Breaking News (2:15 PM): Michael Vick Begins Serving Sentence

Mike won’t be doing this for an extended period.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has self-surrendered himself to the U.S. Marshals to begin his jail sentence on dogfighting charges.

Vick will know the length of his sentence in a December 10th sentencing hearing.

*12/10 Michael Vick sentencing.


29 Responses to “Breaking News (2:15 PM): Michael Vick Begins Serving Sentence”

  1. Guess you might as well get it over with.

  2. SportsDiva,


  3. thebrotherreport Says:


  4. One thing is certain. Mike will be the first guy picked in every prison football scrimmage.

  5. If its true that his lawyers got the actual time in prison reduced to 10 months….it will be very interesting how things turn out next season.

    Oh…and props to Mike’s camp for not leaking a word and leaving the press with nothing! No pictures, no statement, NOTHING!! Just a standard write-up….now they’re scrambling beter than Mike to come up with some “story”.

  6. Most importantly, they didn’t get the perp walk pics.

  7. And this coming out before the holiday is good timing. Because most news outlets will be home on Thursday and Friday.

    I hope Vick gets a significantly reduced sentence between three to six months at the most and he can resume his NFL career.

  8. thebrotherreport Says:

    I think this will work in his favor; he will get time served and hopefully an early release for good behavior.

    His decision to turn himself in early right before the holiday speaks volumes.

  9. Greg aka Farrod Says:

    Man, this shit ain’t funny…Hope you guys are right, though.

  10. thebrotherreport Says:

    It’s far from a joke. I’m pretty sure no one on here sees this as a laughing matter. I don’t think he’ll do a full year. I’m thinking July-August 2008.

  11. Mike will be ok. When it’s all said and done he will have learned a lot about himself as well as others. He’s rid of his so called free loading friends. Thank goodness. Mike will be cool when this is over. I just hope he grants Mizzo an interview so we can read all about it. Keep your head up #7.

  12. Now Michelle…let me warn you again…you KNOW the trolls will be out in full force! They’re looking for every article, commentary, blog….right now that says Vick so they can spit their ignorance! Don’t let them get your pressure up! LOLOL!!

  13. Ok Miranda!LOL

  14. I’ll say if this is a good thing when I hear from the judge how much time Vick will have to serve. His lawyers must have some heavy assurances their client will get some time shaved off if he turned himself in early and knock on wood it will only be a few months but we all know he shouldn’t even be serving that much time.

    Keep ya head up, Mike, you gonna be alright

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vick came out with a law degree and bigger and faster than ever.

  16. “bigger and faster than ever”? Will they gonna say he was juicing in the big house?


  17. Hopefully the cut his sentence…………… for the good ole boy Roger Goodell. I still say he is going to blackball vick.

    He still has that stupid investigation going on. You know its a straight setup. He will wait for Vick to get sentence then………..a week later announce how much longer vick will be suspended.

    I stiil say if vick does a year the good ole boy commish will suspend him a year to 2 years after he gets out.

  18. Makes sense. You never know what the tenor of his command will be.

  19. Do anyone here know the results of the charges of the State of Virginia v. Vick? Does Vic have a legal battle pending in that state?

    Lucky for Vick that he is a talented athlete, and if healthy, can make an owner some money after his release. If he was an average player, though young, he would not get another sniff… See Quincy Carter, Ontario Smith.

  20. Well there’s also the CFL and that New League starting up in 2008 or 2009. My thought process is that they cut a deal without the press or White folks knowledge with a sentence of maybe 6-12 months with good behavior in 5-8 months and Goodell will suspend him for the 2008 season and he will be back in 2009 in either one of those 3 leagues and hopefully brotha man will get rid of his so- called knucleheaded friends.


  21. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Pretty pathetic that Vick tried to suck up to the judge at the last minute.

    To eric daniels: yes, you’re right, Vick shouldn’t talk to the white media. He should talk to honest black reporters who stick to the facts, guys like Jason Blair (har har har).

  22. Go to sleep Darius…just go to sleep.

  23. I hope that Michael Vick is treated like one of his dogs in prison and hope that he stays in there for a long, long time. What a moron. The lowest of the low. A disgusting, cruel, selfish ‘man’…I hope he never plays football again. I hope his shower experiences in prison are less than favorable 🙂

  24. Kitty Thompson Says:

    I cried when Michael Vick turned himself over to begin serving his prison sentence. I cried because as a mother of one son I could feel the pain that his mother, family and friends must be feeling right now. What appauls me about this so-called justice system that Michael Vick is now subject to is that all the dog lovers of this country turned out in mass to protest Michael Vick’s crime but where were these people when James Byrd was dragged by a truck until he was dismembered in Texas, where were these people when as man was beaten to death last year in a prison in Gulfport, MS, where are these “animal lovers” when human beings are wrongfully convicted, serve lengthy prison sentences and return to a society that offers them little to no opportunities to restore them back to their rightful place? Where is the out cry for justice for them!! This entire case was brought as a diversion from the other story that conveniently left the news the week prior which was the Alleged NFL Referee Betting Scandal – what happen to that story? It was replaced by all the hype around Michael Vick – he was scapegoat people – go back to that story that came and went at the sacrifice of Michael Vick. I had a dog that I loved like a child but the point is he was not a child he was a dog and if animals were left in the wild where they were intended to be – there is a law of survival of the fittest – death is as natural as life in the wild. But now that people love animals more than they do their fellow human beings – they give them “animal rights” and feel like we need to get over the fact that as African-Americans – we may never get any!!!

  25. Kitty Thompson,

    I agree with you 100% I am an animal lover but I also have common sense and the punishment does not fit the crime. What Mike did was wrong, no doubt but he should not lose his job or millions of dollars. The points you made about human was right on.

  26. Oh please….If he wasn’t a footballer like any of you would care. A footballer PLAYS SPORT. He’s not changing the world. There are a lot of people out there doing great things for humanity but no-one notices or cares (because they aren’t being paid millions of dollars to kick a footy around). And get off the race thing… it’s tiresome. The guys a jerk. He got caught. Pity the poor defensless dog laying on the ‘crete with his throat ripped out for money….grown men betting on death! Seriously..
    WE ALL GET WHAT WE DESERVE. Vick will do his time and hopefully learn from it. hopefully he will serve as an example to everyone. At least his life will have been measured in some way worthy.

  27. what the hell yu shuld be asha,ed of yur self for what yu did

    that was so ignorant ii swear if i was a dog i wuld have bit yu in yur

    ass….alongt time agoo wow..ii used to like yu but now for what yu

    did yu lost me as a fan

  28. Vick is freaking disgusting! Shame on you asses saying “hopefully he doesnt spend too much time”. Be damn sure he is going to hell no matter how much time he serves.

  29. Love the sinner hate the sin!

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