Report: Ricky Williams Reinstated By the NFL


Who will Ricky run for after his reinstatement?

According to ESPN reports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated suspended talented but enigmatic Miami Dolphin tailback, Ricky Williams. Williams was suspended for violating the league’s anti-substance abuse policy.

Williams last played for the Dolphins in 2005. During the suspension, Ricky ran for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League until breaking his forearm.

Williams was set to apply for reinstatement before training camp began last July, but word leaked of a fifth failed drug test in May. The league said he could apply again in September, but Williams waited until last month to submit his letter for reinstatement.

Last week, newspaper reports in Miami indicated that Williams’ agent Leigh Steinberg had conversations with Dolphins General Manager Randy Mueller, but did not get any indication of how the Dolphins were going to deal with Williams.

The Dolphins refused to comment on the Williams’ matter until the commissioner rendered a decision.

I’m sure there’s more to come as this develops.


3 Responses to “Report: Ricky Williams Reinstated By the NFL”

  1. Turns out the Dolphins did the right thing. They welcomed Ricky back with open arms. But does this mean good bye for P. Cobbs or the worse of the two-too-many Bookers?

  2. «sigh» Bye-bye Ricky. I waited too long for you and now you’re gone again. My heart is filled with saudade.

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