Something To Ponder…

Does it matter why I am sad? Do you see the facade?

I’m not writing about chanting “Fire Isiah”. That was just ridiculous and self explanatory.


Here are two examples of why Blacks largely dismiss the accuracy and intentions of MSM news coverage.

It’s not just about sports.

Stop trying to save Africa!

Perhaps most interesting is the language used to describe the Africa being saved. For example, the Keep a Child Alive/” I am African” ad campaign features portraits of primarily white, Western celebrities with painted “tribal markings” on their faces above “I AM AFRICAN” in bold letters. Below, smaller print says, “help us stop the dying.”

Such campaigns, however well intentioned, promote the stereotype of Africa as a black hole of disease and death. News reports constantly focus on the continent’s corrupt leaders, warlords, “tribal” conflicts, child laborers, and women disfigured by abuse and genital mutilation. These descriptions run under headlines like “Can Bono Save Africa?” or “Will Brangelina Save Africa?” The relationship between the West and Africa is no longer based on openly racist beliefs, but such articles are reminiscent of reports from the heyday of European colonialism, when missionaries were sent to Africa to introduce us to education, Jesus Christ and “civilization.”

There is no African, myself included, who does not appreciate the help of the wider world, but we do question whether aid is genuine or given in the spirit of affirming one’s cultural superiority. My mood is dampened every time I attend a benefit whose host runs through a litany of African disasters before presenting a (usually) wealthy, white person, who often proceeds to list the things he or she has done for the poor, starving Africans. Every time a well-meaning college student speaks of villagers dancing because they were so grateful for her help, I cringe. Every time a Hollywood director shoots a film about Africa that features a Western protagonist, I shake my head — because Africans, real people though we may be, are used as props in the West’s fantasy of itself. And not only do such depictions tend to ignore the West’s prominent role in creating many of the unfortunate situations on the continent, they also ignore the incredible work Africans have done and continue to do to fix those problems.

Why do the media frequently refer to African countries as having been “granted independence from their colonial masters,” as opposed to having fought and shed blood for their freedom? Why do Angelina Jolie and Bono receive overwhelming attention for their work in Africa while Nwankwo Kanu or Dikembe Mutombo, Africans both, are hardly ever mentioned? How is it that a former mid-level U.S. diplomat receives more attention for his cowboy antics in Sudan than do the numerous African Union countries that have sent food and troops and spent countless hours trying to negotiate a settlement among all parties in that crisis?
Simply the truest….


Something written two years ago by respected journalist Dwight Cunningham. This issue still hasn’t received it’s proper historical reverence.

Media Hurricane is Spinning Out of Control

“Wild gangs” and the “urban menace,” Fox newscaster Bill O’Reilly proclaimed, were hurting search-and-rescue attempts.

The media is cementing those filtered words and images into the nation’s conscious. So that someday, when congressional hearings and blue-ribbon presidential panels are formed, such biased reporting will be used to formulate policy that could prove equally disastrous to Black America.

How many of us here on TSF have stated similar views regarding sports coverage?

Who is monitoring today’s coverage? Is it the National Association of Black Journalists, for example, in a real concise, scientific way? That group and other respected journalistic organizations should be in the monitoring mode. Right now!

This is why I have no problem calling out our own in media and sports.

I worry about who is going to tell the story of the recovery effort and its impact on Black America. Will there be equal treatment, or no treatment at all, when federal and insurance dollars trickle in, whenever that is?

For the media, and left to our own devices, you can believe there will be huge gaps in the information chain.

The reflective pieces Ron Glover has brought to TSF highlight a sentiment that needs consistent documentation. Our kids will be lost mentally regarding our place in sports as well as how we are perceived historically personally.

Yes, sports is minimal compared to these more important issues. I’ve tried to outline how the present media affects future perception every time I’ve ranted in an interview (I wanted to make this clear). We have to stand up and provocatively express our beliefs because it gives respect to those before us who suffered and endured.

Thanks for commenting on the site Dwight. I hope to document a conversation with you soon.


30 Responses to “Something To Ponder…”

  1. Your writing makes 100% sense, but what’s really sad is that no matter how many times some white people would read this, they would still not get the point nor try to understand the underlying issue. I read some of their responses to simple, sports stories and it sickens me. I find myself HOPING that isn’t how they really feel…but that is just being naive. I really do believe that sports are a mirror of how the country would react in a major racial issue, and I believe it would not be pretty at all.

  2. Great piece once again.

  3. Africa gets a bad rap because while there are not many international wars on the continant, ,thanks to the AU, every country there with the potential to become economically powerful is in civil war. I mean to try to paint the current state of sub-Saharan Africa minus South Africa as good is a bold face lie.

    Check out this story

  4. The media is a reflection of the people who follow it.

    People who want to believe Africa can be saved by B-List actors and Rockers will watch that and inhale it into their psyches.

    People who know that the media is just another profit making division of a international conglomerate and seek their news from multiple sources…they usually lurk on the fringes…like around here.

  5. I dont believe any normal person believes any celebrity can save Africa, I think its kind of pathetic for you to try to put the rest of society down to build yourself up.

    The fact is that the nations in Africa are nearly as stable and profitable as they should be and a lot of that is because of tribal fighting and religious fighting.

  6. DavidMac

    In African when a patient has chronic illness, a good healer investigates the cause of the illness. They assess the person’s lifestyle, eating habits, state of mind, emotional make up and the environment. The healer also assess the family, because if you’re doing it, it maybe primarily because your family is doing it.

    Allopathic medicine seeks to stymie the symptom –or effect of the illness – primarily by providing medication or surgery when the situation gets out of control. When European neo-colonialists in their white supremacy think mode portray Africa they portray civil wars, natural disasters and dis-ease. This naturally influences generations of lemmings who believe subconsciously and overtly that Africa is helpless and dying.

    If people like you take your nose out of massa’s kitchen and read, listen or talk to Africans “on the ground”, you will naturally feel (a) foolish for parroting the centuries old racist diatribe about Africa (b) realize how much you are ignorant of the world, the effect of White Supremacy on the world and of Africa itself, and (c) will continue to aid the White Supremacy system by victim bashing, thus earn your right full place in the corner of massa’s kitchen, every ready for him to throw you a bone.

    For the life of me I cannot understand how one knee-grow can have so much love for others over himself or his people. Hell even the mythic Jesus wouldn’t go that far.

  7. souldecirce Says:

    I’m going to abstain from the argument (temporarily) and ask what you think of the George Eastman painting/s? I love viewing them, but I am creeped out when I start thinking too much.

  8. souldecirce Says:

    Oops. The artist’s name is Ruud van Empel, not George Eastman. (The George Eastman House hosted an exhibition of the works.)

  9. GrandNubian Says:


    Excellent post. Keep doing your thing, god.


  10. Like I’ve said before I’ve talked to many Africans on the ground, via the university I used to work for. They all say the same thing, internal strife is holding African nations back from becoming world powers.

    Your little explanations about the old wives way of medicine in Africa is nice and some of their treatments might work, we see this in all societies. The fact is that modern medicine works, and has led to people living longer and healthier lives than the times when “old wives” treatments were the only game in town. That alone speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

    I don’t see how my nose is in “massa’s kitchen” by stating a fact. Did you even happen to catch a glimpse of the link I posted. Do not turn a blind eye towards real problems, just to say that the MSM is full of lies. Africa is in turmoil, it is one of the poorest continants on Earth. Africa’s mortality rate is high, and life expectancy the lowest and something needs to be done. The solution though must come from those who live there, but that is the problem. The brightest minds in Africa leave the continenant and go to the most stable nations in the world and leave the dim bulbs there.

    I do know how you can fix that problem.

    As how I can love others over myself, I don’t understand your sentimant. I love my family and friends. Race has nothing to do with it and I dislike the notion that you help others or prefer others based on race, I guess because I’m not a racist.

    As for Jesus being a myth, you know there is more written evidence supporting the existance of Christ than there is evidence of Julius Ceasar. Do you think he was a myth as well?

  11. I’m new to your blog, heard about it from cosellout. I found your article interesting, and am in agreemnent on some issues. On others, well we disagree. Personally, I don’t mind well intended white folks giving a helping hand or writing a check for some cause in sub saharan africa. I will grant you that most of these white folks are not aware of their own unconcious racist views, and subsequent paternalistic attitudes towards my africian brothers and sisters. They are trying to help, the fault is with a system that has fed them white supremacy lies over the centuries.

    The bigger issue to me is that no one talks about the fact that on the entire africian continent, with the possible exception of south africa, no african country control their natural resources. All the countries contract with the europeans, americans, or chinese to locate the precious /raw minerals /materials, escavated them, and bring them to the international markets. The africans provide the land and the cheap labor, and the outsiders reap the rewards. This resource drain without rewards continue to stunt the growth of the continent. And it’s now just a matter of time before India gets into the rape africa orgy.

    Most if not all of these border wars plaguing africa, are financed by outside forces with an economic interest in the outcome. I know it’s easy to focus on the nefarious history of the europeans in africa, but lets not forget, that the arabs had a slave trade in africa that predates the white mans involvement. And the ethnic clensing in Darfur is financed by arabs /islamic forces.

    On another topic. I think Isiah should be fired. He is the architect of that team, he is the one that put that mis mash team together. I would agree that some of those clamouring for his head may have a racial motive, but lets not dismiss Isiah’s role in this mess. I see the brother as a decent coach, but a terrible GM.

  12. Grasshopper…

    I will continue this not so much with the hopes of you ever removing the Euro-specific mask from your face, but that others may over stand that truth is in the experience and one of the lessons in life is in his-story and our story, which Malik Shabazz instructs is best able to reward our research. For a allegid intelligent man, you have failed to see the forest for the trees.

    I will seek to stretch this…keep in mind this lesson is for those who will use it. Those African professors are first and foremost colonial entities, or sons and daughters of colonial entities. Just like Africans in America Inc. will for the most part fail to overstand the trials and tribulations of the captured African narratives in America Inc. Likewise Africans in America will not wholy overstand the colonial soul killing in other parts of the African dominated lands.

    Your professors are the proverbal allopathic practioners, who upon seeing the mucus and phlegm flowing from the souls of the culturally ill, will administer syrupy medicine to stop the flow. However that is not what stops the flow, but the bodies defence mechanism kicking in to deal with this new intrusion. And the CAUSE of the mucus and phlegm has not even been dealt with. Just like live AID and other seemingly benign medicine does not deal with the cause of Africa’s poverty mentality and spirit.

    Second,you may dismiss these “old wives” tale as you wish, however the world moves on with or with out you. Keep in mind that allopathic medicine, even though it is making some inroads into older cultures, how it is being pimped, outside of trauma emergancies, are being challenged as you sit and twiddle your thumbs by allopathic doctors here in America Inc…I am not even going to talk about the others cultures who are resisting these intrusive practices. Anyway ths is a tale for another day.

    Third you are right the soultion must come from within, and if your African professors are honest they would tell you that Africans can and have proven in the past , capable of fixing their problems…if foreign INTERESTS will stop interfering in the economy, politics, social structure and everyday lives of the societies on the continent. But blood suckers are always flitting around fresh blood.

    Fourth: By no means am I intimating that only Africans deserve respect and dialogue. But in the climate we live, self love is the first law of nature. If others are prepared to deal with me on a higher level of MA’AT, truth and justice, then by all means let us do so, but in this climate…..the pickings are slim!

    Fifth: Unfortunately you are a racist, a twisted kind that will refuse to see Africans in the same light you do Europeans…or is the talented 10th the only one amongst us that benefit from your benign attention?

    Finally: I will say it under the open skies and in the ears of all who are near. Prove to me OUTSIDE OF THE BIBLE, that Jesus in fact exist and I will give you $100. If I prove to you using bible context and SOME outside source that Jesus is a myth, then you can appologise to the ladies of TSF for your ignorance.

    We will let Mizzo judge the argument before putting it forth.


  13. Bother Imhotep,

    I am with you up untill Isiah. But that is because I have a bias to him. However I think these guys do need a different approach and unfortunately firing the coach is better that firing the team. I still think he is a good coah and GM, but the situation he came in has been difficult for him to succeed as he wanted to

  14. I think DMac’s pieces withered under the yellow brick road 😉

  15. You’d be surprised how much you can do to alleviate some of this madness by doing a few simple things:

    1) Stop watching your local news. It’s not actually news anyway – and all the words in the entire broadcast can fit on the first page of the NY Times. Would you spend 30 minutes reading page 1 of a newspaper? Of course not. That would be pretty stoooopid.

    2) Stop watching commercials – and stop buying the bullshit that adverteasers are peddling in these commercials. TiVO, DVR or the discipline to shut it down…(same goes for that nonsense on the radio). If someone is programming your “station” and you need to change your station in life, you probably need new programming.

    3) Understand that what you see before you is a predictable, replicable PATTERN of recurring activity. Don’t be duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled or led astray by glitches in the matrix. Even a broken clock is right twice a day – and that means it is right for TWO MINUTES all day.

    It is important that we learn more about Africa because our futures our tied to the fate of that continent – believe it or not. The sooner we recognize that and coordinate our lives and work around that reality, we’ll be much better off. And remember, Africans have no permanent friends only permanent interests – what’s your interest and how does it contribute to the well-being of Africans here and abroad?

    (None of the above should be taken to mean that keeping periodic tabs on your local community is a bad idea – but it is nonessential. If you missed the evening news for 50 years and never saw another commercial, you would not be harmed.)

  16. souldecirce Says:

    Just saying I dig what Temple’s layin’ down. Preach!

  17. Straight truth brotha Sankofa and Temple. I preach the same to my wife and daughter.

  18. Imhotep wrote:
    “Personally, I don’t mind well intended white folks giving a helping hand or writing a check for some cause in sub saharan africa. I will grant you that most of these white folks are not aware of their own unconcious racist views, and subsequent paternalistic attitudes towards my africian brothers and sisters. They are trying to help, the fault is with a system that has fed them white supremacy lies over the centuries.”

    You do no favors to black folks anywhere with that kind of racist talk, imhotep. Imagine some white person saying “black people aren’t even conscious of their own ingrained racism” or anything of equal generality and ignorance. You’d raise your fists angrily and rail on another whitey who fit your preconceived notion of how all white people are. In all seriousness, before you bother to presume to “educate” anybody on anything, you better look within your own soul and assess how corrupted it is by the very same racism you decry. Hypocrisy runs rampant in your words.

  19. Go to sleep Darius….just go to sleep (rock a bye baby on the tree top…)

  20. “The bigger issue to me is that no one talks about the fact that on the entire africian continent, with the possible exception of south africa, no african country control their natural resources. All the countries contract with the europeans, americans, or chinese to locate the precious /raw minerals /materials, escavated them, and bring them to the international markets. The africans provide the land and the cheap labor, and the outsiders reap the rewards. This resource drain without rewards continue to stunt the growth of the continent. And it’s now just a matter of time before India gets into the rape africa orgy.”

    You are correct on this. That’s a fundamental issue that Garvey was writing about over six decades ago. Black folk in the US have to be willing to invest time, money, and other resources in to developing a plan for the continent – in collaboration with continental Africans. The issue, however, comes down to a willingness to kill. Frankly, the paradigm for corruption (elites serving themselves instead of the collective) was set down by the colonial powers. A corrupt person was the only person they could work with – after all, a person of character would have worked to serve the interests of the Africans.

    So, after spending years and years building schools to cultivate cadres of corrupt African leaders (for all sectors of government), are we really to believe that Washington and London and Paris don’t want to see corruption – when by definition it serves their interests? Of course not. If black folks are not willing to raise hell in London, Paris, New York and Washington, there will ALWAYS be corruption on the continent because the dollars flow WEST and NORTH.

    The same recipe for true leadership was applied on the continent as it was here and in the Caribbean. True leadership usually became dead leadership. It’s not as if Africans – as a group – are pissing away their resources. It is that a group of thugs serving Western interests are actually running these nations in the ground…so they can fly to London or Paris or Amsterdam on a regular and get high in the whitest clubs, bone the whitest chicks and blow loot on Western manufactures – of cars, of trinkets – of anything that shines and dissipates the wealth of a people.

    The headquarters of true crime are not in Lagos or Sudan or Zaire. It’s right downtown in NYC or DC. You don’t have to go far if you want to raise hell – but try getting an audience from Democrats or Republicans…they’ll laugh you right out of the building — after they hit you up for a contribution from the Flava of the Month libruh or new nEw NEW Black Conswervahtive.

    The game is about power over life and death and if you don’t think so – ask yourself why Libya and South Africa BOTH abandoned their nuclear arms programs while the US contemplates establishing a military command center in Africa. It’s about a gangster move. Debate Barack and Hillary if you wanna – but don’t take your eye of the prize.

    Sudan holds the key to boxing the Chinese in to the Middle East. The Congo holds the key to the US and European airline industry. And the Bank of London is still sitting pretty based on stores of gold seized from Ghana and South Africa. If your church or mosque or Democratic Club or Republic Club or investment club or school or fraternity isn’t talking about any of this stuff – and you don’t know anyone who does – ask yourself why?

    Why am I rummaging through this room with the lights out? How did I get to be so in the dark? Folks, please turn the lights on in your life…if we focus and agree to disagree on small things, we can move mountains.

  21. 1965, after Zimbabwe broke away Britain, The European thieves seized control of the majority of fertile land within the country and forced blacks to use the poorer, arid, and unproductive ground. In 1980 after the election of President Robert Mugabe and the implementation of the Lancaster House Agreement, European landowners were granted ten years of protection from land distribution policies and reform. In addition, it was agreed that land would not be seized without compensation. Another bullshit agreement many free states around the world sign off on to get away from the colonialists.

    In 1990, the government amended the Constitution in order to provide for the redistribution of land within the country and to provide for an adequate redistribution of the land, while fairly compensating European landowners. Various Western governments, including Britain, then provided land assistance grants in order to speed the process of land redistribution and compensation. After 1998 the relationship between the Zimbabwean government and donor governments faced instability, and Zimbabwe accused these governments of attempting to maintain the colonial distribution of wealth.

    Over the last five years, there has been increasing political and social tension in Zimbabwe over land-distribution and compensation. In July 2000, President Mugabe stated that he would adopt a “fast-tracts” land reform process in Zimbabwe so the government identified tracks of land for redistribution. This fast-tracts model consists of two approaches: model A1, to benefit 160,000 of the poor from the general landless population; and model A2 aimed at creating 51,000 black commercial farmers.

    The western countries in typical White Supremacy mind think claimed this process was an inefficient and inconsistent method of allocating land. Moreover, there were increasing concerns that these methods were not monitored by the judicial system, which was partial to the British parliamentary model

    In December 2000; the Commercial Farmer’s Union (an organized European farming collective) filed a suit in the Zimbabwe Supreme Court, challenging the legality of the current fast track land reform system. The CFU was successful in obtaining an order from the Court, barring land distribution under the fast-track method because the method was held to be unconstitutional. In the wake of land expropriations officially called the “Zimbabwean Land Redistribution Act” the British and American governments ordered economic and political sanctions against Zimbabwe. An “Open Letter to Mugabe” from the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, the Black Radical Congress, Trans-Africa, and other knee-grows in America Inc. placed the signatories in bed with the British and American governments in denouncing the Zimbabwean government for allowing land expropriations by landless Zimbabwean peasants.

    In denouncing Mugabe, these organizations provided excuse for British and American governments to say their economic and political sanctions against Zimbabwe were, aren’t and can never be the action of racist imperialism. The Western countries also supported the MDC to foster treasonable acts of violence and while encouraging national starvation of their brothers and sisters. And when Mugabe decides to get corrective with these traitors, he is called a despot and dictator and he is starving the country. Temple you’re analysis along with Imhoteps effectively squashes DavidMacs asinine fantasy about Africa being backwards.
    And for the record, there is a African figure head in Azania (South Africa) but the important departments, the Military, police, Finance, Judicial and Business are controlled by guess who?

    The same vampire that was always there since the first Boars illegally swam a shore

  22. Temple3, Sankofa

    You guys are a treasure chest of information. Thanks for your posts. I love reading them.

  23. Africa’s problem is “backwardness” in the sense folks use the word. The problem is a five century old inability to export war OFF the continent. If Africans had the capacity to export war to Europe and the US, their condition would improve considerably. Of course, we’re not talking conventional warfare – that would be absurd. But the fact remains that Africa is much farther along than was northern and western Europe when they were subject to the military domination of the Romans.

    Now, dem wuz sum bakwudz muhphukkas. Ain’t not neah one of ’em ever developed they own skrip – ‘cept for the Celtic peoples and you see how the get treated. Bakwudz ass pre-literate types talk a lotta shit, but it’s all borrowed – and even the discipline to organize it all was external. But that’s another post for another time.

  24. “But the fact remains that Africa is much farther along than was northern and western Europe when they were subject to the military domination of the Romans.”

    Yeah, but never mind that the Romans never gave juicy financial packages to those they conquered, to fight diseases and things like that. Your comparison is absurd and totally invalid, obviously designed to deflect any culpability of Africans for the state of their own continent.

  25. Darius, if read a book sometime your ignorance will not be so blatant. The only native disease in Africa is Malaria and corruption/egotism – which is a human disease. All other diseases are imported directly or indirectly.

    The biggest disease to ever hit Africa were Europeans crossing the Mediterranean to see “the Black Land”, as Aristotle described it, then giving in to their urge to possess or destroy all in sight.

    Since then it has been one gang rape after another. From the Greeks, the Ptolemy’s, Rome and Caesar, Napoleon, the Hyksos, the Persians, the British, the French, the Portuguese the Spanish, The Belgiums, the Khazars from the Caucasoid mountains who took the land and birth right of the Palestine, people, the Americans….I could go on and on and on.

    What financial package? No other land mass on the planet as the type of natural resources like the CONTINENT of Africa. The bloody material to make airplane engine, is only found in the Congo. These invaders, as Minister Farrakhan said of Hitler are “Intelligently evil”, The packages are not for any altruistic reasons other than to keep the cheap labour going so they can extract the minerals or work the stolen land for the thieves who posses them.

    Don’t tell me any bullshit about AIDS as a disease, because you no nothing about biology, the etymology of disease, recombinant virus, what the hell a virus does or anything like that.

    Don’t jump into a conversation about things you know nothing about. Raise your hands and ask permission and one of the instructors will guide you.

    Talking about Africa’s culpability in her own misery is like cursing a victim of childhood abuse who ends up indulging in self harming activities.

    Finally as the European fantasy book states, before you can take the staf out of your brothers eye, remove the log from your own.

    “From the cradle to the grave, you must seek of Knowledge”
    —The Qu’an—

  26. People like Origin and Sankofa are marginalized and on the fringes of society because they live in their own world in which all truth and common sense are malleable to the service of the black race. Change a few facts there, omitt a few here…so long as it makes whitey look bad and blacks look good. I am waiting for some holocost denial (or at least a statement about how it was nothing compare to the passage from africa, which should then invalidate it).

    You’re divorced from the real world. There’s a reason you’re limited to this blog and other fringe lunnacy gatherings, because no one–white black or whatever–takes what you say seriously. Sure, you’ll tell yourself it’s because the Man, or the system, or some imperial western force is holding your message down. But we live in a society where information travels freely. We live in a nation with something like 40 million black folk. If what you were preaching was anything more than the musings of a bitter, bitter person, you’d think you’d have an audience.

    Your type is so easy to read. You attack those that disagree with you by telling them to “read a book” or “get some education.” Those are the debating techniques of persons who hope to confuse the audience with an air of superiority that is not even there. Make them think you’re edumacated. Very clever….but not really.

    Then, you’ll shower down hate and disdain (use some big words you may have learned reading Baldwin, or some Marcus Garvey speech), on those you perceive as “house ****as” (or some variation thereof). For instance, I can already predict what criticisms someone like you will level against a man like Barak Obama. 1) White man’s puppet 2) Good knee-grow 3) happy to sit at ‘massa’s’ table 4) supports U.S. imperialism…..

    But make no mistake, those like Obama, who can actually function within the mainstream of society, they are the people who actually make a difference in the lives of black americans. Not you, and the 25 other brothas and sistas attending the “new black panther movement” meeting in Oakland next week.

    But hey, I think this blog reaches about 30-40 peeps, so I am sure your revolution will rise one of these days.

  27. Amused, so the masses are the absolute factual element of society?

    That’s real funny. What has the mainstream offered that hasn’t been detrimental to our world existence?

    Say what you will about this blog, we will continue to speak from our vantage point. If you don’t like it, or are offended, then keep it moving.

    Don’t you have anything better to do than to stir up shit on a blog you demean so?

    If you would like to debate the critical musings of a sick society or how to resolve some important issues, then by all means feel free to chat.

    Don’t come here with your pompous bullcrap about Obama. He certainly wasn’t the topic of discussion in this particular post.

    You are kidding when you think you are going to spit your BS and remain anonymous. If it wasn’t for ethics….

    I’m sure Origin and Sankofa would like to have a word with you.

  28. Amused,

    Be gone. First of all the the people who blog here are hard working professionals. Second, a lot of the criticism on this blog is directed towards the MSM. If you can’t see, in this society, black people are still treated differently than whites you are a fool. We choose not to be. What does attacking the blog have to do with anything?

    It sure reached your a..

  29. Amused….go to sleep…just go to sleep……

  30. Amused….listen!

    Listn carefully..can you hear it? Listen carefully now…that’s the sound of your relevance in the TSF world. Do you see it? Look carefully…that’s how you’re registering in my world!

    Etiquette states that when you verbally defecate in public places, you should be contrite enough to apologise for you anti-social and uncivilized behaviour….and use the Charmin.

    I am not amused by you…however since I am superior to you and do have disdain for your like, not because I feel it is a birth right, but because I do read a book, think critically and am not a sheep. You see amused…I am not a farm boy, I am city slick, and while I have no problem watching hogs wallow in mud, I prefer to remain clean mentally and physically.

    I don’t know if you are a knee-grow or white trash, from the big house or the out house, but if you can pinpoint exactly what it is I or Origin said to get your thongs in a knot, I will surely debate you. Don’t worry I won’t use Baldwin or Garvey; I’ll use Elmo or Grover…something on your intellectual level.

    Oh! and Obama? WTF?

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