Marbury Returns

L.A. Clippers 84, New York Knicks 81

Chris Kaman 14 points and 18 rebounds.

(Chris Carlson/AP)
Brothas gonna work it out? Lets hope so

Marbury returns. Weary Knicks score 9 in the third, lose to Clips

Stephon Marbury returned to his team in Los Angeles and scored 13 points in 34 minutes. What an awkward situation. There were reports of a fight–on the plane–between Coach Zeke and Marbury. Stephon then (allegedly, this must be said) threatens Zeke with blackmail? Goodness.

If this is the reason, then the NY media has some explaining to do. If not….
Stephon get your butt on the floor and play some ball. Like I said yesterday, I’m a fan. The money means nothing to me. It doesn’t affect me in any way. I’m not a resident of NY, so my taxes aren’t spiked because of MSG upkeep. I seriously could care less.

That being said….

Things used to be Minnesota Nice. Steph you’ve had your chance to play for the Nets and the Knicks. Do you know how many Harlem boys dream about this?

Look at KG now. Looking like Mo Dee. He plays in your division. He most likely will be the MVP of the league this season and might also win the NBA Championship.

You blew it bruh.

Coming out of Georgia Tech, everyone thought you were the truth.

Maybe you should have stayed there after Bubba Chuck put up 40 on you.

You had it made playing with Garnett. I put the blame more on Minnesota’s front office..(cough Kevin McHale you suck cough) for mishandling KG’s contract knowing they had to pay you. How does McHale still have a job?

(Chris Carlson/AP)

Anyway. You and Zeke have got to get this together. Zeke hasn’t been loved since he won it all playing for Bobby Knight. He probably wasn’t liked then. Shut ya mouth–both of you–and handle ya biz. Zeke looks shook when addressing the media. Snitching (allegedly) on your coach ain’t cool Stephon. If you two were family, then this wouldn’t be anyone’s business. You have to know playing in hallowed Madison Square Garden, it’s everyone’s business. You are not the sole reason why this team is in such disarray– neither is Zeke, but the fact remains you have to win in NY or it’s gonna be constant drama.

The NY media hasn’t gotten over the Larry Brown debacle and won’t until Isiah has a one way ticket outta NY.

Isiah you have your work cut out for you and if you want to hold on to any credibility, you must stick this out. You’ve brought a lot of this on yourself. It’s never going to be the fairy tale story you may want it to be, but if you get this team to the playoffs with all that’s going on, most will be forgotten.

Get it together brothas.

Was there a game last night?


7 Responses to “Marbury Returns”

  1. My grandmother used to say, “You make your bed, you lie in it, boy.”

    Metaphysics enlightened gurus say, “I create my life.”

    Same thing.

    From the top to the bottom.

    New York Nix.

  2. I watch that game on the NBA league pass and that was some BS refing. Man Crawford and Curry were getting hacked all day and the refs weren’t calling sh#$.

  3. Winners don’t need refs.

  4. Well I have seen a lot of winners in the NBA, NFL and MLB get help from the refs all day every day.

    But that last night was some garbage.

    Kaman was hacking the he11 out of curry all night.

  5. Winners don’t need refs? Damn, maybe we don’t need refs at all?
    I thought refs were present to enforce rules and make sure there is a balance in the level of adherace to the rules.

    I just read the hatchet job on Zeke and Marbury and the Knicks by Adande. This is another reason for these guys to stop the bullshit and drama and win some games.

  6. Brotha sankofa Adanda is a fool. After the blaming of hiphop for Andy Reids sons slanging dope. I am done with that idiot.

  7. Boy its there are some happy MFs in the media and in governement today………….;_ylt=AtCLJ3zVSne36JrWEkGkjV85nYcB?slug=ap-bondsindicted&prov=ap&type=lgns

    Yet still all those peds dealers were busted 2 months ago and still no names.

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