Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers (NFL Network)

Packer fans better hope the Heisman Trophy winner is lining up

It’s been said a thousand times this week most of the country will not see the Packers/Cowboys game tonight on the NFL Network. That’s unfortunate, because this may be the best game of the season. I’ll give it the pre-game edge over the over hyped Pats/Colts game in week 9.

Sunday night’s 2004 Super Bowl rematch was nice, but personally I wasn’t feeling it as much.

Why? DNabb didn’t play.

Yeah, I’m hatin’. 😉

Look for T Onion (Jalen Rose creation because T.O. makes the opposition cry) to workout if Charles Woodson can’t go because of a bad toe.

Al Harris can not do this alone. I don’t care how physical he is. Owens and Jason Witten will own the middle tonight and negate the Packers powerful up front pressure.

This is a battle of 10-1 teams with the Cowboys holding the edge simply based on schedule. I’m not sold on the Pack as of yet. Their division is the big brotha version of the Big Ten. Chicago is going through the NFC Super Bowl hangover, Detroit is who we thought they were and Minnesota ain’t nothin’ but All Day.

Dallas is showin’ out (Harvey Dent! Say it ain’t so bro). It disgusts me to speak this way about the ‘Boys, but they are the class of the NFC. Marion I’ll beat up ya Barber looks like he’s going to run through the stadium on every carry, Romo is a pimp and Terrell is playing his best ball since his first year in Philly. I don’t see anyone getting with this team but possibly a division foe the rest of the way.

Brett Favres back to earth–at least for the time being–and throws 3 picks…including the game winner.

Diallo Tyson is already woofin’ but tonight D has a point as Dallas wins 33-27 on a Terrence Newman pick six.

Damn I hope I’m wrong.

(Photo: Bruno Camolez)


                       My Cowboys hex


19 Responses to “Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers (NFL Network)”


    I don’t care who wins. I’m waiting for next season to start.

  2. If the ‘Boys lose, then I’ll come on here and take my ridicule. I dish it out in heaps, so I can take it. It’s all good. But if they win?

    I don’t make the rules. I do not make the rules.

  3. I agree with all that, I don’t think the Pack can hang with Dallas. I believe that game against New England gave the Cowboys the experience they needed in big game situations.

    Only thing I hate is I have to listen to Chris Collinsworth for three hours…. ouch. .

  4. Love the intro to the game…….I guess Whitlock’s cry wasn’t heard

    Come’on Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Miranda. Et tu brute?

    Miranda’s a Cowboys fan! Oh goodness. I thought you were the perfect woman 😉

    Oh, my bad. You were referencing Whitlock?

  6. I guess no one cares about my niners. T.O. please come home.

  7. Well guys this one has gotten ugly real quick. I guess the Superbowl train at least in the NFC will be running through Dallas. That sucks!

  8. Oh and you know if a black qb would have treated Aaron Rogers the way Brett treated him they would be talking about it right now.

    In case you don’t know Brett refused to mentor Aaron.

  9. Mizzo,
    I was talking about the hip-hop flava of the intro to the game….you know…the hip-hop that Whitlock swears is the downfall of society as we know it, the hiphop he says the league needs to “stamp out”…LOL

    The only reason I’m rooting for the Cowboys tonight is I can’t really take the Favre lovefest right now, I’m enjoying the T.O. show…but now I’m mad at Brett for punking out. Come’on…I aint buying this hurt forearm bullsh!t…Brett would play with a busted rib if he could….and he better not come back in this game either!!

  10. Ummmmm………Aaron Rodgers anyone??

  11. Wow…..5 minutes before halftime I thought I would go to bed because it was all Dallas………now I’m forced to stay up and be sleepy tomorrow… damn you Aaron Rodgers…..and now damn you T.O. for that bloopers into Al Harris’s hands.

  12. Ive seen MANY faulty calls against the Packers and that annoys me.

    The Packers lost Favre on TOP of KGB and Woodson and STILL, the game is close.

    Cowboy fans and their myopia are going to be in for some heartbreak if they dont do somethign about their defense.

  13. I wanted to gloat. But, eh. No can do. My ‘Boys lost their focus for a quarter and a half. The rematch will be a better game, provided Favre isn’t seriously hurt.

    Spread offenses will hurt the D, but you have to have the athletes to make it work. Green Bay does, but no one else in the NFC can replicate.

    You got off easy Mizzo. I had some real gems ready to go, in the event of a blowout. It’s coming though. It’s coming:)

  14. This is just a classic example of what happens when a team that plays a sub par schedule (Green Bay) plays a team that plays a real schedule (Dallas). Now I am a Detroit Lions fan through and through but come next week I’ll be rootin for Dallas. You see I think Green Bays new name should be the Leperchauns……. I mean come on people how many games has this team won on either huge plays or plays that are just unbelievable …. i.e. the sure touchdown that pops out of T.O.’s hands in the endzone. Let’s face it, it’s about time this teams luck starts running out …….. they really aren’t that good. Chris Collinsworth can kiss my ass he’s been a pro-Packer backing bullshitter since the 90’s. So for those of you that watched the game ….. I think we need to tell all D-backs to just run into the back of the receivers legs and we’ll just call them all incidental contact. Yeah Chris wonder what you would’ve been saying had it been a Green Bay receiver. Anyway …………….GO COWBOYS……EAT EM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. GrandNubian Says:

    Mizzo….did you write this article? Good job with calling the score. You almost got it exact!

    I watched the game last night until half-time. I agree with Miranda regarding Favre ‘punkin’ out. I didn’t buy the arm injury at all.

    Herm Edwards on Brett Favre:

    “He’s a gunslinger. He’ll give you at least three picks (ints) every game. But it is up to you (the opposing team) to capitialize on them.”

    I saw Favre throw three interceptions last night and Dallas took advantage of two of them.

  16. Yeah, I got lucky 😉

  17. Well, like I said the road to the Super Bowl will go through Dallas. The game wasn’t really as close as the score. Brett really threw 4 picks–the Cowboy’s didn’t catch two of them. The pick that Romo threw in the end zone was TO’S fault because he should have caught that ball. Like Steveo said, the Pack really isn’t close to being as good as Dallas


  18. GrandNubian Says:


    Now that I think about it, you’re right. Favre did throw 4 picks.


  19. well written article, I am glad you were right… Go Cowboys!!!

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