBA

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith with New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul joining

Paul on the Hornets focusing on defense: “It’s all about defense every day in practice. The best teams in this league don’t have individual defenders, they play defense together and that’s what we have to do.”

Paul on playing in New Orleans for the entire season: “The fans are coming out and supporting us, and as long as we continue to go out and play as hard as we’re playing and continue to be successful, they will continue to come out. A lot of people in New Orleans aren’t sure if we’re back, so we’ve been out in the community trying to help out as much as possible and letting them know that we’re back for all 41 games. It’s helped out so much (being established in one city), in that we know we’re going to be there, we have more of a routine we know that all 41 games are going to be the same building and gives us an opportunity to get a home court advantage.”

Paul on his playoff prediction: “We’re going to the Playoffs this year.”

Barkley: “And I believe he’s right.”

Paul on the combination of Celtics Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce: “We have had problems playing (the Big 3) individually. When you played the Seattle SuperSonics, Ray Allen is a problem; when you played Boston, Paul Pierce is a problem and KG (Garnett) is just unbelievable. So when you put them all together you have a huge problem.”

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Game 1: New York Knicks (59) @ Boston Celtics (104)

Announcers Marv Albert, Reggie Miller and Mike Fratello with Craig Sager reporting

Miller on the New York Knicks style of play: “The Knicks are built almost like a Western Conference team, they want to slow down the pace and force feed their big guys.”

Miller on comments he made to the New York media that the New York Knicks are a joke: “It was a little chilly as the Czar and I walked through (the locker room). There were a few cat calls and boos from the Knicks players, but understandably so. What the ‘joke’ meant is that their record really doesn’t indicate how good they can be. They are a joke because they really should be better than they have been so far. I like their talent, they’ve got size and they are strong at each position. The big problem and question mark with the Knicks is going to be chemistry. Can this team coexist? So far, through November, they haven’t shown that they can.”

Miller on the Celtics going up 12-3 over the Knicks at the start of the game: “If I’m (head coach) Isiah Thomas, I’m scratching my head because this is a big game. You’ve won two in a row against Chicago and Utah and this is a chance to come out and make a statement and they aren’t doing that.”

Miller on a report from TNT’s Craig Sager that Celtics guard Ray Allen arrives to the gym early and takes 5-10 shots from about 20 different places on the court: “I always liked to be one with the gym and that’s Ray (Allen), you want to be here early. I liked to show up early before the ushers with my one ball boy. (By doing that, Allen) is trying to find a nice comfort and a nice rhythm because if things go wrong during the game he has something he can revert back to.”

Celtics swingman Paul Pierce on the difference between playing for this year’s Celtics versus last year’s team: “It’s like night and day. You come to the gym last year and it was tough for me to be motivated. I understood we had a young team and we had to scrap just to be a playoff team. When you’ve been to the Conference Finals and you’ve had a taste of success and you’ve been right there, and then the next thing you know we’re scrapping just to be competitive. Now with the talent we’ve brought in, wow, it’s like a breath of fresh air.”

Miller on the body language of the Knicks bench players: “Looking at the body language on the Knicks bench, I don’t think anyone has even gotten up when one of their teammates have scored. They’re body language does not look good over there on the bench.”

TNT’s Craig Sager interviewed Celtics guard Ray Allen after the first half.

Allen on the Celtics learning to mesh as a team and play unselfishly: “We’re still working everyday (to feel comfortable as a team). I’m trying to figure how Kevin (Garnett) likes the ball and the same thing with Paul (Pierce). We’re bringing along all those young guys along, it’s still a work in progress. I came here to win, Kevin came here to win- James Posey, Eddie House, Scot Pollard, we all have to absolve ourselves of a lot our ego, whatever ego we have, if we want to win games here.”


Ernie Johnson, Barkley and Kenny Smith

Barkley on the play of the New York Knicks in the first half: “The Knicks are embarrassing. Their body language is like this is the end of the season and they are playing out their games. They’ve got no energy and no emotion and it’s flat out embarrassing, they are going through the motions, period.”

Barkley on the New York Knicks needing to show up every night: “You can’t fake it, the players in this league are too good on the other teams. If you go to the building and your mind and body are not in it, this is what happens night in and night out.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

TNT’s Craig Sager reporting on comments by Knicks coach Isiah Thomas after the first half: “You guys are documenting the statistics of what a poor half, but according to (Knicks head coach) Isiah Thomas it was even worse than the stats would indicate. He said it was the most selfish half of basketball he has ever seen. He said ‘we have to get other players involved and we have to move the ball.’ Obviously he was talking about the whole team, but (saying) things like that indicate that it starts with the point guard Stephon Marbury. We’ve already discussed the problems between Stef and Thomas, so things might be getting worse.”

Albert on the terrible play of the Knicks against the Celtics: “In all my years of broadcasting, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Albert on Knicks guard Stephon Marbury wondering why Knicks fans booed him and Coach Thomas at a recent game: “Is (Marbury) not aware of the extraordinary lack of success that he and the team have gone through in recent years, along with the soap opera laundry list of incidents that have gone on?”

Miller: “They are booing because of the body of work (of the Knicks). These Knicks fans are used to success, they are used to competing and being in the Conference Finals. They are (booing) about the body of work over the last six or seven years, they are booing them for that and he doesn’t understand that.”

Fratello on coaching players who have lost their passion for the game: “From a coaching standpoint, there is nothing worse than trying to coach a team that has lost their spirit. When they’ve lost their spirit and they’ve lost their drive and they’ve lost their desire, they fracture off and they all go into their own world. They are in their own space and they isolate themselves from everything. When you look in their eyes there is nothing there, they have no response.”

Barkley to Johnson on the beating of the Celtics over the Knicks: “This is what would happen if you and me ever got in a fight. I would be the Celtics.”

Smith on the ugly loss by the Knicks: “I don’t think even in darts I’ve seen guys get beat this bad.”

Barkley on the Knicks players being responsible for their poor play against the Celtics: “(Knicks coach) Isiah (Thomas) has made some mistakes, but for these players to quit on him that is just flat out wrong. (The players) have to take some personal responsibility. All these guys are talented, but they don’t have any idea how to play basketball. I feel bad for Isiah because he’s going to be the scapegoat and I feel bad for the fans in New York. I never feel bad for players, these players make $10 million. I don’t know how they got that, they must have pictures on somebody.”

Barkley on whether Knicks coach Isiah Thomas is ‘safe’ from being fired: “He’s about as safe as me in a room full of cookies. If I’m in a room full of cookies, the cookies ain’t got no damn chance.”

Barkley on the timeline of a possible termination of Knicks coach Isiah Thomas: “This is my guess; if they lose tomorrow I think it could be his last game.”

Albert on the terrible performance of the Knicks against the Celtics: “There are people that will consider this the lowest point in all of Knicks history.”

Craig Sager interviewed Celtics forward Kevin Garnett after the Celtics 45-point route over the Knicks.

Garnett on the Celtics following a philosophy established by head coach Doc Rivers: “In order for this to work everyone had to give into what Doc (Rivers) is talking about, an African proverb very similar to Celtic Pride: ‘I can’t be as good as I am unless I help the next person.’ We have bought into it and it’s working for us.”

Garnett on the problems plaguing the New York Knicks: “Steph (Marbury) is different now from when he was in Minnesota. You just don’t come out and quit. You gotta have a reason, or someone’s got to make you quit. I thought we did a great job coming out with a lot of energy and jumping on them. (Knicks forward Quentin) Q Richardson has some quotes in the paper that got us kind of amped up that Doc put on the board, so we were more than motivated tonight. I’m just so locking into what’s going on here in Beantown that I can’t worry about what’s going on in New York.”

Garnett on his revival of the Celtic Pride versus Sager’s attempt to revive the ‘retro’ look: “As you see it’s working (for me) and that is not (working for you).”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Game 2: Denver Nuggets (99) @ LA Lakers (127)

Announcers Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins with Cheryl Miller reporting

Denver Nuggets center Marcus Camby on how the Nuggets will have success against the Lakers: “The keys for tonight: #1- stop Kobe. #1-A- stop Kobe. #1-B- stop Kobe. He’s a great, great player, but he also has complimentary players. (Forward) Lamar Odom is coming back off his shoulder surgery and he’s starting to get his groove back. (Center) Andrew Bynum is coming along and has been playing exceptional basketball all season long and he’s starting to become a factor. We have to contain all those guys.”

Collins on Lakers forward Lamar Odom needing to score more: “(Lamar Odom) is so happy distributing the ball and getting others involved. But on (the Lakers) he needs to be the number two guy every night. Kobe (Bryant) is going to get 27-30 (points), if Odom can get 20 (points) now you’re talking about 47-50 points (combined) and now you’ve got Andrew Bynum or Derek Fisher or one of these other guys who can come in and score for you. (Almost) every good team in this league has two scorers every single night that you can count on. That’s why (the Lakers) need Odom to have a scoring mentality rather than an all-around guy who’s passing and making all those plays.”

Collins on what type of leader Denver Nuggets Allen Iverson is: “I think (Iverson) is a leader who leads by the way he plays every night. This is a guy who plays with such great passion and energy and loves to play the game. By his own admission, early in his career he wasn’t the best practice player, but I think he practices enough to be out there with is teammates. I think the change of scenery (from Philadelphia to Denver) was good for him at this stage of his career. It’s good to see him and Carmelo playing together and we’ll see how far they go in the playoffs.”


Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Smith on the positive impact a good New York Knicks team as on basketball: “It’s relevant for New York to have a good basketball team. Because of the media market there in New York it allows the world to talk about basketball when they have a good team, and then they talk about the Spurs and the Magic. There is interest because those papers goes world wide and the interest goes world wide.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Collins on Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic’s strong performance: “(Sasha) Vujacic and the bench are just shooting (the Nuggets) right out of the Staples Center.”

Collins the poor second half play of the Denver Nuggets: “Denver started the game like gangbusters and it’s like someone pulled the plug, it’s a totally different team out here.”

Collins on the Kobe Bryant trade talks subsiding and the Lakers potential to make a run in the Playoffs: “He’s tabled that (trade request) and I think the team is thriving now. (The trade rumors) dominated our whole telecast the first night we were here. I picked the Lakers as a possible surprise team in the West. I thought they were going to do better than people thought they were going to be. If they can get (forward) Lamar Odom healthy and get some of these young guys playing good basketball it will be interesting.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Inside the NBA

Ernie Johnson, Barkley, and Smith

Barkley on what the Lakers win over the Nuggets tells him about the two teams: “It doesn’t tell me anything. The Lakers are going to be the seventh or eighth seed (in the Western Conference Playoffs) and they are going to lose in the first round. And let me tell you something, Denver is not legit. Denver is not an elite team. The reason the Spurs are the best team in the West (Conference) is (because) they play defense. (Nuggets forward) Carmelo (Anthony) says ‘our word of the day if defense’. It can’t be the word of the day; it has to be in your DNA. The Spurs are the best defensive team; the only team that has a chance to beat them is Utah. Phoenix (doesn’t) play defense, I watched them give up 130 points to Golden State the other night. You’re not going to outscore a good team.”

Smith on the difference between a good player and a great player: “I always say that the difference between great basketball players and average (players) are the decisions that they make. And that’s what the San Antonio Spurs do, they make great decisions.”

Barkley on the New York Knick situation: “It’s bad right now. I like (Knicks head coach) Isiah (Thomas) but it’s bad. A team can’t lose by 50 points…I feel bad for Isiah because he brought all those players (to the Knicks) and they have quit on him.”

Barkley on the mentality of the Knicks players: “The (Knicks) players haven’t proven that they want to play basketball. They are all just collecting checks. No disrespect, they all have talent. There’s not one single player on the Knicks who has earned his check the last few years…There’s not one player on that team that you can say ‘that guy busts his butt every night.’

Smith: “Their key players don’t play hard every night.”

Barkley: “That’s what I’m saying, those key players are not playing hard, they’re just collecting checks. And they make so much money, there’s nothing you can do.”

Barkley on why professional athletes quit playing hard: “I think money has corrupted sports. When you start making $10-20 million…

Smith: “It’s hard to work hard when you’re sleeping in silk robes.”

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant talked to Inside the NBA via satellite from Los Angeles

Kobe Bryant on what he sees from young teammate Andrew Bynum: “The key for us is to be patient and I love what I’m seeing from Andrew Bynum. What I like and what I see is when we’re finished working out on the road and it’s a back-to-back, (we’ve) just had practice and shoot-around and I’m going to the gym and lifting weights and doing things that I need to do and I turn around and see (Bynum) with his trainer working out and doing the things he needs to do. Those are the things that really impress me. That shows me that he has a lot of fire in his belly and a lot of will to be a great player.”

Bryant on if the Lakers can compete with the elite teams in Western Conference: “It depends on how we develop. The thing about us is we haven’t made one of those quick-fix trades or anything like that. Anything we do is building from the ground up. It all depends on us and how hard we work and how well we gell together as a unit. The thing about San Antonio (Spurs) and Phoenix (Suns) is that they play very well together and that’s something that we are trying to develop. We do that every once in a while, we do that in spurts where we play really well together. The key for us is to do that consistently so that we expect that from ourselves.”


12 Responses to “TNT Notes November 30”

  1. Man barkley needs to shut his fat butt up. Can’t stand that fool.

    As far as the knicks………..he11 even I knew they would get beat by atleast 35 by the celtics. The celtics have blown out everyone at home except what th heat?

    Plus they just came off a lose and the Knicks can’t win on the road.

    So when New jersey got blown out by the Celtics twice this year did they quit?????

    As far as barkley……….dude is worse then Al bundy he is always reminincing about the past. Talking about how the players now a days make 15 mill a year and don’t deserve it. Does he understand inflation. Whats the difference between 15 mill in 2007 and someone making 5 mill in 1988 (Hot Rod Williams anyone).

    So let me get this right. A player comes out of school today and earns 3 mill a year………but he doesn’t deserve that.

    But some player comes out to the league 20 years ago and made 1 mill a year and he deserves it.

    O.K. right. So a old Shaq doesn’t deserve the 20 mill he makes a year in 2007…o.k.

    But in 1969 a old wilt made a little over 100K a year but he deserved it.
    Yet the avg american income was about 9K for men and 5K for women.

    Barkley is a fool……….I lost respect for him a long time ago. I remember that fool said something to the fact that he wouldn’t like his daughter date black men because they are less likely to be faithful.

  2. The Knicks are terrible and quit playing for Thomas after he got that extension last march. That game was hard to watch last night seeing the Knicks play like open doormats and not giving any effort. I say eat Mabury’s contract and pay him the last two years but he’s untradeable and has played his way out of the league. Just tell him he can’t paly because he’s fucking up team chemistry. The Celts look like the best team in the league with great team play and three transendent superstars and role players playing as a UNIT.

  3. wow! He said that? Then again even with all he has said and done over the years he is still liked by the corporation. Figures!

  4. Sankofa that ain’t nothing he was calling black folks out bad earlier this year………….in some neoconservative mag.

    Barkley is a tool.

  5. Barkely is cool with me. I feel the brother is sincere with his comments, he is there for his basketball knowledge and entertainment value. He delivers on both accounts.

    Now the Knicks, They stink! Isiah put that team together, and now they don’t want to play for him. That game last night was nothing short of a mutiny. Isiah is spending money like GBush with equally disastrous results. Is Jerome James still in the league? I do believe that Marv Albert was pouring it on thick last night given his past indiscretions.

    My greatest disappointment is with the nuggets, on paper they have a championship caliber team, but they lack leadership. In the past week they have lost 2 games by more than 25 points, not including the loss at home to the pacers. They gave up 128 points in REGULATION to the Lakers. I know the Knicks are CBA level, but I expected more from the Nuggets.

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  7. Thank you for this transcript. this is very valuable to draw upon. Nobody in the world gets treated like Isiah.

    And while there is no defending yesterday’s game in any way, I’m not giving up. In 1998, Portland lost by 65 points to Indiana. They also made the playoffs that year. They had a good comeback win tonight. Everyone needs to chill and let this team at least play through December before assessing whether heads should roll.

  8. Totally agree Modi. Where the hell you been?

  9. My REAL job had me running 24/7 for a couple of weeks. Didn’t even have time to blog on the Barry Bonds bullshit. Things have settled down a bit so I think I’m back.

  10. Good give me a shout this weekend. I have an idea.

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  12. MODI, The Knicks quit on Thomas in Boston and the ringleader is Marbury who never took a shot he didn’t like and passing is afterthought (even for a point guard) and Thomas put this team together and screwed up their salary cap. I say start over and rebuild the franchise. And for Barkley he’s a freaking pig and talking about his daughter not dating black men, she may be too damn ugly for anyone to date considering her dad is a gambling addict and adulter himself.

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