TNT Telecast Notes November 8

Kenny and Ernie chide the Chuckster

Here’s a link to video of comedian Frank Caliendo doing some impersonations–namely Barkley. His show, Frank TV, premiers on TBS November 20th. Dude is pretty good. Turrrrible, turrrrible, turrrrible.

Notes from last night. Enjoy.

Barkley on Chicago Bulls rookie Joakim Noah’s comments regarding the Bulls 0-4 start to the season: “I’m defending Joakim Noah, the Bulls don’t have a leader. Who is the leader of that team? They don’t have a leader. (Head coach) Scott Skiles said, ‘He’s right, but I don’t want him to say it.’ I don’t have a problem with any grown man speaking his mind, he didn’t say anything bad, and when you’re 0-4 you’ve got issues.”

Smith on Noah’s comments: “I do have a problem (with Joakim Noah’s comments because) he doesn’t have an understanding of what it takes. You can say you need to do more, but what does it take to be an NBA player? What does it take to be an NBA team? What does it take to be a championship team? He has no idea and that’s the problem of having a young guy speak up. (The Bulls) do have veteran leadership even if they don’t have a leader, and (Noah) needs to keep his mouth shut.”

TNT analyst Doug Collins on the many factors for the Bulls poor start: “There is a combination of fallout from the Kobe (Bryant trade) talk and the fact that Ben Gordon and Luol Deng turned down extensions worth well over $50 million and that’s on their mind – not while they’re playing, but off the court. When you look at their team, they are a jump-shot dependant team, they don’t go into the post and all their perimeter shooters are shooting under 30 or 35 percent. They’ve got to make their shots. I don’t see the flair, the personality of that hard-driving Bulls team that I’ve seen in the past.”

Barkley on the affect of the Kobe trade talk on the Bulls: “I think it’s a cop out to say the Kobe (trade talk) stuff is affecting them.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Game 1: Detroit Pistons (93) @ Chicago Bulls (97)
Announcers Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins with Craig Sager reporting

Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng on the trade rumors involving him and Lakers forward Kobe Bryant: “If I said (the trade rumors) hadn’t been in the back of my mind, I’d be lying. It’s my name out there. Every time I hear my name (in the news) I want to check to see what’s happening. Everybody is asking me about it.”

Collins on Deng being affected by the trade rumors: “Everybody responds differently to things. We heard Charles (Barkley) say earlier (in the pre-game show) that something like that wouldn’t bother him, but it does bother some people. Luol (Deng) is very honest in saying that he’d be lying if that doesn’t bother him, but if (the trade rumors) bother him, he should have signed that extension.”

Collins on the lack of big players on the Bulls: “Chicago’s front line is not very big; they are not a very big, physical team. They remind me a little bit of (the) Phoenix (Suns). Phoenix has some rangy players, but they don’t have any power players. I see the same thing with Chicago – Joe Smith, Joakim Noah, Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas – they don’t have the power player.”

Craig Sager interivewed Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas following the first half.

Thomas on how the Bulls are playing differently against the Pistons after four straight losses: “We made up our minds before the game that we were going to come out and play better and harder. That’s all it is right now, we are playing harder than what we’ve been playing (in the previous four games).”

Halftime. Johnson, Barkley and Smith

Smith on how important it is for the Bulls to make outside shots: “(The Bulls) are still a perimeter-oriented team, the difference is that when they make shots they are really good. But if they don’t make shots, they are really average.”

Barkley on Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas: “(Tyrus Thomas is) a guy who gets all of his baskets from layups or dunks because he’s not finished or polished offensively.”

Barkley on the Bulls lack of an inside scorer: “(The Bulls) get all their points from jump shots. The thing I don’t like about (the Bulls) is they shot the ball really well (in the first half), as well as they could, and they still only have a six point lead (at halftime). That’s the problem they are always going to have…I always tell people, ‘You don’t live by jumpers, you die by jumpers.'”

Barkley on some of the Dallas Mavericks saying that they don’t have anything to prove to Golden State: “The last guy who slapped you, when you see him next time you’ve got to get your point across.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Collins on the difference between the Western and Eastern Conferences: “When you look at the conferences, the Western (Conference) teams are better at the top but they are weaker at the bottom. When you look at the East (Conference), you’ve got better teams at the bottom…its not going to be easy to go on the road in the Eastern Conference and knock off the bottom-feeders like you have been able to do the last few years.”

Collins on Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace: “When (Rasheed Wallace) gets upset, that’s when he really goes after people. He’s a great teammate, (the Pistons) love playing with him. He has really blended his talents into this team.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Game 2: Dallas Mavericks (120) @ Golden State Warriors (115)
Announcers: Marv Albert, Reggie Miller and Mike Fratello with Cheryl Miller reporting

Fratello on the Golden State Warriors successful defense against NBA MVP and Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki in the first round of the 2007 Western Conference Playoffs: “(Last year in the playoffs Golden State) would head (Dirk Nowitzki) in one direction, turn him, then they would come from behind him…to the point where he knew it was coming, he was anticipating what they were doing and it had his game all out of whack.”

Fratello on Warriors guard Baron Davis’ shot selection following Davis making a three point basket: “In the playoffs, that’s the Baron Davis that we saw. Unfortunately, over the course of 82 games often times he takes that shot and if it does not go in it may hurt the team more than help the team.”

Fratello on the Mavericks playing with a chip on their shoulder because of their loss to Golden State in the playoffs last season: “The entire summer (the Mavericks) had to live with the number eight team knocking off the number one out of the playoffs in the first round and had to read about it, hear about it on every talk show. Yeah, I’d say there’s some chip (on their shoulders).”

Miller on Golden State guard Baron Davis: “(Baron Davis) plays with a reckless abandon and that’s why I love him. He is going to give everything he has every time he is on the floor, whether he is hurt or not.”

Cheryl Miller interviewed Warriors general manager Chris Mullin during the second quarter.

Mullin on trading star player Jason Richardson to the Charlotte Bobcats in the offseason: “It was tough. Jason is one of my favorite players and one of my favorite people. It was a tough deal to pull off, but it was something we felt we had to do. We got a good young player in Brandon Wright, and with the players remaining on our roster we feel we’re going to be okay.”

Mullin on the impact of Warriors forward Stephen Jackson’s suspension on the team: “Jack (Stephen Jackson) is probably our second best player, some nights our best player. Of course we miss him, but that would be an excuse. We have enough players to go out there and compete and that’s what we are focusing on.”

Halftime. Johnson, Barkley and Smith

Barkley on the Mavericks not coming out as strong as expected against the Warriors: “I don’t like the way Dallas is playing. This (should be) a statement game. (The Warriors) kicked (the Mavericks’) butt in the biggest upset in NBA history. (The Mavericks are) not playing with any emotion, (they’re) playing flat. (The Warriors) don’t have (suspended forward) Stephen Jackson, they don’t have Jason Richardson and (the Mavericks) come out flat. (The media) talk about (how) the Mavs were stunned all summer so the first time they play (the Warriors), (they) know its on national television, (they) need to send this team a message.”

Smith: “(The Mavericks) need to send the league a message.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Miller on his treatment of former Pacers teammate and current Warriors forward Al Harrington early in Harrington’s career: “With Al Harrington, I was the good cop (and former Pacer) Mark Jackson was the bad cop. I always smoothed things over from Mark’s berating of the rookies.”

Miller on Dirk Nowitzki ability to lead the Mavericks in the regular season and playoffs: “(Dirk Nowitzki’s) numbers are not MVP numbers…He had an unbelievable year last year, but MVPs carry teams come playoff time. He’ll be the first to admit that he wasn’t at his best last April and May (in the playoffs).”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Inside the NBA

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Barkley: “I was reading that heavy drinking is not good for your health, so I have to stop.”

Smith: “Stop drinking what?”

Barkley: “No, I gotta stop reading.”

Smith on the Mavericks failure to dominate the Warriors: “I think (the Mavericks) understand that they really didn’t dominate (the Warriors). (The Warriors) are depleted, they don’t have Stephen Jackson, they haven’t won a game yet and they haven’t gotten an offensive rhythm (and the Mavericks did not dominate them). (The Mavericks) know that this is a team they did not play well against.”

Barkley on Detroit Pistons center Rasheed Wallace: “Rasheed Wallace played fantastic. He’s the key to whether (the Pistons) can go all the way or not. He’s been playing great, he’s been focused and he hasn’t been getting tossed out of games.”


14 Responses to “TNT Telecast Notes November 8”

  1. Some one explain to me why does dirk get away with hacking every game yet he isn’t known as a defensive player and plays zero defense.
    Has he ever been in foul trouble????

    Lord I have watched this fool hack away for years and is never in foul trouble.

    Second has anyone ever realized that dirk only blocks defese as a help defender? You see that block Dirk had on ellis as ellis threw a shot up will being defended by Devin Harris.

    Dirk will most of the time only block shots coming from the week side.

    Did you see time and time again where Dirk was the only defender and players went to the hoop uncontested.

    As Ellis did late in the 2nd Qtr against Dirk on a break away layup. Where it was only Dirk aaginst him.

    Remember how in the 2006 playoffs that everytime Finley (spurs) was one on one against Dirk on a fast break he would slam the ball in dirks face because Dirk wouldn’t contest his shot?

    I will no longer call Dirk the Big German……he is now known as the big hack for now on.

  2. Man Frank Caliendo does barkley as well as the other folks well.

    He even sounded just like the fool Bill Walton………..LOL!!!!

  3. Yeah I was rollin’ last night. Did you see the look on Barkley’s face when Caliendo broke out with his impersonation? Classic.

  4. HAHA…………..the funny part Mizzo is when I first heard him speaking I thought it was barkley.

    I was like man I need to take my sleepy @ss to bed….LOL!!!

    But that dude is tight with the voices.

  5. LOL exactly. I was wondering why Chuck’s lips weren’t moving!

    Turrrible lol

  6. GrandNubian Says:

    In regards the Noah’s comments, I gotta side with Chuck on this one. I don’t have a problem with Noah speaking out if it’s not doing damage to the team. Hell, they were 0-4 coming into the game. I usually tend to agree with Smith moreso than any of the other guys on the set but on this one, he gets the ‘gas’ face.

    The fact that Noah spoke up pretty much proves that the BUlls don’t have a leader. He didn’t say anything bad, he just spoke the truth. I don’t have a problem with anyone speaking the truth, no matter if you’re a rookie or a 10-year vet.

  7. Kenny is completely in the wrong regarding Noah. HE WAS the guy on the Florida Gators that lead them to two championships on the floor and got the rest of his teammates sparked to win. Jo is a young guy with a ton of heart and absolutely is the type of player that is going to get riled up and talk shit when his teammates aren’t doing the same.

    Don’t go around talking about other people’s credentials when you got the chance to ride behind Dream and Clyde en route to a chip. Also, contradiction serves to nullify one’s argument:

    “(The Bulls) do have veteran leadership even if they don’t have a leader, and (Noah) needs to keep his mouth shut.”

    Jo comes across as a big mouth on tv and at the end of the day is the exact type of teammate that most NBA players would be thrilled to have in their locker room.

  8. Noah is one of the players that I love getting quotes from. The brotha definitely speaks his mind with smoothness.

    Yannick must have been playing Miles or Trane when his son was in the womb

  9. Noah is the truth. The thing is the bulls will never win anything as long as that fool skiles is the coach plain and simple.

  10. Origin,
    Being a Kings fan, I agree with you about Dirk. His over all game has improved over the years but his defense is still poor. To answer your question no he’s never in foul trouble. Not even in his younger days.

    Things thet make you same HMMMMM ?

  11. My husband and I were having the same argument about Noah. I believe that it would be very difficult for the Bulls to win because of the “culture” of the team. I believe that the management is full of dictators and they love the fact that they don’t have “leaders” in the locker room. It’s top down. They don’t court outspoken, players full of heart, that’s why Skiles had that reaction to Noah. They need players like that. Those types of players tend to get into trouble or are considered controversial. Remember, this is an organization that treated the best player in history like shit. Look at Magic he’s the V.P. of somthing in the Lakers organization. I would be shocked if they got Kobe, they can’t control him.
    I live in Chicago and we are right next to Indiana, they really can’t stand outspoken black people. They need Phil Jackson more so than Kobe.

  12. Caliendo’s a riot.

    If you take Kenny Smith within the context of his own life, his comments (aside from the contradiction about leadership) make sense. Smith was a standout point guard at Archbishop Molloy, then a standout point guard at UNC and then successful (if not standout) PG for the Houston Rockets. At every step of the way, Smith has been part of a tradition of winning to which he was more inheritor than author. He has always been a solid, if unremarkable, player. When Smith went to UNC, there were three “great” PGs in the city…he was considered second or third – behind Pearl Washington and ahead of or even with Kenny Hutchinson (Arkansas).

    Smith tends to be conservative in his comments and his approach to leadership. He is very traditional and has played for some of the best coaches in the history of the game: Jack Curran, Dean Smith and Rudy T. Consider that Smith NEVER played on a team (save for his stint in Sacramento) where those comments would have been required.

    Given that, Smith should have looked outside of himself to understand that Joakim Noah is a unique individual and the Bulls are in a unique situation. It is absurd to suggest that Noah (although a rookie) should be quiet for the sake of appearances. The most talented players on that team are not leaders and championship teams require leadership. If Noah has to provide that leadership, this team will not win for than 45 games.

  13. HarveyDent Says:

    Caliendo is the truth and just like Origin when he started impersonating Chuck I was turned away from the TV so thought it was just Chuck talking trash. Not only did he sound like Chuck he said things Chuck would say. I was done when they showed the clip of him made up like Barkley too. Don’t know if I’ll watch his show more than once or twice but it’s at least got me curious.

    Keep on saying the truth, Jo. You never go wrong with that. The kid’s in a good position playing with Ben Wallace too because Big Ben will teach him how to be an NBA tough guy. Get that toughness along with his energy then this kid will be a defensive force for his career.

  14. GrandNubian Says:


    You bring up some great points regarding Kenny Smith, and it makes a lot of sense. Good stuff.


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