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Friday Fire: Talk is Talk. Our Children Continue To Die. What Are the Solutions?

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This was 50 years ago. Some of you say America is a better place? Really?

There has been a lot of discourse around here criticizing this or that. While it’s all real rap, what are some real solutions? Sean Taylor didn’t die in vain. The memory of his existence would be better celebrated if we didn’t focus on his football exploits. We should celebrate that Sean was clawing out of the darkness and beginning to see the light. It was all about living for his child Jackie and his fiancee Jacqueline. I personally am not going to let his spirit become grey. Let’s all keep it colorful so his young child can paint a picture of her daddy one day with a smile on his face. Jacqueline Garcia is academy award nominated actor Andy Garcia’s niece. He has come forward and publicly called Taylor a hero. Because of Garcia’s presence, this case may take a much different public turn. Let’s hope for the best. I personally want to thank Andy Garcia for offering his credibility, because he didn’t have to.

We all know of people who are soul models. This is our chance to show the soul model in each of us by offering solutions to a societal crisis that WILL continue to be a detriment to our collective success. I don’t mind if this discussion gets heated–it honestly should. Please keep the diamond thought in mind of creating and propagating a positive and consistent path of success for all of our children. Lets make this a good one. Thanks.

*Check out my Ron Artest interview in the current issue of SacTown Magazine. I can’t post the full interview on TSF until a later date because of ethics, but it tackles similar issues as well as other topics. It casts a totally different light on Ron.

Also swing by the commission for some old school jazzyjanetruggedhiphopnessss.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers (NFL Network)

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Packer fans better hope the Heisman Trophy winner is lining up

It’s been said a thousand times this week most of the country will not see the Packers/Cowboys game tonight on the NFL Network. That’s unfortunate, because this may be the best game of the season. I’ll give it the pre-game edge over the over hyped Pats/Colts game in week 9.

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An Unwanted Statistic

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In the last seventeen years the University of Miami football team has laid nine of their current or former players to rest.

Early next week former Hurricane safety Sean Taylor will be the tenth. Continue reading

And Still We Weep: The Death of Sean Taylor By Dave Zirin

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(Getty Images)
We are gonna miss you brotha

Young and old, in burgundy and gold, they have gathered in Redskin Park today, huddled around a parking spot adorned with the number 21. Players are trickling in. No one is saying a word because no one has to. All throughout Washington, D.C. there are signs of remembrance. At one high school, there are scores of people decked out in burgundy and gold. The sky couldn’t be a more threatening shade of grey today, but no one hurries.

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Redskins’ Safety Sean Taylor Succumbs to Gunshot Wound

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Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor has died from injuries he sustained when he was shot in the upper leg early Monday morning at his home in Miami. Taylor was 24 years old and the father of a 1 year-old daughter.

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Redskin Safety Sean Taylor Shot *Update

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Details are still coming in. Sean Taylor was shot by an intruder allegedly burglarizing his home in Florida. Taylor, a safety for the Skins is known as a ferocious hitter.


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A Quarterback Controversy? Best Believe McNabb Is Done In Philly

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Now I gotta deal with this…..

After last night’s close loss to the 11-0 Patriots, the Philly media were smiling. Yes, they were actually smiling. A Philadelphia media frenzied quarterback controversy will wash over the entire nation. What was funny about a loss that saw the Eagles drop to 5-6?

This is the business I’m in?

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The Sad State of the 76’ers

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Get up number 8!

Philly teams go as Philly love does. Below is a feature I wrote for SLAM Magazine’s website. Also check out this sick highlight reel courtesy of the site. The last dunk was just….

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Report: University of Nebraska Interim AD Fires Football Coach Bill Callahan

Posted in Blogroll on November 24, 2007 by mizzo

Looking for the last shoe to drop?

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McFadden Goes Hog Wild in The Bayou; Historic Meeting In the First State

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┬áCan’t catch me. Woo Pig Sooie!!

In what was maybe the best college football game of the season, Heisman trophy candidate Darren McFadden gave one of the great performances of the season rushing for 206 yards and three touchdowns while throwing for one more score in the Arkansas Razorbacks 50-48 triple-overtime shocker over the #1 ranked LSU Tigers yesterday, ending the Bayou Bengals’ National Title hopes.

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NFL Week 12 Live Blog of 2nd Half of Eagles/Patriots

Posted in Blogroll on November 23, 2007 by mizzo

Week 11: 10-6

Mo’ Better than week 10

Season: 20-24

Searching for consistency

Don’t even think about it Mizzo. They will be booing ya squad in Philly Sunday.

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Friday Fire: In All Things Give Thanks. What Are You Thankful For?

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Sly and the Fam gettin it

It was my intention to post this yesterday but things got busy…

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Something To Ponder…

Posted in Blogroll on November 21, 2007 by mizzo

Does it matter why I am sad? Do you see the facade?

I’m not writing about chanting “Fire Isiah”. That was just ridiculous and self explanatory.


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Former Alabama Standout Siran Stacy In Horrific Crash: 6 Dead Including Wife and 4 of His Kids

Posted in Alabama, Philadelphia Eagles, Siran Stacy on November 21, 2007 by mizzo

Please keep the Stacy family in your prayers

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Breaking News (2:00 PM) Jimmy Rollins is the 2007 National League MVP!

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Interview With SPORTNET GM/EIC Neal Scarbrough

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Neal Scarbrough’s acumen in the realm of sports editing and coordinating should never be questioned. While at ESPN, he used his top notch managerial skills to help develop the platform you see today in almost every aspect of the network. With all the league deals going on across the sports scene, Neal was brought in to AOL in attempts to rebuild the channel–employing a unique business model. He did what he could and left AOL with the hugely popular FanHouse intact. Things were up in the air as AOL cut 20% of their staff, but Neal has landed firmly at Sportnet. Sportnet, while in its initial stages of development, eventually will be a power player in the field of mass media by combining athlete representation with cultivating and developing sports websites that will include many fringe sports across the competitive landscape.

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Breaking News (2:15 PM): Michael Vick Begins Serving Sentence

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Mike won’t be doing this for an extended period.

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Hold Ya Head Kanye

Posted in Blogroll, Kanye West on November 19, 2007 by mizzo

Losing my mother (details sketchy) at 18, and not knowing anything about this world, I know implicitly what Kanye is going through here. Our mothers guide us in ways we never understand until they are gone. God bless you brotha. I’m praying for you. The song “Mother” is playing and he just couldn’t finish. He returned 10 minutes later to continue the show.

The Humiliation of Michael Vick

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I was tuned in to ESPN’s Outside the Lines this morning; one of the topics was Michael Vick taking an Empathy Towards Animals course. Vick participated in the 8-hour session at PETA headquarters in Norfolk, Va. which included videos geared more towards my 4 year-old son than a man in his mid-20’s. It was noted in the segment that the videos were made to teach children that animals carry many of the same characteristics and emotions as humans and need to be treated with care. This is to supposedly prepare Vick to speak to children on the topic of animal cruelty.

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NFL Week 11

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What were they saying about Romeo?

Week 10: 3-11

Season: 10-18

Hapless. Abysmal. Just straight up horrible.

Last week was a lesson in humility. Lets try this again.

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Press Release: Online Industry Executive Neal Scarbrough Named Senior Vice President And Editor-In-Chief Of SPORTNET

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Tenured Online Sports Executive to Oversee Content Strategy of Leading Online Sports Network

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Public Enemy: Black Is Back

Posted in Black Is Back, Blogroll, Public Enemy on November 17, 2007 by mizzo

Check out the video and let the lyrics hit ya.

TNT Notes November 16

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Forgot earlier…head over to The Commission for an old school head nod.


I guess we have to talk about other sports.

The Barry Bonds indictment transcends baseball. Everyone is eager to chime in on this. Who better than the Chuckster…

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Friday Fire: Do Blacks Need Their Own Hall of Fame?

Posted in Friday Fire, Hall of Fame, minorities on November 16, 2007 by mizzo

Light it up sista. It’s time for our own celebration!

Black athletes are being vilified to no end lately. When athletes are up for Hall of Fame induction, present scrutiny will be part of the voting process and will doom their inclusion based on public perception.

What can minorities do as a group to ensure their own celebration of professional athletic exploits?

Breaking News: Barry Bonds Indicted On Perjury and Obstruction Charges

Posted in BALCO, Barry Bonds, Bud Selig, Greg Anderson, Hank Aaron, MLB, Stephen A. Smith, Victor Conte on November 16, 2007 by mizzo

Still The Starting Five’s Best of all time. Seven MVPs are seven MVPs

Charges aside…..How much money was made off the bat of one Barry Lamar Bonds?

Use your cotton money wisely….

No this isn’t all about race, but it would be totally irrational not to consider what the last two home run kings have went through. I tell you this, Blacks are going to run from this sport like never before. That’s unfortunate.

You have your vantage point, we have ours. Why are you so interested in bringing this man down? I might use Clemens and Armstrong as references, but I could care less if they go down. They have nothing to do with my life. I don’t ascribe to the Barry Bond’s philosophy of life either. This is about principle and nothing else.

Look into the eyes of some of these people that will be trotted in front of America today. What do you see?

Hatred. They are going hard on Barry. What the hell is that about? This shit is crazy.

You won’t read any criticism of Hank Aaron here. God bless you Hank. Live your life sir.

Writers with Black face: Do you understand why TSF has been all over your work? You are a part of this. If you would have kept your shuckin and jivin butts out of Barry’s face, maybe the perception of him would be different. You jumped the fence right along with your counterparts.

Stay there. Don’t come back!

Seriously, has Barry Bonds been called the home run king as much as he has since the indictment?

Is it still funny to you?

Thanks for not being true to the game.

Check out Temple 3’s assessment of this bs.

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Marbury Returns

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L.A. Clippers 84, New York Knicks 81

Chris Kaman 14 points and 18 rebounds.

(Chris Carlson/AP)
Brothas gonna work it out? Lets hope so

Marbury returns. Weary Knicks score 9 in the third, lose to Clips

Stephon Marbury returned to his team in Los Angeles and scored 13 points in 34 minutes. What an awkward situation. There were reports of a fight–on the plane–between Coach Zeke and Marbury. Stephon then (allegedly, this must be said) threatens Zeke with blackmail? Goodness.

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Dwight Freeney Out For Year, Simeon Rice Gets Big Shot

Posted in Denver Broncos, Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis Colts, Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay Bucs, Tony Dungy on November 15, 2007 by mizzo

If the Colts do it again, it will have to be without Freeney

Dwight Freeney is out for the season.

Most are going to report Freeney is the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. From a team perspective, I think that’s irrelevant. Teams are supposed to break the bank to lock up the best. Injuries will remain a fact of life in the NFL for the duration of its existence.

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Did Zeke and Starchild Throw Blows?

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Happier times?

According Bloomberg , Zeke and Stephon may have come to blows.

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Report: Ricky Williams Reinstated By the NFL

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Who will Ricky run for after his reinstatement?

According to ESPN reports, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated suspended talented but enigmatic Miami Dolphin tailback, Ricky Williams. Williams was suspended for violating the league’s anti-substance abuse policy.

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Earlier this morning I received a release from the Gazelle Group announcing a new post season college basketball tournament. Here it is:

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