Report: University of Nebraska Interim AD Fires Football Coach Bill Callahan

Looking for the last shoe to drop?

Nebraska head football coach Bill Callahan was fired in a meeting with Tom Osborne. After yesterday’s 65-51 debacle at the hands of rival Colorado, Nebraska’s embattled season ended with a overall record of 5-7 and an even more abysmal 2-6 in the Big 12. The storied Nebraska franchise has had only two losing seasons since 1962–both have come under the helm of Callahan. Press Conference is scheduled for 10:30 EST. Look for Tom Osborne to hopefully hire Buffalo head coach Turner Gill–who was a very successful quarter back in the early 80’s when Osborne was Nebraska’s iconic head coach.

Nebraska faithful never fully grasped Callahan’s west coast offense that shelved a traditional Husker power running attack.

Firing Callahan will be costly for Nebraska. He was given a three-year contract extension in September, which would have paid him about $1.5 million annually through the 2011 season.

The loss to Colorado was the sixth time this season the Cornhuskers allowed more than 40 points in a game and the second time an opponent scored more than 60. Nebraska had never allowed 40 points in a game four times in a season in its 118-year history.

Nebraska fired athletics director Steve Pederson on Oct. 15, after the Cornhuskers were embarrassed in consecutive losses to Missouri and Oklahoma State. Pederson fired former football coach Frank Solich after the Cornhuskers finished 9-3 in 2003 and hired Callahan, who had coached the Oakland Raiders for two seasons and led them to Super Bowl XXXVII.

The firing came one month and a day after Callahan said, “I have done an excellent job in every area.”


3 Responses to “Report: University of Nebraska Interim AD Fires Football Coach Bill Callahan”

  1. $4.5 million is pennies to the University. The football program is the anchor for the state. It’s the only game in town. There are no competing state schools and no professional sports. It’s all Big Red all the time.

    Callahan’s hire should make folks wonder what the hell they talked about in his hiring interview. How can you expect a school whose recruiting base came from schools geared to one type of offense to switch so quickly? How can you expect a coach with no recruiting chops to keep it flowing?

    Firing Frank Solich was not wise or decent. Nebraska deserves its current fate. Turner Gill would be wise to consider if this job is as attractive as he thinks it is. After all, things dun changed in the Big 12. Last night’s showcase game featured Kansas and Missouri – that sounds like basketball season.

    The fan base will be energized by his return. That’s a start.

  2. Gill is what the Nebraska faithful need. He will bring unified loyalty to the program and will work closely with the coach who took a chance on him in ’80. His hire will also inspire more youngstas to get out there and lead early on. Croom and Willingham were historic hires for Miss. State and ND. I surmise Gill’s opportunity will carry more significance and respect from more impressionable generations.

  3. costly home

    Report: University of Nebraska Interim AD Fires Football Coach Bill Callahan | The Starting Five

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