Friday Fire: Who Is the Best Player In the NFL?


NFL pundits would have you believe Tom Brady is the best player in the NFL because of the Pats current domination of the lig. Yeah his has riiings, but is he or Peyton Manning the best the league has to offer?


My choice is Randy Moss with the young fella Adrian Peterson a close second.


51 Responses to “Friday Fire: Who Is the Best Player In the NFL?”

  1. It is too hard to choose ‘Best’ one player. A great QB on a good team, makes the team great. A great QB on a crappy team usually does little to affect the bottom line. If the line breaks down in front of them constantly and WR’s can’t get open or catch, and the D can’t stop anyone, then the great QB does practically nothing for the team’s win total. But a great QB on a good team can make the team transcendant (IE Brady). So that is why Brady gets the props he does. And I hate Brady, and the Patriots almost as much as I hate the Raiders. If Raider hatred hadn’t been bred into me and cultivated over the last 30 years, then I’d probably hate the Patriots more.

    So what I’m saying, even with my bias, is I understand why everyone is jocking Brady’s nuts. But since football is such a team game, Brady would be ass if his linemen didn’t block (hold like mf’ers) so well, he’d be on his ass looking like a chump. And if Brady is on his ass looking like a chump, then Moss isn’t getting the ball, like what happened in Oakland.

    AP is a bad bad man, I can’t say anything bad after I watched him rip my team apart (I hate Ted Cottrell and Norv Turner as coaches). Funny how these conversations go though. Pretty much every year for his career (except last year) Ladainian has been overlooked for the new flavor of the week running back. LJ, Steven Jackson, AP, Portis, A-Train won rookie of the year over Ladainian, etc… each year the contenders get a shot at best running back for a year, then fall by the wayside. Only RB there every year for the past 7 years is Ladainian.

  2. I go with Moss because quite frankly…he is catching balls that the laws of physics say can’t be caught. Usually I like a linebacker or DE that terrorizes the QB as the “best player” but nobody stands out to me right now.

  3. Both of you make great points. Thank you both.

    GMP, this isn’t a slight on LT. He’s a monster, but you have to admit there hasn’t been a rookie run crazy like this since who? Dickerson? He has 1,000 yards early which gives him a legitimate shot at 2000. Yeah, he plays on a sorry squad, but that makes his case more logical. The Vikings are behind a lot…so conventional wisdom says they should be passing.

    There were a couple of games this year when he didn’t get the ball. That’s crazy! I covered the Minnesota/Eagles game a few weeks back and I couldn’t believe how good Peterson is. He’s one of those players like Barry, Moss, Vince Young and Rice who do not get popped.

    I have a Moss piece going up Sunday, but New England made the move that ultimately might put them over the top. Wes Welker and Stallworth are ballin, but they do nothing like this without R Moss.

    I just want TSF on record before the bandwagon wheels come a spinnin’.

  4. GrandNubian Says:

    All of you make great points. I’ve went on record of saying that Brady is MVP, and that Moss is a close second. However, after watching the game last Sunday, i’m starting to flip da skrip in favor of Moss. This dude is so good that i can’t put it into words. However, i still think that Brady will win the MVP.

    As for AP, eversince i first saw him play as a freshman @Oklahoma, i said that he would be something special. Hell, i was saying he (AP) was better than Reggie Bush when Bush was at USC. Everyone thought i was ‘nuts’, primarily because of the ‘hype’ that RB received. But…..ask those same people now who’s the better player and watch them eat crow.

    Adrian Peterson has an opportunity to do what no other RB in NFL history has done:

    A.) Set the NFL record for most yards in a game
    B.) Set the NFL record for most yards in a season
    C.) Set the NFL record for most yards in a game by a rookie
    D.) Set the NFL record for most yards in a season by a rookie

    I am rooting for him to do it. If he does, they’re gonna have to give him the MVP award.

  5. AP is a badass. I wasn’t making a case for LT being best, he’s having a crappy year (by his standards), just wanted to point out the fluid nature of ‘best’ at a particular position.

    Best in league is hard to determine though, most often the best skill position players are at the mercy of their offensive lines, but since the best lines are a largely anonymous unit it becomes a big clusterfudge to figure it all out.

    But yeah, I got nothing but respect for AP, and nothing but embarrassment for my teams D… and their ridiculously bad D coordinator.

  6. No way Tom Brady is the best player or best QB in the league. Randy Moss has been making him look real good with a lot of his overthrown and off target passes.

    I’ll say it is either Moss or Brett Farve

  7. DMac, AP gets no love?

  8. This is a hard argument online.
    This needs a group, some alcohol and some vicious insults. Those are always the best kinds of sports arguments, and fun.

  9. I like AP mizzo, but he only did that twice. I remember last year or the year before Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown were both running great, but it didn’t last. Eventually the 8 men fronts are going to get to AP, and I do not think he will be able to continue to dominate like he is doing.

  10. I hear you on that GMP. State your case brotha! That’s why we have this little box to write in 😉

  11. DMac, if AP get’s past the second wave, he’s gone. Childress is now on the clock to build around Peterson to keep defenses honest. Hopefully, All Day won’t be used up like our favorite whipping boy thinks.

  12. Sportsdiva Says:

    TGIF on that note. I hope to get into one of those very debates this evening! LOL

  13. GrandNubian Says:

    Brett Favre????

    That had to be a typo. 🙂

  14. I’m with Davidmac on this one. Every year a new contender. But right now, until he breaks his collarbone again, or otherwise hurts himself, there is nobody I’d rather have as my RB than AP. No receiver I’d rather have than Moss, and damn near any other QB than Rivers….. way to look like a punk out there.

    I’ve always liked Moss, I’ve had a soft spot for the Vikings for a while due to my friend with the satellite dish (old school, big ass dishes) being a Viking fan, so I had to watch them in order to get to the Charger games. I loved watching him destroy the Cowboys, living in Cowboy country during the Cowboy domination of the 90’s gave me an unreasonable hatred of the Cowboys. So I’ve always liked Moss, I just hate the team he plays for (last year’s team too). But hard for me to give ‘MVP’ to a receiver. Moss is awesome… when he has a QB. We saw him in Oakland the last 2 years. Look at Steve Smith, that poor bastard has David Carr as his QB. I think Steve Smith is not as gifted as Moss, but he’s so much angrier it puts him on the same plane as Moss. And look at what Carr is doing to him? See how just an average QB (Delhomme) can make a team go, and a supreme draft bust (Carr) can totally destroy a team and the WR.

    I don’t know what my point is anymore. I think what I’m saying is other than a transcendant RB, it is hard to write off a QB as MVP. AP has had a few games, and he is a monster, but I’m not jumping that far yet.

    I think I’m ditching the rest of work to get a head start on enjoying my Friday.

  15. GrandNubian,
    Hey I was a Farve basher up until this year. He has really but the team on his shoulders and his making plays with non-Randy Moss receivers and has them in the mix in the NFC. Just think how good they would be if they had a running back.

  16. I refuse to ever back Favre, contrary to my previous argument about QB’s, I felt he gypped Barry out of an MVP or two. Ever since then I have had an irrational dislike of Favre. But this got worse once the announcers decided Favre was some sort of football deity. I may be somewhat irrational about my dislikes, but I’m loyal in my favorites.

    Speaking of Barry, maybe this will be the first Thanksgiving since he retired that we have a reason to watch the Lions game?

  17. GrandNubian Says:


    I’ll agree that he is performing better this year than the past 5 years (at least). But he still make questionable decisions and will never stop trying to force the ball into triple coverage. It’s like Herm Edwards said: “Brett Favre will give you at least three interceptions per game. But it is up to you (the defense) to take advantage of them.”

    I think you have to give some credit to the Pack defense (#11 overall) for causing turnovers and putting the offense in good positions to score. While Favre is no doubt the leader of the ‘Pack’, I think that Green Bay is playing more as a “team” than just one person carrying them.

  18. GrandNubian Says:

    @ GMP

    “Speaking of Barry, maybe this will be the first Thanksgiving since he retired that we have a reason to watch the Lions game?”

    LOL…..funny, but undoubtly true! I’m actually looking forward to watching them this year.

  19. I’m think though, there have been a lot of plays he made this year with a suspect group of wide receivers. He is making Jennings a lot of money this year. I mean you all have to admit that was one hell of a throw against Denver.

  20. Madden said that Brett Farve invented the forward pass. So he has to be the MVP.

    But on the real AP is the second coming of BO JACKSON.

    Now my boy Mcnabb has to decide whether to go to the Bears or the Vikings.

  21. McNabb is going home. I’ll be happy for him–even as an Eagle fan.

    Damn, Bo Jackson? Wow that’s saying alot. Interesting….

  22. Yes I hope Mcnabb does but I wouldn’t hate if he plays for the vikings and has AP behind him either.

    Mizzo……….with APs height, size ,world class spend and ability to break long runs. He is the next generation of BO.

    Except Chester Taylor ain’t Marcus Allen.

    So most of the carrys are going to AP.

  23. GrandNubian Says:

    @ origin

    “But on the real AP is the second coming of BO JACKSON.”

    I said the same thing. The way he hits the hole and just run away from the defenders is so ‘BoJax-like’.

    Also, Doug & Ryan Stewart of the “2Live Stews” seem to think that McNabb will end up in Chi-town. I think that will be the case also….and will benefit the Bears greatly. It takes 2 years to fully heal from the type of injury that he had. With a decent WR, the Bears could make another trip to the SB.

  24. It would be a great move for DMac to return a soldier

  25. I hope so grand and mizzo I hope so.

    I would love Dmac to play the eagles and beat them to sleep next year.

    Kold get his @ss sacks 12 times. The sad part is that Andy would protect Kolb in the offense.

  26. DaveMac,

    There is no way in hell that Favre is the best qb right now. That would be Peyton Manning. I’m going with you Miz on the MVP though. That would be Randy Moss. He’s turned Brady into Joe Montana.

  27. GrandNubian Says:


    I agree with you about Favre but Manning better than Brady? I gotta disagree on that one. People seem to imply that Brady got good due to Randy Moss coming to NE. This guy has been good eversince he got the starting job. Up until this season, he’s NEVER had the offensive weapons Manning has had but yet he still won 3 SBs. If you put Manning with a group of average WRs, I think he’s no better than McNabb.

    Also, if Joe Montana doesn’t have Rice & Taylor, how good is he with a group of average WRs? I’m sure that you’ll agree that we sometimes give the QB too much credit and maybe Brady has been getting too much credit this year. But let’s not give Joe Montana all the credit either. 🙂

  28. Grandnubian a healthy Mcnabb still would be better then Payton if they both had garbage WRs.

    Ain’t no way in he11 payton could have taken the trash Mcnabb had to 4 NFC championships.

    You think Payton could have taken nana brown and Darnell autry to the playoffs.

    Manning would have gotten his brains beat in like his daddy.

  29. Man..go over to the commission. D got me nodding my head old school swayze like

  30. Man that kayt i sjamming on that site.

    Old school playa!!!

  31. Excuse my sloppy typing. I meant to say that kat is jamming on that site.

  32. Loving the love y’all giving AP, but have y’all forgot how good and how smooth Barry Sanders was?

  33. You ain’t lyin…I feel a lot more chill hitting D’s site. The Kam jam has me messed up for a minute. I’ll link to him every friday fo sho.

  34. Young Vito…voice of da young people…

    Course not brotha. Barry will always get his props round here.

  35. GrandNubian Says:

    @ origin,

    I would have to agree…..i think a healthy McNabb w/ avg WRs would be just as good or better than Peyton w/ average WRs.

  36. To respond to the initial question of who’s the best player. It’s a case of breaking it down into two categories. Tom Brady is the MVP, simple as that, Randy is the Most Outstanding Offensive Player.

    they co-exist and rack up the points

  37. Michelle, you really didnt mean that did you??? Moss turned Brady into Joe?? Brady turned Reche Caldwell into a #1 receiver, now he’s barely on the Redskin’s roster

  38. HarveyDent Says:

    Best player in the NFL THIS season? I’ll have to say All Day Peterson because he’s got that legitimate sizzle that a big back hasn’t had in the NFL since the early 90’s. Many of the backs today fall into the Faulk-Westbrook-T. Barber mold where they’re good catching and running the ball. All Day is a throwback who you give the ball 23 times a game to and hang throwing him the ball and lining him up as a WR. You put him in the backfield, give him the ball and a crease, and let mayhem happen.

    I have to disagree with the comparisons between AD and Bo though because all I see is Eric Dickerson when this kid plays. Same upright style, body-type, and smooth stride. Bo was straight speed and power more applicable to Jim Brown. Bo was exciting with the ball in his hands but next to Barry Sanders I always had to stop to watch Dick when he played in his prime.

    Glad to see McNabb getting all this love in this thread. Broken record time but whether he’s wearing navy blue, purple, or green jersey I’ll still have nothing but love for the guy. No slurping or anything like that, this guy has never gotten his due for his accomplishments and when he leads whatever team he plays for to a Super Bowl then everyone will know.

  39. The best player to play in the NFL is Randy Moss , after the season and the pats have finished either one or two alltime in points scored in an NFL season . Randy Moss will be the only link between the two teams .

  40. christina Says:

    i think the patriots r the worst team in the league..u wanna kno y we could of won the 2004 season and could of been champions but the only thing that stopped the pittsburgh steelers was patriots cause they r nasty ugly cheaters who cant play the game of football faithfully they cheat so bad they watch our plays and everyhting they suck..if they cant stand the heat then get the hell out!!!


  41. Every team cheats, the patriots just got caught.

  42. mcnulty Says:

    deion sanders best ever hands down say something

  43. mcnulty Says:

    the PATRIOTS will shit on any team there is no point of even talking about it there the best tom brady is a beast of a qb best in the leauge by far they have weapons for days plus who the hell is gonna stop BRADY AND MOSS no matter what there gonna be in the playoffs ever year gotta gie mad respect to AP holding it down for real bret farve the only old cowboy still kickin

  44. I’d love to put up a solid o-linemen but unfortunetly without any measurable indie stats all i can do is put up great o-lines so my choices would be the pats, green bay and barring games that jessica simpson is in attendance… dallas.

  45. who the hell put up favre for this award? he is a spent force in every sense of the term

  46. no way did u see wut happened to the patriots when tom brady went down. they suck mvp of the league is eli manning, hes was without brandon jacobs and flexico burriss and still kicked ass. the stealers desirve more credit number 1 d for like 7 years in a row but the overall best team in the nfl this year is the tampabay bucenners they battle hard every week. and for those of u that want to dis brett farve just look at his numbers. and for u philly fans out there give dmac a break u guys are spoiled too have him there are like 10 teams that would give there left arm to have him on there team. and what happened to the jags?

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