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Battier Dagger Makes Me Look Like a Prophet; Reggie Bush Trouble; Nevada Player Catches a Bad One, Gets Kicked Off Team

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(Lisa Blumenfeld NBAE/Getty Images)

Battier three with 2.5 seconds left lifts Rockets to victory.

Booed a little in intros, Kobe set out to prove he is no slouch and set to take it out on the Rockets. Both teams were tight early culminating in an abundance of missed shots, but when Kobe scored the first bucket of the game on a left handed lay up off glass, you knew he was about to explode. He finished with 19 pts. at half, another 18 in the fourth quarter–almost willing the Lakers back from 12 down with less than two minutes left–and 45 for the game. (If you remember yesterday I said Kobe would get 45 in a loss. Never seems to work when I play the Powerball though.) Kobe was 13-32 from the field and went to the line a ridiculous 27 times, but had nine of the Laker’s 18 misses from the charity stripe. Tracy McGrady hit for 30 and Yao Ming scored 25 and ripped down 12 to aid in a team victory. With all the trade rumors surrounding the team leading up to opening night, Kobe seemed contrite when asked about the fan reaction:

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2007 Western Conference Preview

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This season the Western Conference is as wide open as ever. Three teams can be considered for the number one seed in the conference. With as twelve teams fighting for eight playoff spots.

Here is my order of finish:

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Third Eye Opened.

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Growing up in North Philadelphia, music was essential in the Glover household – during the week, my father would play everything from Stevie Wonder to Gil Scott Heron. Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, my mother saturated the walls with gospel music. I loved all of it, music got us through many tough days. Even with my father’s passing in 1992, songs that he would play over and over seemed to carry more significance–almost a message that we couldn’t understand prior.

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Torre Shocker Leaves Mattingly Dodger Blue; ARod Was Never a Yankee; Favre Amazes Once Again; Barry Files; NBA Season Kicks Off

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associated-press.jpg(Photo: AP) “The Yankees don’t give a damn about you. Let’s get out of here and go coach your boy.”

Reportedly Joe Torre has left one dream job for another. According to Peter Abraham, the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to fire Grady Little and hire the shouldn’t have been (emphasis mine) embattled former Yankee skipper. Reportedly Don Mattingly will head west with Torre and ultimately get an opportunity to coach his son Preston, who is a middle infielder in the Dodgers system. The Yankees have offered the job to Joe Giraldi in a move seen as choosing experience over loyalty. These are certainly unique times in the Bronx.

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Buck Honored (finally!); Beckkkkkkkkket; Bonds Upset; Grady Jackson Cut?; Ricky Davis Loves the Heat, The Chargers Do Not

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buck-and-satchel.jpg(Kansas City Monarchs, Satchel Paige far right, Buck O’Neil with cap to the side)

Buck O’Neil was honored by the Hall of Fame for a lifetime achievement award in Boston before Game 1.

It’s about time!

As writers, there’s always some kind of muse that spurs the emotions and drives us to finish any particular piece.

Buck O’Neil, at least for me, was something way more special.

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TNT Sports 2007-2008 Season NBA Teleconference: Reggie Miller, Marv Albert, Doug Collins and Turner Sports Executive Producer, Jeff Behnke

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Earlier today I had the honor of taking part in a teleconference with some of  the top NBA beat writers in the country to kick off  2007-2008 NBA seasonal coverage on TNT. Participants of the teleconference panel were as follows: Reggie Miller, retired NBA player and now full time NBA analyst. Doug Collins, former NBA player/coach who has become a fixture as an NBA analyst on TNT. Marv Albert, in my opinion, the best play by play announcer in sports and Jeff Behnke, Turner Sports executive producer. Very interesting conversation and one you’ll find quite intriguing. I found out that Ricky Davis has been traded to the Miami Heat for Antoine Walker.

We’ll also be offering a 2007-2008 NBA Preview in the next couple of days here at TSF.

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White Noise: Whitlock On NFL Colorlines

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My Public Enemy brother of pen, Dave Zirin, drops by TSF and hits us off with a Marlin Briscoe bomb.

Jason “Big Sexy” Whitlock has told me to “mind [my] own damn business” when it comes to his mission to lead a new Civil Rights movement against “black idiots”. But whether you are talking about Whitlock or someone hanging a noose on a tree, there is a problem when you say, “Just ignore it and it will go away.”

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