Jim Rhome’s Ass Was Burning

Doing research on a Randy Moss piece and a Jemele Hill interview–The Kev Dog Special–I happened upon this funny ass video I’d forgotten about.

What would happen if Barry did this?

If this happened to be a normal occurrence, ya might not get all the little boy fire spittle from some of these hiding-behind-their-keyboard-clowns.


24 Responses to “Jim Rhome’s Ass Was Burning”

  1. Miz,

    Damn that sh.. was funny. Jim Rome is an ass. He was way out of line for calling Jim E. out of his name during an interview. His behavior was extremely unprofessional and immature. He’s one of the guys always talking about the athletes bad behavior. He needs to check is own sh.. before he gets knocked the f… out. As for what would have happened if Barry Bonds did this, he’d probably be on death row.

  2. LOL!! If Barry did this………..yep, Michelle’s right…death row for sure.

  3. Oh Lord….if there’s a Jemele piece coming up…..oh boy, I can’t wait for Kevdog’s responses….his comments are simply legendary at this point.

  4. I did a segment of the interview with Kev Dog in mind. I can’t wait for his responses either.

  5. D@MN I wish Everett would have choked the mess out that fool.

  6. Origin-ditto. Except I would have liked to see a bodyslam.

  7. HarveyDent Says:

    Amazing that happened over 15 years ago but it’s good to put in the time capsule because that’s when the talking heads began to think they were bigger than the sports they covered. Rome got off light because Everett just shoved him while someone like Barry Lamar would have let dem hands go on his ass.

  8. I’m no fan of Rome, but watching that for the first time in years, I gotta admire it. Immature, unprofessional, maybe.

    But there’s 10 or 15 seconds when dude looks scared and seems to be sizing up the goofy looking QB sitting across from him. But how can you not love when he decides to go with it and says “Bet I do”?

    Also, does anybody else miss the old crazy ESPN2 graphics?

  9. SportsDiva Says:


    I kinda remember that moment in the sports media as a big factor in why I started to see zero credibility in those cats. According to my memories and impressions, Rome was the hot new thing, the pundit punk who is now omnipresent and he decided to willingly tip his toe over the line knowing, his victim wouldn’t have to deal with a racial aspect of the affront. Symbolic and real power dynamics are totally different than if it would’ve been Barry Lamar (carrying his pops burden too, oooh weeee).

    Rome’s success years ago says alot. And now here we are.
    The pundit punks have to stretch their arguments to automatically encompass pop culture to strike the same notes of hatred, fear and delusion that can capture the masses who already on that pill. Because that is what they live with on a daily!

  10. Barry would NEVER go out like that, because Barry isn’t a punk.

    Jim Everett played QB like a punk, and he KNEW it.

    Jumping on Rome for name calling is a punk move, and the move cost Everett because you notice you haven’t seen him ANYWHERE since.

    At least Rome didn’t punk out to his face.

  11. Rhome was shook! He was nonchalantly flinching the entire time. He deserved his ass beat. He’s lucky that wasn’t someone with some hands.

  12. thebrotherreport Says:

    I think it took him so long to get another show at ESPN because they were still laughing at this.

    Hey aren’t all of his interviews done via satellite now?

  13. thebrotherreport Says:

    Mizzo – I read your statement and the guy that comes to mind for some reason is Ron Artest, not because he has hands, but because I can just see him trashing Rome.

    Why can’t someone do that to Skip Bayless?

  14. The one thing that really messes me up about alli this is how young Rome looks. Everett should have piledrived him.

  15. thebrotherreport Says:


  16. Wow lol Like Greg Valentine used to do?

  17. ehh, I think a pre-san francisco Barry Bonds would’ve done something like that. We only see the Barry Bonds of now, after 40s, on the downturn of his career. If you caught him at his peak, I’d throw a hunsky on it that he flips out.

    To the person above that said Jim Rome hasn’t been seen again, actually I see him pretty much everyday on his Rome is Burning show and I can hear his 12-3pm show on the radio daily if necessary. His schtick is to do just what he did to Jim Everett.

  18. thebrotherreport Says:

    Bobby Bonilla woulda smacked him

  19. Haha yeah he should have gone Ric Flair on him! (personal favorite wrestler of all time)

    As much disdain I have for ESPN in general, I did get to meet Steve Levy (sportscenter anchor) at a bar in Boston last night. Good guy.

  20. Michelle #1

    Yeah, Bonds’ would be on death row because Jim Rome would have been dead Of course, as crazy, unprofessional, lazy, Angry White maleish as Jim Rome is, he would’t have dared pull that on Bonds.

  21. Miranda.

    I see Aunt Jemele has turned her gig attacking black athletes, culture and music into a deal on the regular tip on one of the racist machine’s morning shows. Her motivations have been clear from day one. She’ll come on here and toss some drivel around, deflect, whine, cry, try to articulate why she ain’t a house nigga. But you and I and most everyone knows the real deal.

  22. Kev ya piece is up bruh 😉

  23. This is absolutely my favorite Jim Rome story of all time. I do have to tell you though, I was a few days a head of you. I posted this exact same story on our blog last week check it out. http://seanbigmouthsalisbury.com/?cat=59 Keep up the good stuff.

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