TNT Telecast Notes From November 1


Notes from last night. Enjoy.

Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson

Barkley on the trades of the Miami Heat: “As long as (the Heat) have Shaq (O’Neal) and Dwyane Wade, they’re going to be the same team. They realized they have to get more athletic because Chicago would run them up and down the floor, I like the changes they’ve made.”

Smith on the loss of Jason Kapono to the Miami Heat: “The one guy (the Heat) are going to miss the most that you wouldn’t think is (Jason) Kapono, because of his outside shooting ability and the fact that he could spread the floor. Gary Payton is an NBA legend and is going to be missed somewhat, but he was at the latter stages of his career. The veteran leadership is gone; Eddie Jones, Gary Payton, James Posey, but you bring in some new blood. I’m interested in Penny (Hardaway), I want to see how he does.”

Smith on the waning dominance of the Pistons and Heat: “In the last four or five years (the Pistons and the Heat) were clear cut (playoff seeds) one and two, or two and one. Now you would say they are three and four or four and three (seeds), so they are losing some of their luster, they are losing some off their bravado, they are losing some of their championship dominance. If you look at Chicago, Boston and New Jersey, these teams aren’t as far away from them as they used to be.”

Barkley on Lakers guard Kobe Bryant wanting to be traded: “If Kobe Bryant is really adamant about wanting to be traded, he should waive his no-trade clause. He doesn’t want to be traded unless he can control his ramifications. He wants to be traded, but he wants the team (he’s traded to) to keep all the good players they’ve got and give the Lakers trash, that’s not going to happen. If he’s a man of his word, he should waive his no-trade clause.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Game 1: Miami Heat (80) @ Detroit Pistons (91)

Announcers Marv Albert, Reggie Miller and Mike Fratello, with Craig Sager reporting

Miller on the new starting role for Pistons forward Antonio McDyess: “The question is, is Antonio McDyess more comfortable coming off the bench or starting? The last few years he’s been magnificent coming off the bench, but this is a new role for him and he’s got to start with energy.”

Fratellto on Heat forward Udonis Haslem’s jump shot: “Udonis Haslem has as good a 17-foot jump shoot as you will see in the league. That’s your strength; he gets it in the 17 foot area and he knows he’s a 52-53 percent shooter.”

Fratello on Heat guard Ricky Davis: “This is what Ricky Davis can do that a lot of players in the NBA cannot do- stop on a dime, elevate, shoot a jumper and knock it down in that 18 to 20 foot range.”

Miller on Heat coach Pat Riley changing his approach: “(The Heat are) a much younger team now. Eddie Jones is gone, James Posey is gone, those guys were veteran leaders. In my position earlier in my career, when Larry Bird was our coach, we had a very veteran team and he let us go and let us police ourselves. Later on when we had a younger team and Rick Carlisle was coaching, you’ve got to be a little more hands on, you can’t let a lot of things slip because that turns into bad habits.”

Craig Sager reported on the Pistons decision not to resign center Chris Webber: “During the offseason Joe Dumars decided not to resign veteran Chris Webber. (Dumars) said, ‘Webber did a great job for us last year, and yes, I think he can still play, but we have to be committed to developing our bench and developing our young players, particularly Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson. Plus, with Nazr Mohammed, Rasheed Wallace and Antonio McDyess he didn’t think the minutes would be there this year. He said it’s not in their plans, however, should there be an injury to one of the main guys they have not ruled out the opportunity to bring Chris Webber back.”

Fratello on Heat coach Pat Riley bringing back Ricky Davis after trading him years ago: “Coaches make mistakes and sometimes you see a young man grow and up and mature and you realize the talent that he has. I don’t think I ever heard Miami say (that Ricky Davis) didn’t have talent, it was his practice habits back then. It was what was more important, practicing and playing well or running the NBA, so to speak. When a young guy gets in and he’s so excited about all the things you are exposed to that you lose concentration as to what your job is.”


Ernie Johnson, Barkley and Kenny Smith

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki joined the studio team during halftime of the game.

Nowitzki on the increased attention to defense by the Mavericks: “We work on it all the time, every day it’s defense first, we watch film almost every day before shoot-around, before practice. We’ve improved a lot over the years and there is always room to improve more, but we are trying to do all the right things in the rotation. We try to help each other, we’ve got some shot blocking in the middle with Damp (Erick) Dampier and (DeSagana) Diop, and I think we’re all right.”

Nowitzki on how he handled the intense criticism after the Mavericks lost to the Warriors in the first round of the NBA Playoffs: “I just had to get away a little bit, there was a lot of criticism. Anytime you’re the go-to player and you lose, you take the heat. I didn’t perform the way I wanted to, so it was probably a little justified. I couldn’t put my stamp on the series and I had to get away a little bit (after the playoffs). I went to Australia, had a blast and got my mind off basketball. Once I came back to Germany, I was fired up for the workouts again and to get ready.”

Barkley on Mavericks owner Mark Cuban being a Dancing with the Stars participant: “I love (Mark Cuban), but wear long sleeves next time!”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Fratello on the selflessness of Heat center Shaquille O’Neal: “I don’t think anyone has ever said that Shaquille O’Neal is a selfish player. He is very team oriented, he will pass the basketball to an open teammate and as he says, ‘If they are going to keep doubling, those guys will be open.’ However, he could do more work on the offensive bards to make some second shot opportunities.”

Miller on Heat center Alonzo Mourning retiring after this season: “I know that Alonzo (Mourning) says that it’s his 15th and final season, but looking at his performance tonight and what he did all last year when Shaq only played 49 games, it’s hard for me to see him walking away, he can do so much for a ball club. He’s at such a high level playing the minutes that he does behind one of the premier centers in the world in Shaquille O’Neal.”

Miller on the Heat’s poor preseason carrying over to their first game: “Pat Riley said during after his fifth or sixth (preseason) loss that, ‘We have done absolutely nothing right during training camp, we need to go back to the basics.’ We know they leave after this game and they go to Indiana. Pat Riley says he wants to play the games into the 80s. (New Pacers head coach) Coach (Jim) O’Brien has adopted that up and down stance, they are going to shoot a lot of three’s. Let’s see if the Heat can counteract that tomorrow night against a team that is going to jack up a lot of three’s and bring up the pace, which Shaq doesn’t want to do.”

Game Break

Barkley on a YouTube question submitted that compared the looks of Kenny Smith to Chucky Atkins: “Zero plus zero equals zero. Neither (Kenny Smith or Chucky Atkins) are good looking. They do look alike, but they don’t have much to work with.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Game 2: Phoenix Suns (106) @ Seattle SuperSonics (99)

Announcers Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins, with Cheryl Miller reporting

Collins on the SuperSonics style of play: “(The SuperSonics) are going to run and push the ball up the floor; they are a very high scoring team, they know that’s the way they have to play with their team speed. The big question is going to be can they play the tempo that they need to play at? They don’t yet have a player like they did with Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis to put the punctuation mark on close games, to get the foul line and make big plays, we’ll have to see how this plays out.”

Collins on the movement of the basketball being an indicator of the Suns’ play: “When Phoenix is good they’ve got energy and that ball is moving; when they get in trouble the ball sticks and slows down.”

Collins on the SuperSonics possibly leaving Seattle: “I’m so hoping they can keep this team (in Seattle). This is a great NBA city, I’ve played here against some of the great (Seattle) teams. This is such a tough place to win (as a visitor) and they’ve had some great players in their franchise history.”

Collins on Suns guard Steve Nash involving players: “If you play with (Steve) Nash, run around and have your hands ready, he’s going to do everything but make the shot for you.”


Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Barkley on SuperSonics forward Kevin Durant needing to increase his physical strength: “(Kevin Durant) missed a lot of easy shots around the basket because he’s not physically strong enough to finish those.”

Barkley on the addition of forward Luis Scola to the Rockets: “(Luis Scola) has got a little mean streak in him and that’s the one thing they are missing, a little toughness. He’s got a little ‘hood in him. He’s bringing that toughness they’ve been missing.”

Barkley on how long it will be before the Knicks contend for a championship: “I’ll be skinny, (Ernie), you’ll have an afro…that’s how long it will be.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Collins on Suns guard Steve Nash being off his game tonight: “I think the Suns are all out of kilter. It starts with Steve Nash, he’s got turnovers that he doesn’t normally have. When he’s sharp then everyone else seems to feed off of him and his great play.”

Collins on Suns guard Steve Nash taking risks with the basketball: “Steve Nash was running the pick and roll, he throws a bounce pass to (Amare) Stoudemire… I don’t know how it gets through. (Nash) will take chances with the ball, he and Jason Kidd are the two point guards who are not afraid of turning the ball over, they will try passes that other guys will not.”

Collins on the way the SuperSonics need to approach games as they gain experience: “(The SuperSonics) cannot get discouraged, they’ve got to compete every night and give themselves a chance every night and continue to grow. (They need to) try to figure out the pieces that can help them get over the hump when they get in these kinds of games. Phoenix is the better team, there is not doubt about that, they are supposed to win this game tonight.”

Stoudemire on his impression of rookie SuperSonic Kevin Durant: “(Kevin Durant) played great, he had a lot of poise out there, he showed great leadership skills and he shot the ball well from the outside, I’m impressed.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Inside the NBA

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Barkley on his impression of rookie SuperSonic Kevin Durant: “Obviously, Kevin Durant is the big story (in the NBA). He can score with the best of them, but (the SuperSonics) need to get him into the weight room…quickly.”

Smith on the struggles a young team faces: “If you go back to all the stats, and stop after the third quarter, (young teams) would probably be playoff contenders. But the thing is, ending games, finishing games and catching people who are ahead of you are the toughest things to do for young teams. That’s where experience comes in.”

Smith on the Detroit Pistons: “(The Pistons) are the same basketball team (that they always are). They won’t be judged by what they do in the regular season. We know they are going to be in the playoffs. If they don’t get to the NBA Finals, it’s a disappointment, period.”

Barkley on how teams should play against teams with one great player: “If I’m playing against the (Cleveland) Cavaliers, they’ve got a great player (in LeBron James), I would never let LeBron beat me (by himself) night-in and night-out. Until (injured Miami Heat guard) Dwayne Wade gets back, I would double (team) Shaquille (O’Neal) because he gets easy baskets and he gets (opposing) big (players) in foul trouble.”


11 Responses to “TNT Telecast Notes From November 1”

  1. But did Barkely get in a ‘jub-jub?’

    Great rundown.

  2. Watched as well and here are a few thoughts I had watching from last night (full disclosure : i posted these on another site, too).

    1. Glaring. The Suns always ran a lob to Marion as their first play of the game. Last night, drop down to Amare on the left block for a spin and dropped two easily.

    2. First quarter, Amare’s dunk back to the basket moving across the lane. He was the specific meeting of Julius Erving (one handed dunk palming the whole time) and Moses Malone’s low post moves. Nasty stuff.

    3. Earl Watson and Durant should be able to combine for a substantial number of assists. If they can setup a play through Watson and the final assist through Durant, Wilcox and Wilkins should have monster years.

    4. Durant’s early dunk on the break was amazing in its fluidity. He goes left to right and his body finishes in a leaned back position. Very reminiscent of ABA players to me.

    5. The Heat stink and Pat Riley the coach is a top reason behind Wade’s injuries and Pat Riley the GM. Every time there is a Miami-area championship, things fall to crap the season immediately after.

    6. Nash seems to score as a result of having no other option but which to do so. The offense is moving so quickly at times that he’s forced to stop and pop because no one else is set or he’s well on his way to the basket.

    7. Grant Hill will mean a lot more minutes for Barbosa. 33 can’t play the minutes that are required and he’s gonna get worn out unless the new pad in Phoenix comes with Cocoon pods (no Gutenberg).

  3. PJ is a crappy coach. What did it take him 2 qrts to realize that Durant is 6-10 and to put his butt on the block and post up.


    Amazing that the media didn’t bring up Sprewell choking the crap out of PJ the whole night.

    One last thing………………….Stoudimire is the TRUTH!!!!

  4. Durant is the truth and will be a superstar for the next two decades but PJ will not be there when the Supersonics get good and become contenders. And Barkley is right, Durant needs to put on 20 – 30 pounds because they will take away his outside shot and he is going to have to develop an inside game. wait until he does just that can you say 35-40 a game.

  5. Durant is going to need to get stronger obviously, but at 19 he’s as advanced in his all around (offensive) game as anyone I’ve ever seen. Have to disagree on PJ. He’s not a great coach, but I think he’ll be really good for Durant’s development. Unlike a Mike Brown who hasn’t done much to expand Lebron’s game.

  6. Scotty did the Cavs go to the Finals?

    You and those like you need to give Mike Brown credit.

    The scrutiny is disgusting.

  7. Mizzo, trust me, I’m not dogging Brown as a bad coach, he did an excellent job getting that team to play the way they did last year. I would just like to see Lebron down on the block, moving without the ball, ect, to get easier looks. He has to work way too hard to get his points.

  8. Also, just want to say I’ve been a fan of this blog for a while. I don’t share all the same viewpoints as many of the regular posters, but I like a place where I can get an alternative perspective to the what the MSM throws out there.

    Went to the Celtics home opener last night. Kevin Garnett. Wow. Basketball is back in Beantown! Scary to think how good he’s going to be this year playing with two other superstars.

  9. You can’t throw out vague points here. You will be called out.

    Boston was electric last night. As a Sixers fan it makes me sick 😉

    Thanks for diggin our work here. Much appreciated.

  10. The lakers actually looked good last night. I guess as long as Kobe and Phil are part of the team they will be competative.

  11. Scott I here you. But its only so much that Cocah brown can do. Lebron is playing with YMCA players. Coach Brown is a defensive minded coach.
    Not an offensive. But as I have said before PJ is a trash coach always has been.

    Lebron can’t move without the ball because the team doesn’t have a good point guard. Lebron can’t post up because the cavs don’t have consistant shooters that would allow him to work on the box.

    This is management and the owners fault. There is nothing else coach brown can do with this trash.

    I would like for Phil to do the same with Kobe. But how can he when kobe is playing with euro league and NBDL rejects.

    If management would surround these great players with good talent………..then we could critize the coaches correctly.

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