Did Zeke and Starchild Throw Blows?

Happier times?

According Bloomberg , Zeke and Stephon may have come to blows.

Marbury left the Knicks before yesterday’s practice in Phoenix ahead of the team’s game against the Suns, and later said he had permission from Thomas to return to New York. Reports in the New York Post and elsewhere suggested Marbury’s departure was spurred by Thomas’ decision to start Mardy Collins in his place.

The Record, citing an unidentified National Basketball Association player familiar with the situation, said punches were thrown on the team plane. Someone on the flight woke up to a commotion as Thomas “discussed his dissatisfaction with Marbury’s play and a possible demotion from the starting lineup,” the newspaper said.

“Punches thrown? Of course not,” Knicks spokesman Jonathan Supranowitz said in an e-mail. “No truth to it whatsoever.”

Thomas yesterday didn’t say what led to Marbury’s departure from the team, and declined to comment on whether he had given the two-time All-Star permission to leave. He also didn’t say whether Marbury would be fined or suspended.

“It’s an in-house matter and we’ll try to keep things in- house,” Thomas said in televised remarks to reporters. He added that Marbury “is welcome back and we want him as a member of this team.”

Marbury Fined

The Knicks fined Marbury $180,000 for missing last night’s 113-102 loss to the Suns, the Associated Press said, citing a person with knowledge of the penalty who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss it.

Marbury told the Post yesterday that he wouldn’t attend the Knicks’ game tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Marbury has $42 million and two years remaining on his contract with the Knicks. He has said he wants to play in Italy when the deal expires.

The actual fine is approximately $195,000 (174,503 and 20,000 team fine). Marbury will make 20.1 million this season.

From the Canadian Press:

Several of Marbury’s teammates said his departure took them by surprise, but they expressed no hard feelings.

“You always support your teammates,” forward Jared Jeffries said Tuesday night. “A lot of people on the outside don’t understand what guys go through with their family, their friends, with this team, with anything. Whenever somebody goes through a tough time you support your teammate.”

Marbury played poorly down the stretch in New York’s 75-72 loss to Miami on Sunday, and the Daily News reported Tuesday the Knicks were trying to reduce Marbury’s role or get rid of him entirely.

That created tensions between Marbury and Thomas – neighbours in Westchester County who share the same agent.

Damn! Same agent? Whoa….

Players are fined 1/110th of their salary for a missed game–according to the collective bargaining agreement. Lets all hope this situation isn’t as bad as these reports. Honestly, if they were throwing hands on the team plane, then this is as serious as it can get. In the locker room or even on the bench is benign compared to this. Both of these brothas have an unquestioned love for basketball and should be able to sort this out. The problem is–and like I said to Poet–the NY media is relentless and will clamor for blood. If a reconciliation is going to happen all cards are going to have to be played in earnest. Like Hov said, spades with the cards up.

Has it gotten this bad?

Man I hope not.

Stay tuned.


10 Responses to “Did Zeke and Starchild Throw Blows?”

  1. I hope they work it out. Cause you know the mainstream media and NY media wants these brothas to both act a fool and air out all the dirty laundry.

    They have both been on the mainstream medias most hated black males list for years and zekes been on that list for decades.

  2. Yeah, this worries me because it could blow into something ridiculous.

  3. This is going to get much uglier….their egos are not going to make a “peaceful resolution” possible.

  4. Damn. I hope not, but it’s most likely inevitable.

  5. If this ends ugly sista miranda it will be the end of both of their careers in the NBA. The mainstream media will make certain of that!!!

    You can guarantee it.

  6. If any of you aren’t at work, check the video I just posted of a church fight.

    What in the world….

  7. TheLastPoet Says:

    I agreed with your assessment of the NY/mass media then, Mizzo, and I still do: These cowards hate Zeke like they hated Malcolm X. To call it bizarre would constitute a failure to recognize that it is really and truly The Great White Way.

    So the Zeke/Starchild partnership may be over. Ah well, I’m not going to call it a season just yet…

  8. This is more sad than anything bruh. You can guarantee Coney Island’s finest never had this in mind while home sick in Minneapolis.

    The choices we make….

  9. HarveyDent Says:

    Marbury does some positive things in the community but he’s made some bizarre choices in his NBA career though. The most puzzling thing has always been his escape from the T-Wolves though because he and Garnett would have won titles by now but because he couldn’t be the quote unquote Man he hasn’t even sniffed a title.

  10. This will never work. The New York media hasn’t forgiven Isaiah for firing Larry Brown.

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