Report: Paul Byrd buys 25K of HGH, 6 Referees Implicated in Gambling Scandal


Cleveland Indians Game 4 hero Paul Byrd reportedly purchased twenty five thousand dollars worth of human growth hormone.


In an upcoming book The Free Byrd Project, Byrd admits using HGH.

Bad news going into Cleveland’s most important game in at least ten years. There will undoubtedly be a media frenzy around the Indians clubhouse as they prepare for Game 7.

The excuses are already starting as Time Kurkjian tries to pacify viewers on ESPN this morning by saying (paraphrasing) that Paul Bryrd is the least likely player on the Indians team to have done this. He then speaks to how likable and smart Bryd is and also goes into how religious the pitcher is.


It will be very very interesting to see the names that will be included as George Mitchell raps up his investigation. The end of the year can’t come soon enough.


The referee scandal seems to be widening. ESPN has reported that six referees have been implicated in the gambling scandal allegedly initialized by Tim Donaghy. It must be said that the refs involved violated anti-gambling restrictions linked to casinos. The referees involved have not been terminated, suspended or fined at this point

More to come on both of these stories as they develop.


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