Friday Fire: In All Things Give Thanks. What Are You Thankful For?

Sly and the Fam gettin it

It was my intention to post this yesterday but things got busy…

Yesterday was a day set aside to give thanks for who and what we have in our lives. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or chose not to isn’t what it’s about. I see this as a time to reflect and count our blessings

It’s tradition in my family that we go around the table and each person tells what they are thankful for. Today you’re at the table of TSF; I’ll kick things off.

I’m thankful for the life, health and strength of my family and friends, thankful for the opportunity to raise a son and experience the unconditional love he has for me. I’m thankful for the peaks that have held me up and the valleys that humble me.

In closing I’m thankful for Mike Tillery, TSF and the opportunity to share a small piece of my world with an astute audience that appreciates the cause we’re fighting for.

God Bless,

Ron Glover (The Brother Report)


2 Responses to “Friday Fire: In All Things Give Thanks. What Are You Thankful For?”

  1. TBR,

    Thank you for such a lovely post. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and my career. As a nurse I touch peoples lives in a way that I never thought I would. The smiles are priceless. Last I would like to thank TSF and the bright community here that provides so much insight into issuses that are important to me. A positive alternative to the MSM. A voice for all! Thanks to Miranda for helping me control my blood pressure.LOL

  2. Nah, thank you brotha for helping to establish something we can call our own.

    Welcome to you and CinQue. Let’s do this and give them something to remember.
    I’m thankful for my children for all being influential student athletes and understanding when I’m on the road. Pop is so proud of all of you.

    I’m thankful for my beautiful sister for grabbing a brotha up with Harriet Tubman life and strength.

    I’m thankful for the many personalities who frequent TSF and make this what it is and will be.

    I’m thankful for Dwil, HNIC, Max Air, and JWeiler for laying the groundwork. Thank you my brothas. One day we’ll all meet again under the shady tree.

    I thank every single person who has commented, written real rap and even hated.

    I thank Chuck D, Scoop Jax, Roland Rogers and Dave Cole for being the first to stick out a genuine helping hand.

    Thank you Jemele for facing the TSF flame and keeping it movin’. Your interview provided very memorable discourse. Big ups.

    Neal Scarbrough, Rob King, Dan LeBatard, David Aldridge, Chris Broussard, Dave Zirin, Rob Parker, Justice B. Hill, J.A. Adande, Will Leitch, Tanya Marchiol, Ovie Mughelli, Dan Wilcox, Jarvis Green, Kyle Korver, Brandi Dilks, Carlisle Sealy, Etan Thomans, Marcellus Wiley, Heidi Beuch, Erika Bjork, Meredith Geisler, Ron Artest, Grant Hill, Chris Webber, Chris Paul, Ben Osborne, Delinda Lombardo, Eddie Rhodman Jr., Jarel Granderson and even Whitlock..thanks for propagating the dream.

    To Miranda, Sports Diva and Michelle, thanks putting it down like only sistas can.

    KevDog, T3, Sankofa, Des, Origin, The Last Poet, Modi, Harvey Dent, Jordi, Grand Nubian, Diallo Tyson, MC Bias, Tim Hopkins, Eric Daniels, Jay Goober, SML, Signal2Noise, Inkognegro, Sweet Jones…man, you all give me chills crankin’ sick knowledge and conscious rage. My bad if I forgot someone. Thanks brothas.

    Thanks to Sports On My Mind, The Commission, You Been Blinded, HoopsAddict, The Black Fives, Cosellout, Temple 3, Moderately Cerebral Bias, Stop Mike Lupica, The Serious Tip, Mind Rite Sports, Leave the Man Alone, and anyone else I’ve inadvertently forgotten for giving us all a formidable alternative.

    The Big Lead, Deadspin and TrueHoop for occasionally linking to our work.

    The site will be upgraded next week to take advantage of such a unique community. We are all very very appreciative for putting us in a position to be noticed.

    I’m humbled by all of you.

    Thank you.

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