A Cry For Help.


Andy Reid is a headstrong coach, numerous times his decision making; or lack thereof has cost the Philadelphia Eagles many games…some would say even a Super Bowl.

However as a parent – poor decisions and lack of good judgment puts both parent and child in harm’s way.

Reid’s sons Garrett and Brit were each sentenced today to 23 months for their roles in separate incidents on January 30 of this year.

Britt, 22 was involved in a road rage incident, where he flashed a gun at another motorist, who later called 911. The license plate was traced to the Reid residence. Britt was stopped in August after hitting a shopping cart in a parking lot, upon searching the vehicle 30 pills were found, Britt also failed a sobriety test.
Garrett, 24 confessed that he is a drug addict and former dealer that at got a thrill out of selling drugs in “the hood. He was involved in an accident while high on heroin.

Garrett has been in and out of jail for the past couple of weeks most recently as last week. In a recent development, 89 prescription pills were found in Reid’s cell, he apparently smuggled them in through his rectum upon his return to prison last week.

In speaking to his probation officer, Garret talked about how, being the son of a Philadelphia sports figure had its privileges. He talked about being well-known in the poor as well as affluent neighborhoods.

“I liked being the rich kid in that area and having my own high-status life”, Reid would go on to say, “I could go anywhere in the ‘hood. They all knew who I was. I enjoyed it. I liked being a drug dealer.” He later admitted that he no longer sells drugs.

“I did get a thrill out of it,” he said. “That was also part of the whole new world that opened up to me when I smoked that first joint”.

Garret would continue to lose himself in his own delusions of grandeur.

These kids were scared of me, I was even selling to their parents…I turned everyone on to Oxy Contin.”

Too absorbed with trying to be the next Frank White, G-Money disobeyed the 4th Crack Commandment; Never get high on your own supply.

His drug use did not begin until after high school – starting out with marijuana and alcohol escalating to Oxy Contin, Percocet and cocaine. This landed him in rehab by the time he was 20 years old.

Judge Steven O’Neill would go on to lay into the parents Andy and Tammy Reid by questioning whether the two sons should even live there given their drug history.

There isn’t any structure there that this court can depend upon, This is a family in crisis.” O’Neill would later compare the Reid home to a “Drug Emporium”.

While only weapons and ammunition were found at the Reid residence, O’Neill based his remarks on a statement made by Brit, who claimed the he grabbed a Vicodin tablet instead of a vitamin supplement out of a pill drawer in the house.

After taking 5 weeks off earlier this year to tend to his family’s issues, Reid has stated several times that he will not step down as coach of the Eagles. Owner Jeffrey Lurie has given his vote of confidence to Reid as well.

As a parent – I find this story disturbing.

As a fan – I find it frustrating.

As a Black Man – Once again I find the double-standard securely in place.

Let’s look at some points – I’ll lay them out and let you decide. I apologize if I’m going all over the place but I was trying to hit on the things that came to mind upon hearing the story.

  • Reid has had full knowledge of his sons’ drug activity for sometime now. By not stepping away from his coaching duties I’ve come to the conclusion here that: 1)These kids have been crying out for help. 2) Taking a tough love approach by not taking time off to get your house in order is disturbing. This isn’t Terrell Owens he’s dealing with – Britt and Garrett can’t be fined, suspended or cut. 3) The responsibility shouldn’t all fall on the mother to raise the kids just because he makes approximately $5 million per year to wear three hats in the Eagles’ organization.
  • As a parent you get but so many chances if any to get this thing right with your children, if you’re able to identify the problem consider yourself blessed.
  • I’m not saying that Andy and Tammy Reid are bad parents, they’ve raised their children the best way they know how, let’s face it there is no parenting manual. The values you instill in them don’t come into play until they walk out the front door. Peer pressure and the desire to be accepted are some reasons why many of today’s youth are in these kinds of situations, and many come from good homes. A good home doesn’t necessarily mean in a financial sense, it means where values and morals are taught and enforced, where love is unconditionally present.
  • There is something in this world called accountability – rhymes with responsibility, at a certain age they stop looking at the parents as much and look at the individual. At the end of the day regardless of who we are or who our parents are we have to own up to our actions. Hopefully, that point was driven home in the form of a jail sentence.
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a hard line towards any individual that has been in violation of the League’s Code of Conduct. In the case of Andy Reid, he has not been implicated in any wrongdoing BUT drugs and ammunition were found in his home, the vehicle that Garret was using heroin in was registered in Tammy Reid’s name. The Reids had full knowledge of their son’s activities and that cannot be overlooked. If Goodell had a meeting with Michael Vick when he first heard whispers of his dogfighting activity to get Vick’s side of the story, I expect the same treatment of Reid and that has not happened.
  • How many of you know anyone that would’ve been given this much leniency in a case involving guns and drugs. The last time I checked a crime with a gun in the state of Pennsylvania carried an automatic five year sentence… no questions asked. Obviously, the rule doesn’t apply to everyone… never has, never will.

As a parent, I’m in full knowledge that my son is a reflection of me, however he acts in school, outside the home and later on in society will be traced to how his mother and I raised him.

No job is too important, no salary too high when it comes to my son. Andy Reid needs to call a timeout and make the proper adjustments to get this thing right.

Sadly enough, this is an opportunity that Tony and Lauren Dungy didn’t have.


41 Responses to “A Cry For Help.”

  1. SportsDiva Says:

    Nice piece.

    My first thought, concerning the NFL aspect of this story, was exactly as you asked…I thought to myself, surely this will warrant a ‘fireside chat’ with Tsar Goodell to at least send an initial and non-binding message and get a one-on-one perspective of the situation. After that I would hope that it is leaked that Goodell asked him to go sit down for a while.

    But I think it’s doubtful it will transpire as such.

  2. Where did Garrett and Britt get the funds to start their little hustle? It doesn’t matter what the intent may have been…what’s important is how that money ended up being used. Is it pretty safe to say they started this drug/weapons ring with funds provided by Andy & Tammy Reed? While living in property owned by Andy & Tammy Reid??

  3. Ron good work bruh. We’ve talked about this many times and I have to say I’m conflicted. I empathize more with Andy as a father. Leaving a professional team in this kind of manner would be unprecedented. If he was going to leave, he should have done so before the sentencing.

    I honestly feel for him and I see the Eagles winning today because they will stand up for their coach and knock TO’s teeth out.

    Where you at BDawk!

  4. SportsDiva Says:

    In order for it to go down like that, you’ve first got to have a deep-seated disdain for Andy’s actual being, then you’d have to symbolically cra[ on his ability to make a living at every turn, then you would have to have passive resistance to his ‘style’ which will eventually turn into active resistance to his ‘style’, then you’d have to harbor hate for everything you feel he represents…..and you know where I’m going with this. LOL

    In a different world Andy might have to be worried about becoming part of a new industry and not in a position of authority…….that industry would be the Prison-Industrial-Complex and he wouldn’t be a guard.

    I don’t think he should have to feel that threat, but I also don’t think the scores of people of color and by extension their families and communities should have to live at the mercy of that threat and reality either. The War on Drugs, just like every other war effects certain people more than others and those perspectives permeate every part of society.

  5. TBR,

    I agree, nice article. Even though his kids are adults, they still live at home and their lives are in disarray. I think Andy should have taken a leave of absence before the season started. The drugs his kids are on are highly addictive so.. it’s probably going to take multiple trips off the wagon before they get clean.


    Whatever! TO is going to take that Eagle secondary to school. Anyone who tries to cover him across the middle is gettin ran over. YOU HEARD!!

  6. thebrotherreport Says:

    I began writing this piece on Thursday and there were so many points that I was trying to hit and I still didn’t get them all. Miranda made a good point about the funds. I’m not saying that they were given money to buy drugs but once they found out that their kids were getting high on their money that gravy train shoulda been cut off.

  7. TBR,

    I guess we will never know what has gone on behind the doors of the Reid home. We can only speculate what role Andy and Tammy played. They could have done everything right and their children still could have ended up this way.

  8. Andy Reid should have walked away from the Eagles, at least for the season, to get his house and children in order. Nothing comes before family, regardless of the prestige of the position.

    That is were Andy Reid falls short in the parental department to me. This isn’t about where the money his kids used to finance the drugs came from, as much as it is about the fact that these kids need some serious help and it cannot be provided while getting ready for a big game on Sunday is still part of the picture.

    As for the boys themselves, reading the comments of Garrett Reid in this article frighten the hell outta me. This is a child in need of some serious assistance. His Tony Montana complex is unreal… and very, very sad.

    The kids deserve everything they got, probably even more if we’re being honest. Being Andy Reid’s kids and being white kids undoubtedly helped them and that is very, very sad as well.

    As for Reid, I don’t think the league can impose any kind of punishment on him for the actions of his children, regardless of whose house they live in and whose vehicle it was. What I do think The Commish can do is sit Andy down for the fireside chat TBR mentions and strongly suggest that Andy take a leave from the team. As was said in the piece itself – eventually, accountability has to rest with the person committing the act. Andy Reid’s kids committed these acts, not Andy Reid.

    Great piece…

  9. thebrotherreport Says:

    Michelle – if I were a betting man that’s the way I believe it happened.

    Spencer – those comments are scary, it really makes you wonder what goes through the minds of some of these kids.

  10. How can a man work when his family is crumbling around him?

    And at what point is someone going to start holding Andy accountable for what is going on with his children.

    Thats what we hear about when the children of Black parents screw up.

  11. Real rap right thur. I’m an Eagles fan, so I don’t want to see him go.

  12. A parents only prevailing choice after deciding on accepting a child into this world, is to raise a good citizen and positive reflection on you!

    There are but two kinds of abuse in the home, that of physical/emotional which is direct abuse. Then there is neglect, which is even more insidious because it is indirect. Ultimately we are respnsible for bringing a child into adulthood as parents, thus our values must be the guide on that path.

    This tale, like others even more sad, should caution us about how we view the world and how our children view us viewing the world. This is one of many incidents that encourages me to buckle down and try a little SMARTER in raising my son and daughter to adulthood.

    That’s all we can do in the short time they are with us.

  13. HarveyDent Says:


    Don’t drink the TO hype because he’ll get alligator arms in a minute. Phenomenal talent but he come across the middle poppin’ that noise believe me Mikell and Dawkins will light him up like his name is Xmas Tree.

    Concerning Reid and his family, I’ve been a big fan of his most of his career in Philly but this with his family is his business. I care less than a damn what went on his house not because I’m cold but because it’s none of my business. If he and his wife raised some thugs then they’ll have to answer for it to their God. Britt and Garrett got off light but their father will have to live with being an object of ridicule for just as long as these two will be in jail.

  14. Harvey Dent,

    We shall see!

  15. thebrotherreport Says:

    I like the Eagles tonight, I can’t see the Cowboys coming into Philly and beating the Birds. They’re going to circle the wagons and on their emotional leader is back in B-Dawk.

    It’s the NFC East and it’s November this is when things begin to get a little crazy.

  16. Fly Eagles Fly….

  17. SD,
    you knew exactly where I was going! Honestly, I can’t make myself have that deep seeded disdain for Andy…don’t know why…but I just can’t. I can’t force myself to desire with every fiber of my being that he lose his ability to make a living. I can’t make myself go crazy questioning why the D.A. isn’t charging him or his wife with…oh…a plethora of charges that could apply as registered owners of the home and vehicles…just can’t….just not in me. Can’t make myself hate him for obviously releasing two bonafide drug dealers into our world ……..just can’t do it.

  18. Cevidence1906 Says:

    Did anyone hear J.A.Adande’s response while on Around the Horn?

    He said that while the parents should stake their claim with this issue, that some of the blame needs to be placed on hip hop and they way that “ganster and drug dealer lifestyles are glamorized.”

    That absolutley made me sick and I had to turn the channel. He just gave people more ammunition to use against us and in their fight against hip hop. It’s sickening that he would even say that on national tv, let alone actually believe it.

  19. Good one Miranda.

    All of a sudden Reids kids are on drugs. But they overlook that they slang dope. Also I thought the media hated drug dealers…………….oh I see thats only when they are minorities.

  20. great column.

  21. thebrotherreport Says:


  22. Origin,
    that’s the part that the msm will gloss over while they paint a picture of sad, painful addiction…….naw bruh…they were SLANGIN ON THE CORNER…..they had automatic weapons and were playing Nino Brown all up in North Philly.

  23. Miranda agreed.

  24. Miranda,

    The MST also ofter refers to them as boys and kids. Yes they are his children but they are young men not boys. This sh.. it crazy.

  25. HarveyDent,

    I told you TO was going spank that a..

  26. Yeah, sounds like the Reids were terrible parents. Indulgant, blind to what they didn’t want to see,replacing true love and discipline with material items and a sense of entitlement.

    But frankly, those dudes became who they area LONG time ago. No amount of time Reid takes off now is gonna make a damn bit of difference. They will be lost until THEY want something different for themselves.

    You can’t live anyone’s life for them, no matter how much you love them. And you can’t change a person’t fundamental character, now matter how hard you try.

    Andy Reid screwed up as a parent. But now, the most likely scenario is that his sons bring him down to his level, they have a vanishingly small chance of doing anything else.

  27. Sooo…..are we all gonna assume that these drug dealers don’t have information that would benefit the Philadelphia PD or even the feds? Are we all gonna assume that they were just…”collecting” weapons but had never actually used them? By their own admission, they got a high off selling….what kind of distribution are we talking about? Funny how we will just get the impression that it was just nickel bags…but for all any of us know, they could have been real playas in the game in Philly. They had access to quite a bit of cash to front their hustle.

  28. […] Hill: Believe it or not, it wasn’t about Barry specifically. The buzz was more Andy Reid. That’s what we talked about in production meetings pretty significantly. We were figuring out […]

  29. Dear Mr. Glover,

    Thanks for writing this intriguing and informative post. I agree that Andy Reid needs time away from the job in order to deal with his family issues that have surfaced recently. I cannot argue against your belief that the NFL’s lack of disciplinary action against Reid is hypocritical and wrong. However, there are a couple aspects of your post with which I disagree. For example, you state that this issue represents the hypocrisy and racism of the NFL because, there is a, “double-standard securely in place.” While I agree about the overall issue of unequal punishments in the NFL, I view the causes differently. One problem I have with your argument is that, as you say, Coach Reid “has not been implicated in any wrongdoing,” as it is his children who are in legal trouble. Therefore, it is unfair to compare Coach Reid to Michael Vick because Vick is accused of breaking the law, and Reid is not. Also, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s recent punishment of New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick, while ineffective in my opinion, shows that Goodell is not afraid of penalizing administrators or non-African-Americans. Accordingly, I think the issue has more to do with sporting leagues not taking a strong enough stand against its coaches, instead of being a race issue. Another issue to consider is that the NFL has an obligation to youth athletes and fans to ensure that its representatives behave appropriately in the public eye. To do so, I think the NFL needs to establish a fair system for penalizing its representatives equally. I think the NFL is sending children the wrong message by not forcing Coach Reid to take a leave of absence to resolve his family problems. It seems the NFL is condoning associating oneself with illegal behaviors by not addressing the Reid situation. Regarding your post as a whole, I feel that by providing a few links within the body of your post, your argument could be much stronger. After searching further on this site, I realize that most posts do not contain links, but I believe this post would have benefitted from using them. For example, your article has a lot of quotations, but I have no idea from where they were taken. Also, your first bullet point states, “Reid has had full knowledge of his sons’ drug activity for sometime now.” This statement would be more convincing if you link to an article that explained what evidence exists to prove what Reid knew and when he knew it. Finally, while searching the internet the other day, I read an interesting comment on the Reid case at another blog (http://mydree.newsvine.com/_news/2007/11/02/1068917-andy-reid-michael-vick-and-a-double-standard-in-the-nfl – comment #2 by Adam Hobson). I do not agree with this statement, but just to play devil’s advocate: “does any coach really have all that much time to spend as a proper husband or father?” Just a thought to ponder.

    Thanks for reading.

    -mhs, http://lawandsports.blogspot.com

  30. thebrotherreport Says:

    Thanks for your comments. The double-standard in the NFL that I mention is in regard to a player and coach, not black and white. I wondered if Goodell had given Reid a phone call just to talk to him about the situation. Just as he did Vick once Vick’s name came up in the investigations. If Goodell took any action I would expect it to be asking him to take a leave of absence.

    Did Reid deserve a phone call…yes, drugs and guns were found in HIS home. Is he completely responsible… no because his sons are grown men, but this activity took place under his roof and with his money for that there is some accountability. If Garrett and Britt lived on their own this would be a non-issue.

    As far as Reid’s knowledge of their activities he states his knowledge of their drug abuse in the press conference late last week. In glancing over the piece I never mention racism in the NFL nor do I imply it. The racial and socio-economical double-standard is in my final bullet point.

  31. Since everbody has so much sympathy for this DRUG DEALING THUGS. I’m going to make some free Andy Reid’s sons T-shirts and sell them at the next eagles home game.

    Them poor little 23 year old boys. Getting high on their own supply.
    Carrying guns with cop killer rounds. Slanging dope in the poor black community.

    Yeap they were acting just like most 23 year old kids.

    I have to stop typing because I am starting to cry for these little kids.

  32. Shit is real.

    My sympathy is with Andy. I have two sons–one 17 in Dec. and one 14. I see them every other weekend. I don’t know what they do when they aren’t with me. I can only impart my Pop wisdom.

    Let’s take a lesson from this and grab our sons up before street acid burns their collective minds slow.

    The streets have made me hard. I have no regrets…

    Punks jump up to get beat down.

  33. thebrotherreport Says:

    Origin – I’m willing to bet you’ll see some fool wearing something like that or worse at the next home game.

    You may see two guys handcuffed together…anything is possible here.

  34. Yo Ray Lewis is ready to snap. Anyone else notice the pitch in his voice?

  35. thebrotherreport Says:

    Yeah, I haven’t seen a team physically beat on the Ravens like that in years. Ed Reed was knocked around like a third-grader, Hines Ward hasn’t thrown blocks like that since the Super Bowl season.

  36. His ‘kids’ at 22 and 24. Apparently they didn’t start this until after high school.

    He hasn’t been responsible for their actions for quite some time.

  37. Dear Mr. Glover,

    Thanks for replying to my comment. While I apologize if you feel I misinterpreted your post, I think your wording is incorrect if you did not mean to imply a black-and-white double standard. In your post, you say “As a Black Man – Once again I find the double-standard securely in place.” To me, this statement clearly implies that you believe that race is factor in the Reid situation. Also, I feel your final bullet point is somewhat open-ended (“Obviously, the rule doesn’t apply to everyone… never has, never will.”), because this statement could apply to various double-standards.

    Thanks for reading.

    -mhs, http://lawandsports.blogspot.com

  38. thebrotherreport Says:

    The final bullet point is the racial socio-economical double standard that I feel is securely in place. If this were some one that was Black, Latino, or a poor white individual he/she would not have gotten off as easy. The point that mentions Goddell/Vick/Reid is what we discussed yesterday the player/coach double-standard

  39. Jared Allen. That’s a racial double standard for your ass.

  40. thebrotherreport Says:

    Wow, I forgot all about him. And his suspension was REDUCED to 2 games after an appeal. Unreal.

  41. What about the cat that iced his girlfriend’s dog on the Falcons? The twist is he did it for self-defense, yet the shit wasn’t half as crazy as opposed to shit that went down with Vick the first WEEK his alleged transgression was revealed.

    Didn’t he first tried to strangle then beat that dog to death with an hammer?…. a mother fucking attacking pitbull, and he got off free!

    There’s another one of your double standard and race factor mhs.

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