NBA Scores November 7: There’s a New Wizard In Boston

Utah 103, Cleveland 101

(AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

We might not play D, but we can score with anybody

Coast to coast game winning drive by Williams thwarts King monster triple double

There aren’t many guards that enter the league with the ability to do whatever on the court. Coming out of Illinois, Deron Williams languished on the pine his rookie year–waiting his turn to make an early NBA impression. He now has total command of the floor and Jerry Sloan is looking like a genius. Williams could score 25 a game. He could be named defensive player of the year. He could lead the league in assists.

He might accomplish all three during what should be a standout career.

For now, just call him game winner.

Williams’ Cav killer drive after an off balance, LeBron James top of the key three, proves this kid will not be taken for granted. Anyone who has played the game knows teams defensively are most vulnerable in the waning seconds after an offensive score. For some reason, teams are caught out of position.

Williams took full advantage of this common basketball trait.

Williams had 8 turnovers and shot 4-12, as Utah faced yet another playoff contender from the previous season. The Jazz will be something to watch as the season progresses knowing they have faced the equivalent of a vicious early season John Chaney schedule.

The Jazz shot 85% from the charity stripe compared to 66% for the Cavs. This Cavalier weakness will assuredly be Cleveland’s undoing–sapping emotional strength late in games on crucial misses.

This team is loaded with young talent but must acquire a back up point guard to spell Williams in important stretches during the season.. Paul Milsap was a beast down low in the first half and ended up with 24 points on 7-8 shooting before fouling out. Swingman Ronnie Brewer added 16 and 5 steals and Williams dropped 12 assists to go along with his 15 points. Carlos Boozer paced the Jazz with his usual Karl Malone like 23 and 12.

LeBron James accumulated a triple double (32 points, 15 boards, 13 assists) with 5:50 in the third and looks to help dispel the premature rumors of Cleveland’s demise. Snow, Marshall and Hughes continue to sit out with injuries. Illgauskas had 18 points, 14 rips and 4 blocks to continue a fantastic early season run. Daniel Gibson, who shot 3-4 from beyond the arc for a total of 12, fouled out late in what most likely contributed to Cleveland’s Salt Lake City loss.


Boston 119, Denver 93

(Elsa/Getty Images)

Kevin McHale’s emerald wizard of oz gift. This picture says it all doesn’t it?

Early season once in a dream team ferociously powers to 77-38 halftime lead.

The ring three:

Paul Pierce: 10-15 shooting, 26 points, 5 boards, 5 steals, 5 assists.

Kevin Garnett: 10-14 shooting, 23 points, 13 boards, 7 assists, 4 steals.

Ray Allen: 8-12 shooting (63% on the season), 3-7 from 3, 22 points, 6 assists.

Doc Rivers returned from his father’s death to witness his team put the league and the sports world on notice.

You mean this team now has extra incentive? Doc Rivers has had his problems in Boston. Trust that Kevin Garnett is huddling this team together and do this for Doc. This team is scary and as a Philadelphia fan, I can just forget any hopes and desires of looking forward to any Sixer seasonal success. I have to admit I actually want to see this team do the damn thing (Did I say that?) The Big Ticket can not be hated. His fire could inspire anyone to greatness. Is there any doubt–besides a 40 point average by Kobe or a triple double season by Le Bron–KG will win MVP? Yeah, it’s early in the season, but how is anyone going to stop this team? Potential injuries might be the only roadblock for a squad that might set all kinds of statistical and team records.

What the heck is going on in New England?

Did you see that sick turnaround by KG? Reminded you of Dream didn’t it?

KG is an underrated passer and his happiness on the court has melted into the collective awareness of his much accomplished teammates. You could make the case both Allen and Pierce are in uncharted waters personality wise on the floor. It’s a direct affect of Kevin Garnett, who at a young age learned to brush his shoulders off and live life every day with a breath last. Don’t hate people. Enjoy this team early on some level because you’ll hate them royally if you don’t.

Carmello Anthony was held to 3-13 shooting for a paltry total of 11 points. Allen Iverson who thrives in big games, scored 22 in 33 minutes. I wonder what is going through his mind knowing his former team will have night terrors every night before facing the Boston juggernaut?

J.R. Smith: Where are you? What’s going on bruh? 4 points and 6 turnovers?


Other scores:

San Antonio 88, Miami 78. Ginobili 25, 7 and 7.

Portland 93, New Orleans 90. Jack, Roy and Webster combine for 57 to get first win and give Hornets first loss.

ATL 105, Phoenix 96. Josh Smith 22 pts., 10 rips, 4 dimes, 4 steals, 5 blocks. Lil Stevie 34 points, 11 assists and 5 boards in loss.

Memphis 105, Seattle 98. Rudy Gay 25 and 10 to lead 3 Grizzlies in double rebound figures. Smooth Jazz: 3-17, 17 points, 10-10 from the line. Seattle 0-5 on the season.

Los Angeles Clippers 104, Indiana 89. Sam Cassell 35 and 8 dimes. Chris Kaman 15 and 22 boards. L.A. remains undefeated, Pacers suffer first loss.

Orlando 105, Toronto 96. Turkoglu 24, 15 boards, 6 assists. Rashard Lewis 24. Keith Bogans 17 points, 11 rebounds. All Orlando starters in double figures. Bosh 26 and 10. Orlando 50% shooting, Toronto 38%.

Philadelphia 94, Charlotte 63. Andre Igodala leads with 19. Sixers amass 17 steals. Felton out with knee. Bobcats shoot 31%. Hatboro Horsham’s Matt Carroll scores 16 in Philly return.


25 Responses to “NBA Scores November 7: There’s a New Wizard In Boston”

  1. GrandNubian Says:

    I have always liked KG, Ray-Ray and Pierce. Now that they are all playing together on the same team, how can i not root for them to “do the damn thing”? I think this NBA year will be full of surprises. I’m looking forward in seeing how the year will play out.

    How bout them Atlanta Hawks? They’ve knocked off the 2 of the best teams in the West (Dallas & Phonenix) and lost two close games to NJ & Detroit. Could the playoffs be FINALLY in the picture?

  2. They definitely have the talent. I was going to post they’ve beaten two 60 win teams from last year already..but I gotta get the Dat Dude interview up. I was so involved with the conversation in Jemele’s interview in and out of the site that I slacked. It should be up by ten at the latest EST.


  4. thebrotherreport Says:

    I think we’re seeing three things with Shaq and the Heat this season; 1) Age and conditioning have caught up to him, I watched him last night and for those 31 minutes he labored. The Spurs’ big men are younger and quicker so it was tough for the Diesel last night he had to pick his spots. 2) Until D. Wade comes back and at 100% you’re going to see alot of nights like this from Shaq and the Heat as a whole. Shaq cannot put a team on his back like he has in the past, there is no one on the roster other than Wade that is remotely a threat so if they want to double the post they can with no repercussions. Ricky Davis’ value will manifest itself once Wade returns. 3) Even with Wade the Heat are in trouble, I count at least five new players on the roster, all five have less than 3 years experience and none are expected to really contribute significantly. They are a team in transition I don’t know if they’re ready or willing to admit it yet.

  5. Michelle you can’t compare this Shaq to the shaq of old.

    This team is poorly put together. They have no team speed and they are old.

    Jason Williams look like he is 80 years old out there.

    Also it is easier to get a dominant wing player then it is to get a dominate big man.

    Here is a quiz for you. Name the best wing players in the game………now name the best big men.

    See how short that list is.

  6. Also every team taht has won multiple titles except the bulls and pistons. Have had a very good big man.

    And even the bulls and the pistons atleast had a big man that could play in the post and defend in the post.

    True a good big man needs good wing players. But also good wing players need a good big man (most of the time).

    How man rings would dominique have won with Moses Malone or robert Parish.

    How man rings would magic have won with no Kareem……how many would bird have with no parish?

  7. thebrotherreport Says:

    That’s it in a nutshell. They did nothing to improve in the offseason.

  8. thebrotherreport Says:

    Funny enough Nique played with both Moses (3 seasons) and Chief (1 season) but both were on the downsides of their careers but I definitely feel you on that.

  9. TheLastPoet Says:

    Let the record show: I was on board with KG, Truth, and Jesus as the best team in basketball since the trade went down (check the archives). I’m definitely no Celtics fan, my memory goes back too far to ever embrace the Celtics or the city they play in, but I have always been a fan of those three cats, especially Garnett. Injuries aside, shooting slumps and veteran progressive fatigue aside, they’re gonna whup ass this year.

    Another thing: I said just last week, don’t sleep on my Knicks, got-dammit! Mike T and Ms Hill in the interview with all this talk of chemistry problems. Bah! I told you those problems are non-existent. These cats play hard for Zeke, like the Celts are playing hard for Doc. My Knicks may not achieve Celtic-level greatness this season, but they WILL make the playoffs!

  10. thebrotherreport Says:

    I’m on board TLP when it comes to those three players but I’m by no means pulling for the Celtics the wars with my 76’ers in the early ’80’s sealed that. I don’t remember what Bill Russell went through (I’m 35) but my dad used to tell me and I later read about it for myself, I would love to see a perfect season but it kills me that the Patriots are doing it.

    By the way TLP as a kid I wanted to be Bernard King, when he scored back to back 50 point games (with broken fingers I believe) that Sports Illustrated cover hung over my bed ’til the tape couldn’t hold it anymore.

  11. GrandNubian Says:

    Good points origin…..i’m feelin’ your posts.

  12. Can someone find me a fly jazzy lovely to transcribe these pieces? I’ll even come down the chimney for Christmas yelling where’s the cookies and ish 😉

    Definitely be done by twelve.

  13. I’m shocked (not really) that Mike Brown didn’t have that last play by Utah scouted since Williams himself scored last minute buckets like that on more than on occasion last year. Also, I can’t figure out what motivates the Cavs to play as they did against Utah last night as they seem to mail it in as a squad more often than not. That they have as many negatives as they do positives is a constant struggle to not beat themselves against equal or lesser opponents.

    Face facts that as good as the Suns are, without Nash or Amare they are dead in the water against other teams that can run and have more than one player 6’8″ or better. Tough break against the Hawks who are definitely the most 6’8″ team in the lig.

    The Magic are not far away and will be a superior team to the current incarnation once Van Gundy gets the guys playing as a group that can go to the bench without worrying about set changes. Brian Hill got them into constant trouble because he would sub in players without regard to the trends of that game. Ariza should make a big impact as their eventual 6th man being able to sub into the 2 or 3 spot and sometimes as the 1. Avoiding the fourth quarter collapse is a strong notation of growth in a young team.

  14. TheLastPoet Says:


    I’m feelin you. I wish KG an ‘nem were doin it for anybody but the Celtics. A cruel twist of fate, as far as I’m concerned.

    As for the god Bernard King – that’s BER-nard King how we say it in NY – you still got bruhs on my block who’ll tell you he was better than Michael Jordan… Shid, I’m one of em, I aint gonna lie! (I’ll save that debate for another time, believe me, there’s an entire history behind that sentiment).

  15. thebrotherreport Says:

    Drop that one on me whenever, I’ve got mad love for The King.

  16. Origin,

    I realize Shaq is older and a litlle worn. To my knowledge he doesn’t have any major injuries. Also I posed the question a while back about his LSU team not craking the final four. To me Shaq is overrated and has benefitted from calls that he is no longer getting. To rank him among the

    Akeem’s, Russell’s and Wilts to me is whack. Shaq’s game is very limited.
    I don’t care how many points he has due to him lowering his shoulder into the oppositions chest and dunking on them. HELLO THAT ‘S AN OFFENSIVE FOUL. JUST ASK MUTOMBO HOW HE FELT IN THE FINALS

  17. Thanks Grand and thebrother.

    I forgot that wilkins played with parish and moses.

    Anyway as I told someone on here when the trade went down the celtics will win it all this year.

    I mean who will beat them the bulls……….haha they don’t have a low post game. Skiles is an idiot when it comes to big men. He rather play small and shoot 3 threes like its euroball. The heat HAHA……..they are as old and beat up as the golden girls. Lebron is playing with a bunch of YMCA players.

    In the west Dirk still doesn’t know how to post up and the mavs choke.
    The spurs never repeat. The Suns and paper champ steve nash don’t play defense. In houston Yao and Mcgrady are underachievers.

    Man this is a wrap…………..might as well give garnett that MVP(even though I think him and Lebron should both get the MVP) and size the celtics players for that ring.

    Thebrotherreport you want to talk about a cruel twist of fate. You have the celtics who have always had white stars and starters when they won championships. Now has a all black starting lineup and mostly team for that matter and a coach who is black (Yeah I know KC jones was too) about to win a championship. This is boston you know AKA EAST COAST Indiana……… know NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI.

    I mean if somebody would have told you this back in the early 80s that one day this would happen you would have laughed your tail off.

  18. You know, I’m still not sold on the Celts. Of course the big 3 are awe-inspiring, but IIRC, Ray Allen hasn’t been that durable the last couple of seasons, and Pierce has a bad back. I sorta doubt that all three will make it through the season intact. And outside of the big three, there’s not much going on there, as far as I can tell.

    Of course, I’m completely sold on the Knicks this season.

  19. Sportsdiva Says:

    I was just asking a co-worker (he’s an ATL native, I’m not) about those Moses and Dominique teams because I was intrigued and he recalls the 88-89 season being the one in which many thought the Hawks would do it, but they crashed and burned, losing in the first round of the playoffs. When he read me that year’s roster, I was like WOW, so what happened…many things I guess. I remember the East being tough. He tells me Reggie’s play declined and he was shipped out the next season.

    Anyway, it’s fun to look back. Needless to say that’s the year the Bad Boyz first did their thang and my hate for them started to cement. LOL

  20. I hear you sista Michelle. I disagree with shaq not being considered a great center. But I whole heartedly agree that he got away with some offensive fouls for years.

    Karl Malone @ss too…………kicking and kneeing folks in the groan and throwing elbows.

    While folks got called for fouls just breathing on him.

    And I also agree with you that it is marketing. Many of the great players in the league get away with stuff that a scrub wouldn’t. Then as they get older and on the way down. They can’t get away with half the stuff they use to.

    Yes it is marketing.

    I even refered to this on Dwil’s site about how in the early 90s I was watching the NFL pregame show and they spoke about how the coaches were complaining to the league that the chiefs were holding on passing plays (this is when montana was there) and the refs wouldn’t throw a flag.

    Well supposedly there were some rumblings from the coaches that the league was doing this to protect Montana because he had a history of injuries and that he was basically still the face of the league.

    Well after the segment the pregame show panel laughed it off and said. Thats what the league should do I mean Montana is the cash cow.

    I was shocked and couldn’t believe that these kats would actually say that on air.

    But we are talking about 1993 times were different then.

  21. TheLastPoet Says:


    I agree with you on the marketing angle.

    But I also think vets who’ve earned the respect of the officials get calls, and get away with fouls, even if they’re not superstars.

    Case in point: Charles Oakley. He was beasty with my Knicks, but it was a different game then. I’m talking about everywhere he played after he left NY, even as the game was evolving into the fluid but flop happy game we have today.

    whenever Oak checked in the game, he was good for some jostling and some physical play that the refs would often ignore. Then he’d check out and his teammate who tried some of that Oak shit would get whistled for a foul! Just ask Tyson Chandler when they both played in Chicago!

  22. GrandNubian Says:


    Yeah, i remember when it was announced that Moses was coming to ‘Phat-lanta’. Everyone and their mama was calling into V-103 saying that the Hawks would win the championship (and why not? The year before we took Boston to 7 games in that classic ‘Nique-Bird’ shoot-out). They finished the year with a 52-30 record and finished 3rd in the division. I certainly thought they would get beyond the first round(lost 3-2 to the Bucks). Here was their lineup:

    PF – Antoine Carr/Koncak/Levingston
    SF – Nique
    C – Malone
    SG – Reggie Theus
    PG – Doc Rivers

    That year we had 10 different starting lineups where Cliff Levingston started 48 games. The big problem was Mike Fratello couldn’t get those guys to gel and Reggie Theus disappearing during the playoffs.

  23. thebrotherreport Says:

    That Carr/Levingston/Willis combo wasn’t bad either. Randy Whitman coming off the bench, I swore they had Boston in that series, I remember saying that they had their chance that Friday night and they blew it. That was a hell of a series.

  24. I like the Celts big three but they have no point guard and very little depth, but they can win the East but I think if they get to the finals it will about matchups and injuries, if they play Utah, Phoenix, or Dallas they can beat those teams.

  25. Hey! the Celtics look good now, ’cause they have new school ballers with old school sensiblity.

    I’m on record as being a Raptor fan, but you know what…watch those Knicks. I am not conceding anything to the celtics yet!

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