NFL Week 11

What were they saying about Romeo?

Week 10: 3-11

Season: 10-18

Hapless. Abysmal. Just straight up horrible.

Last week was a lesson in humility. Lets try this again.

Sunday, November 18, 2007
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Tampa Bay W-L: 5-4 14
Atlanta W-L: 3-6 3
TB wins snoozer
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Cleveland W-L: 5-4 27
Baltimore W-L: 4-5 17
Winslow/Edwards show
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Arizona W-L: 4-5 37
Cincinnati W-L: 3-6 42
Best game of day
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
NY Giants W-L: 6-3 21
Detroit W-L: 6-3 17
Giant D holds
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Carolina W-L: 4-5 7
Green Bay W-L: 8-1 28
GB rolls on
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
New Orleans W-L: 4-5 40
Houston W-L: 4-5 16
Enigmatic Saints explode
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Kansas City W-L: 4-5 14
Indianapolis W-L: 7-2 30
Dungy bests friend Edwards
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
San Diego W-L: 5-4 26
Jacksonville W-L: 6-3 30
Garrard rushes for 2 tds
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Oakland W-L: 2-7 28
Minnesota W-L: 3-6 7
Daunte gives it to Vikings
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Miami W-L: 0-9 24
Philadelphia W-L: 4-5 3
Philly gets to .500
4:05 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Pittsburgh W-L: 7-2 21
NY Jets W-L: 1-8 7
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Washington W-L: 5-4 35
Dallas W-L: 8-1 28
Campbell has a game
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
St. Louis W-L: 1-8 35
San Francisco W-L: 2-7 31
Offenses break out
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Chicago W-L: 4-5 21
Seattle W-L: 5-4 20
Bears win behind Grossman
8:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
New England W-L: 9-0 30
Buffalo W-L: 5-4 13
Trap game? Uh, no.
Monday, November 19, 2007
8:30 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Tennessee W-L: 6-3 24
Denver W-L: 4-5 20
VY passes Tennessee to win

37 Responses to “NFL Week 11”

  1. You really don’t want people to take your picks seriously, do you? lol Washington is gonna drop 35 on Dallas IN Dallas? I guess Chris Cooley is gonna have a 13 catch, 200 yd, 4 TD day? I thought last week taught you a lesson in humility. I was gonna take it easy on you Mizzo. But not now. (Pointing two fingers at you) Everything you even think of gonna fail! lol

    I don’t make the rules, Mike. I DO NOT make the rules….

  2. Hey man hey…whatdoyouexpectfromaneaglesfan?

    Dallas is due for a letdown bruh..I keep telling myself this 😉

  3. Arizona Cincy best game of day? Really? For Matt Leinart? LOL. I think the Washington Dallas game should be good.

  4. TC I meant in terms of explosiveness. Should be a lot of points scored.

  5. McNabb throws two early picks that were both he and the receiver’s fault. Crowd boos the hell out of him. A.J. Feeley comes in after Dnabb is injured, throws a horrible pick and the crowd is silent. They are up 17-7 with three minutes left.

    Moral to the story? McNabb is done in Philly. I guarantee there is now a qb controversy here.

  6. Yo D…whas good? 😉

  7. Nah, I was just playing anyway…..I don’t know much about football……and turns out you were right!! My bad!!

  8. Mizzo,

    Your picks have been terrible. Looks like you recovered a little this week. By the way T.O. is killing the skins secondary, no way do they beat the boys.

  9. D you escaped again! Damn!

  10. 8-6 so far. Ain’t good, but it ain’t last week.

  11. Miz,

    Still needs improvement.LOL

  12. HarveyDent Says:


    You know not to know what to expect from the Eagles and the fans except what happened today. After McNabb goes out, Reid and the braintrust ‘surprisingly’ remember that Westbrook can run the ball between the tackles. McNabb’s done in Philly but I still want him out there winning games and you heard it from me first that the McNabb-led Eagles will beat the Pats next week.

  13. Harvey:

    I’m done talking shit about the Eagles. After my Steelers lost to the Jets, I’m on “Shhh” until 2010.

  14. Harvey – when you’re done with your “We’re Gonna Beat the Patriots” Crack Pipe, I’d like to borrow it and have a smoke. I’ll talk some shit like you – and then I’ll enjoy y’all getting blown the phukkk out – as I prepare for the same.

  15. Escaped?!? Escaped?!? OK yeah, it was WAY closer than I would’ve hoped but winners find a way to win. And losers find a way to leave TO wide open.

    Hey at least you can take solace in correctly predicting the number of points we scored:)

  16. HarveyDent Says:

    Next Sunday night will tell the tale, T3, and we’ll both be stone cold sober when it happens to enjoy it.

  17. The only you’re beating the Patriots if is you’ve renamed the family jewels – and you shouldn’t need 53 guys to help you with that.

    Brady and Moss are out of control.

  18. Temple 3,

    That’s funny and correct. Harvey must be on something if he thinks the eagles will beat the Patriots. Can you say 100 to 3. LOL

    Havey don’t feel bad though my niners stink even more.

  19. Deluded fans are the best.

    Though, is there any other kind of real fan? Unless Norv is your teams coach… then there is no drug strong enough to delude yourself.

    I hate Norv.

  20. GMP,

    Mike Nolan isn’t much better. I feel your pain.Gone are the niner glory days. I feel like a Philly fan.

  21. At least you had glory days…
    Charger glory days ended when I was 7 or 8, and I didn’t really live in the states ’til I was 10. All I have for glory years is the Superbowl slaughter in ’95. Since then I got Ryan Leaf, 2 good years from Marty (2 average years in there too) and now Norv. I’m watching LaDainian’s prime being used up by an idiot. He’s in his 7th year, and you can count the successful RB’s past 10 yrs on one hand.

    This is so damn frustrating.

  22. GMP,

    LOL! Yeah I do have fond memories. I bring out the old tapes of Joe(THE BEST QB OF ALL TIME) Jerry and Roger every now and then.

  23. GMP,
    Surely LaDainian has grounds to sue SOMEBODY…damn…what is up with THAT??????

  24. Michelle,
    The 49ers lost to the Falcons…….I really think just outta principle y’all need to give one of those SB rings back.

  25. Miranda,

    LOL. Not a chance of that happening. The Falcons suck so we must be worst. DAMN IT!

  26. GrandNubian Says:

    Check out T.O.s response to criticism from Terry Bradshaw:

  27. you know that ignorant feeling you get when something just aint right.


    It stunk from the moment i realized the Jets had a bye week.

  28. HAHA…………………..that fool on CBS pregame show said that only 1 of the 6ints that Peyton threw last week were his fault. Boy I swear they will protect him, Farve and Brady to the end.


    Lord what would happen if Mcnabb threw 6 picks…………………he would be the next OJ.

  29. Brotha Mizzo I had to bow down and watch MNF last night because my boy Vince was playing. I feel dirty after watching though.

    Anyway did you see how they were having orgasms watch Cutler play. I thought Dilldos were in the announcers booth.

    Even though Vince out played him the first half. Well anyway they talked more about Travis Henry, Vick going to jail and Vince’s father getting out of prison the first half then they even talked about Youngs great play.

    ESPN– should just change their name to KBBN—–Kneegrows behaving badly network.

    Hell cause thats all they talk about anyway.

  30. For some reason, coming out of the draft everyone has been riding Cutler’s jock. I hate Denver, so I want to see ‘everyone’ be wrong on him.

    I wasn’t a Young fan until the Texas/USC champ game. Since then I refuse to say anything bad about him. I know it was college, but damn, it was too over the top, the kind of crap he did in that game only happens in movies. I wish my QB with a funky sidearm delivery was mobile and showing actual progress into becoming a real NFL QB… instead I get Rivers staring down Gates, and looking like a scared b.tch in the pocket.

  31. Origin,
    Of course only one of those interceptions was Peyton’s fault. I mean, there were two starters from the O-line out and he didn’t get his required 4-5 seconds…that selfish Harrison was hurt….the weather…..Vinateri… was anything and everything…but it wasn’t Peyton’s fault…how dare anyone suggest otherwise.

  32. Vince should just go out and win games like he has been. His record as a starter early in his career ranks with the all time best. He should not be commenting on the hatin’ Eric Dickerson’s SMU toady.

    They are going to give the Heisman to Tebow when Vince received no rap at Texas. When Tebow makes the VY 200/200 game commonplace then we can talk.

    Did anyone see Clayton’s report on the declining rushing stats of NFL QBs?

    Mike Vick is behind bars.

    That says it all. How is such a stat relevant?

  33. Yo Mizzo its a joke how they have a orgasm all over tebow. The dude will rush for as many yards as vince did his soph and junior year, yet will do it on over 100 more carries. Florida is padding his stats. And he never gets more then 5 or 6 yards on a carry. Yet they swear he is superman. Hell Dixon is a better player then him.

    As far as I know……… sph has even won the heisman and has a player with a team with as many loses as Tebow ever won the heisman?

    This is a joke………..this is nash winning the MVP over Lebron and Kobe again.

    As I said then where is stocktons MVPs.

    And if Tebow wins it I will say where is Hershell Walkers heisman when he was a freshman?

    Where is Vince youngs heisman?

    Where is Adrain Peterson’s heiman when he was a freshman.

    Now I know what Modi meant with the Steve nash article.

  34. Damn brotha your words affected me. I’ve overstated this many many times.

    Doug Flutie won with a 8-4 record I think. He was a beast though his senior year and has more heart than Tebow will ever have.

    Tebow represents the fallacy of mainstream hypocrisy regarding athletic qbs.

    It’s a joke.

  35. I couldn’t see what the fuss with Tebow was last year. Dude ran, couldn’t throw. Leak was the QB, and they won a title with him. I don’t see them winning a title this year. Tebow has become a better passer, but since he rarely threw the ball last year, that is a somewhat hollow compliment. Tebow is like a slightly better Eric Crouch, throws it better than Crouch at least. Though Crouch did win a Heisman. Did Tommie Frazier win the Heisman? He was a badass option QB, better than Crouch in Nebraska, I just can’t remember that far back.

  36. Tebow is a good passer. I remember when he played Hoover in high school. He wasn’t a runner back then, he aired the ball out nicely. His team still got killed, I think the score was 60 something to 28, but he has a great arm.

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