NFL Picks Week 9

WE are the champs!

New thing here. I’m giving the scores without commentary this week. Next week will be different. I ain’t the great throwdini so don’t mortgage the house and the kids, the missus won’t stand for that.

Washington over the Jets 24-10

San Francisco over Atlanta 17-14

Tampa Bay over Arizona 28-24

Kansas City over Green Bay 20-17

Cincy over Buffalo 30-21

San Diego over Minnesota 35-14

Detroit over Denver 38-31

Tennessee over Carolina 17-7

Jacksonville over New Orleans 31-28

Cleveland over Seattle 28-21

Houston over Oakland 14-0

Indy over New England 45-28

Philly over Dallas 28-27

Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh over Baltimore 14-10


39 Responses to “NFL Picks Week 9”

  1. Have to disagree on the Indy/NE pick, I don’t see the Colts holding the Pats offense to only 28. Moss and Welker will each hand 2 TD’s on Indy’s D.

  2. Adrian Peterson is a monster. He might go over three hundred. He’s at 250 with 7:44 to go. He’s too quick in the open field to be stopped.

  3. The Chargers suck ging up 35 pts to one of the lowest scoring teams in the league. A.Peterson is a BEASSSSSSSST!!!!!

  4. I suck! 4-4 in the 1:00 games today

  5. Jim Nance just said Hip Hop LOL

  6. The Colts are doing excatly what I thought every team should have done do Brady and control the clock and impose their will on the Pats but it’s only the first quarter and they had two drives inside the Pats 20 3-0 Colts should have 7-0

  7. thebrotherreport Says:

    I think the Colts will out-physical the Pats today, they’ve got to rattle Brady when they can, and it looks like they’re getting to him early off of the ends.

  8. Go Colts Go! I have yet to hear Tony Dungy’s name in the second half. WTF!

  9. RMoss is a monster!

  10. Miz,

    You know how they do. This game has been a chess match that Tony D. is currently winning. You know a bro can’t get no love.

    He has put together defensive players from small programs like Temple, and Rutgers and yet he gets no credit.

    Spencer are you listening?

  11. They better make a stop on 81 here with 3:58 left down by three

  12. Faulk touchdown

  13. This game is going to OT

  14. What was up with the coaches at midfield? You know that wasn’t Tony D.

  15. Miz,

    It was a good game. These guys will see each other in the championship game.

  16. HarveyDent Says:

    Don’t know how the heck the Pats won this one but believe me it’s going to be good to see this team finally go down just because I despise Bellichek. I could care less if he tells his team to run up the score in games but be just as gracious in defeat as you are in victory. His perfunctory handshake with Dungy tells me all I need to know about this prick.

    35 more minutes until the true big game of the day for me


  17. HarveyDent Says:

    Oh yeah, Big ups to Coach Crennel and his Browns. My second favorite team this season.

    All Day Every Day…Adrian Peterson is truly a beast and I pray to God he’s never injured seriously because this guy is the football reincarnation of Eric Dickerson, Jim Brown, and Barry Sanders from what I’m seeing. I haven’t stopped to watch a RB like this since Sanders but this guy is truly exciting and I can’t see how his career turns out.

  18. I got to see him up close and personal last week in the Metrodome. He only had 70 yards, but goodness….

  19. B Edwards hasn’t skipped a beat since Michigan. He’s one of the best already

  20. Living throuhg the Dick McPherson era, I could care less if Bill Bellichek kills puppies or steal wives or whatever. As a Pats fan, I only care if he wins games.

    Still, you have to give it up to Randy Moss. He catches everything, my old man (60 yrs old) said he’s never seen a receiver as talented as Moss in lis lifetime

  21. Also, it’s fun being the bad guy, I love the fact that most of the nation hates NE.

  22. Adrian Peterson is the truth….

  23. Yeah Miranda, AP is a monster. Can’t remember a time where I’ve seen a back with the balance and speed that he posseses.

  24. Harvey, you might have to wait until 09 to get your wish on the Pats.

  25. Harvey –

    Don’t take this the wrong way…The Eagles suck! Seriously. Until you guys get a power running game and decide to use a fullback and LJ Smith to take pressure off the O-line and McNabb, every game against a good team will be like a re-run.

    Been there, done that…hated it. Your team is hopelessly wrapped up in Andy Reid’s finesse fantasies of being the next Bill Walsh. It’s almost as if he forgot all about Tom Rathman and Brent Jones. The Eagles are going nowhere. No power, no chance.

    Maybe Jeff Laurie has been spending too much time in The Emporium with Britt and Garrett.

  26. HarveyDent Says:

    No offense taken, T3

    You would think for a coach who always picks linemen every first round that he would believe in the running game. This team just isn’t nasty anymore even with Dawkins in there. It’s time for them to make a deal with the Devil again and get someone in there to give this team some swagger.

    Another thing is that Reid and Morningwheg call a different game when McNabb is in there. When he went down last year there was a great balance between the run and the pass with the offense exerting it’s will on the opposing defense. Now that an unhealthy McNabb is in there Reid’s gone back to his pass first mentality and running the ball at the wrong time.

    I don’t want McNabb to go but I know he’s the only one the fans and media will key on if this season goes down the drain.

    Oh yeah, take down that g—–n Rocky statue. I don’t believe how much run a fictional character gets from one town. Must really be a white man’s fantasy.

    Yeah and screw TO and Dallas too (Hell, yeah, I’m bitter and hatin’ tonight)

  27. Harvey TO has come back to haunt us. This is the culmination of bad choices and dealing with the emffin drama this town brings with disgusting force. They should have dealt with TO’s ass instead of letting him fly eagle fly to the hated cowboys! Really what sense does that make?

  28. HarveyDent Says:

    They weren’t going to get anything for him because teams knew the Eagles would just release him instead of paying him to stay away. I can understand why they did it too because it would have just been wrong even with someone like him to just mess up years of his career by being petty. The sun shines on a dog’s patootie every now and then so it’ll shine on the Eagles again but beats me when that’s going to be.

  29. HAHA T3 I think Andy been smoking that dope with his kids for years.

    Look at the play calling. Also Harvey and T3 you kats speak the truth I have been saying that for years. They have no intent to win. Put Mcnabb on the chop block and surround him with no talent like the rest of the great black QBs. Thank goodness for Denny Green or Culpepper and Cunningham would have never been surrounded with talent too.

    Andy space age pimping 8ball Reid…..the man who passed on Steven Jackson for a offensive lineman.


    What a joke.

  30. Yo, I’m coming with this Jemele Hill interview. The Kev Dog special. I was dead serious about not using Marc Ecko’s glasses, so it’s taking me a little time to get this done with my blind ass. 😉

  31. Yeah Mizzo I got to read this interview.

  32. I hate Norv Turner.
    I despise Ted Cottrell.
    And I’m beginning to really hate Philip Rivers.

    AP wouldn’t have set a damn NFL record if Rivers could have completed a pass and the offense could stay on the field. Cottrell just sucks as a D-coordinator. This D looks nothing like it did last year.

    This is frustrating. Always sucks to see NFL records set on your team.

    AP is a bad mf’er though.

  33. Your team set on also GMP, don’t forget.

  34. Yeha I heard it Garnd nubian. F the Pats the league been cheating for their @ss for years. Now they are mad that the Colts get away with cheating now.

  35. GrandNubian,

    Noise? Give me a break.

  36. Having a player set the longest return in history record (shared actually, unless they get into inches) is far less impressive than watching the other teams line beat the living crap out of your D for the whole second half. Watching your D get manhandled by an offense that doesn’t even have an NFL caliber QB on the roster… and we even knocked the starter out…. that hurts.

    That is crap that requires the D coordinator to re-evaluate life.

    Maybe I’ll feel better about this when AP sets the rushing record again (this time cracking 300… Lions seem like a viable choice for this). I’m just hoping he does it soon before he breaks his collarbone again so I don’t have this hanging over my head as a Charger fan. Hope all the Browns fans appreciate what the Chargers did for you, now you don’t have the record for being physically beat down like a bunch of b….es any more (for a single game at least).

  37. A Marty Schottenheimer coached team would NEVER give up 300 some yards rushing.


  38. Am I the only one that gets the impression that Belicheck eats the hearts of jackals every full moon? No one else thinks he’s a psycho but me?

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