A Quarterback Controversy? Best Believe McNabb Is Done In Philly

Now I gotta deal with this…..

After last night’s close loss to the 11-0 Patriots, the Philly media were smiling. Yes, they were actually smiling. A Philadelphia media frenzied quarterback controversy will wash over the entire nation. What was funny about a loss that saw the Eagles drop to 5-6?

This is the business I’m in?

In every post game interview you could feel just how much they wanted to ask who should start at quarterback. Donovan McNabb was out with a thumb and an ankle injury, so A.J. Feeley had a shot to win over a town that’s old, restless and haggard when it comes to dealing with the Eagles. I blogged the second half of the Eagles 31-28 loss in case the Eagles somehow gutted it out and won.

A.J. Feeley was a respectable 27-42 for 345, but threw 3 interceptions–a pick six on the first possession and on the final two drives. How does that make you out to be a hero? Say those were Donovan’s stats last night. The picture above would have been replicated under ridiculous Philly scrutiny. There wouldn’t be all this happiness after a loss. Fans and media alike would have called for DNabb’s head. What is that? You should see and hear these people. They want dude out of here.

There are no moral victories in professional sports. Get over it.

The one year McNabb had superior talent on offense, he took the Eagles the Super Bowl.

He’s had some ferocious defenses, but on offense he’s had to do it alone for the most part.

To those who are McNabb followers: Donovan had to play in last night’s game to hold off the dogs. Why didn’t you at least try to get on the field bruh? The dogs are coming. They have mouths of froth, muscles bulging from their bodies and are barking your name. The Philly media is loosening it’s grip on the leashes….

Why this man has had to deal with so much criticism throughout his career is unexplainable. He’s third behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in winning percentage. He is the first Eagles quarterback to take the Eagles to the Super Bowl since Ron Jaworski in 1980. During that Super Bowl season, Donovan threw for a career high in yards with 3,875, threw 31 touchdowns and only 8 picks. Overrated? You find me 4 quarterbacks in the history of the league with 30 plus touchdowns and less than 10 interceptions in the same year.

Then there was this:

The biggest catch of Freddy’s short career

The 4th and 26 conversion against “America’s Team” the Packers in 2003 that sent the Eagles to one of the four NFC Championship games. I listened to this play happen on the radio while driving home. It was just as exciting as seeing it on the tube. Most quarterbacks would have been Cantonized after such an amazing play. Not Donovan.

Going for the choke?

The 2004 season–where Donovan set career highs–wasn’t as lovely as it seemed. He had to deal with the cowardice of his administration as well as the daily soap opera of Terrell Owens. Last night’s game eerily mirrored the Super Bowl of ’04. You aren’t a true Eagle fan if you didn’t have a sense of deja vu on the last possession. I have to admit I was one of McNabb’s critics simply because I wanted to see he and Terrell work out there differences for the betterment of the team. Call it idealistic, but it’s something I will never apologize for. You could envision the wheels coming off the franchise the second the confetti rained down in Jacksonville–and the Patriots victorious by a 24-21 score.


Of course there were those here that thought McNabb was never a quarterback and was more suited to run the rock. For the most part, Eagles fans warmed until the injuries became the story. There was the broken ankle. Yeah, the one he played on and led the Eagles to victory against the Cardinals, throwing four touchdowns (38-14 win) and the sports hernia that put him on the shelf while also signifying the end of Terrell Owens in Philly. Last season, in a game against Vince Young and the Titans, McNabb tore his knee also prematurely ending his year.

Why does this keep happening?

To his credit and with the schedule in his favor, Jeff Garcia came off the bench and led the Eagles to six straight victories. During this stretch Andy Reid discovered he had a weapon in Brian Westbrook. Similar to last night, Reid continues to pull out all the stops when Donovan is on the sideline. What is that all about? The Eagles subsequently lost to the Hurricane Katrina spurred Saints 27-24–most notably because Andy Reid elected to punt on 4th down with a mere 1:56 left with the ball on Philly’s 39. Of course the Saints ran out the clock. But it’s all Donovan right?

I spoke with Donovan after he and Sheed’s celebrity softball game for charity. I asked him specifically what he wanted to tell the fans to somehow reassure this delusional bunch everything is gonna be everything. His only words were “I’m baaaaack!” You could see it in his eyes, he wasn’t playing. This is unfortunate. The offensive line play broke down for McNabb this year. The Giants had twelve sacks earlier this year. Somehow that was Donovan’s fault too.

Andy has gone through his fair share of family trouble this season. I’m not here to judge a father–being one of teenage kids myself. I’m an optimist. I look west and see a Pittsburgh franchise stick by Bill Cowher after a sub par stretch. The Steelers ultimately won a Super Bowl because of such a wise move that was so unpopular in this dumbing down what have you done for me lately climate. I see Andy pulling through this, but he and Donovan are in the wrong town.

Winning it all is not all that matters. Donovan McNabb has done for this franchise what only a handful of quarterbacks have done in the history of the NFL.

Injuries have shortened his seasons way too much for Philly fans. “No more McNabb!” they say. Watch the alternative; you won’t have Donovan to blame. For all the hatred you spit at Terrell Owens, how you like him now? He plays for the Cowboys. Our most hated rival! When is Jeffrey Lurie going to hear some criticism en masse? Haven’t you suffered enough? You want to blow up a team and go through losing again over relevancy?

Remember this is the same town that cheered Randal Cunningham as a Cowboy, but booed him when he played here.


Donovan McNabb has kept his team relevant, battle tested and consistently in the playoffs. He’s been booed since draft day and still hasn’t received his just due from these riding Rocky Balboa fans. Like he said earlier in the season, he is not the blame for everything wrong in Philly. Groupie love gets no rap here and most Philly fans are groupies. Haven’t you learned Philly from getting rid of Mo Cheeks, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley, Moses Malone, Peter Forsberg, Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen–booing Mike Schmidt–and now ultimately Donovan McNabb?

What’s wrong with you people?

Name me one city that has done something similar and I’ll call you a liar.

There are some who will miss you Donovan. Even if you play this week, the writing is on the wall that you’re done here.

Good luck Lovie. Take care of our boy in Chicago next year.



29 Responses to “A Quarterback Controversy? Best Believe McNabb Is Done In Philly”

  1. thebrotherreport Says:

    This is a city that should change it’s motto from “The City that Loves You Back”, to Hindsight is 20/20.

    I don’t believe McNabb has played his last game as an Eagle, he’ll finish out the season here but that next home game when he is introduced, he’ll be booed unmercifully.

    He should’ve played or at least given it a go, Yes Reid makes the calls but if Donovan would’ve raised enough hell, he would’ve listened. This ranks up there with Randall Cunningham sitting on the sidelines with his jacket turned inside out.

    I’m torn on the issue, on one end you have McNabb who I know has some game left in him but it’s not gonna work here. I see his frustration but when you’re already looked upon as soft you’ve gotta attempt to break that stigma and not giving any effort last night gave anyone that dislikes this guy one more reason to do so.

    As a lifelong Philly sports fan for the most part, I feel like the majority of the fan base here doesn’t deserve to see the likes of the aforementioned athletes, for one this is as racist a town as I can get without living in Boston, even the white players catch hell here. Bobby Clarke took the word of a team trainer over Eric Lindros who said he had concussions. Yeah Mitch Williams blew the World Series or did he? Last time I checked Roger Mason had the Jays at bay until manager Jim Fregosi decided to pull him, but it was the wild thing who got the death threats.

    Finally, I have little respect for a town whose most celebrated sports figure is a damn fictional character; ROCKY BALBOA! C’mon people for get the Curse of William Penn, that statue was erected in 1982, the year before the last pro title and it’s been downhill ever since. We’re so starved here we threw a parade for a horse that DIDN’T win the triple crown. This is the home of the cheesesteak, soft pretzels and moral victories.

    People talk about how the passion of Philadelphia fans, IMO there is a thin line between passion and stupidity. They passed passion a long time ago.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better bruh. The Rocky thing is weird.

  3. I hear you brotha. But if Mcnabb was hurt why play him. He is still recovering from a bad knee. So the sprained ankle could have made it even worse. The ignorant Philly fans have never liked him so F them. Philly lose is always some one elses gain. So I hope my bears gain Mcnabb and go to the superbowl.

    While the good ol boys in the stands root for Kolb and another 3-14 season.

    A city of losers looks up to a fictional boxer. Man you can’t make this sh%$ up.

    As far as Mcnabb being soft that is stupid to even say. This is a man that played on a broken ankle. Who came back early from a broken leg.

    If he were white he would be considered a god.

    The dumb fans in philly are too stupid to realize that the one time Mcnabb had talent around him he went to the superbowl. They also fail to realize that the owners of the sports teams in Philly DON”T CARE ABOUT WINNING. Thats why they don’t win championships. Its not because AI, Barkley and Mcnabb couldn’t win the big game.

    I am surprised that players would even want to play in that city. If I was an athlete that would be the last place I would go.

    Also even reid knows that Mcnabb is his shield………..when Mcnabb is gone. Its no one for the racist media and fans to scream at. No Mcnabb. So who will they blame everything on next?

    Reid better go draft another black QB (Woodson?) so that the racist mobb can get mad at when the eagles lose and don’t win a championship.

  4. Woodson will be long gone unfortunately. Like you said O, Eagles fans would rather sit through a 3-13 season with Kolb under center. How sick is that?

  5. thebrotherreport Says:

    The thumb on the throwing hand is the issue. I just want a coach in here that’s gonna balance this thing out. For some reason, I keep thinking Herm Edwards. Another problem that I have with this team is the scouting, it absolutely stinks, you mean to tell me they couldn’t go to any school and grab a player that was a return specialist? Instead in the opening game you go with a player that never returned a punt and another guy that runs like his on an electric football game. The talent evaluators are no good. I believe with every fiber of my being that if Villanova wasn’t outside of Philadelphia they would’ve never drafted Brian Westbrook anyone that says they would’ve is a liar.

    They don’t draft out of the HBCUs, and that is a sin. I give Brad Childress credit for not letting Tavaris Jackson sit another season. They pigeonhole themselves in everything that they do. Just because you draft a guy at a position doesn’t mean you have to play him there. I think they draft according to those draft guides at the newstand and even then they can’t get it right.

    If it wasn’t such an immature thing to I grab another team. Tired of this ish!

  6. I hear you on that bruh. I decapitated my Philly allegiance after Barkley and Cunningham split, but my conscious won over and here I am.

    Herm Edwards….Hmmmm interesting. Very interesting.

    You are so right about Westbrook. They had to pick him and if they let Omar Cuff from Delaware and the receiver from Del State get away they are fools.

  7. Mizzo,

    Truth is fans don’t understand injuries nor do they care. The Philly fans are just the worst. They don’t care what a player has given them in the past including all the pain that particular player has played through. These ignorant fans who are jealous of many of the players they claim to support forget this. As a nurse I can see and understand why a players is less effective after a injury. But as a person who isn’t a medical professional you should understand as well. It’s simple, the player played on a certain level before they were injured now after an injury their play is mediocre. It’s common sense. Sometimes these guys rush back from an injury in efforts to help their team. By the fans it’s not viewed that way. Far too many of them are unhappy with their own lives to try to understand the plight of a millionaire who they now view as stealing money. Listen folks when a player earns his large contract then gets hurt, he’s not stealing money. When guys like Shawn Bradley(Basketball player) get large contracts without doing anything they are stealing money. See the difference? All I can say to Donovan is keep your head up. Sometimes in life it’s just time to move on. Like Mizzo said he was booed in Philly from day one and now maybe it’s time to go home.

  8. I hear you brotha and Mizzo. I been an eagles fan ever since I was young and watching cunningham. Being from chicago I have always loved the bears and followed Mcnabb since his days in highschool.

    I am just pissed that the philly fans never get upset at management they only take their anger out on the players.

    Funny how last night reid actually ran play action fakes. Instead of sitting in the shot gun the whole game. See Ginats game……….

    And yea brotherreport you explained reid to a tee. This is the same fool that took a offensive guard over Steven Jackson.

    Time for Mike Martz jr. to lose his job. When Mcnabb goes who will the fans blame next?

  9. Mizzo,

    Philly is were you go for the worse experience of your life as a pro athlete. Look a Peter Forsberg, C-Webb, Schilling and Billy Wagner. They hated their time in Philly. There are others I could add to this list but they were either drafted by Philly teams or never played for another team before they came to Philly. I wonder if the towns bad luck has anything to do with the many nasty people that live there. A.I. packed his bags and hasn’t looked back. When the Rockies played they Phillies in the playoffs he said “I hoped the Rockies crush the Phillies”. Hardly what you expect to hear from a player who spent more then 10 years in a town. I think the comment showed how he really feels about Philly.

  10. thebrotherreport Says:

    They will never blame J. Lurie again. The fans acts like it’s all good w/him but this was the same guy who brought in Ray Rhodes and Ricky Watters and they were on their way. I had two problems with Rhodes: 1) He never embraced Randall and he tried force feed him the West Coast offense or The Walsh Pro Set (as I call it to honor Bill Walsh) it made him someone that we were not used to seeing. Benching Randall for Bobby Hoying??? 2) When Randall was gone the front office left Rhodes out to dry and it reduced him as a man here in my eyes. He went from his fire-breathing profanity laced press conferences to this docile blame accepting coach who allowed a cheap owner that was lobbying for a new stadium to neuter him to the point where he accepted his situation.

  11. Like Origin said I’d never play in Philly. They throw snowballs at Santa Clause. What did he do? He’s just a guy in a costume.

  12. thebrotherreport Says:

    They blew the chance to get O.J. Simpson, I’d hit Santa with the closest thing I could get my hands on too. LOL!

  13. thebrotherreport Says:

    P.S. And Cowboy head coaches. (Jimmy Johnson)

  14. TBR,

    So thats why they would throw snowballs at a defenseless man there for the kids. lol

  15. Hey somebody’s got to mess up Jimmy Johnson’s helmet lol That ish does not move!

  16. thebrotherreport Says:

    Rumor has it a kid started it off, no lie. Supposedly now Gov. Rendell bet a kid $1 that he couldn’t hit the field with a snowball.

  17. Has anyone considered the let down theory? I remember the year my niners went 14 /2, they lost to the eagles 40 to 8. They then went on to win the superbowl and won. The pats were facing a 5 and 5 team starting a back up quarterback at home. They took them lightly. There were missed tackles, they just looked lazy.

  18. has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, this west coast offense or the “bill walsh pro set” isn’t suited for a guy with McNabb’s arm?

    He is in the high 50s in completion percentage year in and year out, but the only year he has a legit weapon split wide, he throws deep balls all over the field and completes a career high 61 percent.

    Look, I’m not arguing that McNabb isn’t a great QB, because he is. But there are offenses that run better with a QB who doesn’t have as strong of an arm. McNabb throws one of the prettiest deep balls in the league when his receivers run a go, which if few and far between.

    Mizz, you’re right. Not many QBs throw for 30+ TD and 8 INT, but in the Indianapolis offense or New England offense (shit, maybe even Detroit’s offense) he’d have even better numbers…

    Please don’t call Andy Reid Mike Martz Jr. anymore y’all… at least Mike Martz calls plays that throw the ball down the field whereas Reid’s offense is a 5 yard dumpoff and a cloud of dust…

  19. Feeley played well because he had nothing to lose. The worst case scenario Feeley faced was to be McNabb’s back up, which he already is or lose to the patriots who are supposed to beat the Eagles anyway.

    So was Feeley worried about taking shots down the field, interceptions, media hounds or being benched….hells no. He had a free pass to just play and secure a “moral victory”, unlike McNabb who has to juggle play books, politics and real wins weekly.

    Rocky never was expected to beat Mason Dixon, only to take a beatin’ like a “hero”. Wake up Philly media.


  20. It’s funny how some Philly fans/columnists are quick to dismiss McNabb. Sometimes I feel like they think he’s a “certain” president in office where the country is at the “anyone but him” point.

    That’s why Feeley’s good sub-in against the (now 0-11) Dolphins and the Sunday night “nothing to lose” game got McNabb haters so hyped. McNabb is yet another great player whose talent allowed the team to slack on surrounding him with weapons to help. And yes, that poor scouting in the past few years has been part of the downfall of their overall talent drought.

    The players have stuck together through thick and thin, but the fans don’t always.

    It’s unfortunate McNabb is still injured — now with a different injury, to his thumb — but as an extremely tough football player, don’t expect him to ever be quick to say “let me sit down, please, coach!” That would only give haters more to complain about…

    If McNabb makes his way to Chicago, good for him. Even Minnesota will do. Too many fans in Philly don’t appreciate his talent.

    An old piece on McNabb hitting the road:

  21. As a Cleveland fan, I’m troubled that Lebron = McNabb in a few years…those of you who have pointed out that teams are skimping on surrounding superstars with weapons to win the title are absolutely right.

  22. great piece

  23. thebrotherreport Says:

    I heard this evening that the Eagles were shopping McNabb during the NFL trade deadline there were teams that asked about Donovan. But the Birds wanted 3 first-round picks for McNabb.

    Whether that is absurb a price is irrelevant, the fact is that there is a price out there for McNabb now and the closer we get to draft day, it will come down.

  24. thebrotherreport Says:

    Absurd, my apologies

  25. Finally got around to reading this post today and I don’t argue with any of the things you’ve laid down Mizzo. I make no bones about loving the Eagles especially McNabb because I have much respect for the man for the things he and his family went through even before he made it to Philly and the NFL. I only know what I know about him through what I’ve read and seen in the media but I always respected the way he carried himself and the toughness he displayed while keeping that smile on his face. Just like many people and things that you enjoy in life you have to let them go so they can find their true success and happiness.

    McNabb isn’t happy in Philly anymore and I see that. I’d rather see him go someplace else and win where he’ll be appreciated for the things he can still accomplish in his career because a certain segment of Eagles fans will never be happy seeing him in Silver and Green. The Philly media doesn’t even need to be mentioned because they’re there to sell papers and get ratings so stirring the pot will always be their raison d’etre. I let everyone who’ll listen know that McNabb is STILL one of the top 3 QB’s in the NFL and if you dropped him in the 31 other NFL cities he would still lead his team to the playoffs. He is STILL that good from what I can see.

    Just like I still root for Alley I even though he wears gold and baby blue believe me I’ll happily praise McNabb when he’s wearing navy blue next year in Chi (even though I’d rather see him wearing Viking purple next season) and when he does lead his team to a title I’ll be right there on the Eagles’ messageboard reminding those fools that they ran a true pearl out of town once again.

  26. Oh and one more thing:


    Talk about creating bad karma for your sports teams…sheesh

  27. Philly fans are just ridiculous. One of the callers on 610 called in and said I can live with A.J’s interceptions. WTF he threw 3. Many of them think they know everything and don’t know sh.. Donavan should pack his bags and head home to Chicago. I agree with Harvey they need to get rid of the statue.

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