Breaking (2:37 pm): Adrian Peterson has ligament damage

Get well soon bruh!

Peterson injures right knee.

Adrian Peterson was sidelined in the third quarter (right knee injury) during Sunday’s 34-0 loss to Green Bay. The hit was a clean tackle by Green Bay’s Al Harris.

Let’s all hope Adrian recovers soon and Minnesota’s front office is smart enough to keep Peterson on the shelf long enough to fully recover

All Day undoubtedly would have set every rookie rushing record imaginable–and still might. Disregard all the shallow cries of Peterson being injury prone. It’s the NFL… injuries happen. Relax Vikings fans. Dude is Minnesota Nice and should be fine.


5 Responses to “Breaking (2:37 pm): Adrian Peterson has ligament damage”

  1. “What? Come on dude! He’s being paid millions to play the game. What are you people complaining about? ”

    The life of a gridiron gladiator, gone in the blink of a tackle. let’s hope the brother gets’ back stronger.

  2. Amen to that Sankofa…Amen

  3. Makes you appreciate the RB’s that manage to go ten years without major injuries. Can you name a good RB that managed ten good years that isn’t in the HoF (I’m not talking 3rd down backs like Kevin Faulk of NE)? You can, however, name a bunch of RB’s with good 3-5 year stretches, and a truckload of one hit wonders.

    Since the Chargers don’t play the Vikings again until 2011, I hope he comes back strong. But the NFL has been littered with RB’s that look to punish, and the only one I can think of that lasted was Bettis (or Riggins, I suppose but that was before my time) and Bettis split carries for his last 5 or so years, plus other than his size he never seemed (to me)to have that ‘punishing’ style. Eddie George had a good run ’til that playoff collision with Ray Lewis, he was never the same after that.

  4. I wanted All Day to rush for 2200. Just to see if it could happen. McFadden is nice too. I wonder what kind of immediate impact he will have.

  5. I read this today on the Adrian Peterson website:

    “Peterson becomes the first Vikings rookie since Randy Moss (1993) and first Vikings rookie running back since Chuck Foreman (1973) to be named to the Pro Bowl.”

    “The Vikings have the No. 1 rushing offense in the league, and that success has helped get center Matt Birk and guard”

    What a god he is and he is only just starting, if he can avoid more injuries…dammmm.


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