Mitchell denies leaking Byrd HGH story; Philly’s Uninspired Start Not McNabb’s Fault; O.J. Didn’t Do It; Janet Jackson Still Catching Wreck; Wisconsin Hoop Coach Bo Ryan and Jameer Nelson Are Neighbors

(Photo: Mark Nemecek Illustrations)

According to the AP, George Mitchell has denied his office leaked information on Cleveland pitcher Paul Byrd using HGH. Mitchell, who is a director in the Boston Red Sox front office, said there have been many inquiries sent to his office about the timing of this story. Paul Bryd admitted to injecting human growth hormone to correct a pituitary tumor in a press conference two hours prior to the ALCS Game 7 loss. Mitchell released the statement from his New York office to “correct that mistaken impression.”

“Neither I nor any member of my investigative staff had anything whatsoever to do with the publication of the allegations about Mr. Byrd,” the statement said. “We had no prior knowledge of those allegations, and we first learned of them, along with the rest of the public, through news accounts.

“Any information obtained in my investigation will not be made public until the report is released in the near future.”

How did this story leak prior to Game 7? Why is Paul Byrd the only name that leaked? What affect did this leak have on Cleveland? They certainly seemed reluctant to leave it all out on the field in such a huge game. Mitchell, having a high ranking position in the Boston Red Sox organization, should understand how or why people are associating this leak with office.

Are we really this stupid?


Some Philly fans might be….


(Photo: The 700th Level)

Bob Brian Griese engineering a 97 yard Chicago Bear game winning drive with 1:41 left on the clock and no timeouts sure isn’t Donovan McNabb’s fault. This town is crazy when it comes to heaping heavy cheese steak and soft pretzel portions of criticism on their quarterbacks–namely Donovan and Randall Cunningham–who as far as I know don’t line up and sack themselves and probably haven’t played a stitch of defense since their Pops was chasing them.

Start blaming the front office people!

There are many of us who screamed suspending and subsequently firing Terrell Owens would eventually come back to haunt an organization which lives and dies by its fan base.

There is no coincidence Philly hasn’t won any professional team championship since the Sixer’s swept Showtime in 1983.

Philly fans get over yourselves. Most of you don’t know anything about the inner workings of a professional organization and follow blindly behind 610 sports talk radio like it’s the bastion of truth and knowledge. Passionate fans? Please. These days you can’t take your family to enjoy a game because ya might be wiping beer and worse yet saliva off the back of their necks the entire time. That ain’t passion. That’s disgusting and is worse than the behavior you routinely criticize athletes for exhibiting.

Hypocrisy at its best.

Don’t start none, won’t be none.

The Eagles aren’t going anywhere. Blame yourselves for blindly crawling behind a greedy owner who cares about nothing more than the stacks in your pockets. Keep buying that Eagles gear. Eventually your kids will become the same frustrated fan you presently are. Trust me I know.

If I hear one more athlete talk about how great Philly fans are…..

Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner have not surrounded Donovan McNabb with enough talent to sustain a winning tradition. You have a quarterback who can make all the reads plus make plays with his feet and are happy with him playing a similar role that Broad Street Bully Charles Barkley and F.U. Center Allen Iverson played for most of their careers?

Philly, why do you think they left town? They got tired of the BS. They stuck with it as long as they could. Donovan’s done here too. Be happy with the losing until a knew super slave rolls into town.

Donovan you do share some the blame–knowing damn well you will be a Chicago Bear next season. You have given up making plays you are definitely capable of to win games. It must be mentioned the best receiver who has ever caught your passes was born here. I’m sure he has to feel for ya brotha.

Why won’t fans and commentators get it that you have to surround highly skilled Black quarterbacks with great talent just like the luxury afforded to their White counterparts?

They can’t lead without soldiers.

Kevin Curtis would be a nice compliment to a number one receiver but will physically pay dearly for inking the nice free agent contract in the off-season. His body will hurt like it’s never hurt before this off-season.

You had one of the five best receivers of all time finally on your team, go to the Super Bowl; said receiver plays his guts out on one leg, rightfully criticizes the quarterback for folding like tissue down by only three late and with the ball. T.O. is suspended for giving it to you and the organization real and raw by pulling McNabb’s bitch card and ends up playing for your most hated rival and now the fans are frustrated and should be attended to?

Are you seriously happy with this?

Please! You booed Donovan because he didn’t smoke trees? He takes the Eagles to 4 consecutive NFC Championship Games–all alone on offense–and now you want to cry because he’s banged up and can’t get out of the pocket alive?

What do you expect?

Donovan is a Hall of Fame QB. His record regular and post season record combined is one of the best of all time (Didn’t I say Jaws shut up?). That being said Donovan, if you just one time spoke up for your very talented diva prima donna teammate, then you would still be top three stat wise in the league and most likely would have won a Super Bowl by now. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and work with folk even though their past insecurities are a detriment to their current and future success.

Instead, Jeffrey Lurie sits in his luxury box and sips diamond glasses filled with pillaged gold dust while the stomach growling peons fans below him become more and more sexually frustrated as the days go by.

Meanwhile, Lovie Smith can’t wait till the season is over. No wonder he wanted to stick with Rex. He wants that six foot seven receiver no one knows of. He knows that combining Berriman, Mushin, Desmond Clark, and 2008 #1 draft pick James Hardy with Donovan McNabb equals a bunch of chips.

Good luck Donovan. True fans will miss you in Philly. Get that Chicago hometown ring and moonwalk your way into the NFL Hall of Fame.



Hey Philly, at least O.J. didn’t do it!

The misunderstood and unapologetic Scoop Jackson continues his mastery.


Would Woody Allen or say Faith Hill have to go through this?

(Richard Prince)

Tyler tries to stay professional throughout and almost loses it at the end.

Dude just wouldn’t leave well enough alone.

This is the type of disrespect Blacks are sick and tired of. Janet was embarrassed and speechless. She is an icon and Tyler Perry is fast becoming one of the best directors and writers of his generation.

Why does this clown have a job again?

I refuse to watch what is most likely a pandering apology “forced” because CBS probably slapped pink handcuffs on his wrists while patting him not so publicly on the back. Maybe some of you will offer a summary as the bones fly out of his lips with every hypocritical word.

I guarantee you he wouldn’t have spoke out of his mouth with such insolence if he didn’t have some semblance of corporate backing.


I see you Chester Clipper! Kick that Soulja Boy! I normally wouldn’t post something like this, but Bo’s from my hometown right outside of Philly.

(The Big Lead)

Chester is the city that produced Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson (sup fam), and Detroit Lion running back Kevin Jones. It is a hot bed for high school basketball; Chester has won numerous state titles. Count Bo Ryan in on those who know all about Furillos Hoagies and Black Moses cheese steaks.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


27 Responses to “Mitchell denies leaking Byrd HGH story; Philly’s Uninspired Start Not McNabb’s Fault; O.J. Didn’t Do It; Janet Jackson Still Catching Wreck; Wisconsin Hoop Coach Bo Ryan and Jameer Nelson Are Neighbors”

  1. Miz,

    Who was that little prick?

  2. I’m sorry, I was goning to make a comment about cheating and Boston
    but damn!!! I think Jermaine Dupri needs to pay him a visit. For real.

  3. I have no idea. His behavior is unacceptable.

  4. Buckhead style.

  5. Yo great post. However I still feel that there was nothing that Mcnabb could have done about the TO situation. The Philly sports area just like the chicago area is known for cheap owners who care about making money not winning. The eagles could have still traded TO to another team…instead of letting him go to the cowboys. The cowboys basically tampered with TO and the league didn’t do anything. Because they are the cowboys ( Just a replay of the Lakers tampering with shaq back in the day).

    Check out these facts. Fat boy andy reid had a chance to draft Steven Jackson but he drafted a OL instead. The eagles trade their 1st round pick this pass year to the cowboys there rivial. The cowboys take that pick to draft a LB to chase and sack Mcnabb. Then they sign a slot 3rd string WR Curtis and make him a number 1 option. Then they pass the ball when Mcnabb is the QB 65% of the time.

    Man this crap has been a setup the whole time. This is what has always been done to black QBs. Ain’t Sh%$ change. Kordell, Cunnigham, Moon and etc.

    The NFL has no intenet in giving these black QBS a fair chance. And its not just in the NFL. It takes place in the NBA as well. People like Kobe and lebron are surrounded with trash. Yet their white superstar counter parts like Dirk and nash are surrounded with talent every year.

    Has a white superstar in the NBA ever been required to take trash like Kobe and Lebron have to the playoffs?

    Sports is just a reflection of the real world. The same good ole boy system that exists in the real world exists in sports. As I type this I think about a few black managers I know who routinly complain about not getting the support from the organization that their white counterparts get. Yet when sh$% goes bad they are expected to do a 100% job but with only 50% of the resources.

    Anyway before I end this rant watch how little talent the titans will surround Vince over his career. And the saga continues……………….

    One last thing that good ole boy that interviewed Tyler and Janet had a apology……….only after 19,000+ folks (including me and some of my coworkers) let that SOB know how they felt.

    Take a look at his fake apology….

  6. Man I refuse. I don’t want to smack my desk Denny Green style 😉

  7. HAHA……………well then brotha Mizzo take a look at it later.

  8. YO, Miz,

    That sh.. is crazy. Why do we have to constantly answer questions about prior mistakes in our lives. How long ago was that crap? Look everybody please don’t forget Nov. 2. Jaws was up to his crap again last night. Going on and on about Peyton and Tom Brady and in scolding like fashion slamming the black qb’s every chance he got. Tony K. chimed in during the conversation to elaborate how much Peyton respects the game and it’s history. This clown had to nerve to say most players think the league started when they walked out on the field. He mentions the NFL and NBA. WTF? What does the NBA have to do with a conversation about the NFL. Why not the NHL OR MLB? Oh, I get it the NBA is made up of 85% black players. Thus supporting Tony’s idea that they don’t know and appreciate the warriors of their sport who came before them. OK thats right Tony, black athletes are dumb, selfish and self centered. So why didn’t you just say so Tony since that’s obviously what you meant. Like I said earlier, anyone who cares and understands the struggle that continues today in America for minorities will not forget Nov. 2nd!!!!!!

  9. So jaws was up to the same mess huh? I swear if we aren’t in the sport they won’t watch it or they will say where are all the great black athletes at. Then if we come in the sports and dominate it they complain.

    I swear we can’t catch a break.

    Michelle just be glad that their are white QBs in the league. If there weren’t any they would talk about what great kickers there were in the league and how they have a great history of the NFL.

    The funny thing is if you aks most black players and players in general who their favorite player is or was they would probably mention someone they watch as a kid. So I guess most of these players started playing in the NFL when they were kids. You know cause they think the league started when they stepped on the NFL field.

  10. Origin,

    I liked the comment about the kickers, that was funny. It’s sad. Our style is copied, the way we speak as well as a lot of other things but some folks just love to try and mock us because they can’t be us.

  11. Origin,
    Actually it was a lot more than 19,000 – that’s what he got in his own email….the GM of the station got just as many….a whole BUNCH of us shut down the servers for that station, the clown had no choice to apologize because the servers would still be down if he didn’t. Serves his punk azz right.

    My dad says he watches the games with the sound on mute. If we don’t want to have hypertension, we probably need to do the same. I’m telling you, with Jaws….I just believe that’s a mental disorder that needs to be worked out through some serious counseling, psychiatric intervention…..perhaps shock therapy. Tony K just needs to be pimp-slapped.

  12. Miranda,

    So thats why we have high blood pressure. Thanks for the conversation and craking me up in the process. I guess we have to laugh to keep from crying. As I go to work just wanted to remind everyone not to forget Nov. 2nd. Have a nice night guys.

  13. That interview with Janet and Tyler Perry was leading that direction from the get go. It was stupid that the interview had to go from talking about the movie to what it was, and Tyler handled it great.

    The pencilneck behind the newsdesk asking the questions can ask the question, and I’m sure he would’ve asked the question had Justin Timberlake been on. But of course, we’ll never know that because I doubt Justin Timberlake needs to go on stupid morning news shows to promote a CD.

  14. Boney, Justin Timberlake is not the icon Janet Jackson is and Tyler Perry is one of the rising stars in entertainment. He will be a force. A little self promotion outside of his core audience doesn’t hurt from time to time.

  15. Yo, how come Boney is always sure what other white people would do and what they really think? He just knows the guy would have asked Justin about Brittney if he would have been on the show? YOu positive? Or asked Woody Allen about his adopted daughter? Really? I doubt it.

  16. That interview was out of control. It’s crazy how unprofessional that whole crew was. That shit with Janet is so old and had nothing to do with her upcoming movie.

  17. Boney,
    Janet and Tyler did this other little show to promote the movie….called “Oprah”…heard of it?? I dont think Tyler “needed” to do Good Day Sacramento….artists, producers do a plethora of shows of various rating sizes when promoting new work.

  18. Sometimes you have to pimp – slap folks and tell them to back the hell up!!! some White Folks (especially in our anti- P.C. ear) need to put back in check because they “Get outta Pocket” and some need a Pimp Hand telling them “Hey M.F.” I will go Bishop Don Magic Juan on your racist white ass if you don’t know your place !!!!!!

  19. I gave up MNF all together, don’t regret it in the least bit. Found some wild special on Discovery channel about some rodents called meekcats or something.

  20. HarveyDent Says:

    I try not to curse too much when I make my posts here but two of the notes in this article are bringing out my inner Rudy Ray Moore.

    First off:


    McNabb didn’t owe TO a damn thing after TO slimed him along with the Eagles FO after the SB in his contract dispute. Everyone calls McNabb the company man but TO was the one I saw nodding his head like his name was Rastus while his mouthpiece Drew Rosenhaus tried to do damage control after the Eagles cut his ass loose. TO is not and never has been anything off the field but a bunch of mouth and if he played pussy and got fukked by the Eagles’ FO then cry me a damn river because that was between them. The bastard can’t hold water and don’t you know if he had asked McNabb man-to-man to talk to management on his behalf and he turned him down then it would have been plastered all over the print and internet media. TO fucked himself and check out that SB again because the only Eagle I saw laying it out there every time he stepped on to the field on offense was McNabb because Westbrook couldn’t get a yard when needed, Pinkston was in the locker room with a headache, and Freddie Mitchell was too busy jawing with Rodney Harrison to make a damn catch. McNabb was the one who had his head nearly ripped off by Bruschi on the Eagles first offensive play but still managed to throw for over 300 yards and 3 TD’s in spite of those 3 INTS and if he was woozy at the end of that game then it’s all on his line and Reid for not calling max protect plays to keep him from getting his ass beat. All that along with Jim Johnson not making any defensive adjustments and Belichek’s video surveillance it’s a miracle the Eagles only lost by 3 points instead of 30.

    That being said, Reid, Lurie, and the FO did McNabb no favors last season by letting Donte Stallworth walk for less money to the Patriots while they signed Kevin Curtis to undeserved big money. In his few games with McNabb, Stallworth came into Philly balling as evidenced by the long TD in the opening game against the Texans after a week of training camp. The FO justified letting Donte walk by saying he was fragile but every week I see him breaking tackles on the way to the house and I know if he was still with the Eagles then commentators wouldn’t be talking about Eagles’ WR’s not able to get off the line of scrimmage.

    Stallworth’s loss is the real curse the Eagles have not letting TO go because during McNabb’s career the only other skill players he’s had comparable in talent and desire to him were TO, Dante, and Chad Lewis. Don’t tell me about Westbrook because a player who hurts himself before the opposition can even touch him gets no play from me.

    I’ve already gone on record here saying that this is McNabb’s last season in Philly because the toxicity between him, the organization, and the fans rises with each loss and a change would do all parties some good. McNabb can go to a team that will put the pieces around him while Lurie will run game on the fan base to keep his pockets fat while coming in well under the salary cap and the dolts in Philly will truly understand they were wrong from jump about a great player and a good person. I want to see McNabb raise the Lombardi in midnight green and silver but when he does raise it, when not if, I’ll be right there rooting for him because he’ll deserve it whether he does it in Philly or somewhere else.

    RE: that Good Morning Sacramento clip, some muthafukas just need to be dealt with because some shit needs to be put to bed and not everything is a joking matter. Fucking putzs every last one of them. Fuck them and everyone who looks like them.

    Damn, where’s my hypertension medicine.

  21. Yo,

    You guys are crazy. Johnny I hope you are enjoying the Discovery channel(thats funny) and someone please get Harvey’s blood pressure meds. I have to agree with Mizzo, your not always going to play along side guys you like. The philly fans are beyond idiots. A lot of them lack knowledge of the game and are rude and ignorant. Try going to a game their wearing the other teams jersey, it’s not a pleasant experience. With as much as tickets costs these days I’d rather stay home.

  22. I agree with everything you said Harvey Dent.

  23. Damn! I just saw that Tyler Perry Interview. I wonder what sombody like DavidMac would say? Do you still think we’re all paranoid conspiracy theorists. Or is this just an isolated case?

    That little piece of dog shit, feels he is better than Janet Jackson? Just another case of the “white skin previlage to shit on anything and every one because they feel they can.

  24. Quit the over dramatics sankofa, it is one guys and co-workers making fools of themselves, but not doing anything wrong. They got backlash and he had to offer an on air apology. Seems like everything worked out to me.

  25. Not doing anything wrong? You can’t be serious. The immaturity and irreverence is sickening. It was almost a movie scene but a lot less funny.

  26. Like clock work clock work!

  27. anisley Says:

    you all are really wierd to me. i don’t even understand y u want to have drugs in the first place.u all suck.i m just trying to research on the drug so i can try it.i wanna reduce some of the fat from my fat bum.

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