To Live and Die In L.A., The Miracle That is Kevin Everett

kobe_bryant_biography.jpg The Kobe Bryant/Los Angeles Lakers feud is at the point of no return, it is now possible to believe that Bryant will not begin the season in the Purple and Gold.

Regardless of when Byrant is traded, its effect will be profound effect on the NBA landscape. Does a move to Chicago give the Eastern Conference one more team to challenge the San Antonio Spurs’ supremacy? How does a trade to Dallas for Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard really improve Bryant’s title hopes?

You can count on this story becoming more of a circus before the trigger is pulled on a deal. It began on Tuesday when it was rumored that Bryant cleaned out his locker and left practice. Although there was no truth to the story these are the things you’ll be hearing and reading about until Bryant cleans out his locker.

Last season prior to Allen Iverson being traded to the Denver Nuggets he was asked not to report to practice (feel free to insert your own punchline), or to any games. While his locker was cleaned out for him. Iverson was paid to sit until a trade was finalized.

In retrospect, how could Lakers owner Jerry Buss let his team fall this far from the pack. If you want to trade Shaquille O’Neal and you want to build around Bryant that’s fine, in return you got Caron Butler, Lamar Odom and a number one pick (Andrew Bynum) from the Miami Heat. In Butler, you have an explosive scorer with slashing capabilities like Bryant. His rebounding is something that cannot be overlooked. Last season Lamar Odom when healthy was a great compliment to Bryant and someone who the triangle offense could run through. When the Lakers traded Butler to the Washington Wizards for Kwame Brown and Laron Profit they gave up another scoring option and help on the boards. Last season in D.C. Butler averaged 21/8/4.

Bryant has had his moments as a Laker as we all know, but for Buss to trade two of the best players of this generation is mind-boggling.

With that being said there is one certainty; Kobe Bean Bryant will not be a Philadelphia 76’er.


kevin-everett.jpg In five weeks Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett’s spinal cord injury has gone from life threatening, to a rehab center, to a specialized walker. Everett’s prognosis looks much brighter today and proves that the power of prayer along with determination, the love of family, friends and even strangers can overcome the seemingly impossible.


20 Responses to “To Live and Die In L.A., The Miracle That is Kevin Everett”

  1. This is crazy. The Lakers really know how to mess up a team. It’s sad because one of my favorite basketball memories was the series between the Lakers and the Kings. Both teams at the time were so much better than every other team in the league. Then Webbs knee gave out and the Kobe and Shaq feud boiled over. Waiting in the wings to clean up the mess were the most consistent team of this era the Spurs. There are a lot of factors that go into winning a title injuries and team discord of the opposition–just to name a few. The Kings chemistry was perfect and the young players were being battle tested in the playoffs. The Lakers were also were having problems with their role players but if they would have kept Kobe and Shaq together they could have continued to build around them. Now the Kings and the Lakers look like to franchises going in the wrong direction. Kobe be careful what you ask for cause it may add up to tons of losses.

  2. I suggest readers not assume Kobe is going anywhere during the 2007-8 season. Like NY, LA is home to so much overhype that stories are created out of thin air.

    Kobe does not ‘hold all the cards’, Jerry Buss does – and he really knows how to play poker. Phil Jackson and Kobe may want to go in one direction, but Jerry Buss may not agree and will not sit still for the kind of manipulations Phil has pulled in his past years as an NBA coach.

    My guess — Kobe sits for two years and the Lakers somehow look much better by the end of 2009. That’s a gamble, but I wouldn’t bet against Jerry Buss if I were you.

  3. When it comes to trades, it’s “to who, for what?” and nothing is going to impress Buss and Kupchak. The only solution that I can think of as working to get more than $.60 on the dollar back is to make it a multi-team deal and get Odom out of there, as well.

    Ship Kobe to Chicago, Memphis or someone else with a loaded roster and Odom w/change to Utah for Kirilenko.

  4. The problem is Kobe is probably the only player in the league with a no trade clause. No way he gets ship to purgatory.

  5. publius africanus Says:

    I agree that it is highly unlikely that Kobe will be going anywhere before he can opt out in 2009. However, Dr. Buss is no longer the driving force behind this team. He is turning over control to his son Jimmy, who’s previous occupation was as a horse trainer. I kid you not.

    I would also dare to state that he was behind Dr. Buss putting this pot back on the front burner. After the summer the Lakers had and Kobe shows up to camp, says he’s going to keep his mouth shut and concentrate on the season, why in the world would you throw the events of this past summer back in his face? Jimmy Buss is running the show now, and is driving this once proud franchise straight into the ground.

  6. thebrotherreport Says:

    As we saw with the Kevin Garnett deal if the players and the picks are right he’s gone and it’s not gonna take two years to happen. Mark Cuban is willing to part with Dirk and Josh Howard for Kobe and I’m sure he’d throw in a draft pick. Chicago doesn’t want to part with Luol Deng but Jerry Reinsdorf has to realize what a draw Bryant would be at the gate. Let’s say the give up Deng and Ben Gordon for Bryant. You still have Kirk Hinrich, Ben Wallace, Andres Nocioni, and Tyrus Thomas. You also have a good veteran in Joe Smith and an energetic rookie in Joakim Noah.

  7. I can’t see why any of those ‘close, but not quite’ teams mentioned (Bulls, Mavs) would hesitate on those deals. Deng/Gordon for Kobe? I don’t see how that wouldn’t be a complete no brainer for Bulls, and I wouldn’t be quite so enamored of it from the Laker side. Dirk/Howard would be a much better deal for the Lakers (at least I’d think), but I thought Cuban had a hard-on for Dirk?

  8. Cuban is not trading Dirk and Josh Howard for Kobe. That would be stupid. His team would be much worse.

    A better trade would be Howard, Terry, Diop and some draft picks. I could see that, or even Dirk, Terry Diop and draft picks. But you can’t trade Dirk and Howard and still be competitive

  9. Too bad his son wasn’t a horse trader.

    I simply couldn’t pass that one up. My bad for the year.

  10. I know hindsight is 20/20 but its HARD to see how it got to this point. How do you have shaq and kobe and end up trading them both??? I don’t care how bad they fought behind the scenes, I’d beg, borrow, and steal to do everything possible to get those men to co-exist.

    You don’t let two hall of famers go due to BS (and that’s all it is for the most part). Pride and ego tore this team apart, and that isn’t limited to the players. The front office is just as responsible in that respect.

  11. Allen beat me to it. No way Dallas gives up both Dirk and Howard. One may go in a package, but not both. And the Lakers would probably opt for the cheaper Howard.

    Once Kobe is gone, the Lakers are so far under the cap come 2009 it’s sick. 2009 is also a big year for free agents. Expect the Lakers to hold on to Kobe for one more season, then trade him and rebuild fast. That’s the main reason they insist on holding on to their youth (Farmer, Bynum, Walton). They’ll be able to bring in two or three big free agents, and become an instant contender in no time. The timeline is 2009. Everything else is just hype to sell tickets and generate interest until then.

    Howard and Deng are the only two players I can see the Lakers trading Kobe for now.

  12. God bless Kevin Everett and I wish him a speedy recovery.

  13. It was amazing to see this brother walking into the stadium yesterday. Unbelievable.

  14. esta been plakosam la foto principal y espero y salgan mas asy

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  16. Kobe is the best player in NBA.Forever!

  17. kobe cuando sea grande boya ser como vos y kapas mejor yo estoy en una liga de bsas argentina y boy en camino a l agloria

  18. kobe is the best player in the nba

  19. lebron james is a ok player but never better than kobe kobe is raw lebron sucks if you compare him to kobe

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    […]To Live and Die In L.A., The Miracle That is Kevin Everett « The Starting Five[…]…

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