Friday Fire: Do Blacks Need Their Own Hall of Fame?

Light it up sista. It’s time for our own celebration!

Black athletes are being vilified to no end lately. When athletes are up for Hall of Fame induction, present scrutiny will be part of the voting process and will doom their inclusion based on public perception.

What can minorities do as a group to ensure their own celebration of professional athletic exploits?


32 Responses to “Friday Fire: Do Blacks Need Their Own Hall of Fame?”


    The sad part is the mainstream media will rewrite the history books. Or act as though the minority athlete was beloved.

    They act like they loved Ali but we all know they hated his guts.
    They act like they love hank Aaron. But we all know they hated his guts.

    See how revisionist history works.

  2. F it I’m gonna turn my extra room in my house to a black hall of fame.

    I’m gonna start if off with a bonds jersey.

    Then a Vick one too.

  3. Mizzo,

    Hell yeah we need our own hall of fame. These crackers have gone too far with this shit. First Chris Webber and the Fab FIVE. They couldn’t be controlled, beat to their own drum so they had to bring them down indicting C-WEBB taking down their banners and shit. Before C-Webb you had white boys all over the planet getting comped, money, cars etc. While they were in college or even before they got there. Then Mike Vick and this dog shit. Before him you had all kinds of guys doing shit but the worse was Lance Rentzel in the 70’s exposing himself to a little girl. The cowboys released him but then the Rams picked him up. Aint that some shit? Now you got Barry Bonds. Looking at this shit, you would have thought he invented steroids. Now they want to keep him out of the HALL OF FAME. You must be crazy. Start the petition and I will sign it. Pete Rose can come on too since they keep bringing up his name. Keep in mind the media hated him to. They saw him as loud mouth white trash. If he was Cal Ripken they would have suspended him for a year or so just like Rick Tocchet. Gretsky’s wife was convienetly left out of that indictment even though she was said to have been involved. I guess so Gretsky’s name would not be tarnished. Who the f… do they think they are fooling? Start the petition Miz and I will be the first one to sign it.

  4. Shit! Not only will I sign it, I’m going Origins route and setting up my museum.
    When it comes to my survival and yours America Inc. Fuck you!

  5. Origin, Sankofa,

    I’m with you. I got the Fab Five, Barry, Mike Vick and Pete. Let’s do this shit. Who’s next to fall. I heard some shit on Derek Jeter. Has anyone heard? I don’t know the details.

  6. Not sure who is next brotha paul. But I tell you what?

    Check this out, I was talking to my wife yesterday about this.

    Here is a list of the most hated athletes in America.








    If I was those other brothas I would move to another country as soon as my contract was over.

  7. shades of Paul Robeson y’all?

  8. Origin,

    LOL. This shit is crazy. In their eyes these cats are far worse than slave masters. They wanna talk about reputations and shit. What kind of legacy does Thomas Jefferson have in this country? George Washington? I guess raping, killing and stealing doesn’t get you a bad legacy in this country. It gets a holiday in your name. Hell, man my black ass is ready to move with them.

  9. Wow that would be a shame wouldn’t it. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    Would love Robeson’s perspective on all this

    So far almost 60,000 of ESPN voters say strike Barry’s records off the books.

    It is pre 1947 again.

  10. Get yo ass back to Africa then lol 😉

  11. Crackers gone wild. Men and women are dying in Iraq over oil. They need to talk about something else. White people have some nerve talking about black people getting away with something. They need to kill that noise. All the murdering that has been done to black people and gone unpunished. They are some self righteous asses.

  12. Hell to the yes we need our own Hall of Fame! Evidently we slipped up and didn’t realize we needed it all along. I just read that Adrian Peterson was giving the jersey he wore to break that record to the NFL Hall of Fame….all I could think was “what the hell for?” I wish Vick could get his damn shoes back. Screw that, why should our athletes have to be at the mercy of sportswriters who hate them, for a vote into the Hall of Fame?

  13. Miranda,

    Well said it seems some of our brothers are being sold to the highest bidder. If black sportwriters silence their tongue for the sake of the almighty dollar then the hell with them. I went to Dwils sight knowing I was going to read a banging article like he does so well and I felt like I was on ESPN.COM. Maybe I’m just pissed off after all the Bonds bashing but I was surprised by his article. I hope he’s not dancing for the man now.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. I wish Mike Vick could get his shoes back to.

  14. Paul,
    I think what Dwil is saying is that basically this whole “We gotta get Bonds” saga all comes down to one man’s vendetta which has become a whole lot of people’s vendetta…and whatever false justice this was trotted out to be from the start..its not even that anymore…its worse. There isn’t even the illusion of common sense in this anymore. This sh!t is wack. This is about an arrogant (you know they hate that) black man who doesn’t shuffle his feet and say “aw shucks…I’m just glad to be here”. I’m just wondering who’s next….somebody from the NBA?

  15. Miranda,

    I got you thanks. I thought DwIL was on something for a minute.This is not the time to be neutral.

  16. Miranda,

    I really disliked the comment in the article about your boy Mike Vick.

  17. How can Mike fight when the deck is stacked against him? He would be facing more jail time. The fight would be unfair. I’m sure he took the correct advice of his lawyers.

  18. But remember Dwil wrote about that stacked deck against MV and if I remember correctly, agreed that Mike Vick was basically trapped. Hell…anybody with common sense knows that MV is the 2007 poster boy for bullsh!t entrapment…….although strong contenders appear to be coming in from Vegas, Atlanta and now San Francisco.

    May God help us all.

  19. Just want a brother to stay on point. Too many black writers are balancing
    on the fence. Just did not seem like his usual voice. Your right sis may God help us all.

  20. Rae Carruth Says:

    I appreciate the support. Hopefully I can live up to everyone’s expectations

  21. thebrotherreport Says:

    There actually are two but these establishments need more exposure and more support from us. The Jewish population have one to honor their own (Sandy Koufax is probably in every inaugural class) the Mexicans have a HOF, the Carribean community has one. Ours should stand out more than any other; here is the link to one of those sites.

  22. The Hall of Fame is an entity for the recognition of great careers. Black athletes don’t need their own HOF as much as they need either their own league or a much greater ownership/management stake in the leagues in which they play.

    The work comes before the party.

  23. Good point temple, the one hitch is that those who can directly benefit from their own league and ownership, are not interested in doing the heavy lifting to set it up, or believe the Europeans’ league is better run and better created.

    Those of us with the money are not that far seeing, and most of us will pull out the old tired it’s segregation bullshit!

    We know that none less than Jim Brown has been trying to pull cats consciousness to ownership for 40 years.

  24. It’s a fundamental character flaw.

  25. True, True, and as a student of psychology I believe that something drastic has to happen to kick start some form of survival instinct in the comatose amongst us.

    May be we need some more beat down, some more Jim Crow and Birth of a Nation type sureal experience to get us off of our fucking assess and do for self like Marcus, Booker and Elijah talked about.

  26. If the impetus is external, it will not be sustained. It has to be organic – it has to come from within. It ain’t rocket science – the answer is to stop moralizing and invest in the children…if the last five or six generations of Black folk with money had done that, they’d be sittin’ on a cash pile built on royalities from blues money, jazz money, hip hop money, sports-TV-internet distribution money and more…but that’s for the $40 million slaves to figure out why they’re not $40 billion free men/women.

  27. Again true bro.

    Like Carter G said, we’re so misedumacated that we don’t even ask permision to go to the back door, we’ll even make one if one isn’t there.

    That’s why you, I , we, who seek constructive change have to do so from the grass roots level first and then build ip momentum.

  28. As a white person, I wouldn’t blame y’all for wanting a black hall of fame. It’s amazing that white people want to be entertained but when black people do the slightest thing wrong, they get jumped all over. It’s really bad. Truly embarassing for white people. And of course the irony is that we white people aren’t able/willing to get into the leagues. Personally I enjoy and appreciate black athletes. Hell, I appreciate all athletes having played myself. I realize that when you play, you put your whole heart into it.

  29. Additionally, they have different state, country, city HOFs. The way y’all been disrespected, you absolutely should set up your own. I don’t know why fellow white people think they can expect to have best ability while also sh*tting on the black performers. Don’t they realize that if they hold up excellence, they’ll see even more?

  30. TC,

    Well said. These athletes should be tired of being 40 million dollar slaves.
    Unlike Joe I’m glad you see and speak the truth. Like I’ve said we don’t think all white people are racist but we will certainly call out the ones who are. JOE!

  31. Well said Temple 3 on that investing in the youth.

    Also TC its great to hear from you, haven’t heard from you in awhile. You always speak the truth.

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