Shocker: C.C. Wins the Cy Young; Lloyd Carr Done At Michigan; Sup With These Young Boys? Posada Reportedly Signs; Braun, Pedroia Rookies Of the Year

First off, I have to say Happy Birthday to my lil sis. Thanks for all you’ve done Gina. I love you very much 🙂

Birthday wishes also go out to Ron Artest. Happy Birthday brotha. Thanks.

Props to Dwil for his SOMM mention in Jemele Hill’s latest.


C.C. Sabathia wins Cy Young Award

Wasn’t a surprise to me brotha

I’m shocked. Beckett second.

Sports writers were swinging on Beckett’s jock the last two months of the season. There is no denying Beckett was a monster during the playoffs. Anyone outside of Cleveland who seriously entertained the notion Sabathia would win this award is a liar. Straight up. If anything, I thought his teammate Fausto Carmona would takes some votes and Beckett would win in a landslide. He’s the first Indians pitcher since Gaylord Focker Perry won the award in ’72. Does it make up for Albert Belle not winning in ’95? Of course not.

C.C. was 19-7 with a 3.21 earned run average. Maybe the reasoning behind Sabathia winning was he pitched 40 more innings than Beckett. Becket was on the dl–most likely to rest the ace–and maybe durability was a question.

Sabathia received 18 of 29 first place votes.


I’m done with this,so you are just gonna have to hear it

Lloyd Carr reportedly retires as head coach of Michigan.

Sources say Carr will retire after this weeks annual battle with Ohio State and an announcement will come as early as Monday.

Everyone knows T3 and I are the resident Michigan fans ’round here. I have to say the Wisconsin loss left me a little sick. I understand the injuries to Henne and Hart, but going into OSU week, this loss was unacceptable.

Lloyd Carr is a very classy man. He’s done a lot for Mott’s and runs a clean program. I’ve always had a bone to pick with coach because of his play calling. Running the ball on first down is not a given anymore. You have to mix it up and keep the defense honest with all the speed on the outside. Michigan has been blessed with great skill position players over the past decade and should have more than one ‘ship in that span. I can name many heart breaking losses.

Henne, Hart and Long returned to win it all. I truly feel if Mike Hart was healthy, he would be well on his way to 2,000 and striking Desmond’s pose.

He’s the fire I want my sons to emulate.

Les Miles will probably be lured away from LSU. He has an escape clause in his contract enabling him to leave in the event the Michigan job opens up.

Temple, if this happens we will have the defensive linemen we both so covet.

Lloyd will most likely end up as AD and has done well for himself guiding the Maize and Blue. I personally wish him well. Thanks for the memories.


The NBA’s age limit has prohibited these five players from getting major minutes right now. March Madness should be special this year because of it.

Fresh Freshmen

This is how I rank ’em.

1. Derrick Rose

2. Michael Beasley

3. Eric Gordon

4. O.J. Mayo

5. Jonny Flynn


Kidd, LeBron and Tayshaun rolled into one? So says Scoop Jax.

Derrick Rose can do it all. This freshman class barring injury will take basketball into the next decade stomping the sports scene. His is a tremendous athlete with NBA veteran poise. He knows his role and sticks to it. His defensive prowess will become more and more evident as this prodigy ages. Rises to the occasion. Will be a joy to watch come March Madness. I could talk about his kid all day. Simply an amazing talent.


Big man with fluid skills

Michael Beasley is a straight up monster. When covering the initial Elite 24 at Rucker Park, I remember telling this kid how impressive he was. Had nothing to do with his game. His maturity and awareness alone gives him a shot to potentially be an NBA all star. For now, check the skills and witness a freshman averaging 30 points and 19.5 rebounds the first two games of his college career. He will dominate competition throughout the year. Kevin Love, he’s coming for you.


33 in IU debut

Eric Gordon scores 33 in his first game at Indiana to eclipse freshman scoring record of George McGinnis (1970). Kid has amazing range to go along with hardcore ferociousness down on the blocks. Imagine Barkley in guard body. Ron Artest recently told me this kid could have started in the NBA last year.

Played Michael Jordan’s son in Space Jam.


(Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

Same number. Same game

O.J. Mayo seems like he’s 30 years old. He’s been on our collective minds for at least 5 years now. He’s another do it all guard who shocked many by picking USC. His name is O.J. and he wears 32 so the choice should have been obvious. Tenacious with the ball in his hands. O.J. will show and prove to the world he definitely belongs higher on this list. When covering Donovan McNabb and Rasheed Wallace’s charity softball game in Camden, New Jersey, I found it was easier to get quotes from DNabb and Sheed than Mayo. O.J. was off limits. Damn kids!


Shh. Wait til I get to the Olympics

Jonny Flynn is the consummate set up man with offensive skills to thrill. He’s also been on the scene for a while and combined with sophomore Paul Harris, gives the Orange an incomparable guard tandem. Has unlimited range and ability. Plays within himself and is a fearless leader. With this class, Jimmy B isn’t retiring any time soon. This is one of his best teams since Melo was a freshman.


Oh my bad. Jennings is still in school


Jorge Posada sign with Yankees

Gonna miss Joe

The deal is four years for a total of 52.4 million. The Yankees have locked up their franchise catcher for most likely the duration of his career. If the Yankees win a couple more titles, he will go down as one of the top Yankee catchers of all time.

It was pertinent the Yankees resigned Posada as the pitching staff looks to be overhauled. Gotta have an experienced catcher to deal with a staff that right now looks like it’s in total disarray.


Pedroia wins Rookie of the Year. Delmon Young second.

Trouble for Yankee fans

Every so often a baseball player comes along with a great stick and awareness to go along with undeniable confidence. Dustin Pedroia is that dude. His .317 average was the highest ever for a rookie and he also led all rookies with 39 doubles. Dustin is going to be a tough out for years to come for any pitcher. Will be the future anchor of the Boston franchise.

Braun edges Tulowitzki

See Ya!

Braun hit .324 with 34 home runs and 97 RBIs even though he was called up in late May. His .634 slugging percentage was the highest in MLB history. Had 26 errors to tie for the major league lead but makes up with tremendous offensive skill. We might see this kid playing another position very soon. Has the eyes of a hawk which is the sure fire sign of a supreme competitor.

Had two more first place votes to overtake Tulowitzki.


34 Responses to “Shocker: C.C. Wins the Cy Young; Lloyd Carr Done At Michigan; Sup With These Young Boys? Posada Reportedly Signs; Braun, Pedroia Rookies Of the Year”

  1. Im looking forward to this year in College basketball. Between All the upsets and the freshmen, this year will make the College football season look like the status quo.

  2. Dammit, I clicked on the link at the top of the page. I didn’t see where it lead first, and I got tricked into clicking on ESPN. This broke my boycott of, I’d had a strong month and a half of avoiding that place too.

    I feel betrayed. I was expecting a link to SOMM which is blocked for some reason at work, sometimes the blocks slip up though. Instead I wind up at ESPN.

  3. My bad GMP. If you mouse over the link, you can pretty much see the site before ya click it.

  4. These kids are the truth…………does Michael Beasley play at kansas st??

    HAHA its funny that the fool Bill Simmons said that kevin love was better then OJ.

    By the way is kevin love playing well???

    Looks like the 08 draft will be dominated by americans and college freshmen again.

  5. Good work GMP I am boycotting those fools as well. If I have to watch sports news on TV I watch the 30 minutes fox sports run down.

    Just news not 1 hr of opinon like espn.

  6. Yes, Beasley plays at Kansas State.

  7. origin

    Love has played two games

    22pts 13reb 3ast 6/8 FG% vs Portland State
    21pts 9reb 1ast 8/14 FG% vs Youngstown.

    To early to really judge the freshmans yet but I’d think Love will be in the top 5 when all is said and done. I rate Beasley, Rose and Majo higher though.

    An overlooked freshman by most media is imo Kosta Koufos at OSU. 7’1 ft Center who won the U-18 euro championship MVP. Went for 18/8 in his debut game last night, defintly a high lottery pick for the draft when he declares.

  8. I judged Love’s early season game based on his foot work, speed and ability to dominate the defense. He’s not there yet and all of these players….even Jennings have been for a while.

    The kid can ball, but he’s got to get off the ground to be successful at the next level.

  9. I’m a huge Michigan fan, so I’m happy that Carr is out. We have too much talent to be continously be out-coached by teams with lesser talent. Hopefully the new blood will change us from being mediocre.

  10. I think Carr has become a victim of his loyalty to the Big Ten–which hinders him from putting away teams early.

    Les Miles can’t get here fast enough. I want to see 60 on ND.

  11. Exactly Mizzo, the days of letting up on teams is over. We need someone who is going to overahaul our offense, get rid of that crappy zone blocking, get a new defensive coordinator who can bring the fire, and a coach who has that killer attitude.

  12. I actually think Ron English has done a decent job. We need to consistently bring in Alan Branch type talent to anchor the line. We’ve always had talent at linebacker and the secondary. If we can get pressure on the quarterback you’ll see how good a coach English is.

  13. I like Ron and I usually try to give black coaches breaks, but he can not make adjustments. I remember last year at the Rose Bowl he never made not one adjustment for USC during the half-time break. The same event occured when we played OSU. I saw this again when we played Wisconsin.

    If we do not have the front to generate pressure bring in more people. Ron saw Wisconsin bring in a raw QB in and he didn’t put 8 men in the box. I do not understand his play style.

  14. Mizzo,

    Carr should have been done last year. This entire college football season has been crazy with all of the upsets.

    Is anyone else watching O.J.’s hearing? This BS.

  15. I feel for OJ, he needs better friends.

  16. DavidMac,

    I don’t feel for OJ due to his poor decision making. I do as a citizen of this country have a problem with the gov. wasting tax payers money on this case. We as black people should be very concerned. When whites have been aquitted of killing black people with mountains of evidence, the gov. did not try to frame those people. That’s my problem with this case. It’s a circus.

  17. I don’t buy the white guilt crap you are throwing michelle. Actually I think this is an entirely justifiable case to go after OJ for. Make no mistake, if what they are saying is true he deserves to spend time in jail. My only issue is with OJ always hanging around people who will snitch on him, but then again what is being said on stand by the state witnesses could be lies.

  18. thebrotherreport Says:

    If C.C. won the Cy Young, I gotta bad feeling Rollins is gonna get hosed in the N.L. M.V.P. voting

  19. Michelle,
    The sweet thing about all the college upsets is it shows more parity among the schools…however…the downside is that it could force the BCS to reveal their main motivation for the bowl teams….greed. There is no way they’ll have a national championship game between Kansas and Oregon. Undefeated or not.

    Oh yeah…the whole OJ thing is just so cartoonish at this point. This is just a waste of precious time and resources.

  20. I spoke today with Jeff Cape (OU)l, John Calipari (Mem), Jim Calhoun (UConn) and Rick Scruggs–head coach Gardener Webb about parity. I should have it up by the morning. I

  21. Miranda,

    Really good point. Gee what are they going to do?

  22. They’re hatin’ on OJ Mayo ever since his fall from “grace.” I think he’ll show out. just to show them what they’re overlooking.

    Derrick Rose does look like the truth, and with Calipari, anything is possible. I read where he had them all over to his house to get out all of the “white elephants.” He asked questions like what they thought about Rose getting all the hype even though the rest of the team are the ones who have put the program where it is, with Derrick there to hear the answer. He also asked what his other top 25 recruit thinks about the fact that he’s getting no press at all. I can’t help but like a guy who’s not afraid to talk about the uncomfortable things. I think it builds morale.

  23. Well, one good thing (depending on which way you lean) coming out of the feds. They’re going to start giving less time for crack cocaine offenses. To the extent that other drug offenses as a rule get less time than crack offenses, I would call this a good thing.

  24. Hasta la vista Lloyd. After my five part series on Fixing Michigan Football, I knew I’d make some headway. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Blessed be the sphere.

    Carr is a decent coach…I believe Michigan has had one major problem over the last decade – the inability to match up with speed. This season, they are undefeated against teams without running/mobile QB’s. They’ve been run in the ground by these teams.

    A friend of mine thinks they need to get some Black QB’s and run the spread. It’s what everyone else is doing – except USC and a few other schools. I don’t see Michigan abandoning their pro style offense. The truth of the matter is that the guys running the pass offense simply haven’t been that good. Henne is mediocre. Navarre was mediocre. The last time UM had guys capable of making a dent in at the next level, the won it all.

    Gotta get some Dorseys if you wanna win it all. Honestly, though – I don’t know that they need Les Miles. He’s not a better defensive coach than Ron English. He has better talent – and if I remember correctly, he has about 20 Saban recruits still in the fold.

    If UM wants to clean OSU’s clock, they have to win the recruiting war in the trenches and stop their ongoing practice of recruiting undersized DE’s who get converted to OLBs in the pros. They to get bigger and faster – and that’s easier said than done.

  25. Miss P, Calipari spoke about the same situation to me. Where did you read this? I’ve been throwing all my time into a piece I’m writing for SLAM, but I’ll put it up today. Calipari almost came off as pissed that Rose is getting so much attention.

  26. DaveMac,

    WTF. He was clearly set up. The FBI knew about the entire plan weeks before it happened. One of the guys audio taped the incident from start to finish. It’s bs. Dave are you from this planet or some strange place far away in another galaxy?

  27. Mizzo,

    On the Cy Young. CC and Josh had similar numbers during the regular season so I could see either of them being selected. I think Josh is the best pitcher in the majors right now. His performance in the playoffs was legendary. The location of his pitches is crazy. He truly put on a clinic. If he stays healthy he will definitely be a HOF pitcher and one of the best of all time.

  28. Mizzo,
    Lots of folks were predicting CC. I don’t know where you get the idea that they weren’t. Even Bill Simmons, a Sox fan like me, was saying it was clear CC should win in September.

  29. Mark I’m specifically speaking of the attitude prevalent during the playoffs. Sorry, that’s what I should have wrote.

  30. Awww…too bad for all the black racists here that Sabathia won the AL Cy Young. They had already written their long tirades about whitey screwing over more deserving black athletes yet again. Ooops. This outcome didn’t exactly fit into your racist anti-whitey worldview, now did it?

  31. Joe take your bs somewhere else. You’ll get no rap here. Beckett is a beast and showed so in the playoffs.

  32. cbone69 Says:

    fuck oj and tiger woods

  33. universitas pasundan…

    […]Shocker: C.C. Wins the Cy Young; Lloyd Carr Done At Michigan; Sup With These Young Boys? Posada Reportedly Signs; Braun, Pedroia Rookies Of the Year « The Starting Five[…]…

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