An Unwanted Statistic

In the last seventeen years the University of Miami football team has laid nine of their current or former players to rest.

Early next week former Hurricane safety Sean Taylor will be the tenth.

While “The U” brought college football to the forefront in the mid 1980’s and given us many of the game’s greatest players it has been a campus that has been shaken by tragedy time and again.

  • Kevin Gibbs was killed in a car accident in 1990.
  • Former defensive end Shane Curry was fatally wounded after being shot outside of a night club on May 4, 1992 in a dispute over a parking spot.
  • Former Hurricane great, defensive tackle Jerome Brown and his nephew Gus were killed on June 25,1992, when Brown lost control of his Chevy Corvette on a rain-slicked road not far from his Brooksville, Fl. home
  • Defensive Lineman Caesar O’Neal died from complications from cancer in late 1992.
  • Linebacker Marlin Barnes (former roommate of Ray Lewis) and Timwanika Lumpkins were murdered by Lumpkins’ former boyfriend on April 13, 1996.
  • Robert Woodus, Miami Hurricane linebacker was a passenger on Valu Jet Flight 592 that crashed in the Florida Everglades on May 12, 1996
  • On February 16, 2002 – a car accident claimed the life of senior linebacker Chris Campbell
  • In March, 2003 – Al Blades (Brother of former ‘Canes Benni and Brian) and Martel Johnson were killed in a car crash. Blades was not the driver.
  • Defensive lineman Bryan Pata was shot and killed in the parking lot of his apartment on November 7, 2006. His case remains unsolved.
  • Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was fatally wounded after being shot by an intruder to his home on November 26, 2007.

My mind went back to some of these young men as I remember them – particularly Jerome Brown, I remember it so vividly – the shock that the City of Philadelphia was in. I remember Buddy Ryan, who was fired the year before not being able to speak through the tears, Reggie White, Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons weeping like children. It was something that I will never forget.

In the fall of 1992, I returned for my 2nd semester at Knoxville College (famous alum Ralph Wiley) ironically, my roommate was from Jerome’s hometown of Brooksville. He talked about how Brown rallied the town behind him to protest a march by the KKK. I knew he was telling the truth because Sports Illustrated did a piece on it earlier in the year.

Later that fall my dad passed away from cancer. Upon my return to campus I had three friends from Miami that made sure I was good – whether it was money, food, whatever. They took me to the mall on my 21st birthday to get something to wear because I didn’t have a car. We had alot in common except when it came to college and pro ball – the two brothers were Cowboy fans and the other was a Dolphins fan. You know I was down with the Eagles. They were all ‘Canes fans, me – I rolled with the ‘Noles, I couldn’t even win an argument with the damn Dolphins fan. They had funny sayings like “my ni**a”, no matter what they said they ended the sentence with those two words. They loved Uncle Luke and The Geto Boys, they made me a Scarface fan, not the movie, the rap legend.

I’ll never forget them for their kindness.

I learned that a college campus is a microcosm of our world, you’ve got a little bit of everything, our campus was tiny so if something happened, it spread like a bad rumor.

“The U” no different, it is a city all it’s own, these things happen. I highlighted the circumstances behind the deaths of these young men because the media would have you believe that these are troubled men that got what was coming to them – and find that disturbing.

Recently the Penn State campus has been the scene of several players being suspended for bar fights and even sex scandals but no one points the finger at this “Lilly White” institution. All schools have scandal all I’m asking is to make the coverage fair and not pass judgment because of who they are or what the media’s perception of the school is,

I’m sure the parents of these individuals will appreciate it.


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  1. Jerome Brown’s younger brother and sister were my neighbors in Tallahassee, all of us students at FAMU. I still remember hearing his sister crying out and she was in the building behind the one I lived in. They were a huge family, and extremely close.

    The U got a bad rap because there has to be a bad guy…in everything, there has to be a bad guy…actually being “bad” isn’t necessary to get you the label.

  2. very well written.

    You see on the daily ESPN scroll every day or every other day about players on different university teams getting suspended or kicked off teams because of various reasons. It’s gotten to the point where it’s almost expected that one or two guys on the roster are going to end up clowning their way off the roster.

    The “U” bad press (from my memory) started in the mid 90s. I was reminded of the “U” during the scuffle with FLA Int., and then reminded of the “U” while watching a game in which the announcers were talking about a specific recruit who signed with FSU over Miami because at a game in which Miami was losing, he said that the players seemed to not care, and that the “U” on their helmet meant instant money from the NFL.

    It is a shame that the U gets a bad rap, because I’m sure it’s a pretty good school. I don’t know anyone who ever went there, nor was I interested in attending, but it can’t be all that bad.

  3. TBR,

    Loved this piece. Wow, I forgot Jerome Brown was a Hurricane. One thing you can say bout the boys from Univ. Miami their personalities are larger than life. All of them stand out. They leave it all on the field and are some of the best players in the league at the positions they play. From Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin, Jeremy Shockey, Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, D.J Williams,Warren Sapp, Devon Hester, Santana Moss, Kellen Winslow II, Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as the Rock) Reggie Wayne, Dan Morgan, Brian McKinnie, Jarrett Payton, Roscoe Parrish, Russell Maryland and Antrel Rolle just to name a few. Like them or not they will be remembered long after their playing days are over. Gotta love those boys from the Univ of Miami. Again TBR, great article.

    I like them by the way. Gotta love that Hurricane swagger!


  4. thebrotherreport Says:

    Over the years, I have learned to root for the ‘Canes except on the 2nd Saturday in October. Other than that some of those guys are some of my favorite pros.

  5. Good work Ron. Enjoyed the piece.

    We forget Michelle how much talent comes out of that program. We also forget about Eagles DE Jerome McDougle. Who was shot and critically hurt in a Miami robbery. He was blessed to survive an abdomen wound.

  6. The Big Lead wrote a piece of shit post asking why would anyone still send their kid to the U? Just an uniformed, unintelligent waste of space. Why are they still on your blogroll?

  7. TBR,
    Yeah, you gotta like these guys. Like the late Frank Sinatra said they did it their way. Making no apologies. These guys put it down and do their thing. Being a niners fan Frank Gore’s story is just incredible. Most guys would have been done. Surgery on both knees and his shoulder. Like Kellen said, he’s a soldier. Say what you want but those Miami boys have strength and pride some credit for that should be given to the football program there. No coward in these boys. If they fall they get back up dust themselves off and keep movin no matter what anyone says. Sean was defending his family. Doing what he’s supposed to do as a man.

  8. thebrotherreport Says:

    Thanks – Jerome has not been the same since the shooting.

  9. Des,

    I agree. Bottom line sh.. happens everywhere. Remember when the Univ. of Florida kids were being murdered by a serial killer? Thats not the Universities fault. Just the world we live in.

  10. I’ll say this. Imagine if Sean had a gun instead of a machete. What would the media have said if he shot and killed the intruder with said gun?

    LeBatard just gave me a great quote for a piece I’m posting tomorrow on the affect of something like this on children.

  11. mizzo, it would have all been speculation at this point, just like it is now RE: sean taylor shooting the intruder. noone knows any answers as of right now, but the flame up of the “bad press” just can’t be contained until more information is obtained… you’ll see, the story got it’s write ups and tv time throughout the nation as it should’ve, the miami pd will make sure this thing is wrapped up.

    come on man, you can’t be serious. too much love and respect is being given right now for Taylor for you to continue to assume this negative ish until the facts are lined up.

  12. Boney I don’t know what the hell stations you are watching or what radio you are listening to. The fact remains that at the outset of his shooting, most reports included his run ins. I understand info is lacking, so the field is using known information. Sean was apprehensive in his media dealings–rightfully so.

    Go to google. Search Sean Taylor’s name click on news let it smack you upside the head. I don’t understand why you are so disillusioned about concerns this site and others similar have with objective reporting. Why I continue to address you when you come off like some naive youngster is beyond me. You have respected journalists questioning their own field in the reporting. Are you blind or is it that you just can’t see?

  13. I’m reading everything the last couple of days and it’s having a strange, almost non-effect on me. Growing up in South Fla, I was a Canes fan first (26 yrs old now) and all of the other teams, eventually joined the fold of my fandom. That said, everything that the U has always been about felt like a perfect microcosm for the real workings of the area.

    I feel numb that the news didn’t shock me, but understand it as being a tragedy, though it feels like tragedy follows this team.

    It’s an entirely different culture of team at UM and one that breeds family. Like knowing that you were adopted and that your real family is out there, but you have to seek it out and be accepted there, too.

  14. mizzo wrote:
    “I’ll say this. Imagine if Sean had a gun instead of a machete. What would the media have said if he shot and killed the intruder with said gun?”

    Well, considering that the “media” gave a pass to a black man named Jayson Williams, and apparently found it ok for him to recklessly shoot and kill his white limo driver (whom Williams had previously disrespected and made fun of on numerous occasions), I’m sure they’d be fine with Sean Taylor shooting an intruder. It’s not like he’d be murdering his kindly old limo driver, say.

  15. Damn Mizzo- you’re like a male version of Oprah, making cry each time I tune in. I gotta ditto your reply to Boney- most, if not all, of the news reports I’ve come across make mention of Taylors previous “run-ins,” as if to suggest that (oooh!) he “had it coming”. It’s just too bad you’re not running ESPN, we need more reporters who are willing to think, not just just sit there and spout out corporate garbage from a teleprompter. (no disrespect to anyone at espn). Keep it real MT.

  16. Lashonda are you smoking something. Jayson williams was never ever given a free pass. His trial was covered on ESPN 24/7. He was instantly thrown off of NBC after the shooting. After the trial he was trying to get back into the league but they basically said no way. No owner would touch him.

    If thats what you call getting a pass………give me some of what you are smoking.

    Getting a pass is like how Bill Maass getting busted with dope isn’t reported. How Bill Maass carrying a gun on a plane isn’t reported. Now thats giving a pass.

    Shoot the media covered Jayson Williams trial for months. Even though he wasn’t even playing anymore.

  17. LaShonda,

    WHAT? That’s the best you can come up with? I don’t remember the media giving Jason a pass and the public didn’t care because the victim was poor and from another country. Hardly what white america sees as a sentimental victim. Remember people also discriminate on the basis of one’s social status. Having said that America did not care about the limo driver which is a shame.

  18. Origin,

    I think we covered all the bases on that one. Next?

  19. Yeah I here you sista michelle. I don’t understand why these folks want to come on this website and dwil’s site and cosellout. And start that mess. I mean they have all the mainstream websites to push their garbage.

    Instead of using this website as a place to learn something new and to read something from a different point of view. They come here just to start mess.

  20. Hell of a piece man. RIP all. And don’t stop the swagger. When you’re introducing yourself in a pro TV broadcast, y’all Hurricanes introduce yourselves as from THE U. Anyway….what always gets me, is the very decent way in which much of the corporate sports media memorializes young black men……………….but while they’re alive…………….ehhhh…not so much.

  21. Origin,

    I wonder if they are who they say they are? I find the name LaShonda a little suspect making that comment. Though I could be wrong and she’s drinking that Whitlock juice.

  22. Lashondo is Darius. They use the same method of quoting other people’s comments. The fact that whoever is writing those comments chose those two names is revealing in and of itself.

  23. Earl Ofari Hutchinson up with a new piece on the bias in ESPN and others’ coverage that speaks to the suggestion that Taylor’s death might have been not have been completely unexpected because of former brushes with the law-as though once anyone has committed a crime-however minor, it’s inevitable such a fate will await them and quite apart from the fact that it’s hard being a young black male.

  24. Origin, Michelle……..don’t get your pressure up. The trolls are in full throttle. Uncle Ruckus (aka Whitlock) has gotten them all fired up with his latest tripe. So expect the roaches when you turn on the lights.

  25. “Lashonda” isn’t familiar to any of you?

  26. Antrel Rolle is playing right into the media’s hands…

    it’s not naive mizzo, it’s knowing that the media is going to give a brief history of an initial report if it’s negative OR positive. if you don’t see that on each and every ap article you read, then obviously it’s not just me

    I did a search on Sean Taylor, nothing written smacked me upside the head. He didn’t deserve what happened, and I don’t think anyone reporting the news (not editorializing) is claiming he did somehow deserve it.

    If you find the initial backstories given by the AP during the first reports of this tragedy, then I guess you’ll find the AP’s release on the potential Delmon Young for Matt Garza trade where it reminds us that Delmon Young once threw a bat at an umpire wrong…

  27. I’m sorry Boney, but in death people deserve respect. I could care less what color you are. An appreciation of life is all I want to hear. I wouldn’t want my loved ones slammed while they lay on their death bed, so why should the same be said for anyone else. It’s about respect.

  28. mizzo…origin, TSF family, it was said that which aided the Africans in building high cultures of old, was what made us slaves and knee-grows. It was our humanity. Our understanding and adherence to Ma’at and reciprocity made us divine an object of deification from before the first civilized Ionian wandered across the Mediterranean. It also caused us to clean and bath the illegal immigrants, taught them how to be civilized, and then taught them our truth, which they used to help subject us to holocaust upon holocaust.

    This why we get frustrated by TSF trolls. We expect, humane and intelligent discourse, but get “Birth of a Nation”. We expect others to see the big picture, but get shattered images. We have not looked into the darkness of these soulless being and observed their pathetic attempts to enhance themselves at the expense of others.

    Best not be seen arguing with fools, lest those passing on the road think both of you the same. It’s a phenomenon I have noticed since I was a teen, that when many gather under the banner of truth, others will always come around to disrupt the gathering.

    However, Karma is Ann Coulter so today me, tomorrow you!

  29. Sankofa you are as wise as they come bruh. I’m truly honored to have the experience, knowledge and wisdom you speak a part of my existence on TSF.

    Thank you my brotha.

  30. Miranda,

    I hear you as always. Gotta go to work. I’ll talk to yall tomorrow.

  31. Blessngs sir, they begining of wisdom is recognizing you know little or nothing. Afterwards it becomes easier to let on self go in order to receive. The cup cannot be filled unless it is first emptied.

    I believe the first time I posted on TSF was in reply to some Zeus charater and his second who I attempted vanqueshed with an invocation of dismissal. I felt enbolden by this to express myself and allow my “other” to dominate with bared teeth and rampant ego.

    I have since realized that while there is a time and a place for everything, TSF was not that kind of battle ground. So I am learning to sheath my sword like Musashi willing to know my self more as I get to know my enemies…thus I will strive for victory in 100 battles.

    It is in truth that all will be revealed and in learning, one grow wise, so I am gratefull to the TSF family for teaching me how to grow wise!

  32. So the white trolls show up again with the same BS, I am tired of white Americans and their tired “pull yourself up by your bootstraps rhetoric” when we make a point of MSWM racist posturing and their Black apologists and then these A-holes come on here and want to call us race baiters when the media did first and the white male defenders are playing the race card like it’s a game of “texas hold em” and talking about ‘black culture’ pathology hip- hop and broken families. F- you ??? Darius ,Friedman, and the rest of you patheically racist whites.

  33. Boney you never have anything useful or positive to say. Didn’t your mama ever tell you if you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all? Or maybe it’s coz your mom is also your cousin so that rule was confusing.

  34. I’m not a “pathetically racist white” person, but I can still disagree with what gets written here. The writer of the piece that started this thread called Penn State a “lily white” institution. I’m a Penn State alum. “Lily white” is hardly how I would describe the campus. If the writer thinks the PSU incidents didn’t get the coverage Miami incidents get, maybe it’s because PSU doesn’t have a history of guys getting into trouble the way Miami does. There isn’t a whole lot of trouble to get into in State College, unlike Miami which we all know is a fast-paced, night-life driven city. Using Penn State as a measuring stick for Miami is a bad analogy. Joe Paterno has a long history of tossing out the bad apples, white or black, who try to go their own way. Miami, on the other hand, has a long history of looking the other way and valuing wins over character. “The U” has never shied away from its penchant for signing guys who bring the swagger, and if you want to swagger, on the field and off, then God bless you, but you have to be accountable when some of that comes back in your face. The Miami guys seem to love it when the spotlight is all over them in the good times, but when tragedy strikes, suddenly we’re all supposed to forget what kind of attitudes these guys displayed when they were alive? That sounds like wanting to have your cake and eat it, too.

    And for the writer to suggest that Miami “brought college football to the forefront”….. that’s just plain ludicrous. College football has been a staple of the American sports scene for over a century; in fact, it was, for much of the early part of the 20th century, more of a fan favorite than the fledgling NFL. All Miami did in the 1980s was wisely use a shocking defeat of Nebraska, in one of the greatest games ever, to bolster its recruiting and go on to win a few national titles. If anything, Sportscenter brough Miami to the forefront. “The U” was fortunate to enter its heyday at the same time ESPN was starting to develop its monopoly over American sports. With endless highlight replays, and the on-field posturing and showboating that made highlights more interesting (for some) to watch, Miami players became synonymous with college football. But to say Miami was a catalyst for the growth of college football is going too far. The game was already one of the most important elements of American sports. In fact, you might even say that a solid Notre Dame club in the mid-80s was also a bit of fortune for the Canes. ND has the largest football following in the country, and with those two teams at full strength, the rivalry created a brighter spotlight for both universities. (And knowing this site, that suggestion will bring forth a storm of “white” ND vs. “black” Miami arguments, but that’s bogus; do the names Tim Brown, Jerome Bettis, Tony Rice, Rocket Ismail, Allen Pinkett and Ricky Watters ring a bell?)

    My impression from this and other threads is that the initial stories about Sean Taylor’s shooting and eventually his death should have said nothing at all about his past brushes with the law, but were supposed to mention his past as a football star. Any journalist worth his paycheck would tell you that the criminally violent death of a man who had his own history of criminally violent behavior must be reported with at least one eye on the victim’s past issues. ANy other kind of reporting would have been irresponsible. I read at least two dozen different website reports and hard-copy media articles, and not a single one of them tried to blame Taylor for any of this. Hell, if Charles Manson slipped and fell down the stairs tomorrow, and died of a broken neck, it’s a good bet the media reports, somewhere around the second paragraph, would remind readers that while this itself was not a criminal death, the deceased was responsible for a few criminal deaths during his lifetime. Would that be fair reporting, to bring up his past, since Manson (hypothetically) died accidentally? Of course it would be fair. Just as mentioning Taylor’s run-ins with the law are fair. I guess the media shouldn’t show pictures of him, either, since, in the point of view of the majority of posters here, showing his picture would cause most white people to assume, upon seeing that Taylor was black, that he must have brought this all on himself. How dare the bigoted media show pictures of a man just to get white America thinking negatively….!!!

  35. Will B.

    You nor the media knows Sean Taylor. It’s funny to me how people like your are so quick to judge ones character. The question has been asked if Sean were Brett Farve would his past come into question and the answer is no. But let me say this, do you even know what Brett’s past bad behavior is? Doubt it. Do some research on him you will be surprised what you find. Of course the media never mentions that. His past problems go far deeper then being addicted to pain killers (which is illegal by the way).

    People who know Sean speak of a kind helpful young man including his past coaches. Don’t mention Penn State. I’ve attended parties there where much illegal activity went down. Bottom line is we all including you judgemental white people, who have done all kinds of wrong to other races, make mistakes in life. Be respectful. The man died in his home defending his family. Home invasions are on the rise all over the country. Since you think white America is so moral, did they care when white policemen almost beat a defenseless man to death on camera? Hell no, in fact the all white jury acquitted them of any wrong doing. Please explain that to me. If you can’t, please move along. As I and many others have said here many times, your reality as a white male in this country is not the same as ours. If you don’t want to open your eyes then keep them closed and stop visiting this site. I for one am tired of trying to make people like you understand.

  36. Will no one is suggesting Sean Taylor’s past be reported devoid of facts.

    Will no one is suggesting Sean Taylor’s past be reported devoid of facts.

    That wasn’t a typo.

    There was no need for the reports to include his mugshots or off the field verbiage.

    The initial reports were dominant in both as the man lay on his death bed.

    Let me also make something clear because NO ONE is going to marginalize The Starting Five:

    We call them like we see them.

    It’s well within your right to disagree with this site. It’s also well within our rights to criticize ad nauseam what we feel are injustices in the wake of Sean Taylor’s death. Do you actually think people are disillusioned by finding the fallacy of media reporting in this case?. Like I said to someone on another thread, it wouldn’t matter the color.

    All these blow hards speculating this and speculating that are just plain ignorant. Let law enforcement handle the case then properly do your job. That’s responsible reporting. Speculation is for the fool.

    Have some respect. When someone dies, it’s a time for reflection.

    What is wrong with responsibly reporting the facts that are present. Why condemn the man for having a machete? He wasn’t out in a club drunk and then getting shot.

    The man was home with his family.

    I thought Jemele Hill was going to slap the shit out of Bill O’Reilly last night and soil the screen with turkey gizzard juice.

    People just aren’t getting it. What the hell are you defending?

    The media does whatever it takes to make money.

    I’ll let TBR defend his piece.

  37. Will B.

    Go back over the previous posts here, at SOMM and other blogs of kind. Read carefully, the letters and opinions, links and and references, ingest these information, then re-consider what you wrote of the reportage on Taylors death.

    Making excuses for irresposible journalism indiates that you do support the negative slant. If you consider your self honest and a man, then you will be confessing that all the “black noise” you hear are in response to the constant “white noise” out out by the “Ministry of Truth”, whic gets its marching orders from…. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The brain cannot know what the ass is doing.

    And Will B…no one will be looking over your shoulder to see if you are doing this research, you have to decide if it’s worth your effort, the results will indicate your humanity. Simple as that.

  38. Sankofa,

    And wise you are sir.

  39. Like said before, the beef was with the timing and speculation that somehow he was responsible for his death. The initial reports did have that slant, but a lot of the non-MSM sites have gone off about how he was treated by the media initially. Go read the Deadspin comments on his death, many people there are saying the same thing said here. I went to a Redskins page, and the comments there were more pissed than most commenters here.

    Though, I do think boney is getting dogged more for past comments on this one. He might not have read the initial salvo of reports and got the second wave instead where there has been less of this ‘his past choices may have caused his death’ rhetoric. So he is not necessarily wrong. The second wave of reports have been more sympathetic to the deceased, overall.

    By the way on the name of ‘Darius’ … well, I named my kid Darius. Always liked the name. Though my children aren’t white (well, not full, and they look more like their mom anyway). Named the first one ‘Javin’.

    That was just my response to the comment from Allen: ‘Lashonda is Darius. They use the same method of quoting other people’s comments. The fact that whoever is writing those comments chose those two names is revealing in and of itself.’

  40. I, for one, took some relief, sort of, in the fact he had a machete. A man has a right to defend his home. I wondered why he wasn’t armed and firing bullets through the door. If there was any slant to the machete angle, in my eyes, it was why only a machete? This is America…. Second Amendment and all that….. Fire away, bro…… There ought to be a dead person at the end of this Taylor story, but it ought not have been Taylor.

    Seriously, none of you read that and wondered “Was he nuts? Only a machete?”

  41. That might be a legal issue Will. I would be ignorant to speculate.

  42. Sean wasn’t allowed to possess a firearm as part of his probation. In fact the police chief that was speaking with a reporter on CNN made it clear when the reporter questioned owning a machete, that Sean was complying with his probation by not owning a firearm. The police chief (can’t remember his name) seemed a little annoyed that it was being implied that somehow Sean was in anyway wrong.

  43. GrandNubian Says:

    Does anyone know whether or not his home had a security system in place?

  44. GrandNubian,

    Yes, According to police reports the system wasn’t armed.

  45. GrandNubian Says:

    Dang…..i can only wonder if it had been armed, would we even be discusing his death?

    But then again, maybe it was destined to happen. It’s still sad whatever the case is or was supposed to be.

    Asante (thanks) michelle.

  46. thebrotherreport Says:

    Will B. – Of course I don’t mean that Miami put College football on the map, that would be foolish. I mean as far as a team that played with such a swagger that you see in many teams now. Kinda like the Lakers’ Showtime in the ’80’s. You talk about a shocking defeat of Nebraska in the Orange Bowl, was the victory shocking or was Osbourne’s decision to go for two. The voters felt pity for Paterno and gave a Penn State team with one loss the National Title over and undefeated SMU team that was ranked #2 with the Pony Express (Eric Dickerson and Craig James).

    And yes IMO – Penn State will always be considered a “Lilly White” institution that has dirt beneath its surface, for one and I know for a fact that it’s one of the more racist campuses in the U.S. back in 2001 the Black Caucus was presented with a 1-inch binder full of repeated racial incidents on the State College campus. Paterno is just starting to do something about the problems because the news has gone beyond the campus, you or I don’t know how many players he’s let off the hook, so I wouldn’t be so quick to point Paterno out as some saint.

  47. GrandNubian,

    No problem. What’s also sad is he might still be alive if he had a gun. I just can’t understand what kind of person would shoot into a room where there is a woman and child. What is the world coming to

  48. michelle,

    You get defensive almost immediately when Will B. mentioned PSU. Why is that? In case you don’t know, and it’s not because I think you’re ignorant or stupid, a lot of illegal activity happens on EVERY college campus in the area. I went to parties at PSU during LaVar’s time, I drank the beer at the party while I was 18 and 19 years old, I drove after having a couple of beers, etc… it happens at every college!

    Penn State is a lilly white college, they don’t have near the problems that the U has. If that makes it lilly white, then great. If mizzo thinks it’s lilly white because it’s mostly white, then well, he needs to visit State College, PA more often. I know PSU is a fine school just like I said I’m the U is a fine institution as well.

  49. Words carry power and symbolic meaning. whether one intends it to or not. Words tend to reflect the thoughts and emotion of the one expressing. While the brain is organic, the MIND is non corporal, it is connected to the outervers, a field of energy that can be molded a certain way if the emotion, the trigger, brings thought into being. An utterance, that manifest thought to become real.

    “…it’s not because I think you’re ignorant or stupid…” reveals your subconscious feelings on a matter that didn’t requier such a response.

    Do you really think Michelle is ignorant or stupid Boney, for making a disagreeable statement about Penn State ? Or do you think “it’s not because” her ignorance and stupidity is a reflection of mizzo, origin, tbr and the rest … speak the truth and shame the devil now.

    “Penn State is a lilly white college, they don’t have near the problems that the U has. If that makes it lilly white, then great. If mizzo thinks it’s lilly white because it’s mostly white…” …..sigh!….!

    How long you been on this site man? Are you the standard bearer for Eurocentric decency?…..sigh! I have to stop, the longer I write the more I feel myself leaving my happy place.

  50. Boney,

    No kidding tell me something I don’t know. Since we all know that why are we so quick to judge someone else. Oh, I forgot it’s about who’s getting caught. On every college campus there is underage drinking, drug use, fights and questionable sexual activity. So why is it that white america throws stones at young black athletes when they do the same thing. If your Johnny was out drinking and smoking weed last night why are you appalled when a young black person does it. Like I said I’ve partied at Penn State and there was all kinds of stuff going on . Will was condemning The U when some of the same stuff goes on at Penn State. Penn State has minoities on campus but is still about 60% white and FYI Mizzo didn’t write the article TBR did. Keep in mind just because things aren’t reported doesn’t mean it’s not going on or we would have all been in jail during our college days. Girls gone wild is some of the most disgusting displays of behavior that I have ever seen but because it involves young white girls no one says a thing. How do you explain that Boney?

    I thought so people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  51. Boney,

    Don’t ask like your peeps don’t do all kinds of crap. You just get away with it. That’s what got the Duke Lacrosse team in trouble. What the hell were they hiring strippers for anyway. They had a long history of getting drunk urninating on peoples lawns and causing all kinds of disturbances. Getting into fights also but guess what we didn’t learn of any of this until the rape case. How are they different from Sean? They aren’t in fact they may be worse.

  52. I’d like to mention one more theing. Ms America was doing drugs, drinking and missing her Ms. America committments. Was she crucified in the press or fired. AH, No. What’s up with that Boney?

  53. Sorry, Ms America. Correction it was Ms Usa.

  54. Michelle…..don’t forget her partying pal Miss Teen USA.

  55. Miranda,
    I know, right! These guys on here crack me up throwing the term illegal around. Like they haven’t done things illegal.

  56. And lets not forget the poster children for wilding out….the Bush twins.

  57. Miranda,

    LOL! Lets not.

  58. Ms. America can get fired?

    Michelle, I’m sorry you got defensive when PSU Alumni replied to a slam on his university by proclaiming illegal activity doesn’t only happen at Miami U. I’m also sorry that your anger towards anything else that is related to white women and/or men was brought out by the comment I made regarding all the “illegal” (your word that I re-used) activity. Then you go off on a tangent with Miranda about how white people throw the term “illegal” around as if whites have never done anything illegal. Who ever said whites don’t do anything illegal? Between your 13 comments a post that are repeats of comments made on previous posts, and Sankofa’s words of wisdom, there hasn’t been a white person (that I know of) that has said whites don’t do anything illegal.

    Girls Gone Wild? Who was talking about that? The creator of the series is in jail now since you’re asking. He’s getting railroaded by the police and local governments just as bad, if not worse, than OJ Simpson is right now. There have been black females on Girls Gone Wild as well, not just whites or hispanics or asians.

    Ms. America isn’t a job, and actually, who really gives a shit about Ms. America? Do you want to be Ms. America? Are you angry that you never won a beauty pageant? Who truly cares about Ms. America other than horny guys, and the contestants?

    Oh, and I don’t live in a glass house by the way… if you go back and re-read my statement, you’ll see that I re-used your word “illegal” and applied it to the statement proclaiming that I’ve taken part in those activities at that same university.

    Did you know the Duke lacrosse team urinated on people’s lawns before the players were falsely accused of rape on a drugged out stripper? Probably not, unless you’ve hung at Duke before, know someone that has hung at Duke, or participated in the urination yourself. Isn’t the reporting of the urinating on people’s lawns by the media during the initial investigation of the rape pretty much the same as the reporting on Sean Taylor? Did anyone initially doubt the words of the drug addict stripper? How did we find out the stripper was a drug addict? It had to be the media’s fault… I believe it was on Chris Rock’s “Bring the Pain” cd in which he said that a lot of black people blame the media, but Willard Scott isn’t standing behind you at the ATM about to jack your money… Where was the post to support the white lacrosse players? More importantly, was there one, or were they railroaded just like Vick, Sean Taylor, and AI are?

    Back to the “U”, since that is in fact what this entire thing is about. (My bad to BrotherReport for not acknowledging what is actually a great post by the way, I gave props to Mizz)… It’s not a bad thing that the U is the U, it’s a way of life to be a member of the football team. FSU had some swagger for a bit in the early 90s, but the U has always had the swagger. There’s something about a guy who takes off his helmet and tries to hit a Florida International player with it during a fight in the middle of a game…

    Oh, and I have another answer for you… let me think here… I think you asked why the Duke players had a stripper anyway, right? I think it’s actually legal to have a stripper so long as the age of everyone in attendance is 18? I don’t know if they changed the law or not.. I think also the chicks in Girls Gone Wild have to be 18 as well, but if they lie then the filmmaker can’t be held liable… at least I think…

  59. It’s amazing how blind Michelle is to her own racism. Good post Boney. You speak words of wisdom my brother!

  60. I don’t think I said a thing about Sean Taylor’s character. I mentioned the swagger of Miami players. I don’t equate football field swagger with bad character. This Michelle person put those words in my mouth.

    Muhammad Ali invented swagger, and that certainly didn’t have anything to do with his out-of-the-ring character. I may not have liked Miami as a football team, except in their wins over Nebraska and Florida State, but I thought they added soem life and brought another dimension to football. They had some bad apples, but who doesn’t? Penn State had Austin Scott, and Paterno and Tony Sacca hated one another, allegedly because of Sacca’s heavy drinking and partying. But you’ve got me all wrong if you think I was down on Taylor.

    I actually liked Sean Taylor. Anyone who has the balls to ignore the media and be his own man….. Bravo. I spent four years as a daily sports journalist for a Pennsylvania newspaper, and I left it because sports writers rank just below insurance salesman on the 10 levels of Dante’s Hell. All I said about Taylor was that with a past like his, you can’t expect it not to be mentioned in reporting about this incident, and that that reporting wasn’t, by definition, racially motivated. I’m a snall-town Pennsylvania-bred, white Republican with no apologies for loving George Bush or hating music videos, but since no serious person is without contradictions, I also love The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Public Enemy albums, and the swagger and insouciance that Ali and UMiami are partly responsible for injecting into major American sports.

    Now…….. can someone please break into Bill Bellichick’s house?

  61. i’m glad Will B provided us with his background. And I agree with his assessment of sports journalists.

  62. Good post there will B………..but that was coldddd blooooded saying for somebody to break in the all knowing genuis Bill Belicheats house.

  63. Actually sista Michelle the media never even mentioned that Ms. America was a white line fiend. They only talked about her drinking problem. Same with Lindsey Lohan….coke addiction. Nothing is mentioned about it just her drinking problem.

    But if they were black they would get drugged through the mud about their dope addiction.

  64. Origin, “Entertainment Tonight” does not air on ESPN and isn’t reported on or Mike Wilbon… it’s a CBS show… Tune it to CBS to find out about Lindsay Lohan if you’re really that intrigued… or tune to TMZ for it.

    I’ve long felt that sports reporters are no better than those that chase down a story for shows like Entertainment Tonight and/or Access Hollywood. They’re journalists that report on what, entertainment right?

    Sankofa, sorry I skimmed over your response when I got at michelle earlier. I actually don’t think she’s ignorant or stupid, but in the context of that entire question and/or statement I was trying to get at her particular thought process. It may not have been a mature way of getting at it but, I reply how I’m replied to.

  65. oh and I couldn’t let this go since I saw it..

    Kenny Rogers re-signed in Detroit, which is supposed to be a good thing right? I mean, it’s not a negative thing but…

    Read everything after about the first paragraph…

  66. I beg to differ Boney, when I report I want the truth.

    The soap opera belongs on afternoon network television.

  67. I had a class with Kevin Gibbs in high school who died in that car crash mentioned here.Honestly he was an very unlikable person,arrogant and smug.Here is the twist Gibbs was not the norm in fact he was an abberation in his high school and at Miami.Most Miami players were either quiet and unassuming or outwardley affable.Here is a bullentin to many,football sometimes attracts marginal personalities with serious issues.I could name a few Miami players who were arrogant and jerks but they were the minority.I always here about all these incidents,but when I look for them they dont exist,unless you count drunk driving and gun possesion.What are these incidents people keep talking about and compared to what.A school decides to have division 1 football,they have decided the are going to have on campus issues with some of these players.They keep saying Taylor had run ins with the law ,but the only one I could find is one time when he pulled a gun on someone tresspassed his property and stole something from him.I f anyone knows of any other ones please post here the Info.I dont about Penn State ,but Miami is pretty much a white school and a kind of prissy one at that with many students from wealthy families in the middle of Coral Gables that makes Beverly Hills look pedestrian and mediocre,I have been to both cities and found The Hills to be very overrated.Its funny that Miami used to recruit heavily in Pennsylvania in the 50s,60s,and 70s accumalating many players on the Canes roster in those days with some being their best players.I read an an SI article from 75 that even mentioned this in an article about how Miami was the best team in the country with a losing record and their new coach Carl Selmer in 1975.SI had 3 or 4 very good features on Miami football in the 70 s that I reccomend for a more historic perspective without all this post modern 2000s U hyperbole and baloney.

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