Battier Dagger Makes Me Look Like a Prophet; Reggie Bush Trouble; Nevada Player Catches a Bad One, Gets Kicked Off Team

(Lisa Blumenfeld NBAE/Getty Images)

Battier three with 2.5 seconds left lifts Rockets to victory.

Booed a little in intros, Kobe set out to prove he is no slouch and set to take it out on the Rockets. Both teams were tight early culminating in an abundance of missed shots, but when Kobe scored the first bucket of the game on a left handed lay up off glass, you knew he was about to explode. He finished with 19 pts. at half, another 18 in the fourth quarter–almost willing the Lakers back from 12 down with less than two minutes left–and 45 for the game. (If you remember yesterday I said Kobe would get 45 in a loss. Never seems to work when I play the Powerball though.) Kobe was 13-32 from the field and went to the line a ridiculous 27 times, but had nine of the Laker’s 18 misses from the charity stripe. Tracy McGrady hit for 30 and Yao Ming scored 25 and ripped down 12 to aid in a team victory. With all the trade rumors surrounding the team leading up to opening night, Kobe seemed contrite when asked about the fan reaction:

“I understand where they’re coming from, but they really don’t know the entire situation because I just keep my mouth shut — as I should,” Bryant said. “They shouldn’t worry about it, just focus on watching us play and watching us do what we do, and the business side of it should remain behind closed doors.”But it was good to see them come back to normal later in the game.”

I personally don’t think he’ll be traded. The NBA needed something to bury the Tim Donaghy referee scandal and Kobe was their man. Remember last year this time? Same story.

Even Magic Johnson is sick of the whole ordeal and opined there were too many mouths addressing the media. He also said that the Lakers need to either move on, or reinforce Kobe is here to stay to build team confidence.

Houston is a new look team. They seemed very aggressive and took advantage of Rick Adelman’s up tempo style. If they play a lick of defense like they seemed to do on occasion under Van Gundy, this team could possibly represent the West.

Until Lamar Odom gets back to offer a second option, the Lakers will fill the stands, Kobe fills the cup, but in the end the Lakers lose.

In other scores, the defending champion Spurs received their rings and dusted off the Greg Oden less Portland Trailblazers 107-96. LaMarcus Aldridge, 27 points and looking like a chill Rasheed Wallace and Martell Webster, 21 points looked well in the loss. Bruce Bowen put the clamps on Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy–holding him to 7 points. Tim Duncan had 24 points, 13 rips and Tony Parker added 19 in the victory.

I was wrong here. The Jazz whip the Warriors 117-96 on the road. Carlos Boozer had 32 pts. and 15 rebounds; Deron Williams 24 pts. and 8 assists to lead Utah. Baron Davis had 25 pts. in the loss. This may be Utah’s year. Boozer is a monster and Deron Williams seems to have taken his already nice game to another level. Don’t sleep.


Reggie Bush’s troubles at USC might be coming to light.

A sports marketer has filed suit seeking repayment of gifts and money lent to Bush and his family in 2005.

The suit filed by Lloyd Lake on Tuesday in Superior Court claims Bush and his family received $291,600 in cash, living arrangements and other benefits between November 2004 and January 2006.

“We tried for over a year to resolve this amicably and Bush and his attorney didn’t want to reach any resolution,” said Lake’s attorney, Brian E. Watkins. “They wanted the truth to come out. Now it’s out.”

Watkins said NCAA investigators are scheduled to meet with Lake on Friday in San Diego.

“We will answer their questions and provide them with documents and other evidence,” Watkins said. “The lawsuit’s out there. It spells it out. We’ve been putting the NCAA off for quite a while. We’re going to agree to cooperate.”

The suit comes nearly two years after allegations first surfaced and has prompted the NCAA and Pac-10 to launch their own investigation.

Bush’s attorney, David Cornwell, did not immediately return a phone call or an e-mail seeking comment.

“At one time we asked for out-of-pocket costs,” Watkins said. “They wouldn’t even work with us at all.”

Lake’s lawsuit said Bush’s family “had fallen on hard times financially and required immediate and significant financial assistance to support their respective lifestyles.”

Lake and partner Michael Michaels have said they provided money to Bush’s family as well as a home for which his family had failed to pay more than $50,000 in rent. The conflict was made public after Bush, now a New Orleans Saints running back, signed with another sports agent.

Bush, the Heisman Trophy winner as a junior in 2005, is in his second season with the Saints. He has said repeatedly that neither he nor his family did anything wrong in dealings with Michaels and Lake.

Michaels reached a settlement with Bush and his family last April.

If this proves to be true, the entire USC football program could be affected. Championships, victories and his 2005 Heisman could be stripped. Speculation of course, but if the Bush family did accept these benefits, then one could understand why he didn’t offer to repay with his NFL salary–thus creating a paper trail.



Nevada player robbed, gets booted from team.

A Nevada basketball player, who was beaten unconscious and robbed at a Halloween party where three people were shot to death, has been kicked off the team because he had been told not to go out that night, Wolf Pack coach Mark Fox said Tuesday night. Tyrone Hanson, a 6-foot-6 sophomore forward from New York, was severely beaten early Sunday at a Reno home where a fight erupted, resulting in the triple homicide, police said. He was treated and released from a Reno hospital.

Fox said Hanson, who played in all 30 games for the Wolf Pack off the bench last season, already had been held out of a scrimmage on Saturday for violating team rules.

“He again violated our policy by going out socially that evening while he had been directed not to,” Fox said.

“Tyrone and other student-athletes in attendance did not break the law, but Tyrone understands the high standard of behavior that is expected in our program,” he said.

Hanson said in a statement released by the university Tuesday night that he understood the decision and wanted to extend his sympathies to the three victims.

“I have enjoyed my time here at Nevada and I am sad to see it come to an end. I want to thank Coach Fox for helping me understand what it means to be a man,” he said.

Dude should have listened to his coach. Basketball is secondary obviously to almost losing his life. Curfews are put in place because of these type of results. Yeah, he’s a kid and should be allowed to chill, but at what cost.


36 Responses to “Battier Dagger Makes Me Look Like a Prophet; Reggie Bush Trouble; Nevada Player Catches a Bad One, Gets Kicked Off Team”

  1. Man, if I’m a college student, ain’t nobody giving me a curfew. That’s one of the perks of going to college! I told my folks not to ever ask me what time I got home and they never did. Then again, I had my own scholarship so they couldn’t really tell me what to do anyway.

  2. You did call it on the Laker game. The team is atrocious outisde of Kobe. This from me from another board. Pretty much sums up what I feel about Kobe, the team AND that jealous hater Magic Johnson.

    “At this point, with a part owner coming on national TV and trashing him on a regular basis, Kobe would look good in any uniform. The Buss family and Magic IMO, are trying to force Kobe to waive his no trade clause by making him miserable. Thing is, his play last night showed that he’ll just channel that anger into brilliance on the court.

    Stupid ass Magic is talking about how Kobe missed 7 FT’s last night because the controversy was on his mind. Complete and utter nonsense. It couldn’t have been the wrist injury that he’s had for a week could it dufus? I mean, dude was facing some Michael Vick shit a few years back, he’d fly to and from court during the day, arrive at the stadium barely in time for the game, drop 45 and hit the game winning three at the buzzer. Stupid ass Magic thinks Kobe’s gonna break. Shit, dude is in the top 5 of mentally tough athletes of all time. And yes, I’m calling him tougher than Jordan because Jordan NEVER had to face the shit Kobe has.

    Kobe dropped 45/8/4/4/1 on them fools with a bum wrist and no one else on the team able to hit a damn shot. Check out the box. Kobe led the team in points, rebounds, assists, blocks and scored 45 points on 32 shot attempts while his teamates scored 48 points on 44 attempts. yeah, some dog.

    Did I forget to say F Magic Johnson?”

    If Utah can take it that next level defensively, and with Jerry Sloan as coach, I believe they have a good chance, they will win the West.

  3. Sportsdiva Says:

    Allen, that’s what I looked forward to the most when I left to move into the dorms. No curfew!!! In fact, I stayed out all night the night before I was to move into the dorm just because I knew I could. LOL

    Needless to say the hoop squad at my school were pro’s at getting in by curfew and complying with bed-check, then…it was on and poppin’, they were outta there, using hotel stairwells and such…damn near the entire team. LOL

    What I find even more disturbing is grown-ass men who have job imposed curfew, especially NFL players who have to stay in a hotel Saturday nights even when they’re at home. Pitiful.

    KevDog, I’d love to watch Kobe and Tiger play chess or pool or even bones!

  4. The lakers are terrible. Kobe is the only reason to watch them. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The punishment for the college basketball player seems a little harsh. As for Reggie Bush USC better take all. The season should be erased like they did the Fab Five. I personally think that punishment is too much especially snce many players have received benefits and gotten away with it. I only say take everything because thats what they did to the Fab Five.

  5. GrownAss man Says:

    Idiots, grownass men have to comply with the requirements of their profession. If you are a lawyer and your firm needs you to be in at 9:00, you don’t ask why, you just f-ing do it. You show your immaturity when you make foolish statements like “you can’t tell nothin” blah blah blah…

    Stupid young brother who thinks that anything that pisses off the man must be good. Sorry son, you have to play by the rules of your profession. I am sure that those “grown-ass men” would gladly trade in their million dollar contracts, or as in the case of the college players, all the perks that go with being a college baller, in exchange for being an average joe with freedom to make his own choices.

    Don’t be an a-hole, there’s rules and irrational rules to every profession, you don’t like it, find another profession, or another team.

    Or just grow the f- up

  6. Exactly. 🙂 at a certain point we have to assume that people have to follow rules.

  7. Sportsdiva Says:

    GrownAssMan you would’ve served your handle much better by refraining from the ‘idot’, ‘stupid’, ‘a-hole’, ‘grow the f-up’ ccomments.

    Could you have not made your point without coming off like that? So unecessary. Sound like the mad rapper, damn…tell ’em why you mad son!!!!!! LOL

    Be wary of irrational rules, history shows where those can lead.

  8. Diva again your comments are usually one of the reasons why I read TSF. that and the fantastic black-and-orange color scheme. 🙂 but here you’re wrong. the idea of a curfew is not irrational. My fav team (The Falcons) got MURKED in the Super Bowl courtesy of not having a curfew, and letting Eugene Robinson go out and look for a lady of the night.

    Look a coach wants to instill discipline, and the belief that whatever he tells his players to do they will do. If you’re the coach of a college team, and you tell one of your players to stay home and they don’t, it’s ok to throw them off the team.

    But nonetheless Sportsdiva: Respect.

  9. Man please. Like I said, not having a curfew is one of the perks of being a college student.

    This wasn’t about being prepared for a game, this was about the coach deciding what his team could and could not do when they were off the floor. That’s stupid. Student-athletes shouldn’t be treated like children and then asked to perform like men on the playing field.

    And please can the BS about just complying with your jobs irrational rules. If anybody on this board worked for a company that said you need to be at home by 9 so you can get ready for work the next day that would find that to be a huge infringement on their rights. Point blank.

  10. I agree with Sportdiva. This is one of the reasons I think most athletes are stupid sheep. They do not know when they should put their foot down. They aren’t boys and this is not a game for them it is their profession. They need to stop letting idiots dictate to them that this is a privilege. The hell it is, they are performing a service for money, and they are being paid because the service they offer is better than the next man. yet they still act like children happy just to be at the grown folks table, it is disgusting.

  11. GrownAss man Says:

    Being a college athlete is a privilege, not a right. Thus, you must comply with the coach’s rules. I MEAN WTF, you chose that school, you could have gone to another college if you didn’t like the curfew or the coaches style. If you think you deserve the “perks” of college, then quit the team. Show the Man that he can’t keep you down. Tell whitey he can’t oppress you. Quit the team. Otherwise, shut up and do what all of your other teammates are doing. Again, this is a privilege provided by the guy the college pays hundreds of thousands a year. BEING A COLLEGE ATHLETE IS NOT A GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. IT TAKES SACRIFICES. If you were ever a successful college athlete you’d realize that.

    Ask any SUCCESSFUL athlete (see athlete with titles to his name) if they’ve had to comply with rules like this. They will all tell you yes. Sorry, but if I pay you millions a year, it’s well within my right to tell you when to stay in.

    The most successful bankers, doctors and laywers will tell you that they’ve had to stay at work well beyond 9 or midnight, sometimes with not rational reason at all. They will also tell you that “THAT’S WHY THEY MAKE THE BIG BUCKS.”

    So spare me the “grown man” routine, a grown man realizes that success takes sacrifices and acts accordingly.

  12. yeah going without a curfew is one of the perks of being a college student. But if you go out to a party as a civilian college student, and you get beat up and 3 people die, people are gonna wonder what the hell was going on.

    Some rules aren’t irrational. I know there are people on here, and you have always struck me as being one of them, who are very carefree about rules for a variety of reasons. But this one is pretty easy to understand. I think they’re actually in training camp right now. So they are preparing for the season. Thus he’s trying to make sure all of his rules are followed. Would you be pissed if he did what Butch Davis did at UM?

  13. GrownAss man Says:

    DavidMac is detached from the real world.

    Being an athlete IS A PRIVILEGE just like being a lawyer is a privilege. If you don’t like the rules, there are plenty of talented athletes to take your place. If you think that this doesn’t happen in the rest of the corporate or professional world, then you’re naïve as hell. I’ve seen the “smartest” and “most talented’ of my colleagues get fired or fall by the wayside because they can’t conform to what management is asking of them (I work at a law firm). HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT from professional athletes.

    If you don’t want to play by your boss’, or coach’s rules, WORK FOR YOURSELF. These coaches/owners pay their salaries/get them scholarships, and in return, they follow their rules. Seems like a fair deal to me. Do you really think these rules and style of management just come out of the blue?

    If they want to put their foot down, by all means, but they will be like our man from Nevada, cut from the team and, to put it frankly, assed out (sorry diva).

  14. @GrownAss man

    No being an athlete is not a privilege just the same as being a lawyer is not a privilege. You are not there undeservedly. You are there because you made the sacrifices to be there and now people want the fruits of your sacrifice.

    You say anyone can do it, if that is the case Kirk Heinrich can be Kobe Bryant right. He can just step in and take his place, is that what you are saying? Are you saing you can step in and take Shawn Merriman’s place?
    BS GrownAss man, you don’t believe the crap you are posting.

    As for your law firm analogy, someone asked you this before and I did not see an answer, when you go to work do they tell you what you can do when you get home. Do they tell you, hey GAM don’t go to any strip clubs tonight or ever and if you do we are going to dock your pay. Do they tell you “Hey GAM, you need to be locked up in the house no later than 7pm, and if you aren’t we will dock your pay or fire you.” the answer is no. As for your friends, I can guarantee you that if they were providing a special service to the company that only they could do they would have more leeway to not conform to every whim that upper managment laid down.

    If I don’t want to play by my bosses rule, you are right I will work for myself or go to a job where I feel comfortable.

    The NBA and NFL players have the power though, because there are thousands of people who do what I do, but only a few hundred that can play at those levels, and that is a fact. They have the power over the owners, because people are buying their product, they need to step up for themselves and take a stand and demand to be treated like men or they will not play for the organizations.

    Unfortuantely, most of these players are so stupid in handling their money or simply believing the “Priviilege Lie” that they will not do this, and instead retreat to being treated like children.

  15. When I first heard about this I thought the coach was waaaay to harsh, especially after dude nearly died. But this was not the first time he did this. As one not PC, I am not going to correct GrownAss man’s language, though it appears harsh. You do have a valid point vis-a-vis responsibility first to your self and then to your team.

    Obviously after that beat down it apears he he did neither. Diva, when you’re young you do want to break out and test boundaries, heck we all were young and did foolish shit at one point. But all have to be in context or anarchy ensues.

    The coach made what appears to be a harsh decision, but over all he has to draw a line in the sand to let the team know who is in control. I wish the young man well, that he secured no permanent damage and receives lots of support from those near and dear.

    Each of us are just observers from afar, so while we have strong oppinons on both side, let’s just wish him well as he continue his journey from this point on.

  16. GrownAss man Says:

    David, you arguement has some traction (very little) regarding pros, but absolutely non for non pro athletes.

    Bottom line:
    If you think that Tyrone Hansen or 99.9% of those playing organized sports are Kobe or Shawn Merriman, then again, you’re playing yourself.

    Sure, Kobe, D-Wade, Shaq, Nash, LDT, Moss, etc. can push the rules, but even they are a miniscule minority amongst a sample that is a miniscule minority of general population. So the fact remains, you average PRO athlete can either toe the line, or be replaced. In the 90’s it was an unwritten rule in NBA circles that 7 foot white stiffs could make a roster spot because they didn’t cause trouble. As a former teammate of one of those “white stiffs” I can confirm that this took place. Just do what you’re told, don’t make a fuss, and don’t foul the brothers making the big cash too hard and you’ll collect your league minimum each year.

    If you don’t think that some “grown ass men” who didn’t want to be ‘children’ or sellouts didn’t lose their spot to these ‘white stiffs,” well then, you’re kidding yourself. There’s plenty of NBA connections in my life to confirm this was the case.

    Sure, the exceptional players can push the envelope, but hell, they never win shit anyway. I can tell you never played team sports with any inkling of success, as you missing the point of one of the basic rules of team athletics: players bond under mutual oppression. My father was a coach and he explained as much to me as I cursed him and any other authority figure in my life until I graduate from college and then missed every moment of my old team.

    As for the “my employer can’t tell me what to do outside of work” bit, what do you call me having to carry my blackberry around 24/7, and the fact that I can’t say no if they call me to come in to the office on a sat. night; wait, I can sure as hell say no, but then again, I’ll get fired.

    If the athletes “had the power” as you suggest, then I think I’d be seeing a lot more do-rages on the end of the bench of NBA games.
    The OWNERS have the power, not the players. You know why, because half of these cats can’t put together an articulate sentence to save their lives, being a super athlete is their meal ticket. If there’s no NBA, they “ain got shit,” however, if there’s no NBA, the owners are still rich.

    Not so powerful afterall…

  17. (My previous comments only refer to Pro-Athletes and College Athletes on NON-ATHLETIC Scholarships)
    I do not care what your father told you when you were little. The fact is although that works, and that is a method that is actually necessary for the military, you are talking about grown ass men and professionals. They are there to do a job, if they can’t do it get rid of them. Thats how I look at it. If they aren’t going to play hard on game day and practice hard get rid of them, but what they do when they get off the court is there business, and as long as it is not affecting performance at work it really doesn’t matter.

    I’m so sick of this coach/father BS. A coach isn’t a father he is your immediate supervisor and that is it.

    As for if players had the power why is there a dress code? It is easy, like I said they do not recognize they control the system. They are too stupid to realise the NBA or the NFL is selling THEIR talent, their skills, their names, their likenesses. They are the face of the products, that is why they have the power. The owners have the money and fund the operation but at the end of the day, who wants to pay money to see a team full of Christian Laetner(excuse my spelling). If those players started using their unions to pull for human diginity as well as money they would be ok, but they don’t. All they care about is if they get a few scaps off the table, even if later they have to go sleep outside the house.

    Also if you think the talent is not powerful, why don’t you ask those Hollywood studios how they feel about this strike about to go down tonight. Why don’t you ask UPS how they feel about those driver strikes, or United Airlines about the pilot strikes. You lose the talent you lose business and money.

    Yeah, players are that powerful.

  18. DavidMac,

    I’m shocked, you actually said something I agree with. THAT’S SCARY!! You are correct in saying, that players have a lot of power and most of them act as if they don’t even realize it. They make the owners billions and take millions without rocking the boat. Most of them don’t take a stance on anything for fear that it will affect their money. Some proof of this can be found in Bill Rhoden’s book, 40 Million Dollar Slave. If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend it.

  19. Yeah, and if you look over history, you’ll see that the power unions possess has been diluted severely. Yeah, you can strike, but there’s always someone willing to step across the line and work for less. Thus, the powers that be…are still the powers that be. Pilots may strike, but new pilots always step in. Eventually, the unions lose, and it’s because someone is always hungrier and willing to work for less (See Indian and Latin American work forces).

    Secondly, the notion that cats who are making tens of millions are somehow “Settling for scraps” shows how niave and misguided you are. Using slave terminology for some cat that listens to what his coach or gm mandates is an insult to my ancestors who actually were oppressed and dealt with real shit, not some “oh you can’t make it rain at the club” shit.

    The notion that NBA players are somehow “Sleeping in the house” is f-ing laughable.

    You’re a lot of talk, I reckon you’re either a sophmore in college who thinks he knows shit or some fake revolutionary rebelling against nothing cause your sad you missed the 60’s and 70’s.

    Please gain some perspective

  20. so wait a tick D-Mac. if your immediate supervisor, who is holding a unifying workshop and sees you as a valued employee, makes it a point to mention that he doesn’t want you to… say…. stay out late he shouldn’t? I was actually trying to think of an analogy that works here, and I couldn’t. But seriously: Here is a guy who did something his coach didn’t want to do the first time, got called on the carpet for it, and is a recidivist. What are we fighting about?

  21. Okori,

    I also agree with you. I wasn’t aware that this was his second offense.

  22. @Okori
    I’m not talking about this kid, most likely he was on an athletic scholarship and that is why he was dismissed so easily.

    I’m mainly talking about professionals and exceptional college athletes who are on academic scholarships.

    If you think unions are powerless, again I say look at the NHL strike, look at the airline strike recently, look at all the strikes that are currently happening and how management tries to avoid them like the plague. Bottom line is the power of a union striking is powerful, especially in athletics where it is not really the sport but the personalities in it that are sold.

    As for your anger about my terminology get over it. I stand behind it 100% because it is a fact. It is truly a shame to see grown men being treated like children, and taking it.

  23. well if you are a professional, and it’s training camp (which I imagine it is right now for Nevada), your coach can, if you are a young team, say “Hey. Don’t go out tonight. You are on curfew.” Same way in football during the week leading up to the game, and in the sports with a longer schedule the night before a big playoff game I’m pretty sure curfew exists there too.

    Hey I’m a professional (administrative assistant for a Non-Profit preventive services organization) and if my boss tells me to do something that she thinks is related to my work I have to listen to her for right now. To quote Martin Sheen in the “American President”, “You don’t fight the fights you can win, you fight the fights that need fighting.”

  24. @Okori

    It doesn’t matter if it is training camp or an important game, you are a man/human being first. Hell, I have been out of town for training (3 weeks) my boss never called and checked on me to make sure I was in bed every night at 7 or crap like that. He did expect me to come back with knowledge that was supposed to be imparted to me through the training and to demonstrate that on the job once I was back.

    Right now I’m a system tech for the state, if my boss tells me something related to work I will listen, but if it pertains to my personal life and does not effect business, I’ll tell him that.

    Bottom line to me is, I don’t take this crap that NBA players do at my job, and I don’t make 1/100th of the salary they make. I don’t understand the child mentality they have with regards to garbage like curfews and staying at hotels and etc.
    (Again this only applies to professionals and athletes on academic scholarships)

  25. well… they’re different. they’re public figures. and I assume a lot of this is about not reflecting badly on the team, or the school. Drunk kid goes out in downtown Miami and gets into a fistfight? probbaly catches a drunk and disorderly. U of M player does the same thing? suspended for violating team rules. They don’t want you doing stuff that reflects badly on them. right or wrong that’s how it is.

    I don’t even get what the staying at hotels thing means.

  26. @Okori

    I understand that it looks bad on the team, the same way a lawyer getting drunk and driving looks bad on his law firm, in that case again, not coming to work because you are locked up affects work. I’m not defending them doing bad things and getting punished, I’m just saying in general that imposing curfews on grown men is crazy.

    As for the hotel comment, that is my bad I didn’t explain myself fully. I’m talking about professional athletes having to stay in hotels at home games. I believe Vince Young was punished by the team for such an incident. That amazed me because here is a grown man who is bringing life to the organization and he can’t even sleep in his own bed, because coach wants him in the hotel. I can’t get my head around the mindset a business has to be in to treat their workers like that and what type of worker would take such nonsense.

  27. To me, it sucks that in return for an athletic scholarship you sacrifice your ability to make decision like a normal college student. I had an academic scholarship to college. Aside from having to maintain a certain GPA, there were no other restrictions on what I could do as a college student. I think that the athletic systems in colleges have entirely too much control over these kids lives. They can force them to leave school by cutting their scholarships, they can force them to take majors that are not going to get them good jobs after school and apparently they can even get them dismissed from college.

    I understand that it’s the coaches team, and he should be able to cut anyone he wants. But, when you get cut from the team it also affects your ability to get an education and I think it’s ridiculous that they came out and cut this dude and now he is leaving school.

  28. D-Mac: well if the game was Tennessee v. Houston (and i imagine it was) I think that’s one of those things where the coach is trying to make it clear that no one is above the rules. what, more than likely, happened is that you have to get permission for not staying in the hotel and Vince didn’t.

    Allen: They’re not sacrificing their ability to make decisions. They’re saying that if you make a stupid decision you get busted. Some guys might have to get weighed. So they’re taking away decisions from them by letting them not eat what they want.

  29. @Allen

    I look at it like this, if you are on athletic scholarship you are basically admitting you are not academically sound enough to get into college on your own, and that you are only here for sports anyway. I think that is why coaches have so much pull over them.

  30. and here’s the other thing. most non-professional athletes aren’t men yet. they’re still teenagers or young adults. being a man is different than being an adult.

  31. Being 18 makes you an adult, because if you mess up you will be tried as an adult. So if you are 18 you are a man in my view, and in the view of the law.

  32. no there is a difference between being an adult and a man. like… Nick Hogan is an adult. He isn’t a man.

  33. I understand your point, but I don’t think it matters much with regards to working.

  34. well yeah it does. an adult can get a job. a man can keep one.

  35. Subjective, what is a boy to you is a man to someone else. You are trying to move to opinion. I’m sticking with facts.

  36. that’s true. on an unrelated note….. can we start a fund here on TSF to get the Hawks to go back to the old 80’s pac-man unis? these new ones stink on ice.

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