Redskin Safety Sean Taylor Shot *Update


Details are still coming in. Sean Taylor was shot by an intruder allegedly burglarizing his home in Florida. Taylor, a safety for the Skins is known as a ferocious hitter.


Washington Redskins star safety Sean Taylor was shot in the leg at his home Monday and was bleeding heavily, and police said he was in critical condition. They are investigating a possible robbery. Officers were sent to Taylor’s home at about 1:45 a.m. after his girlfriend called 911 and said he was shot in his lower body, Lt. Nancy Perez said. He was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, she said, but did not disclose how many times he was shot.

Richard Sharpstein, an attorney who represented Taylor in a criminal case, said the player’s father told him his son had been shot in the leg and there was much bleeding because the femoral artery was severed.

Investigators were still interviewing the girlfriend and other relatives who were in the home to try to determine what happened, Perez said.

“It could have been a possible burglary; it could have been a possible robbery,” Perez said. “It has not been confirmed as yet.”

Taylor has a home in the Miami suburb of Palmetto Bay that he bought two years ago. The 24-year-old player is in his fourth season with the Redskins after playing at the University of Miami, where he was an All-American in 2003. He leads the team with five interceptions but has missed the last two games because of a knee injury.

About the femoral artery

In Ashburn, Va., the Redskins canceled their scheduled open locker-room period for reporters and barred the media from talking to players. Coach Joe Gibbs was to address the team at its usual Monday meeting and was to hold his weekly news conference later in the day. The Redskins (5-6) lost 19-13 at Tampa on Sunday. Taylor did not travel with the team to the game because of his knee injury.Taylor sprained a ligament in his right knee in the second half of the Nov. 11 loss to Philadelphia. He was expected to miss at least two games, probably more. Known as one of the NFL’s hardest hitters, Taylor played in his first Pro Bowl last season, where he drew attention by leveling the other team’s punter in what is usually a well-mannered exhibition game. Even though he has missed two games, his five interceptions remained tied for most in the NFC.


The Redskins released a statement Monday morning regarding safety Sean Taylor. Here is the full text of the statement: “The Washington Redskins became aware of a situation this morning in which safety Sean Taylor was the victim of a shooting at his residence in Florida.

“The Miami Dade Police Department is currently investigating the situation.

“Taylor is currently undergoing treatment at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida.”

Football takes a back seat to the realities of life. Please keep Taylor in your thoughts.


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  1. Mizzo,

    I hope Sean will be ok. It’s unfortunate that professional athletes are a constant target. You can’t tell me these people didn’t know who they were robbing.

    We’re living in a violent world. It’s a shame.

  2. I hope the broath is O.K. The sad part of this all is how the media and the hateful fans spin this. Trust me he won’t get the sympathy that Big Ben got after his motorcycle accident.

  3. Yeah that’s disgusting O. I searched for an article that didn’t include anything passing judgment on Taylor. The brotha is critical and we have to hear about his past indiscretions? BS!

  4. Mizzo,

    All of those Miami boys have a certain arrogance about them. But guess who seems to get a pass by the MSM. You guessed it Shockey. HMM, I wonder why.

  5. Michelle, you don’t have to look for a hidden agenda any time that coverage doesn’t equally touch all parties. Shockey is an asshole, but doesn’t seem to get involved in things like this.

    Being a Hurricane is about attitude and people don’t become arrogant by playing there. It’s there before you get to Coral Gables. That’s the part of the world that I’m from and I’d say that the Canes are pretty fairly covered.

  6. Evan,

    What are you talking about? He was robbed. Also to make your point for you neither does T.O. But he’s treated harshly. Shockey leg whips people nothing said calls out teammates and coach nothing said gives fans the finger throws ice that hits 2 kids nothing said. And when I say nothing I mean nothing that rises to the level of tirade that other players have gotten when they have done similar things. I’m not blaming Shockey for being the way that he is I actually like him I’m speaking about the media only.

  7. That ice was thrown in the stands.

  8. The bottom line is life is short. Can’t we all just live together and respect each other as equals.

  9. Read Dan LeBatard’s interview. Taylor’s situation is part of the reason why I brought up Luther Campbell’s affect on the U.

  10. thebrotherreport Says:

    Without even reading up on the femoral artery, I know it is one of if not the most vital in the body, supplying blood to an area that men value. I’m praying that he pulls through.

  11. What part of the game is it when its somehow Sean Taylor’s fault that he is getting robbed?

    So because Sean hasnt lived a choir boy life I am suppose to reserve my sympathy for him???

    Folk are trippin hard…so much for good will towards men…peace on earth went by the wayside long time ago.

  12. Mizzo,
    I hadnt read your interview with LeBatard before..that was great. I knew about Luke’s youth league..and knew he was a diehard Canes fan..but I never knew the extent and how he contributed to the Canes success in the 80s and 90s like that. I remember the controversy about him being on the sidelines…but I had no idea he was contributing to that program like THAT. Even though he was definitely “as nasty as he wanted to be”…I knew quite a few people that had their room & board, books, etc. paid for by Luther Campbell while I attended FAMU. He helped a LOT of people.

  13. I give it till morning before someone in the MSM opines that hip-hop is responsible.

  14. Miranda thanks.

    You know the Hip Hop blame is coming fast and from all angles like a bullet that turns corners.

  15. Miranda,

    Yup it’s hip hop.


    I know wasn’t that a crazy statement by Evan. I’m like what? If Sean was in fact robbed then how is that his fault? I guess at the time he was listening to hip hop.

  16. I just wrote some on the incident, including a part about some things Michael Wilbon said at chat had today talking about Sean Taylor, including the following:

    Columbia, Md.: What makes you think that Taylor was still embracing his old ways? Every thing we have heard from the Redskins and Portis is that this is a new Sean. Apparently the birth of his child really helped to straighten him out. Is this contrary to what you know?

    Michael Wilbon: Sorry, but I’n not in the habit of having comapanies with their own public relations agenda tell me about black men and what they feel or don’t feel. Pardon me if I’m not that easy.

    My post:

    La Canfora seems to be giving the most up-to-date and thorough info — keep with the WaPo live updates at:

  17. Thanks Tim. The link also provides a clarification why Sean wasn’t with the team. Tim also includes some of the disheartening chat with Wilbon in the post on his site. Check it out. Tim does good work over there.

  18. Sean is fighting for his life and ESPN wants to bring up old situations he’s been in. Why? This is just disrespectful.

  19. Michelle……yes it is…but its right in keeping with the continuing dehumanization of the black athlete. We are supposed to forget these are human beings, somebody’s son, brother, father, friend…nope, we’re supposed to feel that whatever situation he is in, its of his own doing, there are no extenuating circumstances. He is fighting for his life because he didn’t go to the rookie symposium or he got in a fight 3 years ago or he doesn’t like to talk to reporters, the list goes on and on. The coverage is right in line with all that has transpired over 2007…..I really can’t expect anything else from ESPN or the others like them.

  20. just got in from a gathering at Redskins’ headquarters…

    spirits are higher now after the report came through of Taylor responding to doctor requests. a lot of people are kind of just hanging out in the parking lot on a rainy night in suburban DC with candles and some are in prayer circles… it was kind of nice to see people all together talking of positive things…

    of course if you don’t live in the area, you aren’t going to see the positive reports coming from the local Comcast station in the area (now airing the Wizards game, but before the game they aired about 90 mins of Taylor updates)…

    He’s not fighting for his life because of the rookie symposium, hip hop, your $50 sarcastic bet Miranda, a fight, atvs, etc… he’s fighting for his life because a crime was committed at his house and if you possibly didn’t look at all the wrong in the reporting, you would know that the media has nothing to report on other than the latest developments (reponse to Dr orders) and speculation… the police haven’t commented, the family hasn’t said anything more than what Sean’s father said… it’s sad that a negative twist has been made by those I figured would support Sean through this… even in tragedy some of y’all have no class.

  21. Boney read the entire thread.

    Miranda was commenting sarcastically on the how some of the major outlets have reported this story by referencing Taylor’s run ins with the law.

    Trust that she’s supporting Taylor.

    Dude READ.

  22. As usual Boney…you don’t get it. I would have thought after Dwil raked you up and down and back over the coals a few months ago that you would have learned to read with some amount of comprehension….guess that whooping didn’t take.

  23. Thanks Mizzo……but he didn’t read because he didn’t want to read.

  24. There’s always gotta be one.

  25. Funny how people (even black folk) are trying to tie what happened years ago tohim being shot today…what happened to reverence for a life in the balance? If it was Favre, they’d be holding vigil on every ESPN and FOX site around, and I’d bet they wouldn’t be insinuating that the supplier of those drugs he was taking put a bullet in him…AP/ESPN said he had a machete in his hand when he was shot, although there wasn’t a confrontation, so what was the point of putting that in the story? Trying to show this man is violent, thats what. and putting his “history” in the story is directly indirectly trying to tie his past to the present…sickening, you’d think, right?

  26. That’s why we have to get our own thing going so we don’t have to hear this bs. Lets get it!

  27. origin wrote:
    “I hope the broath is O.K. The sad part of this all is how the media and the hateful fans spin this. Trust me he won’t get the sympathy that Big Ben got after his motorcycle accident.”

    You guys are so lame. A man, a decent man, is dead, and all that comes to your mind is how to spin this into a hateful racial issue. It’s almost like you’re glad these incidents occur just so you can spin it into another cheap excuse to hate white people or something. Of course, never mind that Taylor’s killer was probably yet another black man killing yet another black man. Yeah, that’s whitey’s fault alrighty.

    Have some respect for the dead for at least a day before grinding your racial axes, for God’s sake. Sheesh.

  28. mizzo wrote:
    “You know the Hip Hop blame is coming fast and from all angles like a bullet that turns corners.”

    You people are such oversensitive morons. Are you constantly on the lookout for infinitesimal reasons to hate people or something? Before blubbering about this non-issue you bring up, please enlighten us all and cite ONE SINGLE report or opinion piece that puts the blame on hip hop for Taylor’s shooting. I’ll be waiting with feverous anticipation for any one of you blowhards to put up.

  29. Darius,,
    You are the one being disrespectful. That post was yesterday before Sean died. But let me say this. When Barry Bonds was indicted for steroid use all I heard all day was how it was a sad day, Well this is a real sad day and I haven’t heard that phrase one time. RIP SEAN…

  30. Darius,

    This is not the time to debate anything with you. I’ll just ignore you. If your reality is different then mine then thats fine. Let me just say this you have not lived my life or have delt with the things that I have delt with everyday. Don’t you dare come on here and say I over react when the MSM does it everyday.

  31. When I was driving home from work this morning ESPN news was reporting Sean was still alive after I heard a half hour earlier on abc that he had passed away. That’s how much they care.

  32. michelle wrote:
    “When I was driving home from work this morning ESPN news was reporting Sean was still alive after I heard a half hour earlier on abc that he had passed away. That’s how much they care.”

    Yeah, like that’s evidence that the ESPN collective is happy that Sean Taylor is dead. Right. Like I said, you’re obviously looking for even the slightest excuse to hate people you don’t even know. Did it ever cross your mind that you were listening to a pre-canned newsflash update, possibly recorded 15 minutes prior to the news of Taylor’s passing? Say, I’m STILL waiting for the evidence that the news media is blaming hip hop for the shooting. What happened to that bold prediction?

    This is a time for mourning Sean Taylor. It speaks volumes about your hateful soul, Michelle, that all you can think about is how to spin this into more justification for your hatin on strangers (i.e. the white owned media). And all this hatin before they’ve even done the things you’re complaining about! Truly amazing.

  33. no Mizzo, I read it.

    I read Miranda jump in with her response of “they’ll blame it on hip hop”, I understand sarcasm, I use it quite frequently. I counteroffered a $50 bet to her that noone would snitch on the perp in this case…

    All I was saying is that in the light of the events, a bigger man (or in this case woman) would try to rise above those that we all feel are doing wrong instead of joining in on the fray, and becoming a part of the mob on the defensive side of things.

    I guess a follower is always a follower…

  34. Darius,

    You are a clown. You don’t know me for if you did you would see that your analysis of me is ridiculous. I did not say ESPN was happy Sean Passed. WTF are you talking about. I want a probowl NFL football player respected by them. If ESPN can run the Barry Bonds indictement like it was 911 or something, then they can respect Sean Taylor by speaking about his many football accomplishments. Not reducing his story to be covered by the side show Mike and Mike in the Morning. I do not hate anyone. Not even you. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you are white. So, how the hell are you going to talk to me about hate. Check your peeps. If your not white then God help you. I promise this time I will ignore any of you future post directed at me.

  35. Listen, out of respect for Sean Taylor’s family I’m not going to respond. If anyone continues to write anything perceived as negative in light of Sean’s death, I’ll close down the comments.

    Simply, it’s not a time for this.

  36. Boney…Darius, some years ago in a meeting with real people about how Africans in America Inc. should go forward positively.

    One strong brother got up and said, “unless we are prepared to kill them little white babies, then we can never truly get whitey to stop killing us!” This was around the time of the freedom struggle in Azania.

    Of course most in attendance were appalled because we were not conditioned to see European lives as immaterial and expendable. However, truth being truth, if African lives in America Inc., is not valued by all then all lives will be of little value. The only thing that’s keeping some from killing European babies, like your politicians and scientists are killing African babies, is the mis-education and conditioning to see YOUR lives as valuable.

    When YOU spit on the memory of OUR innocent dead, you are sending a message to the universe that your innocent dead should be spit on. We ALL go through the transition to the other side, how you do it depends on you and the environment you live in. Darius, when you come here and bring hatred and spit on Sean Taylor’s demise… you have to know when you dig a pit, remember don’t dig one always dig two.

  37. Mizzo I appologize I did not see your last before posting. I will adhere to that request.

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