Breaking News: Barry Bonds Indicted On Perjury and Obstruction Charges

Still The Starting Five’s Best of all time. Seven MVPs are seven MVPs

Charges aside…..How much money was made off the bat of one Barry Lamar Bonds?

Use your cotton money wisely….

No this isn’t all about race, but it would be totally irrational not to consider what the last two home run kings have went through. I tell you this, Blacks are going to run from this sport like never before. That’s unfortunate.

You have your vantage point, we have ours. Why are you so interested in bringing this man down? I might use Clemens and Armstrong as references, but I could care less if they go down. They have nothing to do with my life. I don’t ascribe to the Barry Bond’s philosophy of life either. This is about principle and nothing else.

Look into the eyes of some of these people that will be trotted in front of America today. What do you see?

Hatred. They are going hard on Barry. What the hell is that about? This shit is crazy.

You won’t read any criticism of Hank Aaron here. God bless you Hank. Live your life sir.

Writers with Black face: Do you understand why TSF has been all over your work? You are a part of this. If you would have kept your shuckin and jivin butts out of Barry’s face, maybe the perception of him would be different. You jumped the fence right along with your counterparts.

Stay there. Don’t come back!

Seriously, has Barry Bonds been called the home run king as much as he has since the indictment?

Is it still funny to you?

Thanks for not being true to the game.

Check out Temple 3’s assessment of this bs.

August 7th, 2007 was such a happy day when Barry Bonds passed Hank Aaron. History was made and regardless of your opinion of Barry, this can never be taken away from him or his fans.

Halloween was a little more than two weeks ago, but you can best believe Barry Bonds haters are rejoicing as Barry Bonds (the wicked witch to baseball loyalists)–after a four year investigation–has been indicted.

(It appears) Greg Anderson just flipped on his boy. He has just been released on the same day Barry has been indicted.

Anderson’s lawyer has disputed this claim, and I hope he’s being honest. The timing of his release is sketchy. If Anderson didn’t roll over, I’ll apologize implicitly.


Ding dong the witch is dead.

Huh! What?

Despicable! I’m disgusted.

Check the colors of the faces. The lines have been drawn. Thank you Stephen A. Smith for telling it like it is as I type this. His exchange with Chris McKendry will be heavily scrutinized by MSM.

Hollatchabuoy brotha!

Stephen A. is probably being comforted with Martin Luther King Jr. fans because the brotha just snapped.

Hypothetically, I can hear him now…”Oh lawd, the nerve of these people! At the end of the day…at the end of the day, Barry Lamar Bonds is the subject of a witch hunt that is ridiculous and utterly despicable!” “Who do they think I am? Boo, boo the fool?”

Preach on brotha. Thanks for being one of the early few to speak real rap on this.

You will hear writers all day long characterize opinions like this as unreasonable and illogical.

Please, what’s irrational is that Roger Clemens, or Biggio, or Armstrong, or Alzado, or Chris Benoit, or the NFL or anyone else has not been held to the fire like Bonds. It’s just not possible. These trumped up charges will not stick.

What took so long to bring forth credible evidence?

Here’s the indictment.

“I’m surprised,” said John Burris, one of Bonds’ attorneys, “but there’s been an effort to get Barry for a long time. “I’m curious what evidence they have now they didn’t have before.”

The indictment charged Bonds with lying when he said that he didn’t knowingly take steroids given to him by his personal trainer, Greg Anderson. He also denied taking steroids at anytime in 2001 when he was pursuing the season home-run record.

He is also charged with lying that Anderson never injected him with steroids.

“Greg wouldn’t do that,” Bonds testified in December 2003 when asked if Anderson ever gave him any drugs that needed to be injected. “He knows I’m against that stuff.”

I’m done with baseball. I wanted to see 800. I’m sick. Can you hear the stories 40 years from now? “Barry Bonds was the only player found guilty of taking steroids. He singlehandedly tainted the legacy of the entire sport of baseball. Burn your Bonds jerseys all you sons of Bobby Baseballs.” The Nascarification of the league is complete. Barry Bonds is officially blackballed. He will not be signed by any team. Eventually all records will be vacated.

Baseball is pre 1947 again.


The White House quickly weighed in on the indictment. President Bush is a former owner of the Texas Rangers.

“The president is very disappointed to hear this,” Bush spokesman Tony Fratto said. “As this case is now in the criminal justice system, we will refrain from any further specific comments about it. But clearly this is a sad day for baseball.”

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, who is investigating drug use in baseball, declined comment. So did Hall of Fame vice president Jeff Idelson.

This shouldn’t be a shock. We all knew damn well this case would not disappear. I side with Barry Bonds on this.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

Michael Rains, Bonds’ lawyer, issued a statement saying that the government did not give him the “courtesy” of showing him the indictment, so he’s not yet reviewed the charges. However, Rains added: “It goes without saying that we look forward to rebutting these charges in court.” “All you need to know about the government’s case is that they leaked an official indictment to every media outlet in America and withheld it from Barry, his lawyer, and everyone else who could read it and defend him,” said Rains.

“Now that their biased allegations must finally be presented openly in a court of law, they won’t be able to hide their unethical misconduct from the public any longer. You won’t read about those facts in this indictment, but now the public will get the whole truth, not just selectively leaked fabrications from anonymous sources.

“What we want to know is whether the media will spend as much time repairing Barry’s reputation as they have destroying it after he is proven innocent by a fair and impartial jury.”

Balco founder Victor Conte, Jr., who served four months in prison for distributing illegal drugs and laundering money, defended Bonds today – as he has since the investigation became public in 2003.

“I certainly haven’t seen all of the evidence in Barry’s case, however, I’ve seen a lot of it and I just don’t think there’s enough to meet the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said in an e-mail to the Mercury News. “They say it’s possible to ‘indict a ham sandwich’ and, unfortunately, I think it’s going to take a very long time for us to find out if that’s what they’ve done.”

Whereas Conte has acknowledged giving multiple performance-enhancing drugs to disgraced Olympic star Marion Jones and other track and field athletes, he has denied knowledge of Bonds’ steroid use.


There is no way one man (Bonds) should be brought down for the fallacies of an entire sport–and its fans.

A sport that has been devoid of integrity all of its existence.

From Game of Shadows co author, Lance Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Bonds, perhaps the greatest hitter of his generation, was indicted Thursday on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. He is accused of lying under oath in December 2003 when he told the grand jury that investigated the BALCO steroid ring that he had never used banned drugs.

There’s a lot in here I could dispute. It’s a bunch of pandering bs if you ask me. To call Barry perhaps the greatest hitter of his generation is more bs.

You’ll see this over and over and over. It used to be, Barry is arguably the best of all time. Then it was Barry was the best of his era, then generation…laughable. When it’s all said and done he won’t even be the best on his own teams. They’ll trot out Van Slyke and Kent. We all know how history works.

America will not be happy until a White man owns the home run record. It’s as simple as that.

His 2001 season is most likely the best offensive season in any sport at any time. How many homers would he have hit without all the walks? If he was that much better than his competition what the hell are all these people bitching about?

Bud Selig is popping a diamond cork right now. You can guarantee that. Who is drinking with him is really the question.

Any guesses?


Oh yeah, ARod agrees to outline of 10-yr/$275M deal with Yankees.

He earns millions more if he sets the career home run record.

Do you really think this is a coincidence?

Hell no! MLB is in damage control mode and will make sure their boy is trotted out as the next king.

Like Stephen A. just said, “When the leaves fall, so goes his game.”

Since Barry is going down, does this render the Mitchell report irrelevant?


181 Responses to “Breaking News: Barry Bonds Indicted On Perjury and Obstruction Charges”

  1. If you throw enough shit up against the wall, something will stick! Since no RICO charges are involved, this fight will be about the government and MBL collusion in the 4 y.o. lynching of a African Man v.s Truth and Justice.

    In the end Barry will lose, even while winning.

    Hmmm! maybe that’s why knee-grows cow-tow, cause they know “the devil is a man and he walks to and for upon the land”

  2. Well boys, here we go. They finally caught their BIG FISH! Today A&E aired the Hurricane Carter story. How ironic. Gee with all that’s going on in the world the gov. will stop at nothing to prove a point. Right or wrong. This is very troubling. I’ll be in DC tomorrow marching against unfair and selective prosecution. Hopefully our protest will help lead to change.

  3. Sweet Jones Says:

    Now all those Mitchell Report names can seep slowly into the mainstream. Bonds will provide the cover fire.

    Hell, I’m already having trouble remembering anyone else.

  4. I share in the complete and utter disgust for this shit. SAS went off? Good for him, what did he say?

    Busy folks, but never far away….

  5. I didn’t live in the 60’s but some how I feel that we have been thrust back in time. The media has a field day blaming black people for everything. Do people of any race do anything wrong in this country? This is crazy. How much money has been spent? What about the hundreds of athletes who have done steroids before him? Are they being investigated? Why is he getting the blame for this? PERJURY? We have a president that lies to us all the time. This is BS!

  6. Michelle

    It’s a war.

  7. Hey all-I admit I have no love for Barry, as a Dodger fan in particular and I thought the man was guilty, that he did take steroids. That said, I’m pretty sickened by the absolute witch hunt toward Barry. At least the man never backed down and addressed the court, the media, everything, while McGwire slipped back under the clear mantle of the 5th Amendment. Sammy claimed (perhaps with some justification, but I don’t know) that his English was sub-standard for addressing Congress. Giambi has admitted doing something….but really, especially, as others have mentioned, the terrible things happening in this world today, this is disgraceful. I’m white but I have a sick feeling in my stomach and to me it’s disgusting how the Worldwide Leader, the Gnats, Bud Selig, etc. have used Barry to sell shit and then they hang him up like this. As you said-and again, parallel to American society, we’re heading backwards toward the 19th century. Uggghhh.

  8. Barry Bonds did this to himself. He’s in the same camp as Palmiero, McGwire, Sosa, et al. These losers couldn’t just stand up and say “Yeah, I took the stuff. I wanted to be better than I was, better than anyone else. The competition was creeping in, and I decided to get an advantage.” If just one of these jerks had stood up and said that, then there wouldn’t be this so-called “witch hunt” that you enablers keep harping on. Bonds has taken the most heat because he had the most arrogance — he decided to stay on the field and shove the evidence right back in the face of his pursuers. McGwire weaseld away after his career was over. Palmiero got discovered, then ran off and hid in retirement. But Bonds hung around and gave a big Eff-U to the establishment…. which is certainly his right to do. But if you’re going to play Barry Bad-ass and lie your way to a (sham of a) record, then you have to stand up and take your medicine when you finally get found out in the end. McGwire is off the radar forever; good. Palmiero, forever; good. Bonds? Adios, punk. For all his surly, “I gotta be me” stances with the media and the public, his practically roping off the clubhouse so no one could dare bother St. Barry, he finally gets a comeuppance that’s frankly long overdue. And again, I support his right to be an a-hole; more power and good luck to him. But you have to be willing to take the pill later when it all comes back around. I, for one, loved him in Pittsburgh. I thought it was great that a superstar finally told the media to screw off. But then the dude took dope just to hit the ball farther… how the hell can anyone support someone like that? And spare the “where’s the evidence? where’s the positive test evidence?” argument. Lance Armstrong got away with it for years, with far fewer resources at his disposal. barry had the millions to pay for whatever masking agents were out there, and with what we know now about baseball teams being notified at least 24 hours before “random” testing was going to take place, Barry also would have had time to set up false samples with other urine, etc. I don’t know the ins-and-outs of masking dope, but you don’t have to be Einstien to figure out that Barry’s money and the notification procedures made masking far easier done than said.

    Scrub the record books. Adios McGwire, Palmiero, Sosa, and now Bonds. All hail Hammerin’ Hank.

  9. Really Will Barry funded a multi-milion dollar fraudulent investigation against himself. Then proceeded to file fraudulent charges against himself, relying on nothing more than the blind support of the likes of yourself. Oblivious to reason, logic and or fact you support your government unconditionally, GREAT!

    Now go play in traffic, it’s your patriotic duty!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. We have reached a new low! Not content with impeaching a president for lying about the non-crime of having a mutually consensual extramarital affair, the sin patrol has now indicted a professional baseball player for allegedly lying about taking performance enhancing drugs. If found guilty, will Barry get the same break that was extended to Lewis “Scooter” Libby?

    Here is my prediction: no federal jury in the Bay Area will find Barry Bonds guilty of anything related to this waste of our tax dollars. This entire case has been a classic example of work avoidance on the part of the U.S. Attorneys. What a crock. How can anybody with sense enough to come in out of the rain support this witch hunt.

  11. I just wanted to say Thank You to Mizzo and all the commenters (Will B. of course). Coming home after a too-long day and seeing the charges on ESPN, I’m very grateful I knew there would be at least one place that would see this shit for what it is: a fucking disgrace. It’s not a sad day for baseball, it’s a sad day to be an American. I’m not giving up though. I think there’s still a chance Barry will beat this. If he does, what else can they possibly throw at him? Keep on keeping on — and thank you all.

  12. Will they go after Palmiero? Nah. Sosa? Nah. The whole effort to “clean up” baseball is ridiculous hypocrisy. When were pro sports ever that clean? Who made sports dirty? (see also EIGHT MEN OUT). Being real, if roids and HGH were readily available and their effect on performance apparent in the “golden age” you know someone like Ty Cobb would have had bruises from all the needle marks all over his body.

    The prosecutors appeared to have waited until 756 and the end of the series to do this. Smacks of collusion with MLB to me.

  13. clowntooth Says:

    and this nonsense is going down in California’s Justice Dept… the governor of Cali took ‘roids for years… this is a sporting matter trumped up to a massive smear campaign… Selig’s personal vendetta against Barry’s ‘arrogance’… the media loves to crush a black man… even if Barry is exonerated the damage is done — i’m in the UK and this stuff has already gone global. he’s a criminal now in the eyes of the careless consumer… the hypocritical ‘war on drugs’ continues, yet war, oil, and pharmaceuticals are big, ‘legit’ business… as dizzee rascal says, ‘excuse me, please, #%*# it!’…

  14. The only time a black man gets what he deserves is when he commits a crime.

  15. This is just complete bullsh!t….plain and simple. I’m still trying to figure out how society even benefitted from the investigation at all…seriously what the hell is this? This ish is just stupid beyond words. This fear of a black planet has hit full stride y’all….beware.

  16. Miranda,

    I’m with you. White folks sense of entitlement has hit an all time high. What the hell about all the other people who have done steroids years before Barry came along? They make the rules and enforce them as they choose. In America your black ass means nothing. I don’t care who you are and how much you have, they will bring you down. Michael Jackson has left the country but Woody Allen, who molested and then marries his own step child, sits in at a Knicks game and they say nothing. I should be marching today but I couldn’t get off. I’m pissed, my blood pressure is high. I need to hear from Nat, Malcolm, Huey, Chuck D and Pac. Those no longer with us are quietly screaming I TOLD YOU SO. NOW DO SOMETHING BEFORE ALL OF OUR CHILDREN ARE IN JAIL. I’m paying taxes up in this bitch and I’m tired of this shit!!!

  17. Will B,

    Yo dude. Have you never told a lie? Oh, let me answer that for you. HELL YEAH! Now shut the f… up!

  18. And if I hear it’s a sad day one more f…… time. Stop overreacting nobody f…… died!

  19. Paul never mind these fools. These roaches always pop out on this website when a black athlete gets in trouble.

    You know how roaches are they always come out when food is left out.

    And to these goroaches black meat is the best type of food.

  20. Sigh….. I said earlier (the Kevdog Special interview) that I read Starting Five for those kinds of discussions. But I don’t read them for this.

    There are some sacred cows on TSF: cats for whom no one will want to hear anything. Bonds and Vick are just two of these. For instance, if I were to say that (Athlete X) allegedly lied to a grand jury despite having blanket government immunity for any crimes that he might have admitted to while testifying, u would be well within your rights to assume that Athlete X acted a fool.

    But watch what happens. Watch what is said when Athlete X is replaced with Barry Bonds. Immediately that athlete, who if the allegations are true made a error in judgment so massive legal scholars will be discussing it until there are no books, is protected. Also this athlete will be believed to be completely innocent even if convicted, even if evidence is brought up to prove guilt that evidence will be dismissed as brought up by a bunch of white crackers who’ve got nothing to do with their time than *imagining Kevdog’s quote here* “hang niggers”.

    oh and Michelle: There’s a difference between lying, and lying in front of a grand jury. I can lie to you right now. The sky is green. You know that’s a lie.

    The trouble with lying to a grand jury is that they don’t KNOW what you’re saying isn’t true. For instance if I told a jury that KevDog slit a white man’s throat for being white, even if it didn’t happen, they’d have to be told it was a lie. Difference.

  21. The punishment doesn’t befit the crime Okori. It’s as simple as that.

  22. Look this dude is facing 30 years.

    Please if that ain’t a hang a N@#@$@ moment like brotha Kevdog says then what is?

    He11 did tim donaghy (sp?) face that much time?

  23. You spelled it right my brotha.

  24. Mizzo I wasn’t implying that it did. Merely that a crime WAS committed.

    And origin 2 things: sentencing guidelines are ridiculous. and I don’t eactly remember off the top of my head what Donaghy was convicted of.

  25. to correct the record: I meant to say not “a crime WAS committed” but rather that “Perjury is a crime.”

  26. Okori….huuh?

    Lied to a grand Jury? I suggest you read dwill’s piece on the whole saga before we can go further with this.

    As for lying to a representative of an illegal ruling elite..only citizen sheeps, the avid racist in MLB, the media and the government see this as just.

    Just a nother nigger to be lynched.

  27. What’s your point Okori?

  28. Yo Okori,

    I got to come to Michelle’s defense. I’m sure she knows the damn difference. The question is do you? In every court case someone lies. The courts would be swamped if they pursued every perjury case so why the selective prosecution? Or shall I say persecution! Black folks have been framed and overly prosecuted for years. Where have you been BOY? Oh and by the way it’s been the government doing it. You know the people who are supposed to enforce the law HONESTLY! Oh, but I forgot they don’t lie though. They just string up niggas!

  29. Mizzo here’s my point in a nutshell: I believe Barry Bonds to be the victim of a witchhunt that centers entirely around him, for reasons largely due to race. And I hope that when he gets his day in court we find out the truth. But no one truly knows yet what that truth is.

    And Sankofa: Can i get a link for DWill’s piece? And… my baby brother is an FBI agent. He’s a good kid. Majored in Criminology at U of M and graduated with me when I got my MSW. But he also took an oath to uphold the law, and follow the evidence wherever it led him. That’s all i can ask of anyone.

  30. Okori,

    Do you really beleive what you just said? I f you do bro you are very naive. FBI agents lie just like everyone else.

  31. Miz,

    Since many of the players in the 4 major sports are minorities, I’d like to know how many minorities have a HOF vote? Miz do you know?

  32. he’s my BROTHER paul. Are you really asking me this question?

  33. I would guestimate and say less than ten percent of the total pool of voters are minorities.

  34. Okari………… up on the hsitory of the FBI.
    Matter a fact just read up on the 60s and what the FBI was doing.

    That sh#$ wasn’t holding up the law that was straight up war.

  35. hey look Origin I know. trust me. there were many conversations between me and my baby brother when he said he wanted to work for the FBI about what that agency has done in the past. But I happen to think that my Brother is pretty honest.

  36. okori here’s the link

    Also the love for your brother is not and should not be questioned. The love that your brother have for the oath takers is what’s being questioned.

    If you have never ever heard seen or experienced any negative dealings with the modern slave catchers, I urge you to see this movie called the glass shiled. It talks about the nievity of a rookie police officer who got slammed up against the wall of the thick blue line of racism and imperial defenders.

    Also go online and research the association of Black police officers :

    I have no love for the slave catchers, but these cats have been in the news for years fighting overt, out and out racism with in Po Po across America Inc.

    Maybe your brother hasn’t completly sold out yet, but he is aware of things right now. The question of him, you and us, is who is your god?

  37. For all those who want to wipe the records of Bonds off the books:

    You do realize that would affect the career stats of hundreds of players, not to mention the outcomes of thousands of games, as well the entire landscape of the game itself. You do know that, right?

  38. Des,

    Good point!

  39. They could care less Des..righteous hypocrisy.

  40. I’m texting my baby brother right now Sankofa. He’s out in the field. Working on a case involving Child Porn.

  41. Also I want to state that this isn’t really a surprise. Minorities have always been the face of drug use in society and in sports.

    Heres a questions who were the faces of coke use in the NBA, NFL and MLB during the 70s and 80s?

    Last if you follow history you would know that illegalization of opium had to do with the chinese use even though whites used it. Same with illegalization of coke (blacks) and weed (black and mexicans).

    The sticking point and the reason that these drugs became illegal were because minorites used them. Even though whites were using them just as long as the minorities if not longer.

  42. Drugs were made illegal because minorities used them?

  43. Origin,

    I know professional white cats that do coke on the regular. But they go nuts if a young black athlete smokes some weed. What the hell do they think is going on, on every major college campus? Smoking, under age drinking and pill popping. It’s ok if white kids do it though. No jail time or ruined reputations. OH no! Not my Johnny. Hell yeah, your Johnny is doing it to!

  44. JKG read this it is the history of drug laws………..

    After you see that then you will understand.

    Yes Paul I see the same thing in corporate america.

  45. So your saying that since I’m a white guy it’s OK for me to do drugs. I won’t get arrested or lose my job if I fail a drug test.

  46. JKG are you an imbecile? You know exactly what we speak of here.

  47. We know white people who do drugs. Go down to the nearest college campus near you and you will find young white kids breaking the law. It’s friday, you will find a lot of them breaking the law. Why black people are profiled and prosecuted while many white people get away with it is something I can’t answer. HELLO what planet are you on JKG?

  48. How many times did Andy Reid’s sons break the law before they went to jail? One of them pulled a gun on someone and had drugs and still didn’t go to jail. If I did that shit I would have gone to jail that day and would still be in jail.

  49. Origin, may I suggest something brother?

    A good 80% of the population on the planet are not of European stock. Amongst peoples the female is 60% of the gender population.

    There are more Africans On the Indian sub-continent than in Brazil and other South American countries. If you ever see any old photos of cambodian laotians, Philapinos or vietnamese up in the hills or in the back country, they are darker and more Africoid than some in America Inc.

    I am not going to mention the South Pacific region or Africa herself. In America Inc. and in Canuckustan, the statistics of Africoid to Caucasoid are greater than they promote.

    You have they Carlos Delgados and the Alex Rodrigues who are counted as Hispanic instead of Africoid….remeber only a drop will do.

    I am saying this because oftern the language we use plays into the hands of the White Supremist, who banks on us perpetrating the psychological confusion they put us in.

    The term minority, psychologically invokes a feeling of helplesness in the face of great odds. Even the strongest of us sometimes fall prey to the language of victimization.

    I’m not dogging you my brother, but I tend to pay attention to things some others often don’t.

    Untill we can get to that place of spiritual strength, as exhibited by Malik Al Shabazz and Martin King, perhaps we need to practice reverse psychology.

  50. Yes I know, I’m just repeating a few blanket statements made by others.

    “It’s ok if white kids do it though. No jail time or ruined reputations.”

    “The sticking point and the reason that these drugs became illegal were because minorities used them.”: Just because some wrote an article expressing there opinion doesn’t mean it’s true. If you want to discuss how an unfairly disproportionate number of minorities are arrested then I will agree with you. But to say that drugs were made illegal strictly to convict minorities then let’s discuss what it does to people’s lives when they get addicted. Do you know of anyone that has ruined there life with drugs?

  51. Origin,
    Are we sure that the FBI’s COINTELPRO hasn’t resurrected itself (or if it ever really went away)?? Seriously….look at the completely twisted set of circumstances surrounding all these crazy cases….Bonds, Vick, T.I., hell, even OJ (and why again did the FBI know in advance about the big “sting” in vegas??)….this ish is crazy. Hell, COINTELPRO is alive and well, re-vamped for the 21st century. Two legit avenues that are the fast track for a kid in the hood to strike it rich real quick….sports and hip hop…(in my best Florida Evans voice)..DAMN DAMN DAMN!

  52. Paul,

    You are correct, white kids in college do drugs, I believe you. I however have a job and take drug tests fairly often and would lose that job if I were to fail.

  53. JKG,

    Does it upset you when crimes are committed by whites , the victims are black. There has been a mountain of evidence presented to a jury that also happens to be white but the person is aquitted?

  54. JKG,

    Why do whites get so angry at these guys? RACISM! WTF are y’all mad at. Black folks are the people who should be outraged. White people have done all kinds of shit to us that has gone uncompensated and unpunished. Who the hell do you think you are?

  55. It pisses me off when people break the law and get away with it. Like those DJ in Sacramento who joked about dying from water intoxication while running a hold your wee for a Wii contest. They said they where doing their job and that management should have research it before it started.

    But just to clarify my position on Barry Bonds. It doesn’t serve any justice in my mind to go after Barry or any of the players. The MLB management created and environment condoning the use of steroids by turning a blind-eye thus saying “we’re not going to enforce this so go ahead”. They should be indicted and in a just world they would. That pisses me off.

  56. I’m not angry, just posting comments. To answer your question:
    Who the hell do you think you are? A white guy who gets busted when he does something wrong. I seemed to have missed out of the privileged life you speak of.

    I am disgusted with the Barry Bonds witch-hunt, though.

  57. Damn. Could you guys do me a favor and not type so fast?

  58. Sorry JKG that article is fact. Even in college a white college mind you these facts were presented to me in a class that dealt with the history of drug use. So I am sorry if you were offended by the truth.

    Also the history channel also spoke of these facts on the history or drug use.

    Brotha sankofa………..I am fully aware of african history and its decendants in south america, asia and the middle east.

    Funny thing is brotha how the media always talks about where are all the black athletes in baseball. Im like they are still there………like black latins ain’t black.

    I guess only blacks from america and africa are black to the media.

  59. JKG

    Let’s take marijuana for instance.

    Since America Inc. became a Corporation hemp was the miracle plant on the planet. Multipurpose, multi-nutritious, in the days of the pilgrims, it was a crime not to plant Hemp. Hemp was also a currency of trade.

    In the 40’s, William Randolf Hurst owned large tracks of forests in America Inc. and wanted to move away from the safe and popular usage of hemp as a source of paper. In collusion with the government, they took the name of an obscure Mexican narcotic – marijuana, created a propaganda program (this is your brain on drugs), marijuana is the devils weed, etc, then pinned that name on Hemp.

    Have you ever heard of the San Jose Mercury article of how the CIA flooded South Central LA with crack to bolster their Contra-Iran affair?. George Bush Sr. was the main wheel in that genocide.

    I can delve deeper into my lab, but I am taken care of my son, so this is just a primer

  60. Sankofa here’s what my brother said.

    “Firstly I thank all of you for having this conversation. Secondly I hope you can understand that my older brother isn’t going to be mentioning my name, the field office I work out of, or what specific task forces I work with.

    Secondly to the guy who called himself Sankofa: Sir I’m an atheist. My god is my older brother. If I thought I did something to disappoint him it would kill me. So I always am very careful to investigate the people I work with, and fight racism when it comes to my other field agents. But I would hope you understand that while I’m a guy trying to protect our brothers, including my older brother, I am not a guy to mess with. If you run afoul of the laws I have sworn to protect I’ll be very upset. Black, White, or otherwise.”

    That’s what he said.

  61. And yes sista miranda you are so right. I need to give my mom a call…..being a child of the 60s I would like to hear her input on this event.

    I spoke with sista sportsdiva about conversations I have had with my mom about OJ and MJ.

  62. JKG,

    You are kidding me right? Did you answer my question about Andy Reid’s sons? Or whats going on at UCLA, USC, and every other college campus tonight? Also, I’m about to get fired up in here. How the hell is O.J. the poster boy for getting away with shit? HELLO CRACKERS YES I SAID IT. White people have been killing black people and have gotten away with it for years. Killing black little girls. White jury’s let them go and futher more there was reasonable doubt in the OJ case

    LIKE 1 hr to slice up 2 people get home change and catch a plane
    His lawyers proved the bloody sock was planted by the pd
    VIctims had defense wounds but OJ did not have 1 scratch
    ALL in La were the police had a reputation for planting evidence and beating on black people.
    So stop saying the black jury let him go!
    Were is the blood there should be more blood.
    The motive was riduculous

  63. Ahhh yes sankofa you mean Rick Ross and the government.

    Yeap heard of that………….ha how much time did North do……what about 30 days in jail???

  64. Kidding you about what?

  65. JKG,

    Everything you say. Answer my questions. Then we will know what you are really about. You wanna talk then lets talk. Thats what we do here.

  66. I think I have answered most questions addressed to me aside from Andy Reid and family. So, I believe Andy Reid is a POS father who raised two sons who are drug addicts and will probably spend a lot of time in jail and never amount to anything.

    Isn’t this thread suppose to be about Barry Bonds?

  67. JKG,

    Are you listening. We are talking about the difference between white prosecution and black prosecution.

    Andy Reid’s sons have been in trouble numerous times before jail time was ever mentioned. One pulled a gun on someone he hit with his car while high on heroine. Now if he was black he would have immediatey been taken to jail and have the book thrown at him.

    Many athletes have done steroids long before Barry Bonds. The government knew this. Lyle A. even did a public service anouncement about the shit. So why do all the people being indicted have black faces? And why are so many white people so angry when they aren’t angry about any one else?

  68. No JKG

    The thread is about how the government continues to lynch African sports figures and use the media and citizen sheep like yourself to legitamize it.

    There is a place for weak tired argument and it’s not here.


    I believe Rick Ross is still in Jail and refuse to speak after his partner in crime was executed by LA’s worst.

    Also GMP can attest – not calling you out dude- what the army did in South East Asia during the Vietnam invasion and the first Iraqi invasion.

  69. Sankofa,

    Thank you. I’m trying to tell this fool what time it is and he just isn’t getting it.

  70. I agree that a disproportionate number of blacks are indicted, prosecuted and jailed. I don’t think it is fair. Racism does exist, in the judicial system the media and beyond. I’m a sorry that it does, I wish it didn’t.

    But now its time for me to go,
    The autumn moon lights my way.
    For now I smell the rain,
    And with it pain.

  71. HELL NO!

    Say it isn’t so. I just read Dwil’s article on this Barry Bonds shit. They flipped you too Dwil. First of all the only reason people mention Bonds and Vick in the same breath is because they have both been lynched in the media. Not because their cases are similar. Where is the mention of that in your article. You done flipped the script bro. I guess we can all be brought and sold. Very disappointed!

  72. JKG,

    What? Yo dude I’ll pray for you. Are you sure your not on some shit?

  73. Paul that last line is from a song.

  74. What song is that?

  75. It was “Ramble On”. wrong song, right band

  76. I never heard of that song. I don’t listen to that group.

  77. How about a variation?

    Remember the pain of Barry Bonds’ steroid era blame
    It keeps you sane
    Until we create our own Hall of Fame

  78. Led Zeppelin. I think “The Immigrant Song”

  79. Mizzo,

    Like that rhyme but how about this one:

    If you live in America and your ass is black
    you could catch a 30yr case like Barry as if he was selling kilos of crack

    Mike was fighting mans best friend
    now the MSM wants his career to end

    Oj got away with murder, that’s what they all said
    but what would you do if your kids were upsatirs and you ex was given some dude h…
    he’s facing life once again cause the racist mother f…… are gonna make sure he pays for his first sin

  80. Funny ish Paul.

    J.A. stepped up today and represented on ATH in saying don’t just go after Bonds, go after errrrrbody.

    Good work J.A.

  81. Bonds is not going to jail whatsoever and go on ESPN for the ‘BLACK CULTURE COMMENTS’. There needs to be a conversation on performance enhancing drugs and their benefits and risks. You can to GNC or any other sports store and find those drugs that people are ranting about. And the race issue will always be a part of this.

  82. Lord have mercy…..I’ve read about 5 commentaries today that are all singing the same lame tune…”Barry needs to ask for forgiveness”…… it never ceases to amaze me…this sense of parental entitlement….. geez…..this sh!t is tiring.

    Y’all better watch your diets and exercise regularly…because the last thing we need is more of us reading and watching these lynchings and getting hypertension and then having to get addicted to the “legal” narcotics from Merck and Eli Lilly that probably don’t do anything but phuck you up further.

  83. Eric Daniels,

    Your right. Just call a spade a spade. Why are white people answering every poll wanting Barry hung? Other players have done this but every headline says Barry is a lier and a cheat. What about everyone else? It’s bs and I’m tired of saying it. Black people weren’t the first to do steroids any more then they were the first to fight dogs. And yet it seems we take the blame for everything.

  84. Miranda,

    LoL, that’s funny sis. We gotta laugh to keep from crying or choking the shit out of someone.

  85. I wonder about this forgiveness thing. Cause when people go to the “black leaders” and seek forgiveness white folks find it comical. Yet the seem to want Bonds to do the same thing? Strange

  86. If Bonds admits to anything alleged, it validates their rage.

  87. I received an email about someone her misrepresenting my Barry Bond arti – that would be you, “Paul.”

    Your comment:

    HELL NO!

    Say it isn’t so. I just read Dwil’s article on this Barry Bonds shit. They flipped you too Dwil. First of all the only reason people mention Bonds and Vick in the same breath is because they have both been lynched in the media. Not because their cases are similar. Where is the mention of that in your article. You done flipped the script bro. I guess we can all be brought and sold. Very disappointed!

    I addressed three different writers whose articles I read who compared the Bonds and Vick cases – plus some shit Terrence Moore said.

    What I wrote is that the cases are completely different and can only be compared in the fact that the Bonds case will once again illustrated that there are two distinctly different Americas – a black America and a white America. So, I went beyond media lynchings because that was the point being made throughout the article and took it to the entire country.

    Now, why you chose to misrepresent me is something I can’t address because I don’t know you. What I do know, though, is that you either completely misread what I wrote, have a real problem with reading comprehension, or want to stir some shit for no good reason.

    I see why you didn’t leave this comment at my site – you would have been busted for for failing to make any sense and acting like an agent provatateur.

  88. Paul wrote:
    “Your right. Just call a spade a spade. Why are white people answering every poll wanting Barry hung? Other players have done this but every headline says Barry is a lier and a cheat. What about everyone else? It’s bs and I’m tired of saying it. Black people weren’t the first to do steroids any more then they were the first to fight dogs. And yet it seems we take the blame for everything.”

    Paul, you’re such an idiot. First of all, name any caucasian celebrity who is as known a name as Michael Vick, who is also known to support dog fights and kill dogs in copious amounts on their property. Second, name a caucasian baseball player who was a steroid abuser, who LIED to a grand jury, and who is even remotely as famous as Barry Bonds. We’ll all be waiting with feverous anticipation. Your failure to answer these questions will expose you for the racist fraud you are. What morons like you refuse to see is that Bonds and Vick are getting tagged because they are high profile athletes, and somebody needs to be made an example of. If any whities of comparable or greater stature were as stupid as Vick and Bonds (in Bonds’s case, stupid enough to lie to a grand jury), then they’d be getting nailed too.

    Your manifest racism blinds you to the truth buddy.

  89. So you truly feel Barry should take the blame for the entire steroids era?

  90. thebrotherreport Says:

    People talk about putting an asterisk here and one here, if that’s the case. They need to go all the way back to the Black Sox scandal for starters, give the Reds who beat the Sox an asterisk, then you can go to the “colorless era” so nothing Ruth, Cobb or anyone else did would count.

    Baseball, and it’s owners have been the main beneficiaries of this era. Stadiums have been built to accommodate home runs; Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia was opened a year after the Phillies signed Jim Thome and they raved about how well Thome would hit in that park. The fans have returned in record numbers because “chicks dig the long ball”. Selig knew exactly what was going on from McGwire and Sosa to Rick Ankiel and Paul Byrd.

    I remember the creatine issue w/McGwire in the middle of the home run chase, some one questioned what was in the bottle and he said that it was creatine and only creatine any other questions were basically ignored and the reporter was dismissed as a troublemaker, just as fast as it came out it was swept under the rug.

    The sick part of it all is that people actually want to see Bonds do time for the Grand Jury allegations, from what I understand perjury is a hard thing to prove the obstruction of justice charge is something that I don’t think he will get time for, I just don’t see that happening.

    I’ve never seen the feelings of the public manipulated by the media like this for one individual and that’s one of the reasons why we’re discussing this today. All things being equal Rick Ankiel shoulda been shredded in the media for testing positive for whatever after everyone was so caught up in his heroics…nope he gets a pass and moves on with his life…pure B.S. man.

  91. JOE,

    First of all who the fuck are you calling an idot. Second of all in racist america who the hell do you think you are getting all upset because someone may have told a lie? You fucking crackers lie all the time. Many white players in many sports have done steroids from wrestling to football long before Barry came along so you justify the anger. When you fucking assholes hunt and treat animals with cruelty every fucking day and you want to talk about Mike Vick? Take your stupid bitch ass on out of here.

  92. Dwil,

    My bad . Miranda already set me straight on that. I’ve read all your other articles on Vick and Bonds which were very hard hitting. Please accept my apologies bro. Many black journalist are far too easy on the MSM. Sorry to lump you in that group. I guess I’m a little paranoid with all that’s happening in the media right now. Nice to see on TSF again bro even if it is just to set me straight.

  93. Joe,

    Lets say I buy your argument that the government has tagged Vick and Bonds because they are high profile. Then how do you explain the anger among whites in public towards these two men?

  94. What I see is how racist America is Joe. Do you?When Rodney King was beat the shit out of and the white cops walked with video evidence were you upset about that?Was white America answering polls saying the cops should be thrown in jail or even fired? NO! Keep in mind they yelled racial slurs as they were beating him. What I saw were whites on tv making excuses for the cpos saying shit like we didn’t see what happened before the tape began. When you can justify this behavior by your race then we can talk.

  95. Well I sure missed a lot. The march was a success. Many came out and braved the cold to show support for the Jena 6 and other cases like Jena. I proudly sported my MV VT jersey. I see the Barry Bonds saga has begun. Many more marches will have to take place before we see any progress. We have our work cut out for us.

  96. Rae Carruth Says:

    I appreciate all yo support. I’ll try not to kill any baby mama’s 2nite.

  97. And here I thought I could read an interesting website, leave an opinion, and have someone respond intelligently…. what was I thinking?

    This guy ‘paul’ seems intent on just getting outraged with anyone who disagrees with his point of view. Intelligent people can have differing opinions, bro. It seems a lot of posters on this site head straight for the racial side of an argument, basing their opinions on the supposition that if something happened before then it follows that it must be happening again. That seems a little immature.

    I wrote a post about Bonds and I don’t think I mentioned his skin color once. It’s a baseball issue; and Bonds can take McGwire, Ankiel, Sosa, Palmiero, et al and head off into the sunset with all of them. But Bonds isn’t being prosecuted because he’s a black baseball player. He’s being prosecuted because he lied to a grand jury. Someone on here posted earlier that “everybody lies in court;” well, if that’s so, then all those liars should be prosecuted. I don’t think McGwire lied to a jury, and I don’t think he was under oath in that congressional hearing. Giambi didn’t lie to the grand jury, although he didn’t come completely clean when the media asked him about his testimony. It may be sleazy to lie, but it’s only a crime when you lie under oath.

    It seems to me some people here want to see race in every issue, and I guess if you’re intent on seeing something, you’ll see it. That’s too bad. That habit of painting every white person with the same brush is exactly the kind of racist habit that I think most posters on here accuse white people of doing. That’s sad, because it gets in the way of the discussion. Some of us just want baseball to clean itself up, as naive as that wish might seem. I’ll take a Ryan Howard over a thousand Jason Giambis any day. I’d rather see a big fat guy smacking homers than watch a hulk like Giambi get rich from shooting dope.

    And like it or not, Bonds is a lying, doping sack of crap. Truth is a heck of a lot more important than records or legacy. Why lie if you’re sure that what you’re doing is legitimate? So he’s not only a liar, he’s also a coward. People who support can go ahead and stand behind him, but that Stepford-like loyalty is idiotic. It’s no different than trying to equate Vick’s dog fighting with hunting. It seems people on this site just see a black athlete and say “Damn, we better circle the wagons, even if the guy is into some despicable shit.” Do you really think drowning or electrocuting a dog — DROWNING and ELECTROCUTING!! — is the same as shooting a deer or a turkey with a bullet to the brain? That’s almost laughable. Again, it just seems like people on this site see an issue from one direction, and that’s the end of their thinking on the matter. That’s as irresponsible as it gets.

  98. Will ever since you got here I’ve been intent on seeing you hit by a bus, but as we can see that hasn’t happened. So i guess wanting to see something doesn’t make it true.

    Will I don’t need lectures on responsibility from slave owners, rapists, and pillagers. Thanks though!

  99. So your answer to white racism is to throw your own brand right back at someone? Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out for you….

  100. I’m not interested in the truth about whether Barry Bonds knowingly used steroids or not. I don’t care if Bill Clinton inhaled or not although I believe he did. We all did. It was alright too. Indicting Barry Bonds for allegedly lying about whether or not he knowingly used steroids is simply work avoidance. There are much more important issues to be addressed in what little is left of the American Republic.

    Why are nickel-ninety-eight politicians and their handmaidens, government prosecutors, investigating baseball players for allegedly using performing enhancing drugs? The owners and lords of baseballdom wouldn’t recognize the word “integrity” if it was written out in boxcar size letters.

  101. I’m not interested in the truth about whether Barry Bonds knowingly used steroids or not. I don’t care if Bill Clinton inhaled or not although I believe he did. We all did. It was alright too. Indicting Barry Bonds for allegedly lying about whether or not he knowingly used steroids is simply work avoidance. There are much more important issues to be addressed in what little is left of the American Republic.

    Why are nickel-ninety-eight politicians and their handmaidens, government prosecutors, investigating baseball players for allegedly using performing enhancing drugs? The owners and lords of baseballdom wouldn’t recognize the word “integrity” if it was written out in boxcar size letters.

    BTW, Michael Vick and Barry Bonds, IMHO, are two entirely separate issues. I’ll defend Barry day and night but Vick’s behavior was appallingly stupid.

  102. Sure, there are more important issues, but a local DA isn’t supposed to forego his job so he can tackle more significant national issues. If you’re a San Fran DA and you get a case, you prosecute that case. BALCO was prosecuted because it was dirty dealing, and Bonds was a client. People care about the atmosphere surrounding their favorite sports, and baseball fans don’t like the idea of steroids fueling the players. Steroids are illegal. Steroid cases have to be prosecuted. Whether people like it or not, baseball occupies a cultural place that is above all other sports. Anything that sullies baseball is going to get a brighter light shined on it.

    I agree that baseball owners have no claim at all to any integrity. I think we would all agree on that. It’s unfortunate that baseball lovers have to sleep at night knowing the kind of people who run the sport. I’m a Yankee fan. I’ve been living with the Steinbrenners for over thirty years. Alas, I also had to live through the McGwire-Sosa Era. Hopefully Bonds will be the last major superstar who besmirches the game, although I doubt it.

  103. Will B and PTcruiser,

    The problem with your argument is white people in gereral are not held to the same standard as black people in this country. If you choose not to see that in Paul’s post then that is your problem. I wasn’t aware that hunters were sharp shooters that shoot dear and turkey in the head. Let me speak intelligently to you. That’s a bunch of crap. Didn’t the vice president shoot someone by mistake when hunting? Most hunters are not sharp shooters. Animals are shot and not always killed are left to suffer and their babies may be orphaned. Many hunters use bow and arrows and that is even worse. So don’t come on this site bashing people unless you choose to see the truth. Black people are tired of the hatred spouted at black athletes. The outrage is ridiculous. Did Barry or Mike kill your relative or something. There is poll after poll bashing him and wanting his records banished from the books. Are you two pissed at the fact that Ty Cobb was a racist or the fact that people of color couldn’t even play in the majors before 1947. I doubt it and neither are you white peers. Mike stands to lose millions of dollars and his job. Does the punishment fit the crime. I’ve just marched in the cold today protesting selective prosecution.

    I’m sorry if I don’t give a shit about someone lying to a grand jury. This country has lied and mistreated blacks for years and people on this site are tired of it. So don’t come on this site trying to divide and conquer cause it won’t work here.

  104. Taking any drugs is illeagal so a lot of people need to be in jail. The government lies all the time so talk that mess to someone else. Hypocrits.
    I know the Vick and Bonds cases are different. It’s the media overkill that links them. Why aren’t you white americans pissed at the fact that Lindsey lohan is a repeat drunk driver and drug abuser that only serves 84 min. in jail. She’s going to kill someone. I guess that’s less of a crime then what Barry and Mike did. Why isn’t the government making an example out of her. Why aren’t people screaming for her head and her movies to be boycotted? Just remember slavery was legal once in this country so don’t talk to me about the laws your peeps choose to make and only enforce on a few.

  105. I meant deer. I can spell but I can’t type.

  106. Ty Cobb — the old stand-by argument. From all accounts he was a despicable person off the field, and a hard-ass on it. But what does being a racist have to do with being a ball player? If Ty Cobb cheated on the field, then he shouldn’t be in the HOF, just as someone like Gaylord Perry shouldn’t be. But I’m sure baseball is full of racists, then and now, just as I’m sure there are racists of all colors. If a guy is a racist, or a pedophile, or a dog-killer, or a tax cheat, or an adulterer….. whoop-de-doo. Barry Bonds CHEATED, and then he lied about it. It just so happens that he lied to a jury. Baseball hasn’t suspended him, nor has it done anything to his records. Barry’s trouble is with the law, and that has nothing to do with Ty Cobb.

    Vick is the same. He broke a law. You can keep trying to equate hunting with dog fighting all you want, but when you construct an arena and train domesticated animals to do nothing but tear each other apart, for the entertainment of yourself and others, then you have a real problem. If someone caught hunters putting two deer in a ring and forcing them to fight, that would be just as foul and intolerable. Man has been hunting animals since man realized meat tastes good. But being entertained by the spectacle of two animals ripping at each other’s throats, that’s a learned and sickening habit. Any culture that values deliberate cruelty for the sake of entertainment is a culture with a problem.

    And if Vick stands to lose millions, then that’s his fault. He knew he was breaking the law, and he knew that the whole time he was involved in it. He’s not a victim; he’s stupid.

    And I don’t hate Vick or Bonds. I’m indifferent to either one. My hatred is reserved for McGwire and his “I’m a positive person” crap; that cannot be topped. I was just reading websites about the Bonds thing and found this one. It sounded like there was some interesting discussion going on. I was just a little surprised that so many people here choose to view it all through a racial lens. Not everyone feels that way.

  107. Will b

    Once again. Mark McGwire is not being crucified in the media. A lie is a lie don’t give me the grands jury crap. When Big Mac was approaching Roger’s record could you and everyone else not see he was on roids? Of course they did but white skin gets you a big fat pass. Don’t tell me about these so called fans either. Many of them are so digusting you can’t even take your kids to a game. Oh thats right you and yours make the rules. Since I happen to like deer that is irrelavant to you. Allowing drunk white men to get out their guns and chase defenseless animals for sport is ok to you. So be it. I think it’s sick. What about the fox hunt in England are you appalled by that? Or how about the fact that their are animals going exstinct because too much hunting. Then sins of those who throw stones far exceed anything that Mike or Barry have done. For the 80th time this is about the rage of whites towards them not whether or not what was done was wrong. Why doesn’t it bother you that Ty Cobb was racist? Do you know what harassment black players were subject to. He was part of that. Would you like to go to your job and be harrassed by your coworker while trying to perform your job? Was that not a crime? OH, I forgot it’s only a crime if white people say so. Now get the f… on out of here and talk that crap elsewhere. Why didn’t you address the Linsey L. question?Does repeated drunk driving not piss you off?AFTER ALL IT’S AGAINST THE LAW!!!

  108. Before you misunderstand my point about Cobb. His views carried on and when black players came into the league they delt with the same type of hatred.

  109. Michelle,

    I am not now nor have I ever been a white American. Ask Temple 3. Barry and Vick are not, IMHO, linked except in the minds of many white Americans and too many black folks who want to defend Michael Vick. Yes, the coverage of Vick and the idiots chanting outside the courthouse and the MSM media hypocrites calling for blood was, to put it mildly, sickening.

    Vick, however, needs a brain transplant if he thought he could be involved in dogfighting and nobody, but nobody, wouldn’t find out about it.

  110. Origin

    Last if you follow history you would know that illegalization of opium had to do with the chinese use even though whites used it. Same with illegalization of coke (blacks) and weed (black and mexicans).

    Illegalization of those drugs had to do with the land barons who own the farm land where tobacco is grown. Legalized marijuana means prolly no one buys a tobacco ciggie ever again, EVER. Who is one of the biggest supporter of those anti-drug campaigns and ads you see on TV? The tobacco industry folks. Fact.

  111. ok…. hostility gets no one anywhere. For christ’s sake.

    But I do wonder something. Why is everyone so hostile?

    Michelle Will B is right. The Hall of Fame isn’t, and shouldn’t be, based on what a person did off the field. If it was there would be a whole bunch of people of BOTH races would be out. And Will B Michelle is right. If you’re white you do get a fair pass. Explain to me how it is Roger Clemens doesn’t get brought up ever as a steroid user.

  112. ptcruiser,

    I have many times said what Mike did was stupid and disgusting. I personally love animals and was very hurt, angry and sad about what he did. The problem is the hatred directed at Mike and Barry.We all have to live here and I must say I’m worried. If some whites show a lack of respect for people of color then we are in trouble. Again this week nooses were found at another University. I don’t see white people on tv saying they are appalled by this. When interviewed I’ve only heard them defend the joke theory. Now remember no person or organization paid for slavery. Years of terrorism that America has not witnessed today. Rape, lynching, kidnapping. So I’m sorry if people get livid over Barry and Mike but don’t care about someone hanging a noose. A noose represents countless years of horror dished out by the ancestors of the same media folks that lead the lynch mob. It’s time for our media folks to choose sides cause this mess is getting out of hand. White america is not nor have they ever been sensitive to the plight of black people. We have been laughed at and tortured. Our men have in years past been made a mockery of. And have been the whipping boy for white men for years it continues today. I’m not going to stand for it and I’m not supporting any middle of the road media on this subject by black writers. If they are not outraged and angry then they can sell that bs to white readers. Thats why I came to TSF in the first place. To get truth and honesty not house nigg.. lip service.

    Black people are under attack, I have 20/20 vision and can see it. Those of you who want to turn a blind eye to whats being done, knock yourself out.


  113. I’m white and I’m upset and outraged by nooses displayed in public and blacks being railroaded.

    Going after one player in the whole steriod issue is wrong.

    However, I don’t feel that being white I was ever given a freepass. Life is unfair in more ways than one. I do understand that I have been treated with nore respect than blacks. I sickens me when people are mistreated and black people in America are often mistreated.

  114. JKG,

    When I speak I am never talking about all whites. One of my favorite writers is Dave Zirin and he happens to be white. What you must see is the lack of sympathy in this country towards people of color. Like Paul said earlier I pay taxes here. I want respect and a fair playing field. The media talks about honesty. They aren’t honest. As far as I am concerned they had a hand in Anna Nicole’s death. The women was mourning the death of her son and all they cared about was who her child’s father was and harassed her day and night. To sell magazines and get ratings. That tell you the messed up mentality of white America is. They are obsessed with these young white women and the no integrity media will stop at nothing to get the story. Recently Maria Schreiber was asked if she would return to the media. She replied no because the whole Paris Hilton mess has turned her stomach. The media is driven by greed so who the hell are they to judge a person. They are snakes who have sold their soul to the devil to do his work. So I don’t give a damn about their hypocritical view of anyone else. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  115. JKG,

    Also you may be sickened by the nooses being hung but where is the rest of your race? They are so pissed at OJ, Vick and Bonds. Why aren’t they all over the place blogging about the nooses. I’ll tell you why. They don’t care! These angry mobs remind me of the white men, women and children who gathered to scream at children just trying to go to school in the 50’s.

  116. I hear ya and think a lot of people agree with you.

  117. JKG,

    I also want to add that I choose to educate myself on other races and what they have been through. Take England for instance. Who have they not stolen and robbed from. I bet most Irish people in this country don’t even know their own history of how the English raped, killed and stole from them. Was the IRA wrong for defending themselves? The English has viewed the Irish as second class citizens who are worthless dirty drunks. How many Irish Americans know this when they choose to be racist in America. It saddens me that even here in America the native Americans have been robbed of their land, culture and dignity. They are not celebrated but mocked everytime someone does the tomahawk chop at a Braves game. They are people like you and I who live here and deserve to be treated with respect. Proud chiefs were forced to accept treaties that only sealed the current fate of their people because they were tired of seeing their people being slaughtered. No one carees about them. I do. So when people come to this site and call people racist for being fed up and angry they need to look in the mirror. If they were true caring,decent human beings they would be just as outraged at the unfair treatment as we are.

  118. thebrotherreport Says:

    Funny you should mention nooses; I was just researching my next piece and I was looking up the number of incidents involving nooses AFTER Jena 6 and it’s been on the upswing. Recently in Philadelphia there was a noose found at the top of the new Comcast building which is the largest building in Philadelphia, there were also some found at some suburban schools. Maybe I need to resurrect some of those old Black Panther posters.

  119. On Thursday, a bad day got worse for indicted slugger Barry Bonds, who, according to, on top of being charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, was also hit with a parking ticket in Sausalito, CA. “An expired meter is an expired meter,” said the meter maid who issued the summons.

  120. Michelle I appreciate you trying to lecture bufoons like Wil, but I think we all just need to come to our own. Will and his buddies can be him and his buddies, we need to do for our own, and personally I’m tired of talking with those people. THEY either need to get with our program or get the hell out the way, that’s the way I see it!

    I got mad love for you and all those folks at that protest taking it to the system. I couldn’t care less about the justice dept or Will and his buddies. GOOD RIDDANCE!!! It’s not even that I profess to have hate for them they are just an insignificant entity to me. Like a fly on the wall, but if that fly lands on me or my folks, I’m going for the kill.


  121. Michelle wrote:
    “Once again. Mark McGwire is not being crucified in the media. A lie is a lie don’t give me the grands jury crap.”

    This about sums up the viewpoint of black racists here like Michelle, regarding this Barry Bonds indictment in particular. They don’t care about truth, or whether any laws were broken. Their racism blinds them to the essential difference between why Bonds is being indicted and why Jason Giambi has not. The government feels they have enough evidence to prove that Bonds lied to a grand jury, which….surprise surprise…is actually ILLEGAL. Yes, it’s illegal. And given the high profile nature of Bonds, his steriods case, and steriods in baseball in general, the government is 100% justified in singling him out at the present time. Why would they go after the small guppies when they have a compelling case against the biggest cheat of them all, the brand new home run king?? And it does appear like the black racists have also conveniently forgotten that a soon-to-be-released Mitchell report will name many more of baseball’s steriod abusers, and more indictments could follow.

    I again challenge racists like Michelle and Paul to name white counterparts to Vick and Bonds who should be indicted for similar crimes. Like I said before, your failure to do so 100% proves that you’re just blowing hot racist air. You guys really seem to be addicted to and in love with the sound and appearance of your vicious, sweeping racism.

  122. Johnny G, Michelle, Paul, TBR, Mizzo and all those who’s oppinions counts

    Check it out…

    Elvis was a hero to most
    But he never meant shit to me you see
    Straight up racist that sucker was
    Simple and plain
    Motherfuck him and John Wayne

    Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
    I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
    Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
    Sample a look back you look and find
    Nothing but rednecks for 400 years if you check

    Don’t worry be happy
    Was a number one jam
    Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
    (Get it) lets get this party started right
    Right on, c’mon

    What we got to say
    Power to the ( oppressed African) people no delay
    To make everybody see
    In order to fight the powers that be

    If you can’t take the TSF heat… GET THE HELL OUT OF MY KITCHEN!

    And yeah Will B and JKG! “Nyabinghi” was the cry of the land and freedon party ( Mau Mau) in Kenya during the 60’s ass kicking of White colonial rule…if you can find it look up the meaning.

  123. Michelle,
    Dont even try to dialogue with idiots…in the coming days there will be a whole lotta trolls around sites such as this one and Dwil’s. Just like with the Vick pieces, they came out full force and then scurried back under their rocks when it all died down…but they’ll be back on Dec 10th….all they’re doing is trying to google up and find any blog or article that questions this whole investigation and even remotely invokes race as a factor in how all of this has played out, then they spit their ridiculous assertions that race is in OUR minds only and how Barry deserves the electric chair because he’s a bad bad man. I’m with Sportsdiva on this…i’m sick of trying to engage and conversate….PHUCK’EM!!

  124. Miranda,

    Your my hero!

  125. JOE,

    I’m going to take Miranda’s advice and ignore you but before I do since you obviously can’t read. The white public is full of hypocritical liers, law breakers etc. Please address the crimes against people of color and tell me why many white americans turn a blind eye? If you don’t want to answer those questions then go away. When Mark was going after Roger’s record did you and everyone else not know he was on something? Why didn’t the media go aftger him? Why weren’t there 1000 polls about him? He’s twice as big as Barry. An would the media stop showing pictures of Barry when he was 25. I don’t look like I did when I was 25. To everyone else that can understand whats going on. Thanks for chiming in. To answer your question which has been answered here before. Many players in football, baseball,and wrestling. Many years before Barry came along Mark Gastineu broke the single season sack record. He was a very high profile athlete married to an actress. Suddenly everyone is worried about the hs kids. they have been useing steroids for years because of athletes like Lyle A. and the majority of the WWF. So please Joe go away. I answered your question so answer mine. If our justice system wants to start prosecuting people based on baseball records then they are crooked liers to. Oh I forgot they have always been crooked liers take your laws that only apply to a few and ram them up your a..

  126. Michelle…now watch how steriod use becomes completely irrelevant in the will be all about “HE LIED!!”…..this might as well be scripted. Watch how the fact that taking steriods is illegal becomes a footnote…but if that were ever the focus…oh who am I kidding..that is so not gonna be the focus anymore (not that it ever really was)..nope, its done. We’re about to be bombarded with “HE LIED”!! Seriously…is this a Law & Order episode?? Alledgedly lying about using illegal steriods…felony indictment……using illegal steriods…nothing.

  127. Miranda,
    Once again well said. You are absolutely correct. You notice he didn’t respond. How could he. For him to even ask such a stupid question in the first place was a joke. Fair and equal treatment is all we want. I’ll keep marching until we get it.

  128. Sankofa that was my jam growing up, I even came up with different freestyles of that joint. Loved me some public animal …HA!

  129. Yeah it was. It still is. PE in full effect brothaaaa!

  130. Wow… take a day off and you get drilled.

    I just read a post that asked me about someone named Lindsay L. I have no idea who that is, so I can’t address it. But it was a drunk driving issue, and of course, drunk driving disgusts me. And since you brought it up, I’d prefer mandatory one-year jail sentences for anyone caught on a first offense, and a five-year license suspension. Whoever this Lindsay L person is, I hope he/she is locked up somewhere. (Although I gather from your post he/she isn’t.)

    And I never said it dodn’t bother me that Cobb was a racist. I said it was despicable. But athletes aren’t saints. Reggie Jackson is a first class a-hole by all accounts, as is Bobby Knight, but I dig both of those guys. I don’t root for sports figures because they’re decent human beings. Now, if you wanna start classifying modes of despicable behvior, I gather you’d place racism at or near the top, and thus Ty Cobb would really rub you the wrong way. But I think everyone’s entitled to their own special brand of being a jerk. A racist jerk is no more abhorrent to me than any other kind of jerk. And you assume I know nothing of this kind of treatment, but you’re wrong. I don’t live in the US. I run a private English school in Asia, where I hear every day the locals speaking so ill of me and my fellow foreigners that it is quite sickening, yet they smile and pretend they really like us. Sure, no one here’s going to lynch me or burn a cross on my lawn, but I do know the feeling of being denied certain things socially and otherwise.

    Andmy wife is African-American, with a family from Georgia who hates my living guts, and did from day one for no apparent reason other than my skin color. It’s not pleasant to hear your daughter referred to in terms of race by her own grandparents, who themselves were treated this way, and perhaps still are. Yet, they justify their own identical treatment of others. So, even though my own particular treatment at the hands of others can’t compare with the entire history of maltreatment of an entire ethnic population, you can’t assume I know nothing of this.

    Having said all that, I’m not going to “get the f— out of here,” as someone suggests. If we can’t engage without rage, then we’re immature and undeserving of the free speech rights we’ve been lucky enough to be born with. I haven’t attacked anyone here. As I said in an earlier post, I was cruising the web and this site seemed well-run and interesting, even if I disagree with a lot of the racially charged posts. And besides…. it’s fun.

    And for the record, I HATED McGwire from Day One, and then when his drug-fueled HR splurge interfered with my Yankees and their 1998 season of paradise, I hated him even more. So please stop assuming I liked him. I didn’t. He was an obvious fraud from the get go.

  131. PT…

    I mostly agree with you. I’ve written two rather lengthy pieces on this and I believe that for Bonds, the issue was a question of legacy. He has always played the game against history. He never played against the guys on the field – really. He was always playing against his father and his godfather and his cousin – and their closest associates. Most of them are in the Hall. I believe he felt an admission of steroid use would have been fatal to his HOF chances or even his right to continue to play in the league. None of the other players had as much on the line. Giambi wasn’t playing for his legacy or chasing the HR record. Neither were any of the other players. He could have taken the 5th – but he probably figured that would open him up to an ongoing investigation. It seems to me that the ONLY other player who would have been in a similar position to defend his legacy would have been Roger Clemens. We have the pictures of his fat head. We’ve seen his “Roid Rage.” Mike Piazza will tell you its real. Clemens was not associated with BALCO, but he was never called before a grand jury – even though the same IRS agent who led the charge against Bonds has a sworn affidavit naming Clemens as PED user.

    Baseball does not want to look at Clemens and they don’t want to look at ownership. The owners have a big stake in this – and have since at least 1993 when they had a private meeting and determined that the industry need not be concerned about steroids because no one had any evidence. That’s what Selig said.

    I believe our people are asking the wrong questions – and it’s why I compared Bonds to Saddam Hussein. If Bonds lied to the GJ and the feds can prove it, he should suck it up and do the time. I say that because he had a choice. This is clearly his worst case scenario (or second worst – because he has the record) – but he had three choices…to say he used PEDS, deny he used PEDS, say nothing – and he chose to deny knowingly having used PEDS…so he has to accept the consequences of that choice – just as Greg Anderson accepted the consequences of his choices. That’s the way shit is…

    The issue for baseball fans though, has to be how is it possible that a bunch of crusty rich dudes knew about this problem since its inception — made a determination to do nothing in 1993 — and increased their bottom line by $5 billion – much of it through publicly funded construction of arenas which do next to nothing for poor folks…

    How did it happen that the Justice Department only saw fit to ask players if they used PEDs and never saw fit to ask the men in the driver’s seat if they ever knowingly contracted with a player known to be using PEDs…the owners incentive to lie under oath to that question would have been ENORMOUS – but they were never asked – and that’s the issue.

    The Justice Department, to my knowledge, has not decided to pursue perjury charges against Rafael Palmeiro for lying to the elected representatives of the people of the United States of America. There is clearly a witch hunt element to this that only an infant or moron could fail to see. Nonetheless, it is what it is.

    I don’t believe Barry or these dumb ass fans have any idea who the men are that run baseball. The circles of association are so tight — and there are no degrees of separation between folks who revile Bonds and folks who kill Iraqis for a living…it’s a 1:1 correspondence — and he seems perfectly oblivious. It’s too late for his ass, but these other Black folk need to snap out of it and realize they’re the only ones playing a game.

    The owners are not playing a game. They are managing franchises within an industry which seeks to make profits and minimize losses. Championships are secondary to the bottom line. And the bottom line often looks like gifts of land (Yankees – South Bronx) or concessions around contributing to construction costs…whatever it takes to get a mayor or governor to bend over and take one for the team, MLB is willing to do.

    Bonds is a pawn in a $5 billion game which began more than 15 years ago. When you can’t see the Long Con being played, your ass is grass. McGwire didn’t see it either – and you know Sammy didn’t see it. Clemens saw it – and took his ass to Texas to pay homage to his great benefactors…but these other folks are dying a slow public death because they cannot see what should have been obvious.

    Less ESPN, more Sun Tzu. Less Stuart Scott, more Chancellor Williams. Wake up people, someone is stealing your life – again.

  132. One more thing PT…

    Young people need to realize that the idea of celebrating Hank Aaron as the “Home Run King” is a subterfuge. Aaron has never been perceived as more than a very good player who compiled stats because of his durability. Folks can argue this up and down, but the overwhelming opinion from those who report on this game has always favored Ruth, historically and Mays, contemporarily.

    Aaron never hit 50. Mays did. Aaron spent most of his career chasing Mays on the active home run list – it was only because he came along later and did not miss two full seasons that he was able to pass Mays at all. That’s debatable, but one can make solid arguments either way.

    I’m not suggesting Aaron wasn’t great. He clearly was – but he has never been given the respect of Ruth or Mays. In reality, for most of the national media, the King is still Babe Ruth. Aaron really only became the Home Run King this year with the ascent of Barry Bonds.

    I did a search on “Find Articles” to see if journalists have actually even used the term Home Run King with respect to Hank Aaron. I only searched from the early 70’s to 1998. Most of the articles were written by Black writers (many were from Ebony magazine) and there were about 36 articles. When you search for Home Run King and remove Aaron’s name from the list, you get over 1400 hits. Now, that’s hardly scientific, but it is suggestive. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a confirmation of intuition.

    That Bonds should somehow be vilified for usurping the legacy of a revered Black man is not a story the American media is fit to tell. It’s just another lie in the scheme of things.

  133. Interesting, the numbers on the Aaron article search. Has any other elite athlete — and by elite, I mean all-time record holder — been shafted historically the way Aaron has? For all the media bluster about the sanctity of the home run record and its precedence among all records, the long-time holder never seemed to be regarded justly. The racial implications of that certainly cannot be overstated.

    Is there a parallel in the way Emmitt Smith seems not to get credited for being the best rusher ever? I’m curious for your opinion on that….

  134. Will B

    That’s exactly our point. It cracks me up. Everyone is suddenly talking about Hank Aaron. If you asked most people, before all of the Bond’s stuff ,who the home run King was, they would tell you Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron has not been celebrated at all. Now, since the media hates Barry Bonds they mention Hank Aaron every 5 min. It’s bs. The media and these so called die hard fans are only using Hank’s name because they hate Bond’s not because they love Barry. My opinion is this. When Hank Aaron had the record, it was still Babe Ruth’s record in the eyes of many. Now Barry comes along. He is probably the best all around baseball player of all time and gets the record. Barry is high profile so there is no denying he’s now the king. Thus taking the record from Babe. It’s like the crap Roger Maris went through when he broke the single season record. The media and the fans were biased towards Ruth. Maris never really enjoyed or was celebrated as the king. That’s the hypocrisy that we are speaking of. The timing of all of this steroids stuff stinks. It all seems to be conveniently timed around Bond’s breaking this record. What kind of honestly is that? The government has far more important things to do. That’s my problem with this entire mess. The fact that is so unfair. Did the gov not know that Big Mac and Sammy were on roids when they were trying to break Roger’s record. That was sacred too but again, Roger was never respected as the home run king so they turned a blind eye. Lyle A. did a public service announcement about roids in the 80’s for crying out loud. He attributed his brain cancer to his years of steroid abuse. It was rampant in football and wrestling in the 80’s. So why all the investigating now? Why blame Barry for something that’s been going on for 30 years or more? What is the real motive behind this? I think you answered your own question.

  135. Will B

    Now I think Emmitt gets the shaft for different reasons. I think most people just don’t consider him the best running back of all time so they ignore the record. I think people look at the offensive line the cowboys along with the passing attack. Then they compare Smith to guys like Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Jim Brown, OJ and Gayle Sayers, who carried more of the load themselves. But, you are right Emmitt is the record holder so he should be celebrated. You’ve made a very good comparison.

  136. Will B,

    I’ve just read your other post. The only reason why Lindsay L was mentioned was to show the hypocrisy in the media and many whites who want Barry under the jail. They have been on tv screaming Bond’s is a liar. While Lindsay is driving around high on coke getting slapped on the wrist after slap on the wrist. The moral bs they are hiding behind is ridiculous. I’m sorry you wife’s family mistreats you but if they are from Georgia they probably don’t trust white people. They have seen so many terrible things done to their friends and family at the hands of whites they think you eventually will do the same to their daughter. I’m not saying thats right, I’m just offering you a possible explanation as to why they feel the way they do.

  137. Michelle wrote:
    “I’m sorry you wife’s family mistreats you but if they are from Georgia they probably don’t trust white people. They have seen so many terrible things done to their friends and family at the hands of whites they think you eventually will do the same to their daughter.”

    Yup, black American racism sure rests on firm principles, now doesn’t it? All those Korean grocery store owners who have been mugged by black kids in Los Angeles, say, I suppose it’s okay for them to assume that every black male is naturally inclined toward armed robbery? Isn’t this kneejerk, mindless stereotyping and racism precisely the same thing that the black racists here continually blubber about??

    Ahhh…pardon me, I forgot. When black people act like frothing, ignorant, knuckleheaded racists, it’s easily rationalized and completely forgiveable. Yes, all black racists must have a damned good reason for their ill spirit and vibe, right? Riiiiiight.

  138. Will B wrote:
    “Interesting, the numbers on the Aaron article search. Has any other elite athlete — and by elite, I mean all-time record holder — been shafted historically the way Aaron has?”

    Hold on a second. Aaron obviously experienced a lot of well documented racism in his day. But what evidence do you have that he and his (one time) home run record are given short shrift??? Any baseball almanac that lists the all-time record holders indicate Hank Aaron as the all-time leader. Any sports fan I know, black, white, or otherwise, would have answered Hank Aaron as the all-time leader (and probably still would, given the Bonds controversy). There is no asterisk next to his record. Hank Aaron is in the hall of fame, and is routinely celebrated at various major league ballparks on various nights. So what then is your motivation for implicitly indicting the entirety of major league baseball fandom with the charge that their racism clouds their ability to recognize the greatness of Henry Aaron??

    Here, have a look at the definitive web reference for baseball statistics. You’ll see Henry Aaron’s name listed second, behind Bonds, just as it should be:

  139. “Ahhh…pardon me, I forgot. When black people act like frothing, ignorant, knuckleheaded racists, it’s easily rationalized and completely forgiveable. Yes, all black racists must have a damned good reason for their ill spirit and vibe, right? Riiiiiight.”

    Yessss! You dickless obnoxious drunkard. You cave dwelling dog fucking pedophile! Yeah! I can rationalize my dislike for you, menatal slug, son of a devil whore! Because you and people who think like you, do create and preserve the lynch a niggewr atmosphere in America Inc., then think you can lecture me on ethics and morality….ho bitch!

    Thank your stars this is a blog…’cause Africans like me don’t play that shuck and jive bullshit you seek.

    “All those Korean grocery store owners who have been mugged by black kids in Los Angeles, say, I suppose it’s okay for them to assume that every black male is naturally inclined toward armed robbery? Isn’t this kneejerk, mindless stereotyping and racism precisely the same thing that the black racists here continually blubber about??”

    Your deliverance living, redneck cracker, thinking will only get you an ass slap from your “boys” in the moonshine backwoods. You toothless, tobacco chewing cave dweller!

    Your asanine comment is the same skewed retort by racist appologist who will blame every one but your stinking virmin pussy self.

    Go have another drink of rot gut and some meth….on the house

  140. Joe –

    What is racism?

  141. Never mind. I don’t care about your answer. I should not have asked – please disregard.

  142. T3 I understand your frustration bruh, but I want to know.

    Joe come strong or don’t come at all.

  143. I’m not frustrated about it – he’s easy enough to dismantle – you’ve seen it before. Besides, you know what happens when I get after folks – they bounce. Maybe if I leave him alone for awhile, he stick around long enough to learn something.

  144. I heard that my brotha.

  145. I suppose that after he explains “black racism” he can then define “black” and “race” – and give definitive examples of both. We’ll see how it goes.

  146. SportsDiva Says:

    Holding my breath…..about to pass out. LOL

  147. “I suppose that after he explains “black racism” he can then define “black” and “race” – and give definitive examples of both. We’ll see how it goes.”

    “Black racism” = racist beliefs held by a person with black skin.

    Duh. Want me to take your GED exams for you too, kiddies? Are you guys able to think for yourselves?

    By the way, only complete losers wait with bated breath and feverous anticipation for responses on these blogs. Some people who contribute to these things, people like me, actually have something else to do with their lives besides farting around on these message boards. Get a life, seriously.

  148. Then why did you respond? Add something substantive or don’t come back.

  149. What is racism, you ask? I choose to illustrate by example. For instance, the frothing racist sankofa has provided a nice textbook example, filled with vitriol indicative of a spastic chemical meltdown:
    “Yessss! You dickless obnoxious drunkard. You cave dwelling dog fucking pedophile! Yeah! I can rationalize my dislike for you, menatal slug, son of a devil whore! Because you and people who think like you, do create and preserve the lynch a niggewr atmosphere in America Inc., then think you can lecture me on ethics and morality….ho bitch!

    Thank your stars this is a blog…’cause Africans like me don’t play that shuck and jive bullshit you seek. ”

    Wait…let me guess. The racists here will give da brutha a pass and assume sankofa doesn’t really hold this view of all white people. Riiiiight. My oh my, how forgiving is the black American soul when it comes to excusing the racism and bigotry of their self-perceived brothers and sisters. Note that sankofa has the gall to presume that he speaks for “all Aficans” like him. Riiiight. You racists border on comical caricature, really.

  150. mizzo wrote:
    “Then why did you respond? Add something substantive or don’t come back.”

    I did respond with something substantive. I responded directly to the questions posed. You, on the other hand, appear completely incapable of thinking for yourself, offering nothing but cheerleading to the people you’re waiting for to do the thinking for you. The best you have to offer is “I hear you my brutha.” So, how’s the life of a cheerleader? Will you soon be making a career move along the lines of false accuser Crystal Gail Magnum. Lol.

  151. I’ll say this to you and leave it alone Joe. Barry Bonds was the top story in almost the entire world Friday. People are calling for his head even though he’s only been indicted.

    Yet we employ a president who has the blood of thousands of men on his hands and not a peep.

  152. Joe,

    You get a life. This blog is full of college educated hard working people. After watching the MSM bash Vick, Bonds or talk about Paris Hilton all damn day,we come here to relax and express ourselves. Not that we need to explain that to you.The general public needs to get a life being so obsessed with what color underwear Brittny Spears is wearing instead of the fact that the dollars value is dropping at a rapid rate or the war in Iraq.

  153. Alright Joe. You are a fool. To compare a grocery store owner to the racism blacks suffered everyday in the south is ridiculous. Have you ever heard of colored only or white only ? How about sit on the back of the bus or stay in your place nigger. Black folks in the south suffered at the hands of white men, white women and white children as well. So to compare that to a store keeper that is robbed by a criminal is ridculous. Other black people are patrons of their establishment who are very respectful honest people. Take you racist ass off this blog because you have shown your true ignorant ass colors. GED? Go to hell. Blacks in the south have been discriminated against by priests, teachers, and white people from all walks of life who are thought to be decent people. NOT! Your are a damn fool. I plead to Mizzo to erase all of your posts and ban your ass from this site. Like I mentioned earlier Irish people from Ireland hate English because how they were treated by them if you don’t understand that then you’re a dumbass!

  154. Could provide an image of a person with “black skin.” I’ll wait.

  155. BTW –

    You have not defined “race.” I’ll wait.

  156. I meant site. Joe has me so pissed off that I can’t thing straight.

  157. Or type. LOL!

  158. Joe,
    Is your primary purpose in coming to this site to argue against Barry Bonds and or is it cathartic for you to come to this site and post condescending attacks directed towards Black people? Does the anonymity of this medium provide you with a safe space to show your spite and disdain for Black people without any repercussions except the words that will be posted on your computer screen?

    If you have an argument, whether economic, political, social, cultural, or legal against Barry Bonds then make it.

    As an aside, I’m white, so I am not sure where I should be placed in your typology of “racists”.

  159. Bosco,

    Joe is obviously a clown that we should all just ignore.

  160. To all of you hostile spastics bombarding me with inquiries…I’ll answer more of them as soon as I get a response as to how Hank Aaron, the former home run king of major league baseball, is getting short shrift. This ridiculous claim was made earlier in this thread, and naturally went unchallenged by all y’all since it obviously fit nicely into your pre-conceived notions of how all whities spend their time figuring out ways to stick it to black people. Trouble with your incestuous club here is that you just stroke each other off, and anyone who dares lob you an intellectual challenge — which even gives the slightest hint of straying from the communist party line — is assaulted with little more than kindergarten insults. Most noticeably, none of you ever bother to reprimand the more ineloquent, racist, and foul-mouthed slobs in your ranks. Believe me, I don’t expect to get any intelligent discourse here, not now. At this point I find it rather amusing how y’all descend into chemical meltdowns the instant you’re challenged. Pretty sad state of affairs in your minds.

  161. Joe,

    The Aaron question was already answered before you even asked the question. Aaron like Roger Maris before him was never celebrated by the MSM or the fans. No one here said his name wasn’t in the record books as the owner of the record.(Maris single season record)

  162. Here’s a foul mouth, communist slob like answere to you joe…blow me.
    And use a napkin to clean up!

  163. “Black racism” = racist beliefs held by a person with black skin.

    That’s the dumbest shit I’ve read in a whole day – but it’s still pretty stooooopid.

  164. geek Sankofa. did someone crap in your kashi or something?

  165. michelle wrote:
    “The Aaron question was already answered before you even asked the question. Aaron like Roger Maris before him was never celebrated by the MSM or the fans. No one here said his name wasn’t in the record books as the owner of the record.(Maris single season record)”

    …which makes your blubbering about disrespect toward Aaron all the dumber. Your argument is that it’s hypocritical for people to chastise Bonds because he has sullied the purity of MLB’s greatest record, and that those people now turn toward the glorification of Aaron to justify their hatred of Bonds. Yet, these same people — according to you — didn’t give Aaron an ounce of support in the first place. And it is right here that the idiotic and racist nature of this argument rears its head. Aaron broke the record in 1974, over 33 years ago. I’d say you’d have to be at least an adult (18 years or older) in order to have had any racial motivation for your likes and dislikes when Aaron broke the record. This means that anyone of roughly 51 years of age or younger COULDN’T POSSIBLY have had any sentiments about Aaron’s race back in 1974, one way or the other. And yet, you and many other racists here assume that every whitey who despises Bonds necessarily does so because of his race, and that these same whities — a great number of which likely not even out of diapers in ’74 — supposedly also despised Aaron because he was a black man. Ummm hmmm…right. And this doesn’t even speak of the majority of older white people who actually aren’t racists and who couldn’t care less about the race of a player. I contend that it is racist of you to, (1) assume all white people who criticize cheating black people do so because of race, and (2) that any white person who wasn’t even born or of cognizant age back in ’74 hated Aaron because he was black! It’s sheer racist lunacy for you to believe this.

    It’s not that I actually expect you to comprehend the rampant hypocrisy underlying your racism, but what the hell, I figured I’d try to explain. But go ahead, keep on believin’ that all those white people out there are just lil’ ol’ devils. It’ll get you real far in life, you betcha.

  166. Still waiting on that Black skin photo – take your time.

  167. “Still waiting on that Black skin photo – take your time.”

    Still waiting for you to cease being a tedious, liiteral minded nudnik. While you’re amusing yourself being so literal, why don’t you show me a picture of a “white” person? Say, you know it’s kind of funny…all these people around here talking about “white” folks, and not once did you challenge them to explain what precisely they mean by a “white” person. Why is that? Could it possibly be the usual racial double standard at work amongst the racist black coterie on this forum? Yup, I think so.

  168. Joe,

    After this comment I will ignore you. First of all you are not qualified to talk to any black person about racism. The fact that you don’t even care to mention what blacks have gone through in this country shows you don’t give a sh.. There have been several examples laid here before you of whites getting away with murder, steroid use etc. However you give no explanation for why white people are not outraged at these individuals. We are not saying all white people are racist. Obviously you’re the idiot ’cause the Aaron thing is over your head. Ty Cobb was mentioned by someone earlier, I find it disgusting steroid use trumps denying a entire race of people who have the ability the right to play in the majors. Many if not all the records would be different if blacks, latinos and japanese players were allowed to play. Since most of the best all around players in the game today are members of one of those three races. Oh, I i forgot pedophilia (Woody Allen). If many whites continue to have selective outrage then blacks will continue to be outraged. After all black people have been dealing with this since we have been here. So again Joe there is NO valid reason for the outrage spewed at Bonds and Vick since others have done much worse things without the same reaction. Your history is not mine. so continue to have a distorted view of this country. For blacks even in 2007 there is a lot of stupid bs we deal with everyday. Even though those of us here take our college educated butts to work and pay taxes just like you do. Baseballs greatest crime was not allowing people of color play. I keep hearing it’s a sad day. What? Not allowing us play wasn’t the saddest? Furthermore, there has been all kinds of cheating in baseball from doctored balls, corked bats, and all kinds of drugs. Most of the Phillies world series team was on speed (and some on steroids). So lets open the record books. Mark up everything pre 1947 and all the other things I just mentioned. Don’t stop there, let’s open up the NFL books to. Since you’re so moral, you should be more concerned with all the lies your president is telling. I work in healthcare with some of the most unethical, lazy, lying individuals on the planet. So the next time you need a hospital stay, you had better be concerned about that.

  169. Joe,

    One last thing. I can give you many people both black and white who could vouch for my character. I wonder how many black names you could give me to vouch for yours? GOODBYE!

  170. Joe,

    I was 12 years old in 1974, and I and anyone else I knew in my age group (at least those who were black) FULLY understood the racial implications that occurred during Aaron’s pursue of the home run record. I can still remember watching “60 Minutes” and they read some of the hate letters that were sent to Aaron. Yes, we knew full well what was “going on”.

  171. Marc wrote:
    “I was 12 years old in 1974, and I and anyone else I knew in my age group (at least those who were black) FULLY understood the racial implications that occurred during Aaron’s pursue of the home run record. I can still remember watching “60 Minutes” and they read some of the hate letters that were sent to Aaron. Yes, we knew full well what was “going on”.”

    Seriously, get a clue. Try to see the forest through the trees. Your observation here has absolutely nothing to do with the charge that 10 year olds 1974 should today be held accountable and judged for the attitude of some whities back in 1974. Do I really have to explain this all over again? I’m responding to the sweeping (racist, IMO) charges that the very general entity known as “white folk” are today a bunch of hypocrites for railing on about the sullying — by Barry Bonds — of a once glorious baseball record, whereas those same whities supposedly back in ’74 had nothing but scorn for Henry Aaron. So, every 10 year old white kid back in ’74 was upset because a black man beat Ruth’s home run mark? Really? Hell, you can’t even say that about all white adults back then, much less the kids. How about a 3 year old? Think they had a feeling one way or the other, and if they did, they should still be held accountable for it TODAY???

    It’s amazing how much your clinging to the party line destroys your sense of reason and logic. But you have quite a bit of company, starting with uber-racists Michelle and sankofa.

  172. Joe – not getting any love at home? Can’t find those pictures? Feeling like an ass for actually typing “black skin”? Wishing you’d taken the time to say something just a bit smarter? Let’s see the “black skin” – don’t ask me about “white skin” – those aren’t my terms – we’re using your language (but not your definitions – they’re sloppy – and don’t ask why, just use a real dictionary). Don’t pussy up about being “literal.” Don’t say shit you can’t defend.

    Besides, you’ll be leaving soon. This is your end. Tick tock.

  173. Guiseppe:

    Aside from misrepresenting the point about the Bonds-Aaron dynamic, you’re right on point. Can’t you get anything right? Seriously, what did you major in? Let me guess – something quantitative…it’s why you feel you should be smug – even though you can’t see the moving parts. Too many lonely days and nights fiddling with your on/off switch 01010110101011001101011010. Are you on or off?

  174. Actually Joe – don’t bother to respond…I just wanted to spew a few nasty irrelevant insults to balance your condescending comments above. As I said before, I already know you have no clue what the phuk you’re talking about. What kind of person talks about Black skin in 2007? Your slave ship docked two hundred years ago. It’s time for you to get off.

    And seriously, I do believe you have a bit too much venom for your own good. You clearly know next to nothing about the topic. You can count backwards to 1974, but that and a Metrocard will get you to the South Bronx.

    Think about why you’re visiting TSF having the conversations your having while discussing “black skin” and “white skin” – and then projecting that mythical reality on to others. Perhaps someday, you’ll actually be able to identify the Black race and the White race. I suggest you start the process by holding your breath. You can breath again when you’re done.

  175. Greetings T3,

    Thanks for sharing your insight and analyses regarding Bonds, Clemens, Aaaron, Mays, MLB, Iraq, American racism and anything else that I might have failed to mention in this sentence.

    I need to mention, however, that what hurt Mays’ cumulative totals was having to play all those years in Candlestick Park. The entire deal that led to the development of a baseball stadium at that particular site was as funky as 30 day old unchanged athletic socks. Playing at Candlestick probably prevented Mays, McCovey, Marichal, Cepeda, Bonds fils and the Alou Brothers (Felipe, Mateo and Jesus) from winning more than a few pennants. (Having the racist Alvin Dark as a manager probably did not help either.)

    I think Barry was oblivious, as you correctly, pointed out to some more influential larger issues but most professional athletes – Bill Bradley was a noticeable exception – don’t spend much time time around folks who could give them any insight about these issues. Poor Vick didn’t even bother to listen to folks who would have told him that dog fighting was a huge no, no.

  176. I remember going to Candlestick once in the early 90’s to see the Giants and Cubs. It was windy as heck. There were big twisters that swept up all the debris from the stands and dumped it out on the field – right near Will Clark. PT – you know Mays missed about two entire seasons in the prime of his career.

  177. T3 – I think you are referring to the fact that the “Say Hey Kid” had been drafted into the military. It is a good thing that he wasn’t sent to Korea to fight for democracy and freedom.

  178. SportsDiva Says:

    “Seriously, what did you major in? Let me guess – something quantitative…it’s why you feel you should be smug – even though you can’t see the moving parts. Too many lonely days and nights fiddling with your on/off switch 01010110101011001101011010. Are you on or off?”

    T3!!! LMFAO!!! And it’s too bad when one can’t see the ‘moving parts’…they’re so sexy, so necessary and so much harder for the binary-thinking-addicts to appreciate. on/off black/white cheater/god

    And ya know, I feel Vick was oblivious too. He was oblivious in a different way, but none-the-less oblivious. Both Bonds and Vick were also probably too confident in their power to ‘transcend’ and ‘nuetralize’ because that came natural in high school when the stakes were hella lower. Vick knew more about certain rules of the ‘underground’ elite rather than the ‘mainstream’ elite and well…we know the power dynamics inherent there. I don’t know where he would’ve learned a sustainable template either (to deal with his unique circumstance), I honestly don’t.

    And with Barry Lamar, well, he has such an intriguing position given the/his history and familial legacy in sports, the fact that SO much of that is ignored-unframed in MSM coverage (coverage that was already perverted yes) is quite telling.

    No suprise here, those who know, know it’s deeper than (him).
    Feel free to fill in plenty names…..(him)

  179. […] is bond. They could do a lot for sports fans if they admit there mistakes like they publicly ask others to […]

  180. […] Barry Bonds broke the home run record and was indited by the fed for perjury. […]

  181. […] The Starting Five’s Mizzo eloquently captured the moral ramifications of this tragic and misguided abuse of power: […]

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