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Battier Dagger Makes Me Look Like a Prophet; Reggie Bush Trouble; Nevada Player Catches a Bad One, Gets Kicked Off Team

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(Lisa Blumenfeld NBAE/Getty Images)

Battier three with 2.5 seconds left lifts Rockets to victory.

Booed a little in intros, Kobe set out to prove he is no slouch and set to take it out on the Rockets. Both teams were tight early culminating in an abundance of missed shots, but when Kobe scored the first bucket of the game on a left handed lay up off glass, you knew he was about to explode. He finished with 19 pts. at half, another 18 in the fourth quarter–almost willing the Lakers back from 12 down with less than two minutes left–and 45 for the game. (If you remember yesterday I said Kobe would get 45 in a loss. Never seems to work when I play the Powerball though.) Kobe was 13-32 from the field and went to the line a ridiculous 27 times, but had nine of the Laker’s 18 misses from the charity stripe. Tracy McGrady hit for 30 and Yao Ming scored 25 and ripped down 12 to aid in a team victory. With all the trade rumors surrounding the team leading up to opening night, Kobe seemed contrite when asked about the fan reaction:

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2007 Western Conference Preview

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This season the Western Conference is as wide open as ever. Three teams can be considered for the number one seed in the conference. With as twelve teams fighting for eight playoff spots.

Here is my order of finish:

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Third Eye Opened.

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Growing up in North Philadelphia, music was essential in the Glover household – during the week, my father would play everything from Stevie Wonder to Gil Scott Heron. Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, my mother saturated the walls with gospel music. I loved all of it, music got us through many tough days. Even with my father’s passing in 1992, songs that he would play over and over seemed to carry more significance–almost a message that we couldn’t understand prior.

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Torre Shocker Leaves Mattingly Dodger Blue; ARod Was Never a Yankee; Favre Amazes Once Again; Barry Files; NBA Season Kicks Off

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associated-press.jpg(Photo: AP) “The Yankees don’t give a damn about you. Let’s get out of here and go coach your boy.”

Reportedly Joe Torre has left one dream job for another. According to Peter Abraham, the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to fire Grady Little and hire the shouldn’t have been (emphasis mine) embattled former Yankee skipper. Reportedly Don Mattingly will head west with Torre and ultimately get an opportunity to coach his son Preston, who is a middle infielder in the Dodgers system. The Yankees have offered the job to Joe Giraldi in a move seen as choosing experience over loyalty. These are certainly unique times in the Bronx.

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Buck Honored (finally!); Beckkkkkkkkket; Bonds Upset; Grady Jackson Cut?; Ricky Davis Loves the Heat, The Chargers Do Not

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buck-and-satchel.jpg(Kansas City Monarchs, Satchel Paige far right, Buck O’Neil with cap to the side)

Buck O’Neil was honored by the Hall of Fame for a lifetime achievement award in Boston before Game 1.

It’s about time!

As writers, there’s always some kind of muse that spurs the emotions and drives us to finish any particular piece.

Buck O’Neil, at least for me, was something way more special.

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TNT Sports 2007-2008 Season NBA Teleconference: Reggie Miller, Marv Albert, Doug Collins and Turner Sports Executive Producer, Jeff Behnke

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Earlier today I had the honor of taking part in a teleconference with some of  the top NBA beat writers in the country to kick off  2007-2008 NBA seasonal coverage on TNT. Participants of the teleconference panel were as follows: Reggie Miller, retired NBA player and now full time NBA analyst. Doug Collins, former NBA player/coach who has become a fixture as an NBA analyst on TNT. Marv Albert, in my opinion, the best play by play announcer in sports and Jeff Behnke, Turner Sports executive producer. Very interesting conversation and one you’ll find quite intriguing. I found out that Ricky Davis has been traded to the Miami Heat for Antoine Walker.

We’ll also be offering a 2007-2008 NBA Preview in the next couple of days here at TSF.

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White Noise: Whitlock On NFL Colorlines

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My Public Enemy brother of pen, Dave Zirin, drops by TSF and hits us off with a Marlin Briscoe bomb.

Jason “Big Sexy” Whitlock has told me to “mind [my] own damn business” when it comes to his mission to lead a new Civil Rights movement against “black idiots”. But whether you are talking about Whitlock or someone hanging a noose on a tree, there is a problem when you say, “Just ignore it and it will go away.”

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Johnson’s Family Reunion

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“You break the mirror that reminds you of your ugliness.” – GZA – Breaker, Breaker

The next time Keyshawn Johnson calls another player’s behavior a “disruption” to the team someone needs to remind him of his days in New York, Tampa, Dallas and Carolina. Apparently, donning an Armani on Sundays instead of a team uniform has affected his memory.

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Mitchell denies leaking Byrd HGH story; Philly’s Uninspired Start Not McNabb’s Fault; O.J. Didn’t Do It; Janet Jackson Still Catching Wreck; Wisconsin Hoop Coach Bo Ryan and Jameer Nelson Are Neighbors

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(Photo: Mark Nemecek Illustrations)

According to the AP, George Mitchell has denied his office leaked information on Cleveland pitcher Paul Byrd using HGH. Mitchell, who is a director in the Boston Red Sox front office, said there have been many inquiries sent to his office about the timing of this story. Paul Bryd admitted to injecting human growth hormone to correct a pituitary tumor in a press conference two hours prior to the ALCS Game 7 loss. Mitchell released the statement from his New York office to “correct that mistaken impression.”

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“Anytime”, Anyplace.

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In the NFL, the special teams unit can have the same impact in a game as a bullpen or pinch-hitter in baseball, even a sixth man in basketball. At times the punter and coverage teams control the momentum of the game by controlling field position or the strong leg and accuracy of a place-kicker can put a game out of reach in its waning moments. Special teams are measured in three areas: the kicking game, kick coverage and the return game.

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The Influence of the Black Athlete on Our Children.

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Who is the Black Athlete, and why is he/she such a phenomenon in American society?

From Jack Johnson to Terrell Owens the Black athlete has been a mystery. Unable to be deciphered by his White counterparts – he is often ridiculed, but in more cases than not, he has become the measuring stick for greatness – as in the cases of Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown.

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Report: Paul Byrd buys 25K of HGH, 6 Referees Implicated in Gambling Scandal

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Cleveland Indians Game 4 hero Paul Byrd reportedly purchased twenty five thousand dollars worth of human growth hormone.

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Interview with Editor In Chief Rob King

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Simply put, the reason why there is a TSF is because of There’s no denying such a significant fact. In saying that, we also want an alternative to what has become almost a singular voice in sports. ESPN has a stranglehold on the way sports is packaged and the only way that grip changes is for sites like TSF and others to consistently speak out and offer a substantive check and balance. ESPN has hired numerous minorities as of late and Rob King is most likely ESPN’s most significant addition in quite some time. Just as some of you have questioned’s writers I’m sure some of you will question the hire mainly because of King’s graphic artist background. I had the same question and when contacting ESPN, John Kosner Sr., Vice President and General Manager, ESPN Digital Media responded with this statement via email: “Rob is a true leader. He is uniquely qualified to take to the next level bringing together a talented team to serve sports fans with the best in sports writing and reporting, audio, video and photography. It’s a dream assignment and he was born to do it.” Judge for yourselves what type of impact Rob King will have on MSM. He holds the keys to an organization that shapes the way we visualize and read sports. I must say that Rob King is one of the most intelligent people I have ever come across. The way we view sports is morphing just as fast as the technology that’s readily available. What’s your opinion and where do you see sports heading?

Read very carefully.

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Beckett to Cleveland: Not Yet!

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(Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

Twice the 2007 ALCS has produced a dream pitching match up between Josh Beckett and C.C. Sabathia and twice, Beckett has out pitched the Cleveland ace. Sabathia didn’t pitch bad, but Cleveland’s inability to consistently get out Boston’s potent 3-4-5 hitters is beginning to add major drama to a series that seemed all but finished. Conceivably, the game was over when Kevin Youkilis powered a first inning Sabathia fastball deep over the left field fence. Beckett pitched a masterpiece and kept the Indians baffled all night with a mixture of high velocity heaters and hitter wrist twisting breaking balls. Beckett allowed one run–Grady Sizemore scored when Travis Hafner hit into a double play–gave up five hits, walked one and struck out 11 in running his 2007 post season record to 3-0. Though he’s only 27, Beckett is fast climbing the list as one of best post season pitchers in recent memory. In a game Boston had to win, Beckett proved once again he can put up a fight when the time is right.

Manager Terry Francona is looking like a seasoned coaching genius for making sure his ace had the proper rest necessary to come through with such a dominant performance.

Will Francona’s decision come back to haunt his team if they can somehow rally their way to a Game 7 appearance?

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To Live and Die In L.A., The Miracle That is Kevin Everett

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kobe_bryant_biography.jpg The Kobe Bryant/Los Angeles Lakers feud is at the point of no return, it is now possible to believe that Bryant will not begin the season in the Purple and Gold.

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I would like to begin by saying that I’m humbled and appreciative of the opportunity that I’m being given today. My journey as a sports columnist was a road less traveled, my passion for sports and writing have brought me to this place, one where I hope to grow into the complete writer that I aspire to be and one that you can be proud of.

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The Bears Are Who We Thought They Were!

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I had to post this. It’s hard to believe this was a whole year ago.

Denny was hot! While talking, he must have had a flashback of one of Devin Hester’s run backs and just snapped. With all these wack coaches being recycled, why can’t he get a job?

Ron Springs In Coma, HGH 7.2 Million Dollar Raid, Clausen Benched, Jim Boeheim retiring? Who Is the Little Emperor?

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(Photo: Bill Snyder)

Former Dallas Cowboy standout Ron Springs, who played on the great Dallas teams of the early eighties has lapsed into a coma. Springs suffers from diabetes and received a kidney seven months ago from former teammate Everson Walls.

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Cleveland Sends Message to Red Sox Nation: Indians 7, Boston 3

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victormartinez.jpg (Photo Credit: AP)

All year long MLB has forced fed the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox down baseball fan’s collective throats. This practice has masked just how good the rest of the league has become. The Colorado Rockies have won 21 out of 22 games to make their first World Series appearance. The Cleveland Indians, seemingly another team of destiny, have shown the world they are for real and trust that Red Sox nation doesn’t know what hit ’em.

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Buggin Out: Stephen A. Done at the Philadelphia Inquirer. OJ Who, What? Imus is Back, so are Dusty and Tom Osborne. What about Minnesota 1998? Etan get well soon. Jaws just shut up!

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do_the_right_thing_051.jpg I just spoke with the publicist of Etan Thomas and he relayed to me that during a routine physical doctors discovered what led to his recent surgery in Minneapolis. Etan is currently resting well. Obviously, no statements will be made regarding his playing status for the upcoming season. I’ll keep everyone posted if anything changes. Etan, get well bruh! You are too important.

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The Lofton Get Back: Cleveland 4, Boston 2

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bill-snyder-reuters.jpgIn the top of the second inning of last night’s Game 3 between Boston and Cleveland, left fielder Kenny Lofton caught a mid-range routine fly ball and noticed Mannny Ramirez mimicking a tag at third. Lofton seemed very annoyed Manny would entertain such a ridiculous idea. Maybe Manny was just being Manny but Kenny simply wagged his finger and let his emotions chill until he could come through in the clutch. Manny showing Lofton up seemed to awaken the fire that Kenny wanted and needed.

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Flight of the Phoenix: Interview with Grant Hill

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Many athletes are not afforded a second chance and ultimately languish among the has beens and what ifs. Grant Hill has become the soul model for athletes that haven’t the courage to fight and find their true sense of career satisfaction in the midst of adversity. He’s overcome injuries that normally cause freakishly talented pros to run from the sights, sounds and once in a lifetime heights of glory associated with super stardom. Legends primitive who become hood stars that saunter apprehensively and settle diminished into a lost world of sitting on stoops and embellishing past stories to any admirer who used to love them.

A new day has dawned. The signing of Hill by Phoenix proves how serious the Suns are in their quest of obtaining the title forever elusive. Playing at Duke, where his Blue Devils were the first team to go back to back since Walton dreams and Kareem teams energized the UCLA dynasty, Grant was able to perform in a comfort zone that most athletes only dream of.

Initially when Grant entered the NBA, he was one of the most gifted ballers to grace the scene. His unique combination of athleticism, intelligence and modesty was instrumental in Grant becoming the first rookie to lead any American sport in fan all-star total balloting. It wasn’t anything unusual for Grant to rack up multiple triple doubles per week as he positioned himself to become a true basketball icon. He was one of the first to be proclaimed the next Jordan and had the classiness and ambassador like presence of one Julius Erving.

GHill was the truth before this generation’s definition of truth ever existed. His African American art has been on tour to give those not accustomed an inspiring renaissance of cultural thought. Grant and his R&B songstress wife Tamia are fam first, and committed to giving back to raise up those who live by means less amid socially distorting life distress.

Simply put, Grant is a winner. This cannot ever be questioned.


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The Goodbyes

Posted in Uncategorized on October 12, 2007 by dwil

As we head back to our respective sites, I just want to say that I have learned  tremendously from you all over the past few months. Things I thought I understood in an intellectual sense – particularly the way race shapes our respective perspectives on reality – I now understand in a more visceral way. And, however much my view of reality is, of course, shaped by my background and all that, my experience writing here and
being in conversation with you all has changed, humbled and deepened the way I see the issues we’ve been writing about since April.

So, thanks for that and for your collective intelligence and interest. I’ll be taking a break until the end of the year to finish a book manuscript (I’m on deadline), but plan to re-start Sports Media Review come January.

-J. Weiler

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Star Rising: Interview with ESPN NFL Analyst Michael Smith

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Michael Smith

Michael Smith is mos def a rising star in today’s media. He brings a very informed and easy style that is refreshing in this age of talking heads screaming and hollering NFL points so irrelevant and utterly ridiculous. Mike’s cool. The following conversation is reminiscent of the one Scoop, Dwil and I had in Vantage Point. It’s not as political, but it definitely lends itself to the constant and ever evolving discussion about the current tenor of sports reporting. Coming out of Loyola University (LA), Mike migrated north to the Boston Globe after interning there two previous summers. This was during the time the New England Patriots franchise initialized stamping the bully presence it now has on the NFL and Michael Smith was there to document it all. His attention then shifted to ESPN to realize a dream. The interview itself is a monster in size because Mike and I touch on a variety of subjects. As Mike calls, I am just finishing Bill Rhoden’s 40 Million Dollar Slaves for the third time (Go get it!). I thought it was apropos to ask Mike what Mr. Rhoden means to him personally. Enjoy.

Michael Tillery: Do you consider Bill Rhoden an inspiration?

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It Drives Me Crazy

Posted in Bud Selig, parity, Revenue Sharing, Yankee payrolls on October 3, 2007 by jweiler

I know I’ve written about this before, and once the post-season games get under way, I will leave this to the side. But, like fingernails on a chalkboard, so too does it drive me to distraction to hear the endlessly repeated trope that parity in baseball today is a consequence of the changes in the economic structure brought about by the 2002 collective bargaining agreement. The commissioner, of course, goes around saying this endlessly, which is bad enough. Bud has been known to have difficulty at times in speaking honestly and forthrightly, and is also inclined to pat himself on the back, even when he doesn’t actually deserve credit. But, that media types have bought, without a second thought, Bud’s explanation for that parity is too much. So, I have to get this out of my system every few months.

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Baseball Stuff

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Baseball is, as many of you may have gathered, my first love. I’ll be posting a fair bit about it in this, the best of all months on the sports calendar. I know a lot of people regard baseball as slow and boring, and sometimes it is, but that sometimes slow pace turns into unbearable tension come playoff time. There’s nothing like it.

Of course, if the Yankees are eliminated early, depression might put a crimp in my posting, but I’ll do my best.

One other thing – how sports media cover big time athletics is, of course, a primary interest of mine, and that’s the filter through which I typically write about sports. This month, I’ll deviate from that a little more than usual, though I’ll still do my best to watch the professional watchers.

OK, a few notes as we head to the postseason:

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