Derek Rose Will Bang it On Ya Pop!

Next years Rookie of the Year (yeah I’m calling it) highlight mix (turn the sound down if at work).

Yesterday, I had a conversation with Scoop Jackson. During, Derek Rose of the Memphis Tigers became the main topic of the chat. Scoop is from Chicago and witnessed first hand how bad this young fella truly is.

His athleticism is just ridiculous. If Kevin Durant is Smooth Jazz, Rose is Hardcore Hip Hop.

If you haven’t checked him out, you won’t have to. He might dunk out of the screen right into your living room. Seriously though, Rose will be all over the TV as college basketball gets into full swing.

I’ll be heading up to Madison Square Garden to cover the Semi-Finals or Finals of the 2K Coaches for Cancer Classic (Nov 17-18). I can’t wait to see this kid.

Oh, this cat is a point guard. He was MVP of the Memphis Regional.During our talk Scoop had this to say about “Pooh”:

“He has the athleticism of Le Bron James, the handle of Jason Kidd and the tenacity on defense of Tayshaun Prince.”

High praise, but after you see his game, you will not doubt…trust.

Scoop wrote a nice piece on the opening of the NBA season.

Pooh, presumably didn’t make the piece because he’s not yet in the NBA.
Here’s another on a Jordan Experience Scoop Jax had recently.


11 Responses to “Derek Rose Will Bang it On Ya Pop!”

  1. GrandNubian Says:

    With a game like that, i’m wondering why he wasn’t an NBA prospect right outta HS…..or was he?

  2. Yeah he was , but the age limit kept him form declaring

  3. GrandNubian Says:

    Ok….duh….i forgot that the age limit had changed. Thanks miz!

  4. If I had to cliche it and compare to active players, he reminds me of Young Iverson transported into Wade’s body. He looks like he just wants to kill the other players in a Belichick-fashion and leave no questions remaining afterwards.

    Derrick Rose = The Wu

  5. Nice comparison. His explosiveness is out of this world. If he really wanted to, he could take over Memphis. He also has that LeBron type poise that is unique being he’s young.

  6. you know what I like most about Derrick Rose? That he seems like a legit PG, not the marbury-arenas-telfair shoot-first strain. the L needs more classic PG’s.

  7. miz,

    I don’t think that it’s out of the question seeing how Durant did the exact same thing last year. It’s an imposition of will in being able to mold your teammates around you in a positive sense and get them on board to enhancing their game through your style.

    Glad that he has Coach Cal because too many others would try to shoe horn an elite player into their system to show professional superiority. Cal manages to let his star players continue doing exactly what got them to Memphis and get the rest of the team to understand the value of being a role player.

    Now it can also work to the detriment of the player aka Rodney Carney.

  8. Rose seems like a great prospect but I do have a couple of points.

    Scoops assertin that he has hte athleticism of LeBron James is about as absurd as you can get. LeBron is off the charts because of his size, strength, speed and leapng ability. Mr. Rose is smaller, not nearly as fast, not nearly as strong and doesn’t jump as high as LeBron. He does seem to have better balance but trying to compare the two athletically is simply ridiculous.

    it is hard to see how good a player is when he’s 6’3 playing against players who aren;t nearly his equal. I called LeBron as soon s I saw him in thta nationaly televised ESPN game due to his unique athleticism, passing ability and court vision. The clips you’ve shown of Mr. Rose are much less conclusive. I look forward to seeing him play a real game.

    Scoop’s fantasy day adventure with house Nigga #23 pretty much tells me all I need to know about the state of MSM media today. It’s beyond pathetic and disgusting. Mizzo, I sincerely hope you’re not in this for a chance to pal around with dudes like Jordan. You know me and you know I’d never insult you or try to down you, and I know the answer already, but I find Scoop’s involvement in this to be the worst sort of fraternization and conflict of interest. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am.

  9. he sucks

  10. Chicago Bulls number one pick let the dyNASTY resume!!!!

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