Johnson’s Family Reunion


“You break the mirror that reminds you of your ugliness.” – GZA – Breaker, Breaker

The next time Keyshawn Johnson calls another player’s behavior a “disruption” to the team someone needs to remind him of his days in New York, Tampa, Dallas and Carolina. Apparently, donning an Armani on Sundays instead of a team uniform has affected his memory.

The analyst formally known as “Meshawn” is now on the ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown crew. His assignment last week was to interview Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, who happens to be his cousin.

Prior to the interview, Chad made it known that until the Bengals began to win games the end zone celebrations would be put on hold.

The Bengals are currently 2-4, a surprise to many around the league this season.

In the interview Keyshawn puts his own twist on the celebration stoppage, suggesting Chad is a malcontent and at some point looking to leave the Bengals. Chad refuted Keyshawn’s point by asking, “What is there to celebrate?” It’s the equivalent of being down 4 touchdowns and doing an end zone dance. If my memory serves me correct, isn’t that how Keyshawn ended up in Tampa Bay and Dallas by being a malcontent? His show was cut short in Dallas with the signing of Terrell Owens.

Keyshawn continues by calling the celebrations an “act” and says, “The point I think is to win.” Chad shoots back “Once we start winning again I’ll celebrate.” Keyshawn reminds Chad he didn’t approve of his celebrations or “premeditated acts.” This the same Keyshawn Johnson that, while at USC, caught a touchdown pass, raced up the ramp in the L.A. Coliseum to the concession stand and grabbed a drink.


The conversation switches to the relationship between Chad and his quarterback Carson Palmer. Once again, Chad defended his stance by saying there is no problem between he and Palmer and that the quarterback and wide receiver have to have constant communication. During that sideline episode between Johnson and Palmer the two were seen shouting at one another–which routinely happens in the heat of battle. Unlike the Keyshawn/Drew Bledsoe rant I didn’t see anyone being restrained (Keyshawn).

I can take or leave the end zone celebrations they don’t annoy me and I don’t try to mimic any of them (although T.O. mimicking Ray Lewis is my personal favorite, and the Patriots cameraman a close second) but if a players busts his tail to get to the end zone he deserves his 10 seconds. To Chad’s credit he backs up what he says on the field, he has never been seen berating a coach no matter how bad those Bengal teams were. And more importantly, he’s on a team with more jailbirds than Pro-Bowlers.

He’s steered himself clear of those distractions and played his game.

More often than not, Keyshawn has been a distraction most of his career. In New York he played on a team that was a Super Bowl contender. His teammates were Vinny Testaverde who played his best years in N.Y., future Hall of Famer Curtis Martin and fellow wideout Wayne Chrebet, whom Johnson had an open dislike for. In his final season in Tampa Bay he was paid to stay home because he’d become intolerable. Earlier that season Johnson was seen by a nationwide audience–on a Monday night–yelling in the ear of then coach Jon Gruden. He has called former teammate Ronde Barber an “Uncle Tom” on a live FOX broadcast. He has also exchanged words with then Buccaneer teammate Warren Sapp. Finally, in an interview with former Cowboys receiver and new Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, Johnson told Irvin that he “was the number one receiver in Dallas now”, reiterating the point.

Johnson was the number one overall pick in 1996 and has had a marginal career at best.

My advice, use the mirror for more than making sure your tie is on straight.

10 Responses to “Johnson’s Family Reunion”

  1. HarveyDent Says:

    Just goes to show that not even family or long-term memory is immune when these people try to make their mark in the mainstream.

  2. thomas richards Says:

    you should play for the rams they are the best team even tho they are not winning thats onley beacuse all of youre games are paid off

  3. I saw this interview and I was shocked. Keyshawn knows damn well that same sh.. was said about him and he didn’t like it. Divide and conquer thats what they do. Unfortunately fools like Keyshawn are dumb enough to fall for it. Chad Johnson is a great player that has a little fun from time to time. I don’t see a problem with the things he does.

  4. I think it’s pretty obvious that Keyshawn was sent to do this interview for just this reason. And he’s obviously so interested in self-promotion that he doesn’t mind being used for his ironic potential.

  5. While this interview was so incredibly disappointing on Keyshawn’s part, it was a pleasure to see Chad kick his ass.

  6. The fire in his eyes is something I’ll always respect.

  7. I believe the interview was great and surprised that ESPN event did it. But people have to realize that people change. Key is now a part of the media so he has to look at the situation from a different perspective now. I think Key should have come off more as relating to Chad though rather than treating him like what he’s doing is wrong.

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