Sean Taylor Homicide Case *Update

MDPD Police Director Robert Parker

Sean Taylor can rest in peace. There have been arrests made.

This puts to rest much of the speculation Taylor ridiculously was the reason behind his own death–as ludicrous as that sounds. Mad mea culpas should be forthcoming. To some, the word of these journalists is bond. They could do a lot for sports fans if they admit there mistakes like they publicly ask others to do.

Idealistic? Maybe, but right is right.

Look for sports franchises to hopefully amend a widely used policy of players not traveling when injured. There are a lot of sick people in this world and professional athletes need to explore adequate security measures for themselves and their families–if in fact teams look more closely into the aforementioned policy.

The good to come from all this is that Sean Taylor was home to save his fiancee and daughter from possibly being harmed.

In death, there is life.


Miami-Dade police announced the arrests of four men Friday in connection with the fatal shooting of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor in his Miami home and said more than one has confessed.Police said the men broke into Taylor’s home early Monday in a targeted attempt to burglarize the professional football player’s residence. They did not expect Taylor to be home, police said, and fled in a waiting vehicle after the shooting.

“They were certainly not looking to go there and kill anyone,” Miami-Dade police director Robert Parker said.

All of the men — Venjah K. Hunte, 20; Eric Rivera Jr., 17; Jason Scott Mitchell, 19; and Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18 — resided in or around Fort Myers, Fla., which is about 160 miles from Miami.

A police spokesman said the men faced burglary and murder charges.

Police did not say why the men decided to target Taylor’s home but said they might have visited the house before the burglary. People close to the family indicated there was a link between the men and Taylor’s stepsister, Sasha Johnson, who often stayed in Taylor’s house when he was out of town. Wardlow’s uncle, Christopher Devon Wardlow, 21, was dating Johnson, a neighbor of Wardlow’s said.

A family friend said Johnson, 21, and her brother Jamal Johnson, 18, were looking after Taylor’s house over Thanksgiving weekend and were the house’s “primary residents” along with their mother, Donna Junor.

The family friend, Donald Walker, said he suspected a party might have been held at Taylor’s house that weekend, as he, Junor, and Taylor’s girlfriend and infant daughter spent Thanksgiving with Taylor in the Washington area.

“While the cat is away the mice will play,” Walker said. “They were trying to figure out where we were, and when we would get back, so they could clean up.”

The Miami Herald reported that Mitchell attended a birthday party for Sasha Johnson at the house on Thanksgiving. The newspaper also reported that Mitchell mowed the home’s lawn. Taylor’s attorney and longtime friend, Richard Sharpstein, could not confirm those details but described the four as “hangers-on and wannabes of people related to Sean, not even Sean himself.”

Sasha Johnson declined to confirm in a telephone interview whether a party was held at the house in the days before the fatal shooting. “I don’t mean to be rude, but people are twisting everything around,” Johnson said. She said she could not talk further because she had to “give a statement.” She did not elaborate before hanging up. Junor said she did not know whether a party had been held.

Police also said they were looking into possible connections between the break-in Monday and an attempted burglary at Taylor’s home eight days before. In that incident, the intruder or intruders rifled through drawers, looked through a safe and left a kitchen knife on a bed, but appeared to take little.


63 Responses to “Sean Taylor Homicide Case *Update”

  1. on friday nights pti michael wilbon appeared very unwilling to admit that he could have been wrong in his comments about taylor `s death.

  2. You the MSWM wll just spin it and say “these were young black males” so we weren’t that far off. Wilbon and Whitlock will still blame Hip- Hop, Black Culture or something else instead of where it belongs four thugs (or more) trying to loot Sean Taylor who they thought would be in Tampa or back in D.C. Hopefully it will spur teams to keep their players in the fold instead “out of sight out of mind” policy that has been going on for the last 40-50 years.

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    Eric Daniels – Many teams are already looking into changing their policies on that. I hope these injured players that have wives and children or relatives living with them will have them relocate (hotel, another relative) while they’re on the road. Good point.

  4. “You the MSWM wll just spin it and say “these were young black males” so we weren’t that far off. ”

    E, you meant to say you know the MSWM right 😉

  5. In addition…what happened to that matchete mess that was going around?
    Didn’t these devils claim that Sean confronted the burglers with a matchete and that instigated his shooting?

    We need to deal with Wilborn and scrapple lips once and for all. I am not advocating harming them…physically, but use the power of the internet to call them out for the dogs they are!

  6. As the thieves attempted to rob Sean Taylor of his material goods…..Wilborn and Whitlock attempted to rob Sean Taylor as well. The thieves wanted his goods..Wilborn and Whitlock attempted to take his dignity.

  7. Let’s not rush to judgment on these four brothers that’s being held. I mean this is a high profile case, and the police is under pressure to perform. I’m a little suspicious of the immediate confessions. Did these brothers have representation in the interrogation room? I think we’re all familiar with the history of young black men and the justice system

    It may prove in time that these brothers are guilty, but because we’re all emotional over Taylor’s death and want to see justice served, let’s not suspend the rights of these brothers.

  8. Miranda what do you think it’s really about? Does it go deeper?

  9. You have a point.

  10. Sorry Mizzo keyboard typing as usual. (I can only type 32 words a minute)

  11. Better than me brotha

  12. Imhotep,

    You are right. There will be plenty of time to deal with the men who physically killed Sean Taylor, but for right now, our wrath should be directed to those who tried to kill his memory. Michael Wilbon, the jerk from the Associated Press who set the wheels in motion, Leonard Shapiro, Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, and others not mentioned are all guilty. The question is: what are we prepared to do that will affect a change in coverage of this magnitude? What can WE do?

  13. Mizzo….its a combination of things…the “Cosby” effect…..demonizing young black men is nothing new…but now, for people like Whitlock, its become very profitable to do so. It was only a matter of time before more and more in the media picked up on the hustle. You’ll notice on a lot of the news (but not really news) talk shows, there’s always that resident Mr. Leroy that gets propped up to chastise black folks for the decline of society as we know it. Its the new rage…..negroes calling out the embarrassing niggers to entertain the majority…I swear sometimes I hear a fiddle playing in the background. Of course this negro will be the one that “gets it”……I’m not even sure what “it” is anymore, other than a better agent to promote the upcoming book (bet you money there is one for Whitlock and Wilborn both) or speaking engagements. These athletes, Sean Taylor, Tank Johnson, Adam Jones, Mike Vick…they’re pawns in a game, and that game ain’t football.

  14. I’m certainly not naive, but I just find it crazy sellouts like this actually exist. It’s hard for me to fathom.

    What about your fathers, sisters, brothers and mothers Whitlock and Wilbon? Do they even matter to you. This is destroying the hard work of past fallen and these jokers don’t give a damn.


  15. Imhotep….I agree. I’m a little leery of the confessions myself. I also see how jacked up the judicial system is, how unfair and unequitable. Justice is a very fine line away from Revenge…I wonder which will prevail.

  16. Mizzo…its gonna get worse before it gets better. Hate talk is where the money is. Sean Taylor’s mom was quoted in response to the “was Sean turning his life around” question. She pretty much said, how could he be turning it around when he wasn’t a bad person to begin with. I wish I could have hugged her neck. I am SO sick of hearing this bullsh!t as if he had a rap sheet longer than John Gotti. I know that most who are saying it, do so out of honor, but its just another example of buying into the WMD. I was so happy to read his mother’s words.

  17. Des, I agree with much of what you say. Character assassination of Black men (and dead Black men) is what the white media is into. So, can any of us be surprised by the actions of Shapiro & Cowherd? they were born and bred into white supremacy, and will perpetuate it at every turn, without fail. And when you call them on it, they talk about the “race card” Like they have any visceral idea what racial oppression is about. The shapiro and the cowherd are necessary for the inequities in the system to continue, so there will always be a job for them.

    Wilbon and Whitlock, It’s convenient for us to label them sellouts, but that’s too easy. For me their situation and stance requires more thought. I’m all for a brother speaking his peace, and I wish there was at minimum, more balance to their reporting, but they failed. Yes, they both particapated in the character assassination of not only Sean Taylor, but the Black population as a whole.

  18. Miranda, To your question, let’s hope it’s justice..But I have my doubts, because justice is not blind when it comes to the combination of race, gender and economic status.

  19. i have actually seen quotes referencing the “fact” that taylor grew up in the ghetto and worked hard to get off the streets. what crap…his dad is a police chief and they look to live in a pretty nice neighborhood. never let the real facts get in your way. here’s another fact….blacks represent 13% of the population in the u.s. and are responsible for 45% of the crime.

  20. The Leonard Shapiros of the world put us up as buffer against the Colin Cowherds and his ilk of the world ( dig deep on that meaning). As long as African people are in this corporation, others will use us as shield against the wrath of joe six pack and the system.

    And as for Wilborn and Witlock, well…every brother aint a brother, but I sure know they are both muthers.

  21. Sankofa, Miranda, ‘Hotep, ED, DES and everyone else. Thanks for being here. WIlbon is as sellout as they come, the MSM has lost me forever. As of this day, I’ve completely, for all time, sworn off any MSM outlet. As of now, I’m here, SOOM and Cossellout. Period.

  22. I have read some of the most ugly things on some of these blogs by white men on these sports like some of these kernels of wisdom like…

    “I stopped caring about those people after Katrina and they called Bush a racist for not responding enough I say let em drown in their own shit blacks are the biggest racist anyway.”

    That’s why I have come to the conclusion that 90% White Amerikkkans (particularly males) aren’t reasonable when it comes to race and to have any conversation or dialouge will end up in me doing one or two things..

    1. A beatdown
    2. Critical Care

    I hope they just stay away from me and keep their damn opinions to themselves. That is where I am coming from these days, maybe one day I will change my mind and have dialouge but for my mental health I would rather them leave me the hell alone.

  23. ED

    I hear you and agree. I’ll give the 10% the chance to interact as a reasonable human being. But my trigger is very short these days on calling out the 90%.

  24. Be peace with yourselves my people. Let them not hold your fury.

  25. The XFacta Says:

    It’s mad sad when blacks are just cutting each other down on the daily… When is this shit ever going to stop? Anyway good post Mizzo, stay up!!

  26. The XFacta Says:

    One More Thing.. The other thing that burns me up is that these kids had mad priors yet they are still running the streets?? I know that more blacks and hispanics are in jail and all that, but you can’t just let criminals out in the street with violent priors.. Nevermind, I’m gonna piss off some people here.. Peace!

  27. We all should be expressing ourselves as much as possible here. Trust that we all make a difference. Lets not be like the others. We all know whassup!

    Good lookin X

  28. Check out this link.

    It’s from a Yahoo writer, Jason Cole. For the most part I liked the piece, but as I’m typing this I wonder why he didn’t call out his white counterparts by name like he did Whitlock.

    He also called out Rolle. No time to sit on the fence.

  29. “i have actually seen quotes referencing the “fact” that taylor grew up in the ghetto and worked hard to get off the streets. what crap…”

    aquaskye: please cite a reference for any article that claimed that Taylor grew up in the ghetto. Thanks.

  30. on todays sports reporters steven a smith did not criticize the coverage of sean taylor`s death.

  31. Shaquella is Darius. Do not respond.

  32. thebrotherreport Says:

    I guess he’s trying to get in touch with his feminine side.

  33. Maybe the ‘whiteboy’ needs to feel wanted by black bloggers, I say ignore Aquaskye, Shaquella and the WHITE B&&*(D troll. Like I said, 90% of them you can’t have an intelligent , humane, reasonable conversation without it sinking into the lowest common demoninator.

  34. He’s so typical. I encourage us all to formulate a rational blueprint to change what’s going on. If we don’t you can damn sure bet it’s going to continue.

  35. No disrespect, but the best Blue print still belongs to the UNIA. We just need to tweek it for the 30 minute attention span of this generation.

  36. on nfl today james brown criticized the coverage of sean taylor`s death. on the otherhand, a white sports jock at radio station 700 wlw in cincinnati , ohio is preparing to disparage sean taylor.

  37. It’s up to us to make blueprints become reality.

  38. What do you expect from an overweight white dunderhead who got a gig because of his big mouth bcw. First Bruce Jacobs and JT the Brick these ‘shock jocks’ are even worse than the clap.

  39. eric daniels Says:

    Sean Taylor was such an inspirational person that his team went out and lost to the lowly Buffalo Bills. Maybe they didn’t much care after all.

  40. BCW, I also saw the sport reporters and I really expected more from Stephen A, but he never critize the coverage of Taylors death. Mitch Albom set the table for Stephen A, and the brother fumbled the ball. I’m always suspicious of brothers that get a lot of airtime, cuase when a brother is speaking the truth, they pull the mic. Stephen gets a lot of air time.

  41. Yo eric is that someone pretending to be you?

  42. ‘Hotep

    Right you are about the airtime thing. White Journalists have absolutely no shame whatsoever in pushing their agenda, matters of fairness or balance seem foreign to them. We need a super black journalist to, unabashedly and unashamed, advance our agenda. SAS ain’t it.

  43. I’m no superman, but I just had a hour long convo with Chuck D about what’s discussed here and other similar sites. I expressed to him the anger we have as people lately and he’s in total agreement. I’ll be on his program tonight 11:30 EST on XM radio channel 157 and also Air America Radio. There’s a link in the blogroll (On the Real Off the Record). The interview is going to be this week. If any one you have specific questions you want asked, shoot them to me at my email address.

  44. blackmystory Says:


    We can start by emulating us some of these

    and some more Cathy Hughs of the world.

    or at best aid them in growing much stronger! in time and like everything else (Birmingham bus noycot anyone?) those sukers will feel it where thy worship, in their bank accounts.

  45. blackmystory Says:

    That is create some more Cathy Hughs of the world

  46. Kev,
    Super Black journalist are usually not hired. On those rare occassion when they are, the corporate sponsors (GM, Beer Co) bring heat to the networks, and basically whiteball that person out the business.

  47. eric daniels Says:

    Right on imhotep my brother. White people have no idea the extent to which they keep us down. I pretty much think the only solution for us, as a black race, is to kill all white people.

  48. Mizzo

    There is an enemy amongst us. TSF just gets bigger and bigger, we now have idiotic agent provocateurs trying to instigate shit.

  49. This is the real Eric Daniels that is probaly Darius or some other white person too pissed off at me. I have a life and a Bucs game to watch and they are on a roll (finally found a second string QB instead of that Awful Gradkowski who knew?) and Earnest Graham may have played his way into a bigger contract as a starting back.

  50. Yeap Sankofa its Cointelpro all over again.

  51. Just pay them no mind. We know real rap when we see it.

  52. Except one thing. That phony eric daniels post actually does sound exactly like something eric daniels would say.

  53. Eric is smarter than that – he might feel it, but he knows it’s not tactically possible right now.

  54. So Stephen A. gets lumped with Wilbon and Whitlock – it’s a wrap.

  55. damn dude is mimicking me now?

  56. I disagree Temple, Eric is frustrated, he doesn’t feel that way. I would know…ain’t that right erick?

    Why would a perfectly rational brother be willing to foster hatred for others whoes life waters are not worthy of soiling his shoes?

    Naa, it’s just some devil trying to bait us into being emotional.

  57. if you don’t see my avitar it’s not me.

  58. actually Mizzo

    Just like our music, speech, dress and creativity, just like you and erik the succubus latches on to that which has life and try to be like us.

    You know what they say imitation is the best form of flattery.

  59. So true brotha. He/she might as well run the table and mimic all of us here.

  60. Check the IP address and SPAM it so you don’t have to worry about this person using their parent’s computer after hours.

  61. Wilbon caught a lot of heat over at WaPo for his article on Sean Taylor. He also got a lot of love from folks who thought he was being fair and balanced – but that’s mostly from the Reflubicans and the Why Can’t All We Get Alongers. Since he was wrong about the facts of the case and the morality, I imagine tomorrow will be a day of reckoning for Wilbon. I suppose he could just apologize – but what would be the point of that. All those Miami cats in the league ought to ensure that he’s persona non grata forever – and never gets another football story again. Same goes for Shitlock and Screamin’ A.

  62. More than a few days of 16 hour shift is making me feel real old…I’m checking out. See y’all straight cats and them enemies at the next Sun-Ra.

    Peace and blessings

  63. You too brotha sankofa. Hit me up tomorrow T3. Wanna run something by you.

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