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Friday Fire: Talk is Talk. Our Children Continue To Die. What Are the Solutions?

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This was 50 years ago. Some of you say America is a better place? Really?

There has been a lot of discourse around here criticizing this or that. While it’s all real rap, what are some real solutions? Sean Taylor didn’t die in vain. The memory of his existence would be better celebrated if we didn’t focus on his football exploits. We should celebrate that Sean was clawing out of the darkness and beginning to see the light. It was all about living for his child Jackie and his fiancee Jacqueline. I personally am not going to let his spirit become grey. Let’s all keep it colorful so his young child can paint a picture of her daddy one day with a smile on his face. Jacqueline Garcia is academy award nominated actor Andy Garcia’s niece. He has come forward and publicly called Taylor a hero. Because of Garcia’s presence, this case may take a much different public turn. Let’s hope for the best. I personally want to thank Andy Garcia for offering his credibility, because he didn’t have to.

We all know of people who are soul models. This is our chance to show the soul model in each of us by offering solutions to a societal crisis that WILL continue to be a detriment to our collective success. I don’t mind if this discussion gets heated–it honestly should. Please keep the diamond thought in mind of creating and propagating a positive and consistent path of success for all of our children. Lets make this a good one. Thanks.

*Check out my Ron Artest interview in the current issue of SacTown Magazine. I can’t post the full interview on TSF until a later date because of ethics, but it tackles similar issues as well as other topics. It casts a totally different light on Ron.

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Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers (NFL Network)

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Packer fans better hope the Heisman Trophy winner is lining up

It’s been said a thousand times this week most of the country will not see the Packers/Cowboys game tonight on the NFL Network. That’s unfortunate, because this may be the best game of the season. I’ll give it the pre-game edge over the over hyped Pats/Colts game in week 9.

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An Unwanted Statistic

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In the last seventeen years the University of Miami football team has laid nine of their current or former players to rest.

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And Still We Weep: The Death of Sean Taylor By Dave Zirin

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(Getty Images)
We are gonna miss you brotha

Young and old, in burgundy and gold, they have gathered in Redskin Park today, huddled around a parking spot adorned with the number 21. Players are trickling in. No one is saying a word because no one has to. All throughout Washington, D.C. there are signs of remembrance. At one high school, there are scores of people decked out in burgundy and gold. The sky couldn’t be a more threatening shade of grey today, but no one hurries.

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Redskins’ Safety Sean Taylor Succumbs to Gunshot Wound

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Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor has died from injuries he sustained when he was shot in the upper leg early Monday morning at his home in Miami. Taylor was 24 years old and the father of a 1 year-old daughter.

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Redskin Safety Sean Taylor Shot *Update

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Details are still coming in. Sean Taylor was shot by an intruder allegedly burglarizing his home in Florida. Taylor, a safety for the Skins is known as a ferocious hitter.


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A Quarterback Controversy? Best Believe McNabb Is Done In Philly

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Now I gotta deal with this…..

After last night’s close loss to the 11-0 Patriots, the Philly media were smiling. Yes, they were actually smiling. A Philadelphia media frenzied quarterback controversy will wash over the entire nation. What was funny about a loss that saw the Eagles drop to 5-6?

This is the business I’m in?

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