The Humiliation of Michael Vick

I was tuned in to ESPN’s Outside the Lines this morning; one of the topics was Michael Vick taking an Empathy Towards Animals course. Vick participated in the 8-hour session at PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Va. which included videos geared more towards my 4 year-old son than a man in his mid-20’s. It was noted in the segment that the videos were made to teach children that animals carry many of the same characteristics and emotions as humans and need to be treated with care. This is to supposedly prepare Vick to speak to children on the topic of animal cruelty.

After a day of “learning” empathy towards animals, Vick returns a few days later to take a written exam (which he passed) on what he “learned” during the session. PETA assistant director Dan Shannon states his initial reaction, when he saw Vick for the first time, was he “Felt like he could get through to this guy.” He would continue by saying he really didn’t care too much for people that mistreat animals. Shannon stated that Vick seemed “Nervous at first, but he seemed really interested.”

Also in the segment, Michael Strahan and some other professional athletes were shown in PETA sanctioned commercials cuddling with their dogs speaking out against animal cruelty.

In a final attempt to degrade Vick, he was advised that regardless of his success in the course PETA would not change their stance on seeing Vick serve a lengthy jail sentence and serving a lifetime ban as an animal owner.

This was IMHO a blatant attempt to humiliate an individual that has apologized for his actions and is willing to take whatever punishment is handed down to him. I also believe ESPN is greasing the skids for Vick’s trial which begins on December 10th (Barry Bonds is December 7, and Pac-Man Jones is December 5th WTF!!!) Why does ESPN feel the need to report on Vick taking an animal empathy class? They spoke to a psychologist who says Vick has deep rooted issues that 8 hours of sensitivity courses cannot cure. Now he’s Ted Bundy? Where was the segment on John Daly when he entered an alcohol rehab some years back? Ben Roethlisberger took motorcycle safety classes in the wake of his accident minus a helmet last year, where was ESPN’s OTL during that intervention?

I don’t agree with Vick’s actions at all, but in no way am I trying to watch an already humiliated individual be crucified in the media. He stayed away and is waiting for his day in court. He has lost millions in salary, endorsements and even a few friends, if you choose to call them that. He has fallen on God and his family for support.

When this is all said and done I’m sure Vick will gladly accept a lifetime ban on owning an animal…it looks like in the next few weeks he’ll be dealing with his share of jackasses.


47 Responses to “The Humiliation of Michael Vick”

  1. This just serve to show you that you cannot and will not get mercy from the White Supremacy System. Yet

    Yet vick and others like him still insists on throwing themselves at the mercy of the (a) Courts (b) Joe Public (c) the pimps in the media. Just like Barry wasn’t about steroids, O.J. wasn’t about double murder, Vicks case proves it realy wasn’t about fighting dogs.

    It’s all about the pick-a-Nic!

  2. Sankofa, its probably best that you and I aren’t advising Vick….cause the mere suggestion by PETA for this stupid azz class would have resulted in every news channel covering how Vick’s publicists cussed the hell outta PETA reps and that would result in even more media lynching of him. I read about this idiotic class when it happened (Sept I think)…I already had no respect for this organization, I didn’t know I could actually go lower and have negative respect….respect can be less than zero…who knew??

  3. I remember when he partook in the class too Miranda. I chuckled to myself and this post reminds me how ‘patronizing’ it was and as Sankofa suggests, how playing into the hands of this BS may be the course that seems smart to his ‘advisors’, but you can’t make sense out of nonsense. This ish will never be fair to the truth or a humbled man.

    And I wouldn’t be humble, I’d be just like this picture of him. LOL
    I’ve always loved this graphic!!

    I thought that the firing of Meacham signified that his folks understood that ‘playing by their rules’ really wasn’t doing anything productive. But I still fear they may not get that message. Unfortunately, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place…….so, throw out the rock and get ‘hard’ on em. Nod to P.E.!!!!

  4. I knew ATL would represent! 🙂

  5. Go Bucs! LOL

    Oh and in my dreams Miranda, you and Sankofa are advising him!!

  6. As usual when the true revolutionary actions are needed, it’s often the females that hold the mens feet to the fire. Our-story some times talks about the females threatening the men not to come home with out a victory or some “trophy”. I

    f the don’t come home with any victory, not getting coochie would be the least of the brothers problem, after she’s done with his trifling ass.

    Maybe he should’ve had you sisters advising him! Then againg that would be the only time he would grab his nuts and act mannish!

  7. I was referring to you all not the team SD 😉

  8. SportsDiva Says:

    Oh I know Mizzo! 🙂 I was just voicing my non-support of a team that got ‘punked’ by 50 PETA protestors. LOL As I’ve always said…Arthur better find a pair if he wants to last in this league. Of course, he can survive longer because he has a larger ‘margin for error’ than some other folks.

    Sankofa…whatever it takes to get him to that place. In other words…By Any Means Necessary.

  9. I’m not a PETA fan, and see limited value in the class other than the fact that he took the time to take it.

    On the other hand, Vick is not awaiting his day in court. He already plead guilty. He’s waiting to be sentenced and go to jail.

    Going to PETA to take this class was not about humiliation. It was about trying to show the Judge that will sentence him that he’s not a complete fool (like a britney spears or something) and that he is working to get his head straight soooo

    that he will not have to spend as many months in jail.

    His PETA visit was about getting out of jail earlier. He’s playing the legal game and ESPN is just reporting on Vick’s latest plays.

    If PETA really wanted to embarass him, they would have snubbed him, not let him in the door, and watched him serve even more time in jail. (note I’m not a PETA fan. They just happened to be on the right side of this cause when Vick was so obviously on the wrong side.)

    Also, I suspect that Vick has killed more dogs than Ted Bundy. Glad Vick had a day job that kept his mind away from crueler actions and escalations against people.

  10. Don’t worry Sportsdiva…its a wrap….I’m predicting the final score will be 31-0.

  11. SportsDiva Says:

    The indictment is worded very subltey and Vick did not get indicted for ‘dogfighting’ or killing any dogs.

    Just want to reitorate the foundation of this case.

  12. See people…..”glad Vick had a day job that kept his mind away from crueler actions and escalations against people”……see…that’s the kind of insane rhetoric that somehow only applies in this situation…but not that of people lurking in a forest shooting animals with high powered rifles and even cross bows. Well…I guess since Cheney and Bush are avid hunters…..that leap to war was inevitable per brettbum’s assertions.

  13. Thanks for reminding folks Sportsdiva….but you know that little tidbit is merely a footnote, if its even that anymore.

  14. Brett the name of the site you link to speaks volumes.

    Why waste so much energy?

  15. thebrotherreport Says:


    Since you think PETA was on the right side of the law take a look at this for me.

  16. Mizzo…LOL….they spend their days and nights googling his name looking for anyplace they can leave a comment. I really didn’t know Mike Vick had so many devoted stalkers.

  17. As always ladies your insight on this subject is on point. These fools have my pressure up. They really believe the hypocritical s… they say. That’s what’s crazy.

  18. LeftAtlanta Says:

    You mean someone watches that show? That’s the first problem is that people are even watching this crap on ESPN in the first place. Just turn it off.

    Ever seen a PETA protest? If PETA wanted to humiliate Mr. Vick, they certainly know how to do it. Not only would they have snubbed him at the door, but they’d have put on some street theater besides to really make the point. PETA isn’t doesn’t usually err on the subtle side.

    But I think the author was referring more to ESPN trying to humiliate Mr. Vick, not PETA. Actually, I’d say its more for ratings than any desire to humiliate. ESPN was probably stretching for material to do another Vick show after high ratings on earlier Vick shows. Just turn them off. If they do a crappy Vick show and no one watches, then they’ll stop and go find some other cheap and sleasy way to chase ratings.

  19. Enough is enough. He will serve his time although many others who have done the same thing will not. Leave my boy Mike alone. The media is full of dishonest slime balls. They need to stop throwing stones.

  20. Vick should have said he killed the dogs to eat them. Then he would have gotten off clean.

  21. DavidMac,

    Good point. LOL

  22. thebrotherreport Says:


    You’re absolutely correct, I saw it as an attempt by ESPN to humiliate Vick, not PETA. Now if he was killing dogs to eat them I think they may have rejEcted him LOL.

    I was waiting for NFL Countdown and I just happened to be tuned in. When I wrote this I knew we had some readers that were boycotting ESPN and I know I was in trouble then 🙂 Thanks for clearing that up.

  23. Like a fool I turned to ESPN that morning and heard about vick on taking the test.

    ESPN is trash…………they might as well cover the klan rally in Jena that is happening on MLK day next year.

  24. Parked in da middle. Says:

    Why is it that the white atheletes aren’t being dragged in for dog fighting? Is it because they are too busy being questioned by the grand jury about performance enhancing drugs? Will professional sports ever be clear of the white vs. black issue?
    Professional sports on the whole is very quickly becomming a bad joke. We are all too eager to hand over our money for two hours in the nose-bleeds getting fat on hot dogs to people who only care about the sport when it is filling their pockets. Then we are overwhelmed when we see corruption there. Straight talk now: if you look anywhere money is, you will find corruption regardless of race, creed or religion. There is too much money in the professional sports arena for it to be about the game. I am starting to see it more and more in college sports as well. I for one am leaving the pro’s because of their con’s. I will not drop one penny more in the pockets of those who feed off of controversy and use it to make more money.

  25. iM African American and YALL people make me sick. Defending this bitch ass Motha Fucka even when he tortured his animals and shit just because he is your skin color. What the fuck is wrong with you. He totured his fuckin dogs burned them alive and you still defend him. This is not a racial issue it is a criminal one. I think all who defend him are racist themselves. He gets what he gace. Fools.

  26. Pooor wittle Vic. After all, he’s just a wittle baby boy. He already told mommy he was sorry. It’s all the racist white supremacy anglo holding the man down society that FORCED baby Vic to do wrong. He shouldn’t be held accountable. He’s just a baby boy. I little boy.

  27. The day black men start growing up and taking responsibility for themselves will be the day they earn some respect. I’m real sick of adults that expect to be treated like children. The writer of the opening to this page would be a good example. I wouldn’t accept his drivel from a 9 year old. That picture at the top would indicate that he has much in common with 9 year old’s.

    Youz one badz boy fo sure. Knock em out Jasper

  28. Stupid, crass, conceited, moronic , heartless monster. The dogs were living creatures who weren’t making enough money for the bastard. Or , being too gentle and loving, they didn’t have the potential to be killas. So this “poor victim” drowns and hangs them with his own hands. Too bad the NFL isn’t bright enough to do him the same way when he fumbles. Go to hell, MV. Everyone already KNOWS you’re brain-damaged, psycho trash, just trying to spin your way to a shorter prison stay. Who gives a $#@& what happens to you — the only sensible thing is to protect the innocent (children and animals — and adults beware!) and arrest you if you’re ever caught with any!

  29. ThatVick got a prison sentence was the right thing. Now the time he got was only due (my thinking) to him being a public figure . Any other Joe Blow would not have gotten that amount of prison time..But regarless..the crime was commited..

  30. This worthless piece of s**t did not get nearly what he deserved. Take a look at the beautiful dogs, formerly owned by this monster, on the cover of January’s Sports Illustrated. These dogs were saved by decent, kind, and good-hearted people who saw the injustice these poor animals had suffered, and along with two judges involved in the case made a right out of a terrible wrong. Guess what Michael Vick–The “N” word would be appropriately used for you any day. You are nothing but trash; prison should be your permanent home.

  31. After reading the headline again I just could not help but respond a second time. “The Humiliation of Michael Vick”….Are you kidding??? Look at him, he humiliates himself! How about this for humiliation; maybe we could do to him what he did to his poor dogs–beat him, slam him to the ground, strangle him and electrocute his ass and then when he pisses and craps his pants he will be really humiliated! 🙂

  32. He needs to be in prison and locked up forever!!! Cruelty to animals is just absolutely WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Easy for us all to keep wanking over here. No one can do a damn thing in this country…. except bitch and moan…. and that too where and when it’s convenient…. i’m guilty of this ….

    Animals were put on this earth to be cared for by humans. They are like babies and need to be cared for. But sadly, somewhere, somehow, we forgot that and now just treat them like products. Their body parts are treated as commodities traded on the stock exchanges (pork bellies). They are mutilated and dismembered through factory assembly lines to be nicely packaged and placed in grocery stores. We are disconnected from the murder and cruelty that is behind the pretty packaging.

    But I digress…. this thing…. should have been sentenced to jail for life. If those were humans that he tortured in that way he would have gotten the death penalty. But we all know that animals were meant to be dominated and killed and eaten so it’s ok to torture them.

    I apologize for the lack of coherence in this post. I normally never post anywhere cause like I said earlier I only bitch and moan when and were it is convenient. I won’t really do anything else about this.

    This system is so jacked that no one can make a difference anymore. Your deluding yourself if you think you can make a difference. We have no say. Your vote doesn’t count, your letter to your senator gets shredded, your protest is ridiculed. Just eat your vitamins and say your prayers and wait for 2012.

  34. I’m appalled that anyone could refer to Michael Vick as humbled, humiliated or… “my boy”.

    If he has felt any degree of humiliation, I guarantee its not because he has learned the error of his ways and regrets his decisions on behalf of the lives he tortured and killed, but rather because he has found himself despised by the great majority of the public (save the few posters on this thread and the other turds involved in dog-fighting in this country), broke, bankrupt and a debtor to several major creditors… including his baby mama’s.

    Aside from every human’s responsibility to MORALITY, Sports figures have an additional responsibility… to be an icon to the general public… it’s youth in particular. Like it or not, its part of the job. Unfortunately, many of the posts in this thread are representative of the fact that even the shittiest human being can remain iconic to a portion of the public.

    Vick should be malled. End of story.

  35. that pic sucks totally photoshopped

  36. Ken Camp Says:

    Looks like you and your slob readers will give this asshole any pat on the back you think he deserves because he is a black pig.

    This jackass embraced religion as every other monster demagogue does when he gets into trouble brought on by himself. He needs a meat cleaver up his ass.

    And so do you.

    Ken Camp, Los Angeles

  37. john doe Says:


  38. john doe Says:


  39. john doe Says:


  40. Vick is a scumbag. His form of entertainment was killing and torturing animals. Does anyone else see a problem with that? Are there no more decent people left in the world to realize how SICK it is to have little kids wearing football jerseys with the last name of a brutal, thug, no-class piece of garbage like that across the shoulders? If the black community wants to elevate itself to a higher level in society, a good start would be to NOT pick heroes that abuse and destroy animals for fun. Also, try not telling your sons that the ONLY way they can succeed in life is to be a rapper or an athlete. Kinda limits their goals and makes them look up to the wrong people. And Fathers, stick around. Your responsibility as a Father are a lifetime commitment, your obligation as a parent DOES NOT end when you roll off your “Baby Mama” and smoke a blunt. Vick should have spent 20 years rotting in prison for his crimes. Then when he got released there should have been a pack of angry dogs waiting to rip his fucking throat out. Telling kids that you can act the way he did, spend a little time in prison, and then get out and pick up your life where you left off sends an untrue and DANGEROUS message. Kids need to know there are consequences to their actions, and sometimes those consequences last FOREVER. I have been an NFL fan for over 30 years, and if that piece of garbage ever returns to the NFL I will NEVER watch another game AGAIN, EVER!

  41. Wow, what a ignorance bunch you have following your articles. You are some of the same white people that lynched Black Americans and now you are crying about dogs. I feel for the dogs, I bred pit bulls and as a natural disposition, they need to “roll” when young but not to death. I hope Michael has learned his lesson. But what about you people that can not find it in you to forgive. Human are not angels….as you can tell by your readers. Humans do make mistakes.

  42. Vick Mocker Says:

    Excactly when did Vick realize he made a mistake? Was it the 10th time or the 100th time he got off on watching animals tear themselves apart with blood spurting all over him? Was it the 120th or the 1200th time he got off on killing the still living, but skinless loser by electrocuting it, drowning it or hanging it.
    He’s weak. He’ll never come back. Even if he gets back in the game, he’ll fail. Because he’s weak.

  43. fuck peta thats what the middle fingers are sayin

  44. Hey there, I don’t know how you could hold this man in any sort of regard. He is a sadistic killer. Dog fighting is hard enough to visualize, but the truth is he didn’t just ‘fight’ dogs, he killed them. In his pool, through electrocution. Disgusting. There’s an article about why people continue to protest him in the SFGate. Give it a read, and see if you still want to stand up for the man?

    “The details that got to me then and stay with me today involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs,” Reynolds wrote on her blog. “Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water.”

    She continued, “We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.

    “I wear some pretty thick skin during our work with dogs, but I can’t shake my minds-eye image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror … brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull the little dog to safety. I think I’ll be looking for ways to pull that dog out for the rest of my life.”

    Vick did all that and more to his dogs, and even threw family pets into the pit with fighters and laughed while they were mauled, according to a witness who testified to federal investigators.

  45. pretty sure thats so fucking fake

  46. missthickness Says:

    wow he is a trip i can’t believe he would do that but what u know thats blck people for u.

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