3 Suspects Detained In Sean Taylor Homicide (2:05)


I’m sure there’s more to come. Lets not speculate and wait for case to play out.

Three detained by Miami-Dade police

A relative of slain Redskins safety Sean Taylor said the family was told by Miami-Dade police Friday that investigation is now focused on three men being questioned in the Fort Myers area.News of the break in the case was first reported by the Miami Herald on its Web site. The Herald said police were talking to the three men — aged 17, 19 and 26 — and police believe the men had heard someone brag about Taylor’s wealth.

Taylor’s relative, who asked not to be named, said family members were briefed by a detective in the case early Friday. He said police told them that the men being questioned were from Miami but had fled to Fort Myers. He said the family was not told the names of the men, only that one was a juvenile. But, he said, it was their understanding that the men do not have a personal connection to Taylor.

A police spokesman confirmed that officials have gone to Fort Myers as part of their investigation.

“Our investigators are in Fort Myers conducting an investigation,” said Miami Dade police spokesperson Robert Williams. He said he had no information on who, if anyone, was being questioned.

Authorities have offered few details about the investigation since Taylor was shot after being awakened with his girlfriend and infant daughter by intruder at his home here early Monday. Miami-Dade police said Wednesday they have no suspects in the investigation and appealed for assistance from the public in solving the crime.

But they also said at the time that they had “no reason” to believe the break-in was anything other than a botched burglary and that the evidence suggested Taylor was a random victim. They were also investigating whether the shooting was related to a Nov. 17 break-in at Taylor’s house in which someone pried open a window, rifled through drawers and left a kitchen knife on a bed.

Even so, Taylor’s childhood friend Antrel Rolle, now a cornerback with the Arizona Cardinals, and others have postulated that Taylor was targeted by someone who harbored a grudge.

“This was not the first incident,” Rolle said. “They’ve been targeting him for three years now.”

Two of Taylor’s closest friends on the Redskins, Santana Moss and Clinton Portis, on Thursday gave credence to Rolle’s comments because Taylor had known him since age 6.

“Antrel Rolle and Sean grew up pretty close together,” Moss said. “If he knows something that we don’t know, then all you can do is respect what he said. I don’t know how true it is, but he might know something that we don’t know.”

Law enforcement observers said the Taylor case was one of the most buttoned-down investigations they had ever encountered in the city and the lack of information has failed to bring clarity to the probe. Until today, the police work has produced no suspects and no witness description.


10 Responses to “3 Suspects Detained In Sean Taylor Homicide (2:05)”

  1. If the police have the right men and these guys aren’t in any way linked to Sean, Mike Wilbon and the like issue a apology to the Taylor family.

  2. You ain’t never lied sister. The shameful part about it is that no one in the mainstream media will hold their feet to the fire.

    Those fools need to be fired.

  3. Ethical reporting died a long time ago…Its all sensationalism now.

  4. The media will never apologize to the Taylor family and Wilbon and Big Chitlin will say that “they were bringing to light what too many black people say amongst themselves in the barbershop”. I would rather have them report on sports because they sure as hell aren’t Ralph Wiley who could balance sports and social commentary in the most brillant of ways. The only tow journalists who could hold a candle to Wiley’s legacy is Bill Rhoden and Dave Zirin.


  5. HAHA……..well said eric. But c@@ning pays well……….and these fools are making a career out of it.

  6. Orgin, these idiots think they are Norman Kelly or John Henrik Clarke mixed with a Rhoden and Zirin talking about social issues without thinking whatsoever. Cooning ain’t easy to take a page from Ice Berg Slim.

  7. Ya know what’s so sad? Was anyone really surprised at Whitlock’s column?? Its what we expect from him…..it was so predictable…every line. Its so sad.

  8. I still haven’t read Whitlock’s column. And I feel better for it. LOL

  9. Arrests have been made:

    I weep for what the media has become.

  10. selling life insurance policies

    hounding oldy?detection predates,cooperative firing

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