Torre Shocker Leaves Mattingly Dodger Blue; ARod Was Never a Yankee; Favre Amazes Once Again; Barry Files; NBA Season Kicks Off

associated-press.jpg(Photo: AP) “The Yankees don’t give a damn about you. Let’s get out of here and go coach your boy.”

Reportedly Joe Torre has left one dream job for another. According to Peter Abraham, the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to fire Grady Little and hire the shouldn’t have been (emphasis mine) embattled former Yankee skipper. Reportedly Don Mattingly will head west with Torre and ultimately get an opportunity to coach his son Preston, who is a middle infielder in the Dodgers system. The Yankees have offered the job to Joe Giraldi in a move seen as choosing experience over loyalty. These are certainly unique times in the Bronx.

I’ve been a Yankee fan since ’76, and was done for life after this Reggie Jax moment.

I have to say I’m not optimistic about 2008 in the least. How does a coach who has consistently won get shown the door? I thought you had to lose to get fired? If Joe Torre is so much of a loser then why did their National League rivals jump at the chance to hire one of the chillest coaches in sports? He kept this team together with a Pop like presence and has helped Derek Jeter mature into one of the classiest athletes in sports history. He hasn’t had decent starting pitching in seven years and his most expensive player was never truly a Yankee. Alex Rodriquez folded like tissue time and time again. In New York, the regular season means nothing. I could care less if ARod hit seventy-four bombs during the season, he didn’t do shut yo mouth when it mattered. Like I told my lovely at the time of ARod coming to New York, we would have been better off with a young and way more clutch Soriano. Posada and Mariano might be next to bolt. George, you sold out to the devil and look what has transpired. It’s so bad, you aren’t even around. The New York soap opera is nothing more than a microcosm of sports. Insert Zeke’s recent favorite word in almost anything describing sports lately and there you have it. What the hell is going on?

Man up!


(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Hold your applause please. This is what I do.

Favre bomb to Jennings on the first play of overtime wins it for Green Bay.

I had to turn the sound down and bang some PE to get my mind off Jaws, Kornheiser and Tirico swinging on Favre’s jock the entire game. Man it was sickening. The ESPN yes men kicked off their sugaboy love session by comparing Cutler to Favre until the young fella failed to hit receivers on multiple third down conversions. The kid has a cannon, but he’s got a long way to go to be spoken in the same breath as legends. Has anyone heard these ridiculous comparisons when it’s come to Vince Young–whose winning percentage early on bests any of the cats Cutler is compared to. Denver should have won the game in regulation, but Cutler failed to complete a drive that stalled inside the ten and ended with Jason Elam kicking a last second field goal to tie.

Almost half of Favre’s yardage came on two long passing plays. You have to tip your hat to Brett; bad or good, his play is dramatic.

The game itself was hard to watch. Favre’s heroics aside, both teams looked flat. Denver’s inability to stop the run is putting too much pressure on Denver’s All Pro corners, Dre Bly and Champ Bailey. On the game winner, Bly’s coverage was adequate on the double go route until the last second. He looked back a shade too soon and lost sight of a ball that was perfectly thrown.

“I’ve always felt like I’ve thrown the deep ball well,” Favre said. “I’d love to throw 80 yarders every week, but that’s not going to happen.”

To think, there had been rumblings about whether he’d lost the zip on his fastball. He underthrew his receivers on a few passes in a win over Washington two weeks ago, leading to the speculation.

“I knew it didn’t have anything to do with my arm strength,” said Favre, who finished 21-of-27 for 331 yards. “It was just one of those days.”

Anyone who knows me personally understand my thoughts on Brett Favre. Yes, he deserves his rightful legendary status he’s given to the game, but I will always have a problem with anointing any athlete a god–unless he floats like a butter fly…..


“I can’t wait to get to New York!” 800 here I come.

Barry Bonds files for free agency and it’s not widely reported? There’s not a player in the league who will give MLB the exposure Barry has over the course of his career. Major League Baseball has made a lot of money the last couple of years. This resurgence in popularity can indirectly be attributed to Bonds.

When Alex Rodriquez wins his seventh MVP award (Barry should have won nine–Kent, Pendleton), then we’ll talk.

Such a travesty the home run king has been reduced to an also ran by MSM and its temper tantrum throwing fans. In 476 plate appearances, Barry struck out only 54 times? There’s no other stat needed to prove Barry is still one of the top hitters in the game. This moment in history is duly noted and trust that Barry’s incomparable accomplishments will not go unnoticed by those who care about what happens on the field.

Don’t believe the hype and think that MLB teams won’t come after Barry.

Bomb burn ’em in the Bronx Barry. It’s 318 down the line. Business is never personal.


You do not want this dude mad.

The NBA season kicks off tonight with a double header on TNT.

San Antonio starts defense of their title by taking on Portland sans Greg Oden. The Spurs just keep doing it big year in and year out with consistent play anchored by the professionalism of Tim Duncan and the lane party crashing of Tony Parker.

San Antonio big.

Kobe Bryant tonight will show and prove to the world that he is one of the best of all time. Despite the yearly saga that pumps money into the pillow pockets of David Stern, Kobe will perform on a level even higher than ever. He will start tonight against Houston despite a sore wrist in what should be a very entertaining game to start the season. It’s time for Yao and TMac to come up big instead of being paper champions. Expect electricity in LA tonight.

Kobe will score 45, but Houston wins.

In a game not televised nationally, Utah visits Golden State.

Golden State seemed to run out of gas after upsetting Dallas and running into a more hungrier Utah squad boasting it’s usual physical style. Baron Davis and company look to prove last season was no fluke and will win tonight’s home opener in front of the best fans the NBA has to offer. They will not let GS lose tonight.

TSF season preview later today.

17 Responses to “Torre Shocker Leaves Mattingly Dodger Blue; ARod Was Never a Yankee; Favre Amazes Once Again; Barry Files; NBA Season Kicks Off”

  1. Mizzo

    I disagree with you on Torre. If it is true, as you state, that the regular season means less than nothing in NY, then it must also be true that Torre hasn’t won anything in fthe past 7 seasons. I mean, the team wasn;t good enough, I’ll agree on that. But frankly, his contract, when compared to the rest of his cohorts, was simply ridiculous. And the contract offered still had him the highest paid manager in the league by more than double.

    As to Bonds, I would LOVE to see him sign for the Yankees. I don’t think it could get better. Dude might pull out another MVP out of his pocket.

    I see no reason why Favre can’t go on another 5 years like this if he has some recievers and a line to protect him. He’s not a God, but he IS one of the greatest QB’s of all time.

    Check out my post on SOMM for my thoughts on Kobe. In short, the Lakers need to free the man to let him fly somewhere else. In any case, I’m just excited to be able to see NBA ball in general and Kobe in particular play ball tonight.

    No one seems to know this. But frankly, Utah is the most talented team in the league. I look for them to win it all this season.

  2. KD, damn you are up early. Thanks for the comment.

    It takes an amazing amount of luck and talent to get into the post season in baseball. You are one of the privileged few if you are fortunate enough to grab one of the spots. Regardless of Torre’s contract–he plays in New York and has to deal with an entirely different media dynamic than anyone in sports–he’s won more rings than ARod will ever be blinded by when he passed Jeter’s locker for the last time. RINGS. There’s something to be said for that. George paid the price because he had to. I don’t blame Torre for demanding more money. He was a big part of their success. Giraldi will unfortunately not be held to the gold standard–at least early on–that Torre won under regardless of the circumstances.

    His run was one of the best coaching jobs of all time.

    Winning to me is taking your team to the playoffs. I’m not one to get upset when my team doesn’t win it all every year. It’s just not logical.

    You don’t fire or trade a Hall of Famer. They have earned the right to leave on their own terms because of the credibility they’ve given to your franchise.

    I won’t say they’ll suck next year because that’s my squad, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    My opinion, but the Yanks should have let ARod go to Boston. True Yankee fans miss Soriano because the cat was on his way to becoming just as clutch as Jeter.

  3. Its unforunate that what will likely be the best game (Utah/Golden State) will not be on the tube, but San Anonio dominating Portland will be.

    I realize that the networks assumed Greg Oden would be suiting up, but somehow, the allure of Joel Przybilla locking up with Tim Duncan doesn’t appeal much to the masses.

  4. I covered the Minnesota Vikings/Eagles game this past weekend. My first time at the Metrodome. Even though they haven’t won in quite some time, the fans there are loyal–99 straight sellouts.

    GS fans are well on their way to becoming a force that changes the outcome of games.

  5. Mizzo

    I see your point. It’s just a matter of focus.

    What do you think about the thing going on with Kobe and the Lakers?

  6. If the Pittsburgh Steelers fired Bill Cowher after his first losing season they would not have won a Super Bowl.

    Remember back in the day when franchises mired in high turnover never won? Well it seems that cult of personality has washed over every single professional sports franchise–except for Pittsburgh.

    Kobe Bryant stays. I could care less what is going on with him. The only players comparable are Wade and Bron Bron–and only because of their youth.

    My kids don’t quit shit. If they start something, they better finish. You hear that Gaston? 😉

    Kobe Bryant is a Hall of Famer. You know how I feel about the great ones.

    They’ll go into the HOF adorning someone else’s cap. Kids watch those ceremonies or at least read about them. It takes away a great opportunity for a youngster to research your history when they see one of the greats enshrined and representing your team.

    The Lakers would be fools to trade Kobe Bryant. Give him back to us in Philly if you are dumb enough to get rid of possibly the most talented basketball player of all time.

    Again, man up!

  7. Joe Torre deserved to be fired, he did not make it far enough in the post-season to justify his salary. That is simple, and with everyone’s contract coming up why no make the change now.

  8. So what do you expect out of the next coach?

  9. To manage better, and to light a fire under the guys in the playoffs. Depending on the people they sign, I would at least like to see them win one series.

  10. KD,

    Utah? Interesting pick. I’m going with Phoenix, finally, over Chicago
    in five. In order to do that, they’ll need to get a grinder on the front
    line (P.J. Brown ?) who doesn’t mind the hard work. Amare and Matrix
    still have too much “jelly roll ” in ’em. ” Jelly Roll ” is an old Ralph
    Wiley term he used to describe Chris Webber. Only Wiley…

  11. Miz,

    I heard (on the Jim Rome show of all places) an interview (with a guy whose name I can’t remember) where the guy said that after 10 years of being with the same team and group of guys that it’s hard to get a team motivated anymore. It’s not necessarily complacency that comes over them, it’s just that you’ve heard the same words and tone of voice used over and over again to try and motivate and it’s just not there anymore. It’s like the tank is well past “E” and everyone is just going through the motions.


    Joe Torre has managed to the best of his abilities considering that he not only has to manage on the field, but he also has to coddle the egos of the guys off the field as well. This NY Yankee team has players on the roster that make ridiculous amounts of money, some guys make 20-30% of other teams’ total payroll! If Steinbrenner can pay an ARod $20m a year, or a Jeter $15m a year for having those successful years that they’ve had… then why can’t he pay Torre like he’s the best manager in the game? Name one other active manager that has taken his team to 12 straight playoff appearances…

  12. Girardi also will have a hard time succeeding in NY simply because of the relationships he still has with the players. It’s kind of like a situation where in high school, a guy that just graduated comes back and coaches the football or baseball team the next season. You can’t expect all of these guys to respect a man that a good handful played with or against. Also, with the way the team has been coddled, they’ll need to be re-tooled in order for Girardi to be able to be as militant as he was in FLA.

  13. Boney,

    As much I respect Brian Billick for what he’s done with the Ravens,
    IMO, it is time for him to move on. There comes a point where players
    get tired of a coach. Rock bottom isn’t always last place, it’s not making
    the extra effort, it’s ripping the coach in public without fear of reprisal,
    it’s not playing up to your previous level of play. Little things add up to
    big losses, which lead to the firing of coaches.

  14. Man listen…Pitching has been the Yankees Achilles heel for a while now. You add some sorry ARod at bats in the post season and this ends up being the result.

    Torre raised Jeter, Posada and Mariano–three very talented players with even more class. They have not let the Yankee organization down and have been worth every penny. Mariano went through something when his relative was murdered in 2004. The Sox caught him at a opportune time.

    Joe deserved more respect. Yankee fans don’t want to see him go. Trust me.

  15. des,

    what you’re seeing in Baltimore is to an extent the same problem Bill Cowher had in Pitt, Torre had in NYY, Gibbs had in WASH before he retired… it’s player and coaching burnout. The core has been together since Day 1 for the most part, and Billick isn’t getting the job done anymore. He’s taken them as far as they can go right now, and they need someone else to come in and liven things up a bit. It’s come as no surprise to me that Mike Tomlin has succeeded in PITT because not only is he a great coaching candidate, but also because a good portion of that stale staff was replaced when Cowher didn’t come back.

  16. Boney,
    I doubt that Giradi will have problems managing as long as he has front office support, which I believe he will have. You are right pitching is a problem and A-Rod is a choke artist, but Torre just doesn’t have it in NY, he wasn’t getting the job done. They need someone who is going to pull out all the stops in the playoffs and fire up the team not set back and go to sleep on the bench.

    As for his salary, I do not care, it was too much for any manager, not to mention a manager who had that big of a roster and simply couldn’t do anything with it for 7 years.

    Stepping in to your Pitt football discussion, I think a great deal of the increased play they have for Tomlin is that he has given them a better offensive game set. They are passing a great deal more than they did under Cower, plus Tomlin is giving Dick LaBeau more reign in the defensive play calling.

  17. I agree with Mizzo. Joe Torre can’t pitch for them. Cashman is more at fault here. Think the Yankees could have used Josh Beckett?

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