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NFL Regular Season Ends: Cleveland Browns Or Tenessee Titans?

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We’re in baby!

Last week 12-4

Season: 70-51

Although Vince Young hasn’t had a great season statistically, he has to once again show and prove how much a winner he truly is. Think of games on national TV, games against the Texans and games against NFL elite for points of reference. Do not listen to the pundits. Check his record as a starter and look no further. The Titans will make the playoffs. The Colts have nothing to play for and besides Marvin Harrison getting some burn, you’ll see a lot of young kids play. Obviously this will be the pervading theme across the league as teams look to evaluate young talent and adjust their respective salary cap numbers for 2008. In the NFC it’s simple. Washington gets in based on Dallas resting starters.

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2007 Through My Eyes.

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This one’s for you QMG (Quentin Mekhi Glover) Love Daddy

The year of 2007 made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me angry. But most of all it made me look at myself and understand that before I can tackle the issues of others – my house better be in order.

In my own unique way here’s a look back on a year that none of us will soon forget. Enjoy and feel free to add on with one of your own.

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Just So Ya Know…

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Carter G. Woodson just because

First things first…

Happy 17th Birthday Mizzo Jr. Proud of you son. Keep doing what you do and the dream is yours.

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TNT NBA Notes December 27: LeBron James And The Cavs Win A Big Game On Road

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Chuck better get ready for that long walk in a speedo!

Sick last night and the better part of today. Thank God my sis is in the medical field. Thanks Sis.

TBR, why you call me out on Webb? With stomach pains, it wasn’t a good time to laugh bruh. ūüėČ

Notes from last night. Enjoy.

Cavaliers forward LeBron James response to critics predicting that the Cavaliers won’t make the playoffs this season: “People have their opinions and (the Cavaliers) have to keep proving people wrong and at the same time, we have to go out as professional athletes and continue to get better. We don’t come into the season at this point talking about making the playoffs; we want to win the Championship. Right now, we’re not at a level to win a Championship.”

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Friday Fire 2: The Most Meaningful In-Game Dunk of All-Time…

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Is it “The Dunk” delivered by John Starks over Horace Grant, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen in the 1993 playoffs? Or some other dunk?

Friday Fire: Kareem or Michael?

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Which all-time great had a more difficult time reaching their six championships?

19-0: The New England Patriots Quest For Perfection

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I’m goin’ with Nia, Theresa Randle or Alicia Keys

What’s your definition of perfection? Does it personally imply or conjure a sight, sound or taste?

How about a remarkable movie production of your favorite book or having the perfect steak during the easiness of a chill summer night on a newly stained deck with choice companionship?

Does a night of jazzy piano keys while sitting across from crystal candlelit eyes signifying the start of a torrid love affair fit the bill?

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The Hate, That Hate Taught

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thegreatdebaters1.jpg I begin this by greeting you with an expression of holiday cheer, and I would like to follow that salutation with a challenge. The task should you choose to accept it, is to become, and continue to be the best you can be each and every day. 2007 is winding down and as the world looks forward, I had an opportunity to reflect today, in watching one of the best films I have ever seen…The Great Debaters.

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Merry Christmas Steve Nash, But Can Kobe Bryant Have His Jock Back Now?

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(AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)
Yeah Grant, he got you

Andrew Bynum (11-13 shooting for a career high 28) and Kobe Bryant (38 pts., 8 dimes) went off on the Suns this Christmas day as the Lakers beat Phoenix 122-115.

Nash had a nice game with 24 and 14 but damn, do the Suns ever play D?

Grant, you know you are my man, but Richard Dumas Trevor Ariza banged it on you bruh. I guess you know how Nash felt last year.

*Sent the dunk 12/26 via email.¬† Good lookin’ B.

At least you were nice enough to be a little more judicious with your hands. ‘Sup with that Steve ?

Bynum is fast becoming a star. Do not sleep on the Lakers as this kid continues to grow into his limitless potential.

Posted this video in the second part of Jemele’s first interview.

Doug stop hatin’. Nash got dunked on, so deal with it.

Happy Holidays!

NFL Week 17: Forget The Games…The Story Is Kevin Everett

Posted in Kevin Everett, NFL Week 17 on December 23, 2007 by mizzo

Should make everyone smile

Week 16: 12-4

Season 58-47 (game results)

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Keeping It Smooth On Super Saturday

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Some videos to keep it smooth and help you all wind down just in case you are Christmas stressed.

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This Is The Difference Between Bill Cosby and Jason Whitlock

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Like the Might Mos spit in Know That: I burn through your argument with action!

Being from the Philly area, I cringe when folks criticize Mr. Cosby. I get confused (temporarily) and wonder, “What the hell are people talking about? Bill Cosby is probably in the ‘hood right now! What are these people doing to help others instead of watching the damn TV and judging folk?”

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TNT Notes November 20: Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James; Allen Iverson and Carmello Anthony Go Off

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Where’s Magic, Chuck, Kenny and Ernie?

Magic Johnson on Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning’s knee injury that he suffered Wednesday night against the Atlanta Hawks: “Alonzo (Mourning) has meant so much to the game of basketball, both on the court and off. Off the court he’s done more than anybody in the city of Miami, he is a guy who is relentless with what he wants to do for children in Miami. (On Wednesday night) I told him, ‚ÄėNow you start your life after basketball, continue on the path of giving back and you can start being a business man. This (injury) just sped up the process.'”

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Friday Fire 2: Who is Better…Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

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(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)bat.jpg
No matter what you think, both are damn good

LeBron James got the best of Kobe Bryant last night 94-90.

Who is better? Is it a fair question? Can we just appreciate both without end game marginalization?

Friday Fire: How Do You Want Your Sports Reporting? Mistaken or Blurrrrred?

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The future of sports reporting?

More and more athletes are using their individual voices to connect with fans. The negative effect of money only cultured reporting has created an athlete backlash. Seemingly, pros are growing weary of journalists having control over their athletic legacies and are doing something about it. Gilbert Arenas has one of the best blogs around because of his cool wit and unapologetic sense of straight up realness. His words will not be spoken or written out of context because he alone–at least through his blog–controls what we will and will not know.

I love it.

What’s next? Is it time to “blow up the spot”?

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Pittsburgh Steelers at St. Louis Rams On NFL Network

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(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)
I want to win…now.

So what. The Steelers benched Anthony Smith. I can’t hate the young cat, who thought his team had his back, let ESPN take away their violent attack, and for two straight weeks hasn’t done jack…

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NFL Offers Arbitration To Cable For NFL Network

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Are you watching the game tonight?

Some of you might be in luck to finally be able to see games on the NFL Network.

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College Bowl Season Kicks Off Tonight With Utah vs. Navy (Bowl schedule follows)

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Number 1 nationally rated rushing attack

Pointsetta Bowl (9:00 EST, ESPN)

Rece Davis (play by play), Mark May (color) and Lou Holtz (analyst), Rob Stone sideline reporting.

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Interview With Sacramento Kings Forward Ron Artest: “I Keep It 100%”

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There is no denying Ron’s positive effect on Queensbridge

This interview was conducted this summer in Long Island as Ron was getting ready for the season–just days after the referee gambling scandal hit the press.

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Sean Taylor Posthumously Selected To Pro Bowl

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Sean Taylor & teammate Chris Samuels, 2006 Pro Bowl

Late Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor became the first player selected to the Pro Bowl posthumously today. Continue reading

Who Is the Best Running Back Ever?

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Nice discussion going on regarding who is the best running back of all time. Here’s a compilation of the best.¬†

Don’t forget about LaDanian¬†

Voice of the Young People:The Reintroduction of YoungVito

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(Tommy Silverstein)

I’d first like to thank Mike Tillery for letting me rock the mic once in a while.

You might’ve seen me in SLAM Magazine, I did the Detroit Pistons piece in the latest issue, and hopefully, that’s just the beginning. I go by the name YoungVito.

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Miami Gets First Win; Rich Rodriguez New Michigan Coach

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Cleo to the rescue

Greg Camarillo scored on a 64 yard pass from Cleo Lemon after Matt Stover missed a 44 yard field goal in OT to beat the Ravens 22-16. Camarillo caught a short pass near mid-field and took it to the house–giving Miami its first win. Wayne Huizenga was overcome with emotion after the Dolphins broke a franchise record 16 game losing streak.

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NFL Week 16: Can The New England Patriots 60 Minute Men Run Maroney To Get Past Jets In Bad Weather?

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Like father, like son

Week 15: 10-6
Season: 46-43

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Atlanta Hawks’ Forward Sheldon Williams Carjacked At Gunpoint.

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In what has become all too familiar reporting, it pains me to report that another African American athlete has been the victim of a crime.

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Night at the Starbury

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It’s good for the soul to sometimes sit back and laugh at ourselves…

(Thanks to thebiglead.)

Alex Reed Joins TSF

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How’s everyone doing today? My name is Alex Reed. I’ll go by the extremely creative areed12 here.

I first got the urge to write about sports after the Allen Iverson incident in the summer of 2002 (you know, the wife, “the guns”, the unsubstansiated charges). I know, I’m a youngin’.¬†The great, late, Ralph Wiley’s piece about that¬†incident got me on the road to try to become half the writer he was. Given that, a lot of my writings will focus on race in sports. 2007 will go down as one of the worst years in sports history, if not the worst. But it has also opened the floodgates about how the¬†mainstream media and a lot of Americans feel about rich, black men, who have the audacity to be¬†some of the best at what they do, earn millions, and remain close to the people they grew up with. I thoroughly believe that conversation is key to learning anything in this world and if that’s the one thing my writings will spark, I will sleep more easily at night.

I’m from New York City. I’m a life-long Knicks fan. As such, I think I should also be commended for not becoming an alcoholic¬†during this great era of KNICKS BASKETBALL.

Some of my beliefs: Allen Iverson is the most influential player of my generation. If Peyton Manning¬†got caught fighting¬†dogs, he wouldn’t do a day in prison. The NFL Players Union is inept. Flanders sucks.

We all make mistakes, so here are some of mine:

I thought Peter Warrick would a great NFL player.

Up until two years ago, I would argue to the death that Stephon Marbury was better than Jason Kidd.

I drafted Ryan Leaf in the first round of my Fantasy Football draft once. ‘Nuff said!

TNT Notes Nov 13th: Kobe Does His Usual

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(AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)ap-photokevork-djansezian-kobe.jpg
No Duncan? Oh it’s all good.

Old School Friday at The Commission. 

Barkley on Senator George Mitchell’s report exposing steroid use in Major League Baseball: “I took a lot of criticism a couple of weeks ago defending Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds is a friend of mine, but I’m not here to defend him or condone (what he did), I just thought it was unfair how they tried to make him the bad guy and that no one else is doing steroids…This is bad for baseball, let’s get past it. This is ‚ÄėThe Steroids Era,’; Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens deserve to go into the Hall of Fame.”

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Friday Fire 2: The Mitchell Report: What Does It All Mean?

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Roid Rage or frustrated concern?


Here’s a list of names:

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Lisa Leslie’s Back, Candace Parker is the Truth and Kristi Toliver is the Most Underrated

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Hey America. I’ve been sick but now I’m back in the saddle. And since I’m back, I want to give a shout to women’s hoops. First off, Lisa Leslie is coming back to the Los Angeles Sparks in May.


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