Hold Ya Head Kanye

Losing my mother (details sketchy) at 18, and not knowing anything about this world, I know implicitly what Kanye is going through here. Our mothers guide us in ways we never understand until they are gone. God bless you brotha. I’m praying for you. The song “Mother” is playing and he just couldn’t finish. He returned 10 minutes later to continue the show.


7 Responses to “Hold Ya Head Kanye”

  1. I felt so sad watching this video. God Bless you Kanye.

  2. Hey Tracey. How are you? How’s the site?

    It’s very difficult to go through early on. It’s a pain Kanye will experience every single day of his existence. Mother’s Days, Birthdays and holidays are the worst. I used to struggle with my personal Ides of March because my mother died on her birthday (3/13). An ex…Sup Cool Breeze…helped me through what was a terrible time and it’s been almost twenty years. You just never know how and when it’s going to hit you. Maybe this moment on stage will help the brotha truly mourn because he needs to.

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    I lost my dad when I was 20, he was married to my mom for 21 years, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. Football season is tough because that was our time and he passed away in Oct. ’92, football is my first love because of him.

    It was the worst thing that happened to me but it made me realize that if I can make it through losing my Dad, I can make it through just about anything. I never knew how strong could be until he was gone, and looking back the lessons he taught me prepared me for that day.

    I can’t imagine that pain, Mizzo I can just imagine how you feel about your mom.

    I feel terrible for Kanye.

  4. I haven’t lost my parents and I hope it doesn’t come anytime soon. I hope this helps Kanye put his life in perspective and realize what the truely important things in life are.

  5. It’s helped to shape my thoughts dreams and desires. It’s also helped me to put life in perspective as it relates to my children.

    I bring them up in almost everything I do. Some may say I come across as soft because of it, but so be it.

    My children come first and that’s mainly the reason why I encourage a unified front so much around here.

    When it’s gone, its gone. Sorry for your loss TBR.

  6. Kanye-a lot of people are praying for you. Keep ya head and stay strong!

  7. Hey Mizzo,
    The site’s doing well! Thanks for asking! I just saw the most recent video of Kanye addressing his fans in Belgium. He says that his mother would have wanted him to go on with his tour. Echoing the last comment, a lot of people are praying for him. May the memories of your mother give you comfort during the holiday season.

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