Dwight Freeney Out For Year, Simeon Rice Gets Big Shot

If the Colts do it again, it will have to be without Freeney

Dwight Freeney is out for the season.

Most are going to report Freeney is the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. From a team perspective, I think that’s irrelevant. Teams are supposed to break the bank to lock up the best. Injuries will remain a fact of life in the NFL for the duration of its existence.

What’s more of a on field concern is how the Colts are going to replace the pressure Freeney puts on any quarterback with his sick array of spin moves and bull rushes.

Simeon Rice was signed this week after requesting his release from the Broncos.

I’m not a left end. Give me a call Coach Dungy

For Rice, the move is an opportunity to join a playoff contender.

Rice was released by Tampa Bay on the eve of training camp after six seasons with the Bucs, when the team said that he had failed a physical examination because of the shoulder injury that limited him to only eight appearances in 2006. Rice contended that the release was because he refused to accept a reduction of his 2007 base salary of $7.25 million.

After visiting with several franchises as a free agent, Rice signed the one-year, $3 million contract with the Broncos on Sept. 3. Rice acknowledged recently that he regretted signing with the Broncos. He demonstrated some flashes of his trademark upfield quickness, but Denver officials privately questioned the soundness of his shoulder and hinted he still wasn’t fully recovered.

Rice has long been one of the NFL’s premier sack threats. His 121 career sacks trail only Michael Strahan of the New York Giants. He has eight seasons with double-digit sacks. His streak of five consecutive seasons with 10 or more sacks was ended last year because of the shoulder injury.

The normally durable Rice had missed just one game in his first 10 seasons in the league.

Rice was originally chosen by the Arizona Cardinals in the first round of the 1996 draft.

In 172 regular-season games, he has 590 tackles, 37 forced fumbles, eight fumble recoveries, five interceptions and 60 pass deflections.

Hopefully Rice will give Dungy what he gave him in Tampa. If not, the Colts won’t be able to get past the Pats. We all saw how the Colts pressure frustrated Tom Brady. When and if these teams meet again, Brady will pick the Colts apart unless Bob Sanders brings his hard hat. It’s as simple as that.


9 Responses to “Dwight Freeney Out For Year, Simeon Rice Gets Big Shot”

  1. Hopefully his big shot turns out better than Corey Simon’s Big Shot and Booger McFarland’s Big Shot. Tony’s a loyal dude. Gotta give him his props…

    And the Chargers really suck. If folks in San Diego aren’t raking Norv over the coals for scraping out a win off of 6 picks, they all need help. AJ Smith new motto: “If you wanna ride me, bring the rail!”

    By the way, if the Colts had Simon and McFarland (healthy) and Bob Sanders you couldn’t get an inch on the ground.

  2. You speak truth yet again my brotha.

    The Colts are used to dealing with adversity. I don’t see them folding now. The league better watch out come December.

  3. #1 Carolina down with a little over 8 minutes to go to Davidson.

  4. Seth Curry…Dell’s son is giving it to ’em. Wayne Ellington’s shot is as smooth as Dell’s

  5. thebrotherreport Says:

    The people in SD need to be raking upper management for getting rid of Schotenheimer and Brees. While Marty isn’t the greatest coach his guys play for him and sometimes that’s enough. My ‘Heels are up 3 with a minute left.

  6. That boy Ellington is sweet. He was tentative last year. He’s become almost a slasher now. His jumper is like cotton rain.

  7. I’ve never been a big fan of Schottenheimer. Interestingly enough before the last two seasons, his legacy (and that of his assistants) was uniformly terrible in big games. Consider not just Marty’s record – but also his two Kansas City coaches – Cowher and Dungy – in big games. It was awful – and then Cowher broke through and then Dungy. Perhaps it was Marty’s turn this season if he retained the job.

    That collapse by the Chargers last season was unbelievable. They went out of their way to lose that game. And the thing about his teams, generally speaking pre-2006, was that they didn’t take big shots to put teams away. Last year, they did it up until the 2nd half of the Pats game – and were sloppy and dropped picks and committed penalties. I would have been hard pressed to fire a coach with a 15-1 or 14-2 record…but I can understand the GM’s frustration. Still, he botched the process. It was not clean and Norv was the wrong guy. Ted Cottrell might even be the wrong guy.

    With that said, I like the addition of Chris Chambers. I like Philip Rivers. He’s not as good as Brees yet – but I believe he’ll be as good eventually. The Chargers didn’t have receivers who could actually CATCH the ball until two weeks ago. Eric Parker has been out all season and Vincent Jackson is “da woist.”

    AJ Smtih deserves the smack down for his timing and botching the process – but I don’t know that Marty’s luck was going to change for the better. Cowher and Dungy got so close so often – I think they decided to really let their nuts hang – and that’s what got them over the top. Marty’s still clutchin’ his nuts somewhere wondering why he couldn’t stop Elway in the 80’s.

    By the way, I still like the Colts. I believe with all their pieces they can/will beat anyone/anywhere including the Pats. They need all the pieces though.

  8. Simeon Rice seems like the type of cat who takes good care of himself. He doesn’t carry any extra weight. He never really got beat up on the field. He was solid enough against the run and awesome against the pass. I suspect that if he heals up nicely – and takes his time, he could make a huge difference for someone – especially someone who plays 9 games a year on “turf” (Indy 8 at home + 1 in Houston).

  9. Like you alluded to earlier, Dungy is loyal to his people. Donovan’s boy might be a great fit in Indy because of his desire and commitment to staying fit.

    I always admired his game. He seemed to have the right temperament to get that sack.

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