Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up!

do_the_right_thing_051.jpg I just spoke with the publicist of Etan Thomas and he relayed to me that during a routine physical doctors discovered what led to his recent surgery in Minneapolis. Etan is currently resting well. Obviously, no statements will be made regarding his playing status for the upcoming season. I’ll keep everyone posted if anything changes. Etan, get well bruh! You are too important.


Stephen A. Smith is officially done at the Philadelphia Inquirer and has retained Florida based high powered litigator Willie E. Gary. It seems Smith is mulling filing suit against the paper who recently insulted Smith and demoted him to reporter. The excuse given was that the paper was choosing to put a premium on local reporting.

Yeah right.

I wonder how big time journalists like Mitch Albom and Mike Lupica get away with traveling the country working outside their responsibilities with their current employers?

Even Whitlock couldn’t get away with as much.

Where is the scrutiny?

Regardless of how you feel about Stephen A’s approach, he undoubtedly works hard and truly is one of the most influential sports analysts in the entire country.

Simply put, he deserves the proper respect for his numerous accomplishments.


This whole O.J. Simpson story is ridiculous on so many levels. Would this be a story if O.J. wasn’t acquitted? The fact remains that he was found not guilty in the criminal trial because of some very shoddy police work. Regardless of how anyone feels about his guilt or innocence, the very noticeable attempt at a society driven makeup call is sickening.

It’s funny how all of the sudden this society is down with “friends” turning state’s evidence on “friends”.

Who the hell cares? I know I don’t and neither should you. The media at large should be focusing on real stories and surely not O.J. Simpson.


Don Imus is back and poised for a December 3rd return to the radio show he was fired from early this year. Imus caught mad wreck for making racist and sexist comments about the Rutger’s basketball team after the team lost in the National Final to Tennessee the night before. This is what the current cult of personality has spawned. Until Whites come out and call a spade a spade this country will continue to flounder regarding race relations. Have some balls people please!

We are in dangerous times and I truly feel that Black folk aren’t given any reverence for our thoughts, wants and needs. There’s always some kind of excuse given for what hurts some of us emotionally. Blacks for the most part could care less about the guilt or innocence of the accused.

We are not condoning any wrong anyone commits. If someone Black is out there committing crimes that affect us all, we want that person punished as well. Don’t get it twisted.
Are we clear on that?

It’s the past that pains us and that pain must not be swept under some guilt ridden defense mechanism stained rug.

People just don’t give a damn and it’s becoming more and more supremely evident.

Is it 2007 or 1967?

It’s such a shame that the Imus story was buried because of the Michael Vick dog fighting case. Dude is gonna skate and most likely will gather an even stronger readership among those who considered him a martyr. Is it ironic that Imus In the Morning will run on what is widely considered to be the most powerful station in America in New York’s WABC?

You be the judge.


Dusty Baker just signed a three year deal with the Cincinnati Reds. What? Marge Schott can be heard screaming from the grave.

Seriously, Dusty’s detractors must note that he led the Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants to the playoffs after 90 loss seasons. He wears down young pitchers, but the man is simply a winner.


Ron Jaworski was an overachieving quarterback for Dick Vermeil’s Eagles in the late seventies up to the mid-eighties and suffered an embarrassing loss to the Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

Hey Jaws, Rod Martin still loves you for throwing him three picks.

He had Harold Carmichael and also Mike Quick running crisp routes while under center in Philly. There’s absolutely no reason why with those weapons that he shouldn’t have won a Super Bowl. Wilbert Montgomery also did his thing carrying the rock and is one of the best running backs the Eagles franchise has ever had. Jaws you failed as a quarterback and now you want to give it to the brothas everytime you get a chance?

Could it be that Randall Cunningham effectively ended your career doing just what you rail against now as an announcer?

Speaking of Randall, why isn’t he and the 1998 Minnesota Vikings getting their just due? You hear commentators comparing the Patriots to the Rams and other prolific offenses, but not the 15-1 Vikings of ’98? What’s up with that? The 550 odd points the Vikings scored that year are still a record. The common theme?

Randy Moss.

Yes, Tom Brady is simply one of the best, but make sure the praise is properly doled out to include Moss.

Jaws if you aren’t going to be objective, take your ball and go the hell home!

What the hell was up with Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico and the aforementioned Jaws talking about Michael Vick when the Falcons were getting smashed?

Dispense blame where blame is due–pointedly in the direction of Bobby Petrino and Joey Harrington.

They get no pass!

What was up with all these commentators giving Joey Harrington and Carson Palmer actual credit for sticking in the pocket and stinking up the joint week in and week out. Stats mean nothing. Do your job as the leader. The one you expect Black quarterbacks to represent with a lot less talent. Jaws goes out of his way to criticize Black quarterbacks even when they win? That’s foul.

It’s getting ridiculous.

Anyone remember Michelle Tafoya congratulating Harrington after a preseason win?

Joey Harrington is not a first string qb. Atlanta has one in Byron Leftwich. Leftwich was actually the third qb last night and none of ESPN “experts” saw anything wrong with that?

For the record, Chris Redman, the second string qb, hasn’t thrown a regular season pass since 2003.

Byron Lefwich is the most talented qb currently signed by the Atlanta Falcons. Petrino it’s broke, so you better fix it.

Ron Jaworski says that Leftwich’s skills aren’t conducive to guiding Bobby Petrino’s offense. Wow! Really Jaws. You were the sack master’s mistress. How many times did your offensive linemen have to peel your ass off the Veteran Stadium carpet? Dude you seem like you are the spokesboy for the White Quarterback Job Security Fund. It’s so blatantly obvious that you refuse to lay deserved criticism on Joey Harrington even though he has done nothing this year. Your excuses for his foul play are his offensive line and the fact that his receivers are dropping the ball.

Yes they have dropped passes and will continue to do so no matter who is throwing the ball.

Hmmm sounds familiar doesn’t it? Hey Jaws! Mike went through the same damn thing and was able to become the first opposing quarterback to win a playoff game in Lambeau Field and won many other games alone. These aforementioned excuses were never used to slay the scrutiny shoved in Michael Vick’s face game in and game out. Dude was by himself and hand to fun for his life or he was going to get hurt. No wonder he was the first quarterback to run for over 1000.

How could you say on a nationally respected program that Michael Vick would not be successful commanding the Falcons? Isn’t it all hypothetical?

I find it interesting that Mike is taking the blame for something he has had no hand in.

Meanwhile, Shockey trips D’Angelo Hal and nothing is said. Not a peep. Let me make something else straight. I understand that football is a grossly violent game and grown men are trying to knock each other’s heads off. Tempers are going to flare and sometimes things outside of the rules are going to happen, just make sure the scrutiny and punishment is equal on all fronts.

You cannot blame some of the Falcons for their frustration this year. I would be too and I attribute Hall and Crumpler’s recent very public meltdowns to not having competent leadership.

Buggin Out was right! Until we get some Brothas On the Wall, things will remain the same.

Unfortunately, so was Donovan McNabb.Its the reason why I called for a unified front last week. Public Enemy moved me. I’ll never apologize for that. Chuck helped me, so I must pass the baton when necessary. It is my duty.

Remember this? Move as a team, never move alone….


*Update: University of Nebraska football coaching icon Tom Osborne has become the interim athletic director at the school replacing the fired Steve Pederson.

It’s a shame that such a tradition rich program has fallen off the map since Osborne’s foray into politics. We can all be sure this once mighty program will regain its lofty status with Osborne at the helm very soon.


144 Responses to “Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up!”

  1. Well said Mizzo. I watched mnf last night and i wanted to jump through the tv and sack Jaws. This clown is largely to blame for Phillys frustration as it is. He constanly talks shit bout black qb’s and was coddling Joey Harrington last night like he was his daddy. I’m tried of the same types of commentary week in and week out. He also talked shit bout Plaxico saying how he takes plays off and had problems off the field. They talk bout these brothers like they are property. Then guys like Shockey are never slammed for making the same types of mistakes all I can say is WTF?

  2. Oh and we are really turning the clock back on black folks when we can frame people to get them in jail. People of color better make some noise on this one Oj or not it could be one of us. This case against him is bs and why did someone have a tape recorder if it wasn’t a frame up? White folks have been aquitted for years of killing black pepole with all kinds of obvious evidence. No one paid the victims families nor did the police harrass them for the rest of their lives. Again I say WTF?

  3. Jaws did promote one black athete’s career- Lawrence Taylor. L.T was glad Jaws stayed in the pocket so he could sack the shit out of him, and did!!!! This is the stuff McNabb was talking about. Vince Young gets too little credit for being young and having that many wins. On the other hand Carson Palmer was crown one of the best quarterbacks in the league and hasn’t even won a playoff game. He is currently stinking up the joint as we speak,but ofcourse they don’t talk about that. Joey Harrington has been terrible everywere he has played so why all the excuses Jaws?? Huh?? Could it be because his skin is white?? Dont let me get started on Farve. If you have more interceptions then anyone in NFL history then you probably lost your team as many games as you won. He refused to mentor Aaron Rodgers. If was black, the media would have labeled him a selfish asshole.

  4. hey paul, ummm.. hate to say it, but Brett Favre’s career record is 60 games OVER .500. He’s the career leader in regular season wins for Quarterbacks… So his record on interceptions hasn’t truly hurt his team on a consistent basis, they’ve hurt the team more along the lines of an “as they’ve happened” basis. But on your “selfish asshole” remark, that could be true based on the fact that he’s held this Packers’ team hostage each of the last 3 offseasons by telling them he’s going to think about retirement. so he is selfish, I wouldn’t necessarily call him an asshole, but I do when he plays against the Lions.

  5. I don’t support Don Imus’ statements, but I do support his right to get a job. As with all radio personalities, their popularity fuels their employment and/or contract status. What he said was wrong, but it was not illegal. Of course any of the other radio stations across the country are going to want him to come and host his own show because of the “shocking” schtick that he uses. It’ll draw ratings, and I guarantee he’ll have more listeners at least for the first couple of weeks that he’s back on the air until people realize (again) that he is irrelevant to society and only panders to the 50+ year old demographic that his advertisers salivate over.

  6. Boney, I also agree with Imus having the right to make a living. My problem with the entire thing continues to be the mst. The obvious lack of concern for women of color. We have always been disrespected in this country and it seems that no one cares.

  7. My bad I meant we have always allowed them to be disrespected.

  8. Sup Paul? Ya girl put you up to that comment? 😉

  9. Imus has a right to earn a living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t howl and scream at the station that gives him airtime. Pacman JOnes has a right to earn a living, but the NFL through it’s contracts and other policies has effectively told him to sit down and shut up until they decide he can play again. Same thing with Odell Thurman. I want the same right extended to everybody instead of people using the bullshit excuse that its “the employer’s choice” to excuse blatantly unfair actions.

    And did anybody notice in Peter King’s recent column that Brett Favre was addicted to alcohol and painkillers at one point? I thought that was really interesting.

  10. Allen you bring up a great point that is summarily lost when discussing Imus. Thanks.

  11. Allen, you’re right. I never argued that you aren’t allowed to howl and scream at him, I’m just saying he has a right to go back to work. The Pac Man Jones problem is different because Imus’ problems were never related to the law, they were just common sense problems.

    Brett Favre’s “addictions” are pretty old at this point and are most likely brought up either because of his wife’s impending book release, or his recent record breaking activities.

  12. No excuse Boney. The transgressions of prominent Black athletes shadow their entire career. The same should apply for Brett.

  13. (stands up and claps) I have to agree with you on the Simpson thing. The man is a monster. But, that’s no excuse to put him in jail under shaky evidence. From what I can tell, Simpson was told that the dealer had his personal stuff. So Simpson, angry at what sounds like a theft, goes up and demands it back. The gun, if he had one, was a no-no, but otherwise, can you blame the guy? Something doesn’t seem quite right about this story.

    As for Imus…I don’t mind him getting a second chance. But it bothers me that it’s so soon and so high-profile. That’s unfortunately how America is; “talent” of some sort or another will cover over a multitude of moral failings.

  14. Thanks bias. The fact that we are even discussing OJ makes me sick. In the sports cycle today he was the second story mentioned?

    Straight BS.

  15. I make excuses for Jaws and no excuses for Imus:

    I watch MNF in bars so I have no idea what the commentary was like, but Jaws has been pretty consistent on NFL Matchup at not blaming McNabb for the Eagles problems. Consistently blaming the coaching. Week one he didn’t criticize McNabb, but instead harped on the Eagles offensive playbook being ineffective when defense challenges wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. Week two he praised the Eagles use of I formation but again with the point that Detroit doesn’t do press coverage. Merril Hodge talked about Detroit defending 6 to seven yards back and predicted that the Eagles would struggle against the Giants who do the same kind of press coverage that the Packers practice. When the predictions turned out to be true, Jaws was critical of the Eagles coaching for not making the adjustments to protect their QB. Honestly as the rest of the world has blamed McNabb for the Eagles struggles, at least on NFL Matchup, Jaws has been consistent week in week out in blaming the Eagles coaching for not protecting him and not making any adjustments.

    Imus’ issue isn’t a free speech issue. It’s a basic media 101 issue. Imus didn’t get in trouble for using racist words. He got in trouble for using them in regards to a specific set of female college basketball players. Basic rule is that public figures have less rights to privacy than private individuals. DJ Star was fired for “jokes” about wanting to rape and pee on the daughter of a hot 97 Dj’s daughter. He wouldn’t have been fired for making jokes about peeing on the Hot 97 DJ or Oprah. That just shock jock behavior and one can claim free speech. But you make that kind of “joke” about a civilian and you loose your job.
    You can say “all women are hos” you can call a famous woman, Oprah or Condoleeza Rice, a “nappy headed ho” but female college athlete is a civilian. Imus can do racist impressions of Donovan Mcnabb talking like a character out of Amos and Andy but if he does an impression of Kenny Irons saying “Oh massa Tuberville I sho do luv to run de ball” it crosses the line. This is doubly true with female college sports where the assumption is that these women will not be continuing with this after college. That’s media basics. If you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t have a job on the radio. Somehow in the coverage of the whole Imus thing people ended up loosing site of that.

    And so it became a story about the word “ho” and not a discussion of a racist who refers to a set of individual black college students as “nappy headed ho’s”. Too Short never called individual members of the class of 98 Berkley Volleyball team ho’s and bitches. If DJ Star blamed “Irreversible” there wouldn’t be Congressional hearings on art films, and DJ Star wouldn’t get back on the air. Imus shouldn’t be back either.

  16. TKG thanks for the insight. My problems with Jaws is grounded in his Monday Night Football commentary. I usually don’t catch Matchup, but I’ll make sure to listen more closely.

    When he constantly criticizes Black quarterbacks for running around even though their line play is shoddy at best, I have to wonder where he truly is coming from.

    Vick never had any weapons in ATL besides Crumpler and Dunn but was scrutinized as if he had the best weapons available.

    Something is wrong with that. It’s at minimum lazy game preparation and disgusting at best.

  17. As far as Imus, I agree with most of your points. I also think Jemele Hill blowing the whistle on Imus charged the sports world.

  18. Personally, I think the Imus talk is ridiculous. He did nothing wrong and was only joking around. While I think his lame excuse at blaming hip-hop weakend his stance. I support his right to say what he did 100% and personally saw nothing wrong with it, I thought the whole monologue was funny and true. Those Rutger girls were some of the hardest looking females I’ve seen on tv in sports recently, and they also were nappy headed. Nothing was racial about what he said. The only borderline comment was that they were “hoes” and that is not racist at all. I really don’t see how some of you can try to grandstand on the issue and point out “society ills” from the event, when it is just some guys playfully and harmlessly joking around that got blown out of proportion when race mongers Sharpton, J. Jackson, and the rest of their ilk got involved.

  19. David don’t come to this site if you are going to post such bs. We all agree with his right to free speech but to back up his commentary says a lot about you as a person.

    Thank God you don’t have any Black daughters.

  20. DavidMac

    Just what the fuck does nappy head mean? Are you talking about the live bio electromagnetic helix designed folicles that graces the crown of the African? The one that is consistant with the melenated based matter that is also a conduit of electromagnetic energy? the best conduit in people on the planet?

    You see wretch! nappy head like nigger is a white racist justification for (a) the difference and reason for the evil subjication of Africans. (b) is one of many forms of projections. You know like your dick is small, so you redicule my larger member as being abnormal. Or saying African women are hard/tough/ugley as apposed to the superficial Eurocentric standard of what beauty is.

    begone fool! Intelligent African people are taking back our right to fight against oppressive language as well as oppressive laws and actions of White Supremacy, that seek to demean and destroy us through the media and it’s supporters—like you!

  21. Mizzo,

    I think David’s comments are consistent with and symptomatic of the re-hiring of Imus. The networks, the media, the politicians, they have all told these white people,

    it is ok to start dissing black folks. These guys are playing that “card” on you, but you don’t have to fall for that anymore. We’ve given them plenty of time to get their acts together and they have failed.

    This is the revolution, the next revolution. If black people don’t get their acts together, it’s going to be the last one. Quit apologizing and start recognizing.

    I mean really 10 felony counts against OJ that prosecutor should lose his license to practice law, he is a political hack, symptomatic of the decayed, wreckless, maniacal justice system that has put together the world’s largest population of criminals! America is leading the way in the creation of convicts!!! Give ourselves a hand? IT’S DISGRACEFUL!

  22. The Inky dumped him because he got paid a lot to do very little, and they are in super corner-cutting mode.

  23. or is that cutting-corners? i have no clue

    they are shrinking their budget

  24. Obviously, but he gave the paper national cred because of his presence. He’s not the only journalist doing such.

  25. Look at the excuses, watch them fly. He got paid a lot to do very little, you mean like Kelly Rippa making 26 million a year to smile and act clueless. Funny when you tell them how somebody has it rough, it’s no excuses. When it’s them though, boy, time to let the excuses fly!

  26. @Mizzo
    I’ll come to this site as long as I like and again I fail to see what he said that was so outrageous that I wouldn’t have said with my friends if I had a show on the air. The only thing I can think of is using the word hoes, other than that, what he said was very mild. One question though, how can my daughter not be black when I’m a black man myself. 😉

    @Johnny G
    As a black man in Alabama, I’m glad to say that now it looks like a lot of young black men are coming in to thinking that is similar to my own. I remember in my last office, a IT department comprising of 8 black men, including myself from the age range of 23-33, we all thought the same thing about Imus. He did nothing to merit the hate in the media he got, we were disappointed and mad at the race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who feined horror at the event, like Imus did or said something that was blantly racist.

    The truth is he made a joke that didn’t fly well, and crazy conspiracy theorist blacks sand those in the race-baiting industry took hold of it like a crackhead to the crack pipe.

  27. Good gracious. God save us all.

  28. Listen Dave I am a black woman and unless Imus works for a company that is privately funded, he should be unemployed. I certainly will not support any company that supports him. Those girls overacheived as ball players and to have a guy–for no good reason–rain on their parade is ridiculous. NAPPY HEADED HO. Hasn’t America looked at black women that way since we were brought over on the slave ship? You can not speak for a black woman. You are not one and you certainly don’t know what we go through.

  29. @Michelle
    Imus did and now he will again work for a private company. So I guess you feel that he should have never been fired now?

    Yeah those girls did well, but he never said anything about them as being worthless. He joked on their appearances and for the most part he was right. The Rutgers women looked like a rough bunch, they did have tattoos, they had nappy hair, they had super muscle tone and etc. This is what he joked on, the only thing he said that was not from observation is that they were “hoes” and that was in the context of slang not they were actual whores or prostitutes.

    So cut the melodramatic crap.

    He was joking and most people didn’t even take offense from it except hypersensitive people and those who make a living out of finding racism where it doesn’t exist and ignoring it where it does.

    Also I never said I spoke for black women, you are right I do not know what you go through, but I will say I found his comments funny and so did my sister (black by the way) who heard the comment when we heard the clip on Youtube.

  30. Dave we mos def welcome dissent here, but trust your opinions aren’t going to be held in high regard among our very astute commenters.

    Personally, I think you are a sucker for backing someone who could care less about your house n@gga ass.

  31. I’m a house n!gga because I know that all white people aren’t out there trying to oppress blacks and find a way to stick it to blacks whenever the opportunity arises? Mizzo, you should get it together. There is no system or group out there trying to keep you down. Imus is no great white devil, he is a victim of the liberal media, who always is trying to play whites and blacks against each other, don’t fall for it.

    “Cast down your bucket where you are.” Cast it down, making friends in every manly way of the people of all races, by whom you are surrounded. – Booker T. Washington

  32. David, don’t school me on my relations with another race. I’m certainly not one to blame whitey for anything and everything.

    Imus was a victim of his own stupidity and was rightfully censored.

    Thanks Jemele! Yeah, I’m giving you credit every time I get 😉

    Dave, you see nothing on this site that proclaims all whites as devils.

    We call a spade a spade and I will not apologize for any criticism of Don Imus.

  33. David used the phrase “liberal media.” I think the term house nigger works for him. I mean, if you actually looked over Imus’ history and the history of his co-workers regarding racial statements and thought what he said had no racial overtones, well you’re stupid. Point blank, you are dumb. He would have never called a team of rough looking white chicks “nappy-headed hoes.”

    Dumbasses like you and your friends in IT are fucking things up for black people, not the people you think have a victim’s mentality.

  34. Dave, I guess I spoke incorrectly.While he is on the air, advertisers will be buying time slots. I will not support any company that is buying advertising time from the company he now works for. I’m tired of black women being on everyone’s PAY NO MIND LIST!!!!! If a company doesn’t care that a person who works for them calls a sista a nappy headed ho, then you don’t want my nappy headed ho dollars!!! Their right meets my rights. Understand!

  35. I’m also very sorry Dave if you as a black man find nappy hair offensive. I’m sure you are not married to a black women and if by chance you are she needs to divorce your ass. First of all the girls were playing basketball not modeling. You feed into the junk put out there that has been promoted by whites about what beauty is. Funny when the slave masters were creeping at night with those nappy headed slave women they didn’t seem to mind. I’m a female sports fan and I get tired of constant images of fake breast bleach blondes with sprayed on tans and tons of make up every sunday when I watch football. What happened to natural beauty? From beer commercials to the cheerleaders on the side lines and don’t even ask who would be more qualifed for the dancing gig. Last time I checked blacks and latinos were better at that but black women can’t even get a job that they are more qualified to do. Huh, what did you say most of the patrons are white men and they would rather see white women with fake body parts attempt to dance? Is that so? Those white slaves masters come to mind again they sure like bown sugar nappy hair and all!!!!

  36. Damn Michelle! Preach sista preach!

  37. Mizzo,

    This guy(Dave) is an clown and I’m sorry that he’s a black man with his views. If we were on the underground railroad with him, he would turn us all in and justify it but saying we were lazy for leaving our employer. You know the one that doesn’t pay us. What an idiot.

  38. Oh I definitely know the one who doesn’t pay us all too well unfortunately 😉

  39. We get no apologies. Thats just the way it is, I guess some things will never change but we have to keep fighting.

  40. @Allen
    Say what you want, about black males like me, but we are the ones out there working and doing things to better our lives, in turn the race, in this country while the ones always crying about being victims are probably still in the hood, doing everything to fulfill the negative stereotypes out there regarding black people.

    If you don’t want to support him fine. If you were offended fine. I’m just not going to agree with you though when you try to turn what he said into some hate filled rant. Why this makes you angry, I do not know. Probably some unresolved issues at home.

    The fact is yes the Rutgers girls were playing basketball on national tv, which in turn makes them public figures. Imus and others saw the game and Imus said and joked about what everyone who saw the game viewed, the girls were masculine, tattooed up, and had nappy hair. He joked about that, big deal. They did not have to be models for people to joke about their appearance and it really didn’t matter what they were doing, once they were on national tv they were going to be subject to views by others. So cut the poor innocent little basketball player crap.

    Second you cry about me “buying into the white man message of black women” again cut the theatrics lady. I’m not buying into anything and nothing was being put out, by the joke Imus delivered. It was a joke, plain and simple, and not even a mean-spirited joke.

    Now you talk about blondes and such, that is your insecurity with yourself coming out. You dont feel good about yourself because you feel society wants you to be a blonde with a big fake chest. Well, don’t buy into that. I’m sure there is someone out there for you. As for the job situation speak for yourself, I have family members who all have no problem getting jobs. I find if you groom yourself, make yourself presentable, and actually know about your profession, that coupled with being in a nice job market will get you a job no problem, regardless of race. I think this is the reason you blew the whole situation out of proportion. You should resolve those issues you have with yourself, before you go out into the world turning mole hills into mountains.

  41. Dave, just go join the Duke lacrosse team that way you can make fun of black women anytime you like.Oh and by the way thank your great, great ,great grandfather for making my cotton shirt and building this fine univ. free of charge.

  42. My great,great,great grandfather owned my great great great grandmother and I doubt she was building anything, probably picking crops though.

    I do find it funny that you throw the Duke Lacrosse team’s name in the mud like you do, yet cry when someone stands up for Don Imus. So you think its ok to criminally try to punish young white men for a crime they did not commit and publicly humilate them by alledging they are rapist when no evidence supports this, yet you get bent out of shape when someone recognizes that what Imus said is a joke.

    You need help lady. You can start by going to a church and asking God to remove that hate from your heart.

  43. Dave is a white guy trying to start shit on the blog, Imus should never work for mainstream radio again, and this asshole and mcqrik referenced ‘School Daze’ and a scene you and Imus don’t have any cultural knowledge or understanding to interpet. I get tired of the black defenders (if you are black) and white ones of Imus who feel he was a victim, those Rutgers girls got death threats from Imus fans for months after he was rightfully fired from CBS AND MSNBC. If any other person would have said that on their jobs they would had time getting hired for another job in that field after the other employer found out he was fired for sexist and racist comments on the job.

  44. @Eric Daniels
    Rest assured I’m a young black man. I think its sad that you are so closed minded though. I feel sorry for those girls if they got death threats, thats not Imus’s fault. The fact is though that he was unjustly fired and made a public whipping boy for nothing.

    Funny you bring other people claiming they would be fired, when Miss Jones a radio personality played her Tsunami Song which laughed at Africans dying and refered to asians using slurs she was not fired at all, and unless I’m mistaken I did not see any post about her needing to be fired from any of the press or from this site.

  45. David Mac

    You really are dumb. You think the people who took the time to start this website and the people who have the internet access to comment on it are really doing nothing? YOu have created this world in your head where only people who have the same fucked up ideals as you could actually be being productive and you couldn’t be more wrong. That is so sad. Everybody who comments on here has a job I would wager.

  46. It’s bullshit to argue that he was fired unjustly. He used a racially motivated insult on college girls and then said it was a battle between the Jigaboos and wannabes. Are you fucking serious, or are you just really, really misinformaed?

    The fact that he called them nappy-headed directly related to them being black. Tatoos, mean grills, they have nothing to do with being “nappy-headed hoes.” I can’t believe you would even think that was a good argument.

  47. @Allen

    Nappy headed “hoes” isnt a racial slur, and there is no evidence in the flow of conversation to say it was racially motivated. You are grasping at straws here. There is nothing in his words that come off as racial slurs. Nappy head is an adjective, anyone can be nappy headed, it isn’t a phrase or condition that applies only to black people. That is just a fact, if you don’t want to believe that so be it. “hoes” is just slang for girls or ladies, not meaning whores. so I don’t see they problem.

    As for the jigaboos and wannabes, we know he got that from School Days so who cares about that. If you hate that so much why don’t you boycott Spike Lee.

  48. Miss Jones was fired from her job dumbass !! and the starting Five did not come into existence until last year and her comments were in January of 2005 typical blame the victim you black conservsatives are so good at. And no one should have their lives threatend by anyone because Don Imus lost his job for over 40 years of racial, sexist, homophobic, anti semetic slurs. The Rutgers girls are not professionals they are college ballplayers and using a movie Imus and Mcqrik have no cultural understanding of and then using hip- hop as an excuse instead of “manning up” and say “I meant that shit as racist banter between McQrik and I”. Disney ought to be boycotted for giving this diot a job, but they also have Bob Grant on their roster.

    David Mac isn’t being misunderstood he is an “Uncle Tom house Nigga” plain and simple and does not mind the racial banter of whites like Imus, Limbaugh, Gibson and Fox News but will rant and rave about Sharpton, Jackson or any Black progressive person trying to make a difference in the lives of African- Americans as being led by the ‘liberal media’. I got news for this Asshole, there is no liberal media and hasn’t been for nearly 30 years, it is a corporate- led politcally conservative buisness oriented media designed to keep people from thinking independently David and his black cronies fit in perfectly.

  49. @Eric Daniels
    Miss Jones was not fired for the incident, get your facts down. Now that you know this how do you feel? Do you think she should have been fired, are you going to argue that its time something was done about her hate speech. I doubt it, hypocrit.

    Don Imus lost his job because race mongers and black women with self-esteem issues start crying about his comments and turned it into a racial thing instead of just saying what he said was in bad taste. Either way the women getting death threats isn’t Imus’s fault and really is irrelevant to our conversation. The fact they are not professionals means nothing, they are public figures and that opens them up for public discussion, end of discussion really. I do agree that Imus copped out saying all the apology crap, he should have just manned up and said it was a joke and if people took it the wrong way so be it. He played into race mongers like Sharpton’s hands by going around apologizing.

    I’m far from a Uncle Tom house nigga and personally I find Imus boring, but I do like Limbaugh in small doses, not conservative enough for my taste, and I do watch Fox News. If you think Sharpton or Jackson is doing anything to progress the black race then more power to you, you are just the type of person I didn’t want to think you were. You are a black man brainwashed into believing that someone is out to get him and that is sad really. If you think the media is conservative you really need to wake up.

    There are way too many examples of the liberal bias in the presentation of media by mainstream news outlets to honestly post that the media is conservative led. I suggest you open your eyes Eric.

  50. “Rest assured I’m a young black man…
    …I have family members who all have no problem getting jobs. I find if you groom yourself, make yourself presentable, and actually know about your profession, that coupled with being in a nice job market will get you a job no problem, regardless of race. ”

    Now what would cause you to say that? Is it because you have a good job
    and a home in the suburbs? Just because you seem to be satisfied is no cause to forget who is the cause or black people being exploited and oppressed. There have been many causes
    we Africans have chosen to stand up for and to die for. Rest assured many Africans are dying for a cause while you think there is no cause to stand up or die for.

    Our lions such as Sojourner and Harriet, with their “nappy heads”, as well as Malcolm, Martin all died because they knew what was the cause. The cause, causing all of us to be exploited and oppressed while Nig-Nags like you DavieMac act like your shit don’t stink.

    I hope you get a cause to stand or die for soon you’re gonna die anyway. You’re gonna be Niggered to death and followed in the department store, pulled over DWB or fired from that job you so proudly talk about…Just because you’re black.

    For me I hope you die in your ignorance, never to be enlightened forever to be knee-grow, nigger, arrogant sumbitch you appear to be. So there won’t be anything, or any things like you, causing me to die because you don’t believe in the cause of truth reciprocity, atonement and REALITY!

    To you and all other knee-grows, listen to this:
    It’s great to be professional and educated while enjoying the trappings of the privileges fought hard for by your predecessors. It’s also glorious to die for a cause, because you, I< they know it is for a better world and hopefully a more grateful generation. It’s never glorious to die ignorant, selfish and arrogant.

  51. Damn! Say it loud…..!

  52. I’m not stupid, naive or born yesterday. There are some very fishy things about the Duke case and I’m not convinced of their innocence. Something happened there and maybe one day we will know the truth. Being a nurse I would love to know what the nurses notes were and why she felt the need to do a rape kit. These boys had a long history of bad behavior. Why were they hiring black strippers anyway? Was it someone’s birthday or was someone getting married? From the comment about the great grandfathers shirt to the one that was made about skinning the dancers, some of these boys are trouble and racist. The dancers are no where to be found and the one changed her story. Why aren’t they calling for her to do jail time like the DA, maybe she was paid off? I live in America and unlike you Dave, I’m not blinded to racial and other injustice. Wake up, for you are truly a fool.

  53. Hey Mizzo, someone else noticed the Randy Moss link to two great offenses, finally; http://proxy.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=garber_greg&id=3067273 Hey, good work on mentioning it first, or at least the first place I saw the comparison made.

  54. Hey, I say Hey too often, Hey. Sorry about that.

  55. Thanks Bias. Should have been mentioned many times….it was his rookie year and they were 15-1! Can’t really take credit for the obvious.

  56. @Sankofa

    Yes I have a good job, my family has a good job, the people I associate with have good jobs, all of my friends did not grow up in the suburbs but they made something out of their lives. My parents both grew up poor and managed to do something with their lives and provide for their kids. The problem with people like you Sanokfa and you Michelle are that you are so busy trying to find things wrong with the world that you over look all the opportunity out there for everyone, regardless of race.

    MLK Jr, Sojourner Truth, and the other civil right activists fought so we can have opportunirty for betterment and now we do. They completed their mission, now its time for use to reach out and grab at those opportunities, not sit back begging and crying about way it is easy for some and not for others. Thats the problem with a lot of you northern blacks, you sit around begging for handouts and thinking you are entitled to something, instead of going out there and taking advantage of the great country you are in, and that is truly sad.

    I will say MLK Jr., Booker T. Washington, and the others would be disappointed in the blacks who regularly post on this site, because you all have all this opportunity and all you manage to do is complain and cry about it. You all are an embarassment to black Americans.

    There is nothing fishy about the Duke lacrosse cause other than your blatent racism that has skewed your perception. The girls went to the party to dance, with no male bouncers, which means they went to get down if the price was right. She probably performed some sexual favor and he didn’t pay up, so she got mad and made up the story to get back at him.

    The fact is none of those guys DNA was found on her. The other dancers all said nothing happend, until the DA hung another trial over one of the other young ladies, she then switched her story. Once everyone found out about what the DA did, she changed her story back to what she originally had said. Credit card evidence had one guy she claimed being there at another place. Everything she said was a lie, and she ended up tarnishing the Duke Lacrosse team’s season and a few of the player’s name for nothing. I forgot though you are a racist, so logical and reason do not make sense to you, right Michelle.

  57. Yes I have a good job, my family has a good job, the people I associate with have good jobs, all of my friends did not grow up in the suburbs but they made something out of their lives. My parents both grew up poor and managed to do something with their lives and provide for their kids.

    Listen Asshole your parents didn’t corner the market on pulling themselves up by the boot strap. Moreover, I can tell you that my parents experience was much harsher than yours yet managed to raise nine fighting warriors, but it’s not about that kind of comparison.

    The problem with people like you Sanokfa and you Michelle are that you are so busy trying to find things wrong with the world that you over look all the opportunity out there for everyone, regardless of race.

    You don’t know me from a can of paint, yet you Ass-sume that since I and my sister point out certain perpetrated bullshit, your knee-grow conservative hard on empowers you to regulate us to the garbage can of conspiracy theorists and nutbars. For all you know the sister probably has more going on socially educationally and economically than you can have a wet dream about. For me, you’re just a blind squirrel looking for a nut in my world.

    MLK Jr, Sojourner Truth, and the other civil right activists fought so we can have opportunirty for betterment and now we do. They completed their mission, now its time for use to reach out and grab at those opportunities, not sit back begging and crying about way it is easy for some and not for others. Thats the problem with a lot of you northern blacks, you sit around begging for handouts and thinking you are entitled to something, instead of going out there and taking advantage of the great country you are in, and that is truly sad.

    Don’t call the name of these giants in your mouth, because my-story tells me that if you were running with Sister Harriet, she would have shot your ass for half-stepping and cooning. And for the money these two sisters were not civil rights advocate, but freedom fighters—know the distinction. MLK evolved from dreaming to pulling the pants off the empire by stirring up real shit or did your edumacation forget the real reason why he was assassinated?

    And the “mission is not completed fool! That’s why we have to be vigilant against the kind of complacency and “I have made it on my own merit” delusion that individuals like yourself continually spew out from your foul orifice each time you’re asked to get involved in the collective good of your fellow man and woman.

    I will say MLK Jr., Booker T. Washington, and the others would be disappointed in the blacks who regularly post on this site, because you all have all this opportunity and all you manage to do is complain and cry about it. You all are an embarassment to black Americans.

    “Injustice for one is Injustice for all.” Sounds familar? One most first correctly analyze why your ass is catching hell, before arriving at a remedy. Again your knee-grow arrogance causes you to ass-sume that we are sitting on our collective buts, drinking beer and complaining. I can say that for you and your friends. You are the embarrassment. You are also the first that will be dealt with when shit starts happening.

  58. @Sankofa

    I never said I had the market cornered in coming up from anything. I’m not in the mood for making comparisons. I’m letting you get a glimpse of wher I’m coming from.

    Second, I am not making any assumptions about you, I’m going off of and making judgement calls based on the crap you spew on these boards. I don’t know what you all do professionally and I do not care, that is not my point. I’m more concerned about your mindset, that is disturbing to me.

    As for the civil rights advocates and for the black human rights fighters, I’m sorry I did not distinguish between the two. As for what you feel about MLK Jr., fine. I personally most of the message that he put out, towards the end I disagree with him, seemed like he became discouraged. The fight continued though and now we have the opportunity to do anything that we choose in this nation, nothing can stop us but ourselves, in that sense the mission is completed. The people in the movement were fighting so that people in my generation would have the opportunity to accomplish things in this nation, they did not have those opportunities, we have them, I’d say mission accomplished. As for the collective, I laugh at that. It is collective talk that is damaging. If everyone just tried to legally better themselves and respect their neighbor, the race as a whole would be better off.

    What injustice do blacks face today that we legally can not get recourse from? There is nothing today that we do not have to power to fight back against, nothing. So cut the victim crap. You are not a second class citizen in this country, get out of the mindset that you are.

    As for being an embarassment and being dealt with, I laugh at that. Nothing about my life our how I act is an embarassment, to me our my family. I have a healthy sense of pride about myself and my family. As for when things go down, what are you talking about man. Wake up.

  59. Sankofa, this dude is the reason why people like Whitlock exist. I mean really,they are a minority among their own race–and not in a positive way.

    They come off as these pseudo heroes trying to make sense of anger and what they measure as irresponsibility. But the words they speak are grounded in vindictiveness. You can see it in their body language…in their mannerisms.

    They just don’t get it because they’d rather switch than fight. They haven’t the courage, the heart or unity based soul.

    They claim to be individuals, but it’s nothing but fear. Fear of being ridiculed in “IT”. Fear of upsetting massa and his buddies who don’t give a damn about them.

    They’d let their wife or mother die at the hands of others–without a fight, just pleading tears–just to live another day and then most likely be cool with the perps afterwards who would laugh and joke about their loss right in their face–while they laughed right along with them.


    We understand that Blacks have to be accountable for their actions.

    We understand that all Whites aren’t racist.

    What WE will not stand for is the constant and typical injustices that plague OUR people while others are afforded a luxury of comfort in those same instances.

    Example: The Jena 6.

    Let me make this perfectly clear for all of those out there who are mistaken or confused.

    NO ONE IS VALIDATING VIOLENCE–In saying that, I mean the 6 on 1.


    Why weren’t the other kids involved prosecuted to the fullest extent?

    How can kids actually be arrested for stealing a gun that was pulled on them!?!

    Why hasn’t the district attorney brought up on charges?

    Why were these kids tried as adults?


    Dave as long as these cases CONTINUE to happen, WE will scream and holler for those who couldn’t before us..whose tongues were cut out, whose ears and other appendages were cut off and fed to their hanging lifeless bodies. Most of these people were killed for some dumb shit that they would let their dogs live for.

    Death has become us and until you or others can relate to the anger and sorrow of impending and past misery associated with unexplainable and mentally frustrating loss of FAMILY, just shut up!

    It never goes away. I implore those who I speak of to live on, but never get over it, because there will be others…trust and cowards like Dave will continue to make excuses for the other side while nullifying the horrific slave ship ride.

    Do not nit pick on the perceived negatives in this post Dave. Think about the issues raised her and focus on them.

  60. Arguing with an idiot is not a smart move. Anybody who would argue that “nappy-headed” has nothing to do with raise is either fucking stupid or dishonest. The term “nappy” was created to describe black hair, it’s not some universal term. The fact that you willfully ignore that is sad. But, have fun in life.

  61. @Mizzo

    I knew the Jena 6 was coming. Personally, the only thing wrong in this case is the extent that the 6 people were charged. Thats it and now that is being corrected. I really don’t see anything terrible that happend in this event other than the fact the children’s parents did not have the sense to get good lawyers.

    As for the shotgun incident, again good legal council could have handled that easily.

    You are right the DA is a problem, just like the DA in the Duke lacrosse case.

    I think its funny you bring up the case of the Jena 6 and proclaim racism is here today, and act as if they were innocent, yet you ignore and turn a blind eye to the Duke Lacrosse case in which all those charged were completely innocent and not only got pressured by the DA but got absolutely no public support at all.

    So I think that alone should show you that a crazy DA can make life hell for everyone, race not being an issue.

  62. Wow. Dave this is interesting. Could you elaborate on when race is an issue?

  63. I don’t set issues, but I know it when I see it.

    I will have to correct myself though, if it sounded like I was saying the Duke lacrosse and the Jena 6 events were not race issues, that was not my intent. Re-reading my last post I get the feeling that is how I’m coming across.

    I think both incidents involve race, the only difference is which race is getting screwed. I find it funny that if you really cared about equality, the same anger you have towards the Jena 6 would be magnified looking at the Duke lacrosse case, especially since the Duke case featured people who were wholly innocent.

  64. “I think both incidents involve race, the only difference is which race is getting screwed.”

    That’s a very sophmoric use of the term “involve race”. The Duke guys, unlike the Jena 6, didn’t get “screwed” because of their race. The point of the Jena 6 was that there was a blatant double standard in the prosecution of the kids involved that was based on race. There was nothing like that in the Duke case unless you want to argue that if a white stripper had made a false accusation then they woouldn’t have been charged which, frankly, would be idiotic.

    Also, I love how the “wholly innocent” line is used to try and totally whitewash the Duke guys and continue the obnoxious and ongoing pity party and deification of these guys.

    Yes, they were wholly innocent of rape BUT the team had a history of engaging in behavior which resulted in misdemeanor charges and a rebuke from the University long before the alleged rape charge. In fact, iirc, one of the guys who was falsely accused plead out to a gay bashing incident. If these guys had been charged properly to begin with for underage drinking, providing alcohol to minors and say hiring a sex worker, then it would have been added to the pile of the team’s other misdemeanor charges and that would have been that and the people who are oh so concerned NOW about prosecutorial misconduct and false accusations could go on ignoring it like they usually do.

  65. @Ks

    Hiring a dancer, which is what they did, is not illegal. Period. The Duke case was only about rape, underage drinking and etc. were not brought up. So it is irrelevant. The Duke boys were charged with rape that none of them committed, the DA knew there was no evidence to support this case and still prosecuted them in the court and in the public.

    The Jena 6 kids commited aggravated assault but were unfairly charged with attempted murder. In no way were those kids innocent of anything. They were wrong and it doesn’t matter about anything that happend before. They assualted 1 person and that alone makes them worse than the Duke boys.

    But you Pro-Black activist don’t acknowledge this. You will not say crap happens regardless of whether you are black or white. No you can’t see that, you instead go on crying about how this only happens to black people and turn a blind eye when the same situation happens to whites, except in our comparison it is worse because the Duke boys committed no crime at all the the lady.

  66. “Pro-Black activist”, huh? LOL, okay Uncle Ruckus. You were the one who the made the stupid following claim:

    “I think both incidents involve race, the only difference is which race is getting screwed.”

    That is simply not true at all. Period. So now you’re trying to backtrack and continue to bs. Period. The whole point of the Jena 6 issue was not only were the black kids charged with attempted murder instead of something like aggravated assualt, it was that none of the white kids who were involved in the incidents which led up to that were charged with anything at all. Period. It was systemic and clear race based double standard of prosecution. Period. There was nothing like that in the Duke case. Period.

    Your lame notion that the folks who are angry about the Jena 6 should be angrier about the Duke case based on them being more “wholly innocent” is simply assinine though it is amusing how you want to ignore as irrelevant the gay bashing, the team’s history of behavior and previous misdemeanors, the underage drinking, the providing alcohol to minors and most amusing of all, is they duplcitous treatment of the accuser. People like you tend to go on and on with the malicious name calling against her but you bend over backwards to call her a stripper, instead of a sex worker, not to do her a favor, but as cover for the Duke guys.

  67. @KS

    I’m not back-tracking at all I feel that I clarified my post. The fact is both cases are the same except the Duke boys were innocent of all wrong doing.

    The white kids jumping the black kids was wrong, but the black kids did not bring up charges. If they weren’t going to bring up charges and the DA did nothing about it, I don’t see the big deal.

    Another key thing is this, even if it was a retaliation, that is not what they are empowered to do by the law. The correct form of action is to go to the police if you are attacked and press charges, not handle it yourself. They broke the law plain and simple and there is no justification at all for jumping a kid 6 to 1. No justification at all.

    Back to the Duke case, gay bashing is not a crime, previous misdemeanors have nothing to do with the rape case, underage drinking was not brought up by the DA and is irrelevant to the rape case, and finally the accuser was treated better than the accused. She did not have her name and picture posted in the press, she wasn’t called a whore or slut. She was praised as a young girl out working, stripping to get an education, while the Duke boys were getting their names dragged through the mud, being told they should be kicked out of school, and having their faces plastered over the internet.

  68. I fail to see how the Duke case and Jena case were the same. The DA in the Duke case was actually DISBARRED. The Jena DA just got Mychal Bell thrown back in jail!

    Mychal Bell did nine months in jail, exactly how much time did the Duke boys have to serve. Repeated racist incidents against black people in Jena were ignored, how does that relate to the Duke case?

    In the Duke case a sex worker made a false accusation against the lacrosse players and prosecutor followed up. In the Jena case, the prosecutoer decided on his own to charge six boys with ATTEMPTED MURDER instead of charges like simple or aggravated battery and justified that by saying they were wearing shoes. They are not even close to the same.

  69. Folks don’t feed the Black Troll all he wants is attention so he can dominate the discussion. I bet you this idiot is laughing his ass off thinking he can set an agenda. Hey Asshole there are plenty of sites like Stromfront, Faux Sports, ESPN Page2 and other right-wing sports pages like J.T. the Brick, Big Chitlin Whitlock, and the Third Spot where you can articulate your right-wing viewpoints. We come on this site as progressive Black People as an escape from the MSWM and it’s consersative BS to talk about issues and hopefully make people think and inspire people to action.

    Take your ‘House Nigga Ass’ somewhere else you are not welcomed here, why would I come on site when people have said they don’t want you or your views here. Black Troll, you are just a blowhard taking up space for others who would make more sense Dickhead!!!! Good grief we got another Troll lurking around wanting to interjet themselves into something that they don’t have the intelligence or political rhetoric because they don’t our viewpoint, well Asshole go to Jason Whitlock’s site you will find true believers.

  70. You are actually comparing being ridiculed in the public sphere to being forced to serve time in jail and being convicted of a crime?

    Cause that’s what you’re doing when you compare the Duke case to the Jena case.

    If ridicule is a problem, do you stand up for OJ everytime he’s the butt of a joke in the IT department since he was found not guilty of a crime because of the actions of an overzealous racist white cop? Since public ridicule is so bad.

  71. Eric-

    Been quiet around here lately, I guess somebody had to jump in and fill the void.

  72. Folks don’t feed the Black Troll all he wants is attention so he can dominate the discussion. I bet you this idiot is laughing his ass off thinking he can set an agenda. Hey Asshole, there are plenty of sites like Stromfront, Faux Sports, ESPN Page2 and other right-wing sports pages like J.T. the Brick, Big Chitlin Whitlock, and the Third Spot where you can articulate your right-wing viewpoints. We come on this site as progressive Black People as an escape from the MSWM and it’s consersative BS to talk about issues and hopefully make people think and take action and challenge like-minded people on black bias in the media.

    Take your ‘House Nigga Ass’ somewhere else you are not welcomed here, why would I come on site when people have said they don’t want you or your views here. Black Troll, you are just a blowhard taking up space for others who would make more sense Dickhead!!!! Good grief we got another Troll lurking around wanting to interjet themselves into something that they don’t have the intelligence or political rhetoric because they don’t agree with our viewpoint, well Asshole go to Jason Whitlock’s site you will find true believers.

  73. Hey McBias, you oughtta show me some love. I beat Garber by a whole month.

  74. GMTA brotha! It’s crazy to think that no one in the mainstream is talking about this. Like it was some kind of abberration.

    This most ever is the most ever. Damn you Gary Anderson! Nah not really, but I wish he didn’t miss that kick. Changed history.

  75. “….gay bashing is not a crime,”

    Say what Uncle Ruckus! How is it not a crime? Especially since one of the Duke guys was charged with it and plead out to it before the whole alleged rape thing even started.

  76. @ Allen

    Yes the Duke DA was disbarred, after months of posturing in the public and dragging those boys name in the mud over some trumphed up charges, of which they were completely innocent of.

    Mychal Bell did time in jail because he was still guilty of aggrevated assult, I would even say all of them are guilty of assualt with intent to commit manslaughter, which is a felony. They savaagely attack another kid and could have killed him. They get no sympathy for going to jail, hopefully all of them do time. The only problem with their sentencing is that it was for life and for attempted murder. As for Bell, he was committing crime after crime so I really feel not problem with him getting jail time.

    You can try to white wash those boys in Jena if you want, but what they did is criminal, and while the charges were excessive, they did need to be punished. The Duke boys did nothing to warrent punishment, yet they were punished more severely in that now they have to live down being called rapist.

  77. Yo I’m about to bang the gong on this cat 😉

  78. @KS

    Gay bashing isn’t a crime. I can yell out how much I hate gays all I want and nothing can be done about it, it is the same way with the Klu Klux Klan and blacks. He was arrested before because he assualted someone while saying those insults. That really doesn’t matter though because he did his time for that crime.

  79. As I See It: The Disappearing Grown-Up
    by Victor Rozek

    I enjoy watching people, and because of what I do (coaching, consulting, and facilitation), I tend to watch them intently. I watch their physiology and their behaviors. I look for subtle changes in expression. I listen to what they say and how they say it; I notice what they omit. I track how they treat others and how they act when they think no one is looking. And, lately, whether I’m in the workplace or the mall or watching television, I’ve been asking myself the same question: where have all the adults gone?

    In the workplace, I have seen managers without integrity, leaders with high pay and low accountability. I have seen employees who are slow to display initiative but are quick to blame others. And everywhere there are people who do jobs they don’t want to do and hold themselves as victims, stubbornly defending the belief that they have no choice.

    In malls, surveys show that 70 percent of the shoppers don’t know why they are there. They have no particular reason for coming, nothing they especially need to buy. I watch people with dull expressions and collapsed physiologies wander aimlessly, often eating something to relieve the anxiety and the boredom.

    On television, political talk shows that once discussed important issues in depth are now shouting matches. Supposedly grown men and women are paid to interrupt and shriek insults at one another. Complex issues are reduced to meaningless sound bites, and most of the air time is spent savaging the opposing side.

    Sometimes I just get hungry for adults.

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably at work. Look around. Do you see any adults? I mean real adults, not just people who have had the biological good fortune to reach the age of maturity. I’m talking about the kind of people who have achieved a level of growth and wisdom that inspires you to say, “Yeah, I want to be more like that person.”

    See anybody like that? Me neither. It’s not that people don’t have admirable skills. They do. One plays the piano, another writes elegant code, still another can build a house. But what I’m talking about is more reflective of a state of being than a state of doing.

    So what is an adult, anyway? And what constitutes an adult state of being? The dictionary won’t help much. It maintains that an adult is “one who has attained maturity or legal age.” That’s like saying that a painting is a canvas that has attained paint. And notice the “or” in “maturity or legal age.” Does that mean whichever comes first, or does it imply choice? Short of premature death, we don’t have much choice about attaining legal age, but becoming mature is an entirely different proposition. Yet here the dictionary fails us again. Maturity is defined as “ripeness; the state or quality of being fully grown.” Sure, I’ve known some ripe people, but a good shower will ameliorate that.

    So let’s create our own definition. In all cultures there is a select number of men and women who have achieved a gracefulness of being that is immediately recognized as that of a fully evolved and fully engaged human. They share certain common characteristics such as wisdom, compassion, purpose, integrity, awareness, joy, creativity, and self-responsibility. They appear to delight in being alive, and others feel more alive in their presence. They speak simply and directly and self-disclose as appropriate. They are generous and affectionate. They can accept praise without deflecting it and can hear criticism without denying it. They acknowledge mistakes. Their values and actions are congruent; therefore there is harmony between what they say and what they do. They keep their word. They are self-correcting. They are curious and are open to other points of view. They are respectful of differences. They have dignity but are playful and able to laugh at themselves.

    Sound like anyone you know? If not, look in the mirror. In truth, we all have some degree of these qualities. The challenge of “growing up” is to maximize them to the extent we are able. But what if childishness was deliberately designed into our education system? And what if much of modern society, including the workplace, is organized around keeping us in a state of perpetual infancy?

    An engrossing essay in the September Harper’s by former teacher John Taylor Gatto traces the roots of our maligned school system and reaches a startling conclusion: that the system isn’t broken at all; in fact, it’s doing precisely what it was intended to do.

    During his thirty years of teaching, Gatto often pondered why boredom was so dominant an experience for both students and teachers. He concludes that schools traffic in boredom because they were designed to prepare people for a lifetime of boredom.

    Gatto makes a compelling case that our K-12 system is based on a Prussian model that was developed in order to standardize the population, thus making it “manageable” and compliant. By the mid-1920s, when the system was beginning to be well-established in the United States, a number of critics began to express alarm. Among them was H.L. Menken, who wrote that the aim of public education was not “to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. . . . Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim. . .is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality.”

    We have the type of schools we have, argues Gatto, because we have the type of economic system we have, and it requires feeding. So if there are many boring, repetitive jobs that must be filled, you had better train people to have a high tolerance for boredom and repetition. This is one step below Huxley’s Brave New World, a “utopia” in which material consumption is encouraged and no one hates their job, because they have been bred, quite literally, to do what they do.

    Gatto would argue that through the process of educational breeding we have lost our distinctiveness. We all wear basically the same clothes, drive similar cars, live in comparable homes with the same set of appliances. We are armed with cell phones, are reliant on computers, and are medicated by television. In the workplace we are all required to conform to a very narrow range of behaviors and are punished when we stray from the prescribed path.

    The people aimlessly wandering America’s malls are perfect examples of Gatto’s thesis. “Schools didn’t have to train kids in any direct sense to think they should consume nonstop,” he writes, “because it did something even better: it encouraged them not to think at all.” And that lack of critical thought allows the young to be herded by marketeers toward uniformity, which, in turn, constricts the fullness of their adulthood.

    Gatto notes that some of the greatest leaders and geniuses of the American experiment (the caliber of individual we seem to have difficulty duplicating today) never endured twelve years of mandatory education. That list includes Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Edison, Carnegie, Melville, Twain, and Margaret Mead.

    But while the old educational model may have made economic if not psychological sense during the Industrial Age, it makes little sense in an information economy where workers are valued for their knowledge, flexibility, and innovation. Yet the system has not appreciably changed, and Gatto likens the “forced confinement” and “cell-block style” of urban schools to “virtual factories of childishness.”

    He postulates that “maturity has by now been banished from nearly every aspect of our lives. Easy divorce laws have removed the need to work on relationships; easy credit has removed to need for fiscal self-control; easy entertainment has removed the need to learn to entertain oneself; easy answers have removed the need to ask questions.”

    Indeed, one measure of adulthood is the quality of questions a person asks himself. An adult will ask: “What do I want to do?” “How do I want to contribute?” “What is my part in this conflict or disagreement?” A child will ask: “What do they want from me?” “What’s the least I can do?” And possibly the quintessential childish question of our time: “Why do they hate us so much?”

    For most of us, adulthood is a journey and not a destination. In the end, some of us will be responsible for our own lives and well-being, for our own choices and our own behaviors. And some will not. For those who refuse to grow up, perpetual adolescence is a lonely place, full of empty distractions that never quite assuage the fear.

    Perhaps Gatto is right, and the dumbing-down of America was an unintended consequence of a deliberate educational choice made many years ago. And since education and human nature are slow to change, at least we can claim with apparent accuracy that although we may not have had a happy childhood, we’ve certainly had a long one.


    The acceptance of body contact and borderline violence seems to be based on the idea that sports is an area of life in which it is permissable to suspend usual moral standards. Studies show that athletes commonly distinguish between game morality and the morality of everyday life. A college basketball player says, “In sports you can do what you want. In life it is more restricted”. A football player says “The football field is the wrong place to think about ethics”.

    Experts express concern about the social implications of this lower moral standard in such an important and influential area. Sports gives us a wealth of metaphors in other activities: the language of sports is often used in discussions of business, politics and war. The influence of this double standard begins at an early age.

    Athletes as Role Models

    We know from research in psychology that young children tend to model their behaviour and attitudes on those of adults, particularly adults they admire. Athletes (and fathers watching/ playing sports) are role models. Even Presidents admire them. Children watch ice hockey on television. We all know the stale joke “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”. But how many children, or adults, are aware that a majority of hockey players want to abolish this violence? At annual meetings of the National Hockey Players Association violence has been a major issue, with players asking owners to impose much stiffer penalties (including expulsion).

    But Club Owners (sponsors and the media) refuse to discourage the violence, because it attracts spectators who come to see “red ice”. Players who do not participate in the violence endanger their jobs. Most players do not want to see a game where their lives (or others) are in jeopardy. That pressure ultimately comes from owners (sponsors and the media) “who are into making profits”.

    But to children it all seems natural. Little does he or she know that the extreme violence he sees often grows more out of the owners’ commercial interests than players’ inclinations.

    A child who watches acts of violence committed by thieves, murderers, or sadists in films or on TV knows that society disapproves of these acts. The child who watches sports knows that athletes’ acts of violence are approved of. It makes sense that sports violence would serve as an important role model for children who tend to be well adjusted socially, while illegal violence on the screen would tend to have a greater influence on the behaviour of children who are more psychologically damaged and/or feel more alienated from society.

    Sports plays a major role in reinforcing the concern with success, winning, and dominance. On the sports field these goals alone justify illegal and violent acts.

    Violence in the Stands

    Sports Illustrated took an “unscientific poll of fans” and reported in its August 8, 1988 issue that “everyone who had ever been a spectator at a sporting event of any kind had, at one time or another, experienced the bellowing of obsenities, racial or religious epithets … abusive sexual remarks to women in the vicinity, fistfights between strangers and fistfights between friends”. Increased spectator violence is one more manifestation of the escalation of violence which has taken place in our society in the last 20 years. Violence between athletes can only serve to encourage it.

    Youth Sports: “Just Like the Game of Life”

    30,000,000 children are involved in youth sports in North America, under the direction of 4.5 million coaches and 1.5 million administrators. When these programs place inordinate emphasis on competition and winning they become detrimental. Most youth sport coaches lack even rudimentary knowledge of the emotional, psychological, social and physical needs of children.

    Many athletes report the enormous importance of the coach to a young boy or girl. Players look to their coaches as figures of wisdom and authority. This deep emotional relationship and respect for the coach’s authority facilitates players’ transference of moral responsibility from themselves to the coach. A core idea transmitted by coaches (and fathers) is that “playing the game is just like the game of life. The rules you learn will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.”

    Some of the rules that are emphasized sound good – teamwork, sacrifice for the common good, never giving up, giving 110 percent of yourself – and in the hands of sensitive, knowledgeable, well-trained coaches they can be used to teach youth valuable habits. But such coaches are far from the rule. Examples abound of coaches teaching youth the wrong things, in many cases (most?) without even knowing it, to the point of being a serious social problem.

    When “60 Minutes” did a program on youth football they found that the emphasis was very much on winning – to the point that it is no longer fun. The emphasis of winning deprives youth of the pleasure of playing the game. The findings of academic researchers confirm “the obsession with winning is far from infrequent in youth sports”. Eventually, integrity takes a backseat to the pragmatic concern of winning games. Players learn that integrity is a rhetorical strategy one should raise only in certain times and places. The adults involved with Little League tend to be oriented toward winning, losing and competition.

    Ironically, instead of focusing on enjoying sports, reaping physical benefits, and instilling a lifelong involvement in athletics, too many of our sports programs are geared exclusively toward winning (and coincidentally destroying bodies and missing out on the fun). The obsession with competitiveness and winning is far more pronounced among managers and coaches (and parents) than players. Many coaches think it is correct to use techniques of pushing, yelling, dehumanizing the opposing team, etc. Many coaches also teach players to sacrifice their bodies unnecessarily, hide all feelings of fear and vulnerability (however warranted they may be), to sacrifice the bodies of others, and use sexual slurs .. often to provoke boys to prove their manhood.

    What Sports is About

    True courage involves taking risks at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason. It is the competitive spirit tempered by empathy, moral concern, and a sense of social responsibility that causes long-lasting excellence and brings benefits to the community at large.

    Here is what I learned from a Sports Psychologist: What they look for in an excellent athlete –

    1. competitiveness – not in the sense of having to win the game at all costs, but in having to win each move or action they make. In other words, a type of striving for continuous improvement – to always do the best you can and doing even better next time. Coincidentally, the sum of a lot of small wins, will probably add up to the big win.

    2. being a task master – the self discipline to organize and carry on the necessary tasks to get any job done, however long it takes, whatever it takes. This keeps you going, on track, or getting back on track. It means having a goal and not taking your eyes off it until you have obtained it.

    3. self esteem – having the confidence in yourself that you can do anything you want to. It helps you when you miss a goal because you know you will get it next time, and it keeps you coming back.


    We have reached a crisis point today. Contributing to this crisis is TV, which introduces violent athletes as role models to very young children and often focuses attention on the violence in sports. Also, the commercialization of youth sports introduces children to inappropriately competitive sports at an early age. Both as players and as spectators, children are learning all the wrong lessons. What can we do in youth and high school sports to curtail violence, excessive concerns with winning and dominance, and the denigration of women and homosexuals?

    1. Day care centers and nursery schools are licensed (not to mention the regular school system). There is a problem of accountability of youth sports organizations. It is time for sports organizations, which involve large numbers of school-age children and affect their physical and mental health, to be licensed as well.

    2. All coaches (and parents) should have training in child development and physiology, and sports philosophy and how to deal with violence in sports. All coaches should have background checks (similar to Block Parents).

    3. All players, parents and coaches should sign a “contract” agreeing to a code of conduct, what is expected of coaches, players and parents.

    4. All attempts at injuring other players in order to “take them out” of the game and all borderline violence should be forbidden. Any attempt by a coach to encourage youth to behave in this way should be met with a severe penalty and eventual removal if repeated. There should be no difference between game morality and the morality of everyday life.

    5. Players who are problematic (i.e. offenders) should not be allowed to play on a team (for suitable time periods). For example, a ‘3 strikes and you are out’ rule.

    6. All violent, insulting language on the part of the coach and the players, including slurs against women and homosexuals, should be forbidden.

    7. Friendly, civil relations between teams should be encouraged. All games should start and end with handshakes.

    8. League injury rates should be provided to players and parents.

    9. Professional sports organizations must curtail violence. Otherwise, if society has seen fit to regulate cock fights and dog fights to protect animals and the public, so must violence in professional sports be regulated. Employers (Club Owners) should not be allowed to endanger (or bully) employees (players), even if they are paying them millions of dollars, because there is a very large social cost to which they are not contributing.


    A major justification for our nation’s enormous investment in competitive sports is that ‘sports build character, teach team effort, and encourage sportsmanship and fair play’. Studies indicate that youth involved in organized sports show less sportsmanship than those who are not involved. One study found that as the children grew older they moved away from placing high value on fairness and fun in participation and began to emphasize skill and victory as the major goals of sport. In several other studies it was found that youth who participated in organized sports valued victory more than non-participants, who placed more emphasis on fairness.

    Instead of learning fair play and teamwork, too many of our children are learning winning is everything. It is time to regulate children’s sports so that youth will really learn the pro-social attitudes and values that they are supposed to learn from sports, instead of the obsessive competitiveness, emotional callousness, and disdain for moral scruples that are so often precursors to violence.


  80. “He was arrested before because he assualted someone while saying those insults.”

    Duh. That’s called gay bashing and, in the Duke guy’s case, was and is a crime. That you want to limit the definition to mere bigotted yelling is your problem.

  81. #12 Mizzo

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t shadow his entire career, if you honestly feel that way.

    I was simply saying that the pain killer topic was an old topic that is now being brought back up simply to publicize the difficulty his wife had in writing her book, that’s all.

    To Allen’s response regarding PacMan

    Their is no governing body over the radio airwaves other than the FCC and to an extent, the government may have a share in it. The FCC is there to monitor the airwaves and fine the stations when they don’t censor their “shock jocks” like Imus. If Imus says any of the “dirty words” according to the FCC, then more than likely he’s disciplined by the station because they have to pay fines. Just like Opie and Anthony when they were fired by WNEW for the “sex for sam” stuff in that church in NY, the station caught heat for a disgraceful act, they fired O&A and now they’re back on at XM radio.

    The NFL isn’t an employer, they are the governing body. The employer is the team and Pacman is an employee of the Titans, but the governing body has said his actions are not acceptable according to the “rules” that they set. It’s not necessarily right, but in order for the Titans to compete in the NFL, they have to follow the rules that governing body dictates. So it’s not the TITANS that aren’t letting Pacman play, and he can’t go to the NFL’s version of “XM Radio” because the NFL would still have power over his ability to play for breaking the rules set forth by the governing body. He’s suspended, he’s not fired.

    Of course you know the difference, I was putting it out there for those that by chance will flame me for the simple fact that it may appear that I’m supporting Don Imus and not supporting Pacman, when the fact is I don’t support either. I personally think Pacman should be suspended for his actions as they are detrimental to the product that the NFL is trying to put forward, but I also have never listened to Don Imus ( I would throw cash on a wager to say that most of you probably only know of Don Imus through the Howard Stern movie OR his “nappy headed hos” comment, other than that you’ve never heard of him since he doesn’t cater to our demographic, old white men and women) and I personally could care less if he has a job because I’m not going to listen to him anyway.

  82. I have an idea! After reading this cats’ follow up I realize what it’s all about. To stir up shit! Usually when I see shit on the ground, I step around or over it. Engaging this cat is tantamount to stepping in shit.

    So I ‘m breaking on this one, my head hurts banging on that dumb er.. damn wall!

  83. Mizzo, perhaps you can answer this for me:

    How come you and Sankofa (and everyone else) can call DavidMac “uncle ruckus” or “uncle tom” or “house nigga” but when a white guy looks at another white guy that sags his jeans and has his car sittin’ on wannabe daytons listening to old juvenile songs, that white guys can’t call him a “wigger”?

  84. @Ks
    Where I’m from gay bashing is using words to put homosexuals down. Wikipedia agrees with me. He wasn’t arrested for words though, he and his colleagues in high school were said to have repeatedly punched someone while bashing him.

  85. BlueSteel Says:

    Just to throw my $0.02 in before going back to lurking…


    If you want to use the term “wigger” just say the whole thing – “white nigger” – because that’s what it means right? Are you really asking how come a white guy can’t call somebody a “white nigger”?

    What’s the implication behind calling someone a “white nigger”? Is this something you are really trying to argue/defend?

  86. Don’t know where you’re from but you might need to work on your reading comprehension and review the Wiki entry a bit more carefully because:

    “Gay bashing is an expression used to designate verbal confrontation with, denigration of, or physical violence against people thought to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) because of their apparent sexual orientation or gender identity. Similar terms like “lesbian bashing” or “queer bashing” may also be formed. A “bashing” may be a specific incident, or one could also use the verb “to bash” e.g. “I was gay bashed.”

  87. BlueSteel Says:

    Also, to repeat what Eric Daniels already said, I am highly suspect about David being black…..


    One overarching question I have for you is –

    Why does ALL of the honus in disspelling black stereotypes placed on black people to disprove them and NONE of the honus placed on the people who continue to believe, perpetrate, create, and place stock in them?

  88. “Governing body.” That’s good, but I feel like something is missing. The NFL isn’t really a governing body – so much as it is the administrative arm of a federation of private persons who/that own franchises. The commissioner doesn’t govern as much as he administers. He is not a “ruler” – he is a conduit for the promulgation of rules. The owners appoint a commissioner who sets policy guidelines and provides leadership in coordination with the owners. The commissioner is not a power unto himself, but works to protect the collective interest of the owners.

    Is that right folks?

  89. Cold Blue Steel meet Boney.

    Argerrin’ ain’t the boy’z skrong sute.

  90. @Ks

    Key word in your bolding being “or”, so I guess we were both right. I just view gay bashing as verbel and save actually striking of people as battery or assualt. Legally you can not be charged with gay bashing though, most likely he was charged with battery.


    I do not put the honus of disproving stereotypes on any race. Its an individual thing, if you personally feel that you want to disprove them, so be it. If you don’t so be it. I personally do not care what stereotypes whites or anyone else hold dear. I just try to live up to my own personal standard and let that be it.

  91. Boney,

    “How come you and Sankofa (and everyone else) can call DavidMac “uncle ruckus” or “uncle tom” or “house nigga” but when a white guy looks at another white guy that sags his jeans and has his car sittin’ on wannabe daytons listening to old juvenile songs, that white guys can’t call him a “wigger”?”

    That makes no sense at all. White guys can’t call someone a wigger? Since when? So a white person who wears saggy jeans, has his car sittin on wannabe daytons and listens to old Juvenile songs is a wigger? Are you trying to say that if a white person adopts what you think are certain “black styles”, they are a wigger?

    Anyway, your attempted parallel is shallow because DavidMac is being called, in my case, an “Uncle Ruckus”, because he’s adopted standard anti-black bigotted propaganda not because he’s copying some “white style”.

  92. BlueSteel Says:


    Haha, I just can’t believe that question was asked. I hate when I hear the term “wigger”. It’s a huge copout for those wanting to use the word “nigger” but don’t have the stones to actually say the word if that’s what they mean.


    So to rephrase my question, why does all of the honus lie on the individual to disprove the stereotype (because that’s what you have to do no matter if you care or not) and not on the person who is using the stereotype?

    And how are stereotypes an individual thing? People don’t go around stereotyping one person, they stereotype a whole group, that’s the freaking definition of a stereotype.

    I understand the living up to your own personal standard (that’s something everyone should do) but let’s put this thing into context. For example, let’s say you go apply for a loan, but the banks in your area hold onto the stereotype that blacks don’t repay the loans, so they only offer you the highest interest loan, if they don’t flat out reject you at first. What do you do then? Say, “oh well, I have my personal standards” and loan yourself the money you need?

    If the people you listed earlier (MLK, etc.) had chosen to “ignore” stereotypes, myself, along with a few other people in this country would most likely be in a field somewhere picking cotton instead of sitting at a desk at my job reading this fantastic blog and not getting any work done.

  93. Boney, if you want to call somebody a white nigger, that’s on you. If I want to think certain thoughts about you for doing it, that’s on me. Ain’t nobody stopping white people from doing anything they want to do. It’s the dealing with the consequences part of the equation that white folks have a problem with.

    And Temple, thanks for clarifying the job of the commish. He has no power except the power granted to him by the owners of the individual teams. Ultimately, it’s the team owners working as a collective who decide what is and is not acceptable.

    My point simply is that most mainstream folks thought that it was perfectly understandable taht Pacman, Chris Henry, Odell Thurman and Tank Johnson were told not to come to work and don’t seek work doing your job anywhere else cause we still own your rights.

    These folks seem think it’s unfair that Imus was fired from his job for his words. There’s a problem there.

  94. I always thought a ‘wigger’ was one of those sad attempts of somebody trying far too hard to be something they aren’t. I never thought of the source of the word, just more of a ‘wannabe’ I guess. I just assumed they were an object of ridicule for all.

    Also known more in my younger days as posers. I sort of considered it an update on the word ‘poser’, and tied to a white guy trying to hard to be ‘black’.

    I never broke it down to component words, just wasn’t a word I ran around using, so I never spent a lot of thought on it.

  95. BlueSteel Says:


    I agree with your take, that’s how I’ve it used as well when I was coming up. However, when you break down the origins or component of the term, it gets ugly really quick (it’s pretty much a double insult – to the white person who is accused as well as to black people in general).

  96. BlueSteel Says:

    I meant “heard” it used…

  97. Unless that anti-Black bigoted propaganda is so closely associated with whites that it has become synonymous with “white style.” For example, each of the following collectives have developed a wide range of anti-Black bigoted propaganda:

    “white” conservatives
    “white” liberals
    “white” southerners
    “white” northerners
    “white” midwesterners
    “white” Europeans
    “white” Africans
    “white” Republicans
    “white” Democrats
    “white” Communists (both of them)
    “white” sports writers
    “white” educators
    “white” psychometricians
    “white” shock jocks
    “white” Christians
    “white” atheists
    “white” Jews

    Now, aside from the fact that propagandists consider themselves to be “white” (how bizarre), there appears to be some consistency among the leaders and those who have staked out the core positions over time. In other words, is their a “white” style that is anti-racist or, dare I say, pro-Black? If so, what does it look like?

    [Boney believes all Blacks of a certain style are “niggers” – because any so-called “white” (whatever that means) whose practice (as he defined it above) mirrors those Black persons is a “wigger.” At some point, Boney should be asked to expound on what additional characteristics define “wiggers.” We will, then, all be able to infer which characteristics define “niggers.” – And then, all you niggers will know where you stand with Boney, TSF’s very own white supremacist troll.]

    Persons who are committed to anti-racist behavior, regardless of their cultural, ethnic or ideological orientation do not engage in the development or dissemination of anti-Black bigoted propaganda. Many of us know from experience that the best “rewards” are given to ABBP’s (anti-Black bigoted propagandists). These persons provide an invaluable service to so many of the aforementioned groups – and can count them among their closest associates.

    After all, what knowledgeable, self-respecting African wouldn’t simply throw the mind (or body, if it refused to separate) of young DavidMac out of the nearest window at the very first opportunity?

  98. Allen – at #94;

    I think a better parallel is Tony LaRussa. One of the things that Andrew Hacker found in his book Two Nations was that drunk driving infractions were significantly higher among whites. It is not a crime of class, per se, but of cultural affinity and orientation (it is one of the few battles the American people have “won” over it’s own government). LaRussa was found asleep at the wheel of his car (with the car in drive), but faced neither the loss of job, money or prestige.

    Jerry Buss, as an owner, was found driving on the wrong side of the road, but faces no loss related to career or earnings.

    These persons are not “labor.” One is a manager and the other is an owner. Race may have been a factor (very likely) and class may have been a factor (very likely). In any event, the national reactions to these events are strikingly dissimilar.

  99. @David

    Well the honus lies on blacks to disprove negative stereotypes because we need to get or are trying to show those who hold views that they are true, that in fact theya are wrong. Is it fair nope, but that is usually the way it is. I’m trying to change their opinion or their perception.

    As for your bank analogy, if they do business like that, I’ll vote with my money. I will no longer do business with that organization and will go some where else where I will be valued as a customer.

    Personally I think MLK and other civil rights activist did ignore the stereotypes placed on them, in terms of how they should conduct themselves in society and how they should conduct their movement. I think them ignoring how people thought they should act, blacks and whites, is what allowed them to reach so many people. Obviously the status quo of the time was not working.

  100. T3,

    @98 – He..could..go..all..the…way! You took it to the House!

  101. BlueSteel Says:

    @ Temple #98

    Your third paragraph pretty much sums it up. I would love to hear Boney’s response to any of this.

    What’s that old saying? Never bring a knife to a gunfight….

  102. Regarding post 100, it is directed at you BlueSteel.

  103. Sportsdiva Says:

    David Mac,

    “I’m trying to change their opinion or their perception”

    Therein lies the entire problem. Sad.

  104. @Sportsdiva

    Its only a problem if you care about the person. I have better things to do than worry if someone likes me.

  105. BlueSteel Says:


    If we lived in a country where black people made up, let’s say, at least 40% of the population, you’re philosophy might be able to work….MIGHT, but probably NOT.

    But in the good old U.S.A. where blacks make up a mere 12% of the total population, we cannot afford (both with our money and our livelihoods) to simply IGNORE what the other 88% of the population thinks of us.

    I don’t know about you, but I (along with other black people) don’t think we can survive without interacting with white people (let alone bigoted white people) at all. I wish I could have the option of always choosing a black O&O bank, grocery store, judicial system, school system, etc., but the reality is, we CAN’T. This is something that white people are able to do. If they don’t want to deal with us, they have the option not too and can easily do so. If I myself don’t want anything to do with white people, I’m shit out of luck.


    That gets to the root of the problem. This guy doesn’t realize (if he is black at all, which I highly doubt) that no matter what he does, he will NEVER change their perceptions unless he actively CHALLENGES them on their perceptions.

  106. Today I had an interesting conversation with a high school contemporary of over 25 years. Brother told me of the trials and tribulations he experienced worker in a paper mill. This brother experienced some 1950’s style racism –not discrimination-so badly I felt sick to my stomach.

    Every day for month he has had one co-worker drop his pants – nuts, ass crack and all showing – while calling out my friend’s name for a clear view, to being racially harassed in a staff training session in the presence of supervisors and trainers and no one blinking an eye.

    He recounted bringing a European co-worker down to a West Indian patty shop and told afterwards how scared that co-worker was of some one jumping him. Even though not one single customer paid this white co-worker any attention. When my friend asked him if he (the white worker) ever thought my friend felt the same way during his personal hazing, the European co-worker told him strait up, “No I never gave thought to your feelings”

    As a team leader, he had to do his work and the teams work, because no one would follow his direction and being in charge of that line would be held accountable if there was a fall off. Did I say he was the only African at that plant? Three month before he was demoted two ranks below his former position, he helped the company produce record productions, while earning several million dollars in revenue.

    He has had co-workers tell him they have never SEEN a “black” man before. WTF?

    Six month after that he was terminated as a poor worker, even though he was training current supervisors to do their jobs.

    His plant manager accused him of being on crack because of the stress related weight loss, then turned around and said he quit because he was too sensitive and couldn’t handle the fast pace of the job.

    This is a grown ass man with a wife and children, so what did he do? He filed a human rights complaint.

    Regardless of the fact that my friend won his case, this is just one instant that vigilance is needed because the “right of white privilege” enables people to perpetrate White supremacy guised as racism.

    This is the kind of adverse crap TSF and righteous thinking people fight against. And no, it’s not begging or fronting or complaining…it’s just continuing the work of the past.

  107. BlueSteel Says:


    (1) Marcus Garvey tried that, and was persecuted and prosecuted; the greatest ‘pull your black self up by the boot strap’ movement was destroyed from the inside by previous DavidMacs and from the outside by the feds.

    (2) Elijah Muhammad tried that, and was and is still treated as a racist and demagogue.

    (3)The good citizen of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 tried that and was bombed and burned out of existence.

  108. Sankofa..sup with the link to your site?

  109. Thanks man..Haven’t been able to much in the past few days. I attempt to fix that!

  110. Yeah brotha do that. I learn from you.

  111. I’ve never liked the word “onus” because, well, sound it out.

  112. that’s a joke.

  113. -As to Jaws on NFL matchup. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard him praise a black quarterback. They rarely focus on quarterbacks. NFL Matchup is the nerdiest sports show on TV ( assuming you don’t get the NFL package as AFC and NFC Playbook are kind of up there) . It’s all about really close analysis of plays. So you’ll get five minutes of them discussing a tight end moving three steps to the right and what that opened up. I hate the kind of speculative psychoanalysis of players that makes up most of the discussion on sports shows. So the super nerdy approach is a nice alternative.

    I’ve lived in DC for most of my life and do enjoy the over the top homer Redskins “analysis” shows too. Every sports team needs their own Al Jazeera. But that type of doesn’t pretend to be objective at all.

    -If Imus had called the outside hitter on the UCLA volleyball team a blonde cocksuckingslut, it wouldn’t matter if it was an accurate description or not. He would be fired, not be able to get another mainstream media job and the same people who leapt to his defense would have instead condemned him.

    – As to the Duke lacrosse case vis a vis the Jena 6. That comparison majes no sense. their is no white equivalent to what happened in Jena.

    I think if you want to compare the Duke case to anything there is always this:

  114. @ BlueSteel

    I’m not saying you have to go to a black only business. I am saying go to another business that appreciates you. Also even though blacks make up around 12% of the population, but spending power is huge, around $630 billion in 2003 and next year project to be $921 billion by next year, so the no power excuse doesn’t fly. (http://www.blackenterprise.com/cms/exclusivesopen.aspx?id=489&p=0) There is going to be some business that wants to take your money if another doesn’t, and that just goes to human greed.


    The fact that your friend found recourse through the appointed system proves that times are better in this country and things are going down the right path. I would be worried if nothing happend, then you could say nothing has changed.


    You start off wrong in your Imus analogy, mainly because the language is of what he said was permissible by the FCC and what you posted is not. Try better next time.

    As for the Duke lacrosse case, the comparison makes perfect sense, you just don’t want to see it because it would mean having to re-evaluate where you stand.

  115. […] the facts. One of my proudest moments as a manager was just the relationship I developed with Stephen A. Smith. Regardless of how people might respond to Stephen A. Smith’s delivery on television, that […]

  116. TKG@115:

    “As to Jaws on NFL matchup. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard him praise a black quarterback. They rarely focus on quarterbacks. ”

    That’s news to me. I don’t watch the show as much as I used to – but I have many clear recollections that the central point of the show is the running battle between Jaws and Hoge about the passing game vs. the running game. Jaws ALWAYS says, “Points come from the passing game.” Then he shows clips of quarterbacks buying time by remaining in the pocket under pressure or working through their progressions and hitting secondary or tertiary receivers. Then he laughs in Merrill’s face. And then he pulled out a copy of the Chiefs’ offensive playbook under Dick Vermeil.

    That’s the show I remember. I guess things have changed considerably.

    I don’t like Jaws one stitch, but it is conceivable that since he values pocket mobility above all other traits, there have not been very many Black QBs who’ve demonstrated that quality. McNabb certainly plays that way, but he is often injured and is notorious for not setting his feet on throws. Vick didn’t play way. McNair has been injured or subpar in recent years. Vince Yuong was praised in one show I saw when he made some spectacular reads against the Bills in preseason. And then there’s Daunte. He runs much less than in previous years (3 TD vs. Miami notwithstanding). He hasn’t been at the top of his game. Aaron Brooks is off the radar and did not perform particularly well in Oakland. Byron Leftwich is not an exemplar of pocket mobility.

    So, there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from. I also believe that they were complimentary of Jason Campbell not too long ago AND critical of Brunell last year. I could be wrong, but I believe there may be more to this than meets the eye – for now. I still feel that Jaworski has a bias – but there is a bit of context which explain some of it. He is certainly entitled to affirm his view that mobility within the pocket and accuracy are the most important attributes of a QB – and I’m inclined to agree. Exhibits A – E: Joe Montana, John Elway, Tom Brady, Brett Favre and Warren Moon.

    Four of these men won rings and the fifth (Moon) would have displaced Dan Marino from the record books long before Favre had a chance were he not banished to Canada.

    TKG – anytime you wanna hate on Jaws, holla! I’ll bring the beer.

  117. “I don’t like Jaws one stitch, but it is conceivable that since he values pocket mobility above all other traits, there have not been very many Black QBs who’ve demonstrated that quality.”

    I know you all probably think I’m crazy here – but in the context in which Jaws mentions this – mobility and passing without running – there are a few examples which have been discussed above. I hope this helps.

    If you’re interested, I explored this topic in greater detail here:

  118. The thing with Jaws is , it’s not what he says, it’s how he says it . Thats why I think he has a problem with black qb’s. Micheal Vick never had receivers other that Crumpler. His receivers dropped passes all the time and his line sucked. So why was he making excuses for Joey when he’s not been good on any team. Bottom line is Mike won games on his own and I miss him on the field.

  119. Jaws has serious meltdowns about pocket passers vs scrambling QBs because he has flashbacks of being benched for Randall Cunningham. The way he gets worked up may look like genuine passion…but if you watch how his face contorts, his eyes bug-out and he starts spitting to the point you can see it…that’s not passion, that’s intense anger….and he really needs to get with a therapist and work that ish out before he strokes out right on camera.

  120. Great point Michelle. Great point Miranda. I forgot about that. Someone needs to ask him how he feels about the greatest regular season offense in the history of the league!!

    I find it interesting that ESPN staffs that show with Sal Paloantonio. He’s a Philly beat writer and he loves Jaws. It’s almost like Affirmative Action. 🙂 Jaws was at his worst when Suzy Kolber was the referee.

  121. Miranda , girl I am falling out my chair on that comment. That was an excellent point. I also forgot he was benched for Randall. He really needs to get over that because the bottom line is who’s getting the win. Mike Vick got more wins as the Falcons qb then Joey will ever hope to see.

  122. Michelle,
    That’s why he hates Mike Vick more than any other individual ,period, on this earth. I promise, I have seen him have what looked like seizures when he would start criticizing Mike……one time I specifically remember Chris Collinsworth looking almost afraid because Jaws just lost it completely. I realized it was something else and didn’t put it together until I found out Randall Cunningham effectively ended his career…and it was crystal clear. Jaws is not rational when it comes to #7 at all….his head starts getting bigger at just the mention of his name. Look at how he praised Joey in a pre-season game and said that ridiculous comment about “Atlanta fans need to forget about the excitement and get used to a championship-style QB”……..WTF!?!? Yeah, okay….1-5 later, that “championship style QB” is riding the pine for his 3rd team…and NOW they want to blame the O-line and receivers….LMAO!!! Now that is priceless.

  123. I love my sistas 🙂

  124. I feel you Miranda. It’s all coming back to me now. I remember how Buddy Ryan would take Jaws out on 3rd down plays because Randall was more of a play maker. That spelled the beginning of the end for Jaws. The bench wasn’t far behind after that. He needs to stop tripping. That pre-season game was full of stupid commentary. Michelle T. offering Joey congratulations after the game like he just won the super bowl or something. I was like look at this crap here, are they all on drugs or is it just me? I don’t know why any of them thought Joey could fill Mike’s shoes anyway. Like I said earlier I just miss Mike. Like some people I was very upset with him in the beginning. As time has passed and I’ve had time to think about the situation I’ve realized just how much the whole thing has been blown up. People have killed humans and have served less time in jail then Mike will. It’s sad to say but at the end of the day his poor choices were in part due to him trying to be a loyal friend. Trying to help people. People who used him and then turned on him. Then the media makes a big deal about him testing positive for weed. Give me a f.. break. First of all the drug stays in your system for some time so he could have smoked it around the time he was indicted and failed the test later. The media often acts like they are perfect human beings (NOT!!!). The punishment must fit the crime. Is it unreasonable to think that a person losing everything he has worked for, best friends, lots of money, his job, freedom, and being humiliated in the news for weeks like a mini series might want smoke some weed to escape? I’m not saying it’s right but to quote Chris Rock ” I’M NOT SAYING HE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT BUT I UNDERSTAND” Also what is truly troubling to me is the response from some white folks. When the police were beating the crap out of Rodney King on tape and were acquitted they had little or no outrage. There seems to be a pattern here. Crucify the black athlete whenever he does anything wrong but overlook when a black person has been assaulted, killed by a white person and gets off or when a black person is railroaded by the justice system. Violence of any kind was not started in this country by people of color it was started by whites. Terrorizing and stealing from the Native Americans. Killing, raping and forcing blacks to work for nothing. Have they forgotten this? Some times I wonder. When I see the scene of those white people shouting at children just trying to go to school in the 1957, I think to myself and these are the same people who want Mike Vick under the jail. Please. Mike’s punishment should be 1 year suspension from the league a harsh fine of a million dollars donated to ending dog fighting or a rescue shelter and community service and a year on probation. And thats for the gambling part of this whole thing only. People in my area don’t do jail time for first or second offense dog fighting so how is it that Mike should lose everything? Trust I’m an animal lover and have several myself but the punishment must fit the crime. Another thing that bothers me is the sense of entitlement by some whites. Because they think harming dogs is worse then hunting with a bow and arrow, throw the book at Mike. Animal cruelty comes in many forms in this country but because the good ole boys think their cruelty is ok it’s legal. Yeah so was slavery once upon a time. I know I’ve gone off on this subject but every time I hear someone white go on and on about Mike it makes me feel that blacks are still seen as only part human in this country, even less important as a dog.

  125. Sorry everyone but I have just a little bit more to say on this subject. The haging of the noose joke. How the f…

  126. Miranda, I’m having a Jaws melt down. I can’t even type this without hitting the wrong buttons. So if I spell sh.. wrong, yall know what I’m trying to say. To all those white people that think thats funny let me school you on the history of the damn thing. This represents a wife losing her husband, a mother losing a son, a child losing their father and all because of hatred. A person who was only guilty of being born with black skin is sentenced to such a horrible death. Some clowns will come to the starting five and say I’m hostile well to quote PE “I GOT A RIGHT TO BE HOSTILE MY PEOPLE ARE BEING PERSECUTED!!!) Listen people who just don’t get it. You don’t get it because you don’t want to get it. As you can see if a person of you race is harmed just a little you go off so you just don’t care about peple of color. So stop with the bs. A lot of you just don’t care about us. JUST KEEP IT REAL. You are not fooling us. No one paid for slavery. There is no day of mourning for the worse crime ever committed on American soil. We are so disrespected the we celebrate slave masters birthdays during BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Now isn’t that a joke. If George Washington is my daddy, (THE FATHER OF OUR NATION). Then thats child abuse on a grand scale. To quote Brother Malcolm, “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!” Would Jewish people not have a problem with Hitler’s birthday being celebrated in Germany after all he was one of their leaders. HELL YEAH THEY WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT, IT WOULD BE BS. People act like they don’t know their own history. Irish folks should have a problem with ole George Washington to he’s English and they treated the Irish like sh.. Just ask anyone living in Ireland. Well the English once upon a time treated a lot of people like sh.. My point is no one was charged with a crime, no money was paid to anyone. We were just told to GET OVER IT AND STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, WELL THE PAST IS NOW AND MY BROTHERS ARE NOW BEING LYNCHED IN ANOTHER WAY. JUST PUT THEM ON DISPLAY IN THE MEDIA AND TAKE ALL THEIR SH.. IT’S A LYNCHING OF A DIFFERENT KIND BUT IN SOME WAYS THE EFFECT IS JUST AS PAINFUL.

  127. NOW NI…. STAY IN YOUR PLACE !!!!!

  128. Damn!!!!!

    The sista is right! Thank you Michelle for hipping a brotha to something earlski this Sunday mornin….

    I wanna sing a Negro spiritual! How Eddie kick it to Martin in Life? “The Upper Rooooom…”

    How many of you out there actually put two and two together that we are celebrating Washington’s birthday during the only 28 days we have to mourn multi-millions of deaths. I appreciate the day off because our fathers and mothers worked their whole lives for free as slaves….so did their fathers and mothers…Yo, that’s some cruel shit if you ask me. Put an asterisk on that shit! Eff a Cherry tree, our asses was hanging from it! Washington didn’t chop that shit down, my Pop Pop did while my uncles weight snapped the trunk.

    Yo, GWashington…GW Bush?!!? Shit is real in the field right now!

    Any of you know the estimation of deaths from the slave trade?

    Damn ain’t no way I’m going back to sleep now. Good goin Michelle 😉

    Let’s please discuss.

  129. No problem Mizzo. Just keeping it real. I like the asterisk idea, since the holiday is already in place there should be some truth told. I too like the day off that some people get because slaves did work for free. But telling all children that this man should be celebrated is BS. Thats the problem with this country by honoring GW they are ignoring what slaves went through and that means we are being ignored. If they want an asterisk on Barry Bonds baseball but don’t want to put an asterisk on the entire error when people of color were not allowed to play baseball then thats bs. Some of the records would be different IF people of color were allowed to play. NO DOUBT. For those people who say leave the past in the past. Hell no you want to be out here judging people like your God. So lets tell it like it is many whites have gotten away with all kinds of shit. So don’t act like we are cruel violent people. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Please, you better look in the mirror. From now on I’m putting an asterisk on my calendar during presidents day and have my own protest.

  130. How can we leave the past in the past when sh.. hasn’t changed. It’s like a man who cheats on his wife says sorry continues to cheat and can’t understand why she is so angy at him and has an attitude all the time. In order to forgive the bs must stop. The mst wants to harp on a persons imperfections. Well lets start with Mr. George Washington. In 1776 my ancestors were in chains so why the hell am I at the parade on July 4th? Our children are being lied to every day in school with that cherry tree bs. If you think he did some good things for this country, he also did a lot of bad and celebrating his birthday is a slap in the face to black people. Come on yall THINK we are being bamboozled, run a muck led a stray. Open up your eyes. Yes some of us have good jobs ,nice cars and homes to live in but the least of us still have nothing but chains and bars. Look at the educational system in this country in poor neighborhoods. NUFF SAID!!

  131. Michelle,
    I don’t make one apology for feeling that Mike deserves not ONE day of jail time and as a first time offender with the league no more than 2 games….please, I’m not buying these fake self-righteous people hollering about animal cruelty…why? Because Jonathan Babineaux has played in every single game for the Falcons this year and he was charged with killing his girlfriend’s puppy (out of spite) and according to the vets that examined the puppy, with a hammer to the head. Oh and what was the suspension of the guy in Tampa Bay that was charged with assault of his pregnant girlfriend? Not a day. No ma’am, this wasn’t about the wrongness of what Mike Vick did, this was about that black QB from the projects that personified white folks biggest fear. This was about a black QB that was loved by the team with the majority black season ticket holders and the only way to get him outta here was prison or death. This was no more about dogfighting than the Iraq War is about WMDs. So I’ll be rooting against the Falcons today, like a lot of people in Atlanta, and as the team falls back to its rightful place as cellar dwellers in the league, hope that Blank moves it completely out the city.

  132. Miranda, I couldn’t have said it better.

  133. And before people come on here calling us racist, we are not talking about all white people. We know there are white people who care about the struggle of minorities in this country and don’t close their eyes to it. So if the shoe doesn’t fit your foot don’t worry about it.

  134. Looks to me that the only reason that DavidMac is being so savagely attacked by the many black racists who post here is that he has dared to express a dissenting opinion, and because he had the audacity to do so articulately. If this blog is intended to be a cozy little social club for people of precisely the same opinion to stroke each other then the blog should be up front about it in the first place, because that’s precisely the environment here. It’s really fascinated to see how angry racists get when they’re confronted by eloquent debaters like DavidMac. You can practically see the smoke pouring out of their ears. He’s precisely right. People like you just love to blubber on and on and on about racism against blacks, and turn a blind eye to all instances of racism and hostile bigotry committed by black people.

  135. Joe you have no idea what you speak of. Refer to the comment before yours.


  136. albergopalermo…

    […]Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up! « The Starting Five[…]…

  137. fake-id, fake id, identity change…

    […]Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up! « The Starting Five[…]…

  138. weight loss…

    […]Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up! « The Starting Five[…]…

  139. ps vita news…

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  140. Vill du hava fler besökare? Spana in vår sida armé stäv mer info….

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  141. canards vibrants…

    […]Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up! « The Starting Five[…]…

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