The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were!

I had to post this. It’s hard to believe this was a whole year ago.

Denny was hot! While talking, he must have had a flashback of one of Devin Hester’s run backs and just snapped. With all these wack coaches being recycled, why can’t he get a job?


10 Responses to “The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were!”

  1. The Cryptkeeper wanted to interview him for the Raiders gig before it went to Lane Kiffin. Green wasn’t interested (and who could have blamed him?)

    He’ll get another shot. Going through both Minny and Arizona; he’s part of the Ol’ Boys Club now.

  2. S2N I hope so. His offenses were nice to watch. I thought Arizona gave up on him a little too soon. The Cardinals have definitely regressed this year. It’s a shame because they do have talent on offense.

  3. The one thing that’s remarkable about Hester’s returns (aside from his patience and flow) is the sheer number of BLOCKERS who keep their feet and escort him into the endzone. It seems like every time he pops a big one, there are about five or six guys running in front of him. That was the case against the Vikings and against the Giants last year. The Bears, as a team, are doing some things on special teams that are solid.

    I can’t recall Dante Hall running behind so many blockers 50 or 60 yards downfield. Usually, returners hit a seam and they’re gone – leaving defenders and blockers in their wake. With Hester and the Bears, it’s a little different. Guys throw blocks, keep their feet, look up secondary defenders and keep on trucking.

    I suppose if ESPN wasn’t so busy with Kermit and T.O., they could do a feature on that.

  4. I’m going to have to disagree about the Cards regressing, particularly on the offensive line. Russ Grimm is a great line coach and he has that line blocking better than any of the previous years, and this is after losing Leonard Davis to Dallas.

  5. Sportsdiva Says:

    A friend of mine who wants Georgia State (which has no football program) to become the next USF one day said he would unequivocally hand the program to Deni and say ‘make it do what it do baby’.

    This friend is white too.

  6. SD Georgia State would be in capable hands. I truly hope that happens.

  7. I’m with Allen. The Cardinals have played 3 quarterbacks this season. They’re 3-3, in first place, and have two of their 3 losses by a total of 6 points. They have an impressive home win over my Steelers and have an excellent, aggressive defense. Oh, and they played without Anquan Boldin for almost a month.

    That said, they’re not out of the woods because the QB question is less than ideal. Still Whisenhunt is excellent at creating an offensive scheme that reduces the work QBs have to do. If Rattay can get up to speed quickly, they should be fine.

    I don’t like their chances this week at Washington, but coming off of that bye week, I would not be surprised to see the Cardinals WIN OUT and cruise into the playoffs at 12-4. You heard it here first.

  8. What? No wonder Denny was snapping. You really think that’s possible?

  9. Yep. Their team is nice. They play in what I believe to be the weakest division in football. If they can muscle up and win at Tampa (keep the Bucs one dimensional and beat up on the fragile Michael Bennett); play pass coverage against the 1-dimensional Lions at home; control the ball and pound Cincy’s injury prone linebackers with Edgerrin; take advantage of a recuperating Alex Smith and an exhausted Frank Gore; double cover Braylon Edwards and stick Adrian Wilson on Winslow; they have little trouble with Seattle (no running game); New Orleans (lost); Atlanta and St.Louis.

    That’s a cake walk for a focused team. Arguably, their toughest game is Tampa, coming off a bye (better be ready – and Whisenhunt and Grimm are used to running roughshod over the Bucs from their days in Pittsburgh.) The next toughest game will be a cross country trip to Cincinnati – but guess what – their coaches have played the Bengals twice a year for several years. They should be ready. They also should not get beat up the week before against the Lions. They get Cleveland at home – and they can win back-to-back road games at Seattle and New Orleans if they get that running game going and get Boldin back.

    11-5…10-6. Anything less than that has to be considered a dismal failure…even with 3 quarterbacks.

  10. HarveyDent Says:


    This coming from an Eagles fan…blaaah!!!

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