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Buck Honored (finally!); Beckkkkkkkkket; Bonds Upset; Grady Jackson Cut?; Ricky Davis Loves the Heat, The Chargers Do Not

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buck-and-satchel.jpg(Kansas City Monarchs, Satchel Paige far right, Buck O’Neil with cap to the side)

Buck O’Neil was honored by the Hall of Fame for a lifetime achievement award in Boston before Game 1.

It’s about time!

As writers, there’s always some kind of muse that spurs the emotions and drives us to finish any particular piece.

Buck O’Neil, at least for me, was something way more special.

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TNT Sports 2007-2008 Season NBA Teleconference: Reggie Miller, Marv Albert, Doug Collins and Turner Sports Executive Producer, Jeff Behnke

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Earlier today I had the honor of taking part in a teleconference with some of  the top NBA beat writers in the country to kick off  2007-2008 NBA seasonal coverage on TNT. Participants of the teleconference panel were as follows: Reggie Miller, retired NBA player and now full time NBA analyst. Doug Collins, former NBA player/coach who has become a fixture as an NBA analyst on TNT. Marv Albert, in my opinion, the best play by play announcer in sports and Jeff Behnke, Turner Sports executive producer. Very interesting conversation and one you’ll find quite intriguing. I found out that Ricky Davis has been traded to the Miami Heat for Antoine Walker.

We’ll also be offering a 2007-2008 NBA Preview in the next couple of days here at TSF.

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